My one good adult

Your one good adult, the one person who you truly trust, who you truly feel comfortable talking to and the one person who you know will not judge you and do whatever possible to help and support you.  In transition year I found my one good adult, I found the person who I could trust and I found the person who  knew would support me through my darkest days. In transition year I found Mrs L, my transition year co-ordination,  a woman who could bring a smile to anybodies face, who made herself available to have chats about everything and anything and someone who I told about my self-harm. Mrs L treated me with respect, she guided me, supported me and helped me to get professional help. Despite not taking her advice at times she stuck by me, helped keep me on the right track and was there with me every step of the way even during the summer holidays!!  

I never expected Mrs L to be the person I opened up to but she was. Her friendly smile, her fun loving nature, her calm presence (by calm I mean not angry) her supportive nature and overall her positive outlook on life allowed me to open up and confide in her. I began to trust her and when I was in fifth year, contemplating suicide she stood by every step of the way, she supported me, pointed me in the right direction and ensured I was safe. She made sure I knew someone cared, she made sure that I knew people were thinking about me and most importantly she made sure that I knew she was there and she wasn’t going anywhere. She has never let me down and I don’t think she ever will.

Not only has Mrs L been a great source of support but she has also made me realise life is worth living, she has helped me to become aware of all the positives in the world and she has also helped me find a way of coping in a positive way, Mrs L introduced me to blogging, something which has helped me more than any therapist, any behaviour program and any groups. 

Both Mrs L and I have left St. Wolstants CS but we are still in touch and to be honest I would be lost without her. Yeah she knows how to drive me insane, she knows exactly how to wind me up and what buttons to push but I wouldn't have it any other way. One of the best things which has happened to me in my life was developing a relationship with Mrs L because she has been one of most significant people though out my recovery which is still counting. Without a doubt it is this woman who contributed to me still being alive today. So Mrs L because I'm hope you're reading this, Thank You from the bottom of my heart because without you I wouldn't be here today and if it wasn't for your positive outlook on life I, myself would not have developed a positive outlook on life.

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