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Seven is such a small number. Seven days of the week, seven apples,seven years. It’s a small number until you begin to say seven weeks, seven months,seven years. Seven years that’s what it is today, today makes seven years sinceI lost my mam. It’s hard to imagine how long it has been. It does not feel likeit has been seven years. I can remember what happened as if it was onlyyesterday. I guess things like that will never leave your memory no matter howhard you try.

Today I am not going to remember the last days of my mamslife the pain and the suffering she went through but the fun times that we hadtogether. Today is not going to be a sad day for me today I am going toremember the happy times rather than the sad times. I love my mother and Ialways will no matter what. She may not be with me here today but I know thatshe is always here she never leaves my side.

We lost a mother with a heart of gold,
How much we miss her can never be told,
She shared our troubles and helped us along,
If we follow her footsteps we will never
go wrong.

We miss you fromyour fireside chair,
Your loving smile and gentle air,
Your vacant place no one can fill,
We miss you mother and always will.

She was a motherso very rare,
Content in her home and always there,
On earth she toiled, in Heaven she rests,
God bless you mother you were one of the best.

Each time we lookat your picture,
You seem to smile and say,
Don't be sad but courage take,
And love each other for my sake.

As I take today to remember my mother I must also rememberone of my relatives who passed away on the 28th of July 2012. Mythoughts and with you Josie and your family. You will be sadly missed Rest InPiece Josie.

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Today is the day!!

For me waiting for the Olympics is like waiting for Christmas when your a child. At last its here. London 2012 :) From today I will be nowhere to be found by my friends, I will be enclosed in my house sitting in front of the tv watching all of the different events especially the athletics. For the next few weeks I will be staying in not thinking bout anything other than the Olympics.

Let The Games Begin :)

Good Luck To all the Irish Athletes:

Claire Bergin.                            4x4Relay
MichelleCarey.                         4x4 Relay
Jessie Barr.                               4x4Relay
Marian Heffernan.                     4x4Relay
Rob Heffernan.                         20K and 50K walk
Alistair Cragg.                           5,000 M
Brendan Boyce.                        50K walk
Tori Pena.                               Pole Vault
Mark Kenneally.                       Marathon
Ciaran O Lionaird.                    1,500 M
Paul Hession.                          200 M
Catriona Cuddihy.                    4X4 Relay
Olive Loughane.                       20K walk
Linda Byrne.                           Marathon
Ava Hutchinson.                       Marathon
Stephanie Reilly.                       3,000 M steeplechase
Joanne Cuddihy.                       400 M
Laura Reynolds.                       20K walk
Deirdre Ryan.                         High Jump
Derval O Rourke.                     100 M hurdles
Fionnuala Britton.                     10,000 M
Caitriona Jennings.                    Marathon

And all of the other Team Ireland Athletes competing   in other disciplines other than athletics.

I think there's an app for that....

Have you ever noticed that there is pretty much an app for everything? I have got an IPhone and I have many apps everything from games to maps. They’re very handy there’s no doubt about that but is it really good for us to have all of these simple things such as maps on a phone? Maybe we have things too easy for us. Before IPhones we used maps that were on paper we used book instead of looking up things on our phones. I think some times that IPhones and making people in our society lazy.

The point of this post is to really highlight how there is very many apps for even very simple things. There are over 500,000 apps!! Imagine that…… the money the time and the work that has been put into making all of those different apps.
Take a look at this video about apps:

From watching these videos its clear that some apps that are good while others are stupid and pointless.

Never sacrifice yourself

Creating yourself.

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Travel Bucket List.

Right so most of us have hear of having a bucket list well I didnt want to go through all of the things that I wanted to do before I die because well 1 im not dying and 2 Im a bit too lazy to go through all that effort so I decided to make a travel bucket list. This includes some of the places I want to see before I die. The same as a bucket list but it just contains places I want to travel to.So here are the places I want to see before I die.I have already been to a few of these places but I would love to go again.

Moranie Lake

Iguazu Falls
Palawan Islands
Great Barrier Reaf 
Cape Town 

Niagara Falls 

Victoria Falls 




Rio de Janerio 
Masai Mara 
Galapagos Island
San Fransisco 
Bora Bora 

Nobody said this would be easy.


Some people make a joke out of OCD such as “I have OCD or CDO as it should be” but being a person who suffers from OCD it is no joke. Many people do not know anything about this condition so I’m going to take this post to hopefully educate people about OCD.

OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder and it is a type of anxiety disorder. It contains two elements compulsions and obsessions. There are different types of OCD that people suffer from. For example with me I like things to be neat and tidy, everything in a certain way. I have my own way to arrange things and if that is changed I mush fix it to the way I had it- that is a compulsion. Like my self0harming was also a compulsion, when I got the urge to harm myself I had to do it. The thoughts would go around and around in my head getting worse until I gave into it and harmed myself.

Obsessions are unwanted thoughts that go around and around in your head and they begin to make you feel anxious. While compulsions are behaviours that you repeat. People often feel that you they must give in to their OCD thought because they are afraid that if they do not something bad may happen. When you give into these thoughts nit may give relief from the feelings of anxiety but it will in the long run make your symptoms worse. One of the best ways to treat OCD is by exposing yourself to the things that you must do and resisting the urge to do them. For example if you need to make something straight that’s crooked you must fight the thoughts and leave it crooked for as long as you can.
OCD can affect anybody no matter what their background is, as they say mental health issues do not discriminate. The causes of OCD are not fully understood but research has shown that it may be related to chemical imbalance in the brain. (Don’t quote me on that…. It was very complicated when I was researching it and this is a simple way to put it)
Here are some common Compulsions:
Cleaning, doing or putting things in a particular order

Here are some common obsessions:
Fear of contamination or dirt
Fear of harming yourself or others
Intrusive sexual thoughts
Fear of illness
Religious or moral issues.

It’s not fun having OCD. You may have a severe case that can take over your life or you may have a case that’s no so sever and you can gain control over it. It’s not a joke it is something that you don’t want to have. Many people might make jokes about People who have OCD and they may do things to irritate their OCD and they think that it is funny. Well it’s not and anybody who has OCD will tell you that.

“Refuse to act on an obsession, and it will die of inaction.
- Recovery Inc.

The information in this post has been gathered form the following two websites:

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Google.... The answer to everything.

Where would we be today if we didn’t have Google? For me anyway i use Google for everything and I mean everything. It’s handy and easy to access so why not?

If i don’t know the answer to something i turn to Google.
If i can’t do my homework i turn to Google.
If i need a Spanish translation i turn to Google.
If I’m board i turn to Google.

When i was younger and i didn’t know how to use a computer or i wasn’t allowed on the computer when it came to doing things like projects I had to use books. The big heavy encyclopedias with never ending amounts of information that I could never understand to get all the answers and it was extremely boring. But the thing was that’s what everybody had to do when i was younger. 

If i wanted to see what was happening outside my house i would go outside or look out the window because there really wasn’t any other way but not anymore thanks to Google. Log onto Google maps and type in an address and there you go you can see everything you need to see while sitting in front of a computer screen.

It’s not a bad thing that we have Google. Even with books i would be completely lost when it comes to some school projects and things like that. But thinking about it when i was younger the internet didn’t mean anything to me. Google didn’t mean anything to me. Very rarely i heard the term " Google it” and i only heard that if we were confused by some extremely hard question like what kind of fuel do you use in a space ship or something along those lines. We depended on books and you know what it wasn’t that bad to use a book. I made you feel like you were actually doing something. You were finding the information about something and not Google.

If you were to ask me to look up something in a book now and i had a computer beside me I would just use the computer. I don’t really know what changed for me. I guess I became lazy as I began to grow up and well times changed and I became more aware of the internet and things such as Google. I guess it just kind of happened. I mean became normal for me to use the internet and Google. Nowadays it’s the norm in society.

Google has become a huge part of my life and I’m not even joking. The first web page i open on the internet it Google. I’m not even sure if i can go a day without getting asked a question and my response being “Google it”

I am very grateful that I have Google because to be honest I would be lost if I didn’t have it and well because I am too lazy to go looking through books to find an answer.

Just take a minute and think about how much you use Google? I know that I use it too much and spend too much time looking up things on Google that I don’t need to know about. So I’m glad I have Google but if it never became the norm in society to use it I think i would be doing just fine with books. The need to keep up with social change for me was something that I felt I had to do. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on!!

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Five things to do this summer.

Ok so well its summer.... well today in Ireland its summer. You can walk outside today and not have to bring a jacket or an umbrella.... so take advantage of the good weather today because we all know it won’t last long. Here is my list of the top five things that you should do this summer.

Buy some yellow paper and draw a sun on it.
Considering we are in Ireland and it’s not very often that we get sun you should go and buy some yellow paper and draw a sun on it. That way you can stick it up somewhere and it might actually make it feel like summer.

Have a Harry Potter marathon.
 Yes I know it sounds a bit weird but trust me it is actually really fun even if you don’t like harry Potter.  Starting early in the day watch every single harry potter movie from start to finish one after another. See how many of your friends can make it through all the movies without leaving to go home. My friends and I did it last year and we looked like this:

And next week we will be doing it again but we won’t look like that. Hopefully this time I will make it to the end.

Go on a trip to Wexford.
There’s nothing better than going down to Wexford with your friends for a night or day. Having some freedom and doing your own thing. Spending time on the beech but don’t forget to bring your home made sun just in case. My friends and I did this last year and this is what we did:


Have a fancy dress part with a bouncing castle.
Last year for Kellies birthday she had a bouncing castle and a fancy dress party. It was amazing. She had the same thing this year for her birthday and again it was amazing. This is what we looked like:

The only thing i have to say about this is do not put red poster paint in your hair also bouncing castles can be dangerous and you may end up going into the hospital dressed as elmo..... :/

And last but not least Drop a WATERMELON out a window.
The best thing to do is to drop a water melon out a window. Yeah you have top clean up after but its great craic. We did it last year and this is what we looked like:

There’s five things that you can do this summer even with rain. :)

Three words...

Think Big

Think big is a project that has been set up to help promote positive mental health in Ireland. This project has been designed by O2 and Headstrong. This projects is for communities to help and make a different for young peoples mental health.

Do you have an idea that will help young peoples mental health? Do you have an idea that will help promote positive mental health? Well if you do why dont you sign up to think big ans start your very own project. Visit their website to get started....

Here is a video of one very successful think big project.... who knows your project could be as successful as this one!!


Follow your heart

Follow your heart, because if you always trust your mind, you'll always act on logic, and logic doesn't always lead to happiness.

Have you ever wondered about love? I have!! People have created this society where it is only acceptable to love people of the opposite sex. You can’t change who you love and people should be accepted for who they are. You could be Gay Lesbian or Bisexual but so what? That doesn’t mean you’re not normal or you’re an outcast it’s who you are and you should not be ashamed of the person that you are. People are seen as outcast and are not entitled to the same things that people who are not gay lesbian or bisexual are. How is that fair? Were all people why does it matter who we love? If you’re happy that’s all that matters in the end. The stigma associated with sexuality is causing people to hide who they are and then they live unhappy lives and live in fear of what people might think of them.

In the society that we live in today the Catholic Church and government have power to say who is and who is not allowed to marry. That’s not fair!! Why should they get to decided? If you want to marry someone who is the same sex as you then you should be allowed. If you love someone why should it matter? The power that the Catholic Church and the government have regarding same sex marriage can have a hugely negative affect on a person. It has the power to destroy a person self esteem, confidence and has the power to make people pretend to be someone that their not so that they are accepted in society.

Many people who may be Gay Lesbian or bisexual hide their feelings for others because of the fear of being shunned from society. People in the world today have become more accepting of these issues but still more can be done. People should not be afraid to show who they really are but in our society people do hide who they are.

People should be accepted in society no matter what. If a man can marry a woman why can’t a man marry a man? It is time that we stop thinking of this as abnormal. After all what is normal?

Find out more about sexuality here.


My first Post!

So i have been blogging for almost two years now. I never thought i would still be blogging after transition year but I am. I was thinking about what to blog about and when I looked up some ideas one said to blog about my first post. So here goes....

My first post was made on the ninth of September 2010 and it was called just started. God I can still remember that day sitting in the computer room talking to Louise beside me. To be honest I didn’t want to write my blog and I didn’t think that there was much point but I am glad that I did write it and I am glad that I am still writing now.
This is what my first post was about:

Hi I’m Siobhán and I just started T.Y. a few days ago and all ready I love it. I’m in class Amina. I have tried lots of new subject that have never done before and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love all the new subjects. In home ec we have been divided into groups and each group has to design an outfit. In science our class also got divided into groups and we all have to think of ideas for the young scientist competition. There are lots of projects that we are starting to do which should be fun to work in different groups in each class.
Next Monday all the T.Y.'s are heading off to calingford for our bonding trip. We leave bright and early on Monday morning and are coming home on Tuesday really looking forward to going to Carlingford and trying all the activities that are lined up for our two days there. Going to have lots of fun in Carlingford.

I actually never made it to carlingford. The night before we were due to leave I got brought into hospital and had to spend the night. I was trying everything that I could to try and get the doctors to let me go home but if you’re sick your sick.

My posts began very small and now over time I have begun to write more in my posts. Some of them are often short but others are often long. Its weird looking back over my old posts. It’s kind of like looking at photos that you haven’t looked at in years. Its surprising the difference from my first post to the posts that I write now.

Can you remember your first every blog post?

Photo of the day. :)

Photo of the day. :)

Post sponsored by domestos with sponsored video

Changing the world one toilet at a time!

Have you ever thought what it would be like not to have a clean toilet? For many people living in 1st world countries that question wouldn’t even entre into our heads. But think about it for a minute, think about all the people in the world who don’t have access to good basic sanitation. I know most of you never thought you would be thinking about something like this and I was the same until I heard about Domestos, the Unilever Foundation and UNICEF teaming up together to improve basic sanitation for those who do not have it. It’s the little things that really matter to the people in 3rd world countries and it’s about time we began to change things.

Access to basic sanitation is a Basic human right, yet 37% of the world’s population do not have this basic right. With the lack of good sanitation there is increased risk of diseases which may cause death. We take having access to good toilets for granted, it’s just one of the many things that we have. But for people in 3rd world countries having access to go toilets could make the difference to life or death.

UNICEF and domestos have teamed up to help and change this. In a time of economic recession domestos have decided that there is more to life than money and have decided that they will give 5% of its average proceeds received from the sale of the bottles marked especially for this project. Now I know that 5% doesn’t seem like much but this all adds up. This project is taking part in a number of countries including: UK, Ireland, Poland, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

This partnership is only one of the projects the Unilever foundation is taking part in to reach their goal of helping more than 1 billion people. Imagine being part of helping to improve the health and well being of over 1 billon people around the world! Imagine how good it would feel knowing that you have helped people who need it most. Imagine the smiles on the children’s faces when they know that they will not die form disease caused by access to poor sanitation. Imagine knowing that you helped these children live a happy life. Giving something that we take for granted for every day. Something simple means so much to these children and all you have to do is buy a bottle of domestos marked especially for this project and you will be helping make a difference.

Give the children a chance to be children and not have to worry about getting sick from using a dirty toilet. We can start making a difference in children’s lives even if it is one toilet at a time. It’s time we pass on the message.... It these children can do it then so can we. Watch this sponsored video and see.


Sometimes it can be easy to know way you feel a certain way but other times it can be very hard to know why you feel a certain way. Many times they way you feel can be caused from actions that are taking place around you. Other times we can feel a certain way and not know why and nothing around may have happened to cause you to feel that way. We as humans are able to have many different feelings for many different reasons. It is very important to try and learn about our feelings to know why we feel these feelings sometimes. This will help you to learn to cope with feelings in a healthy way and feel more in control of your life.
 It is a good idea to think of all the different feelings that you are capable of having and then trying to notice the ones that you experience the most. It is important to look at both the positive and negative feelings that you experience. Look at all the good feelings that you have and write them down. The look at all the bad feelings you have and write them down. Think about the different ways that you cope with the bad feelings that you experience. Is this a good way of coping is it a bad way?

When I would feel said I would self-harm and to me it was a good way of coping because I was addicted. I was trapped, self-harm kept me as a prisoner and a slave. I felt that it was controlling me and there was nothing I could do to escape. I felt that there was no hope. It made me feel even worse than I all ready did and that caused me to self-harm even more. It was a never ending circle or so I thought but it was the only way that I knew how to cope and because at the time when i was self-harming I was not in the right frame of mind I thought it was a good thing because the power that self-harm has over someone can do that to you. It might sound crazy but the mind is very powerful and something such as self-harm can take over your life in a matter of minutes. You may think it is good at the time but it is not. You have to step outside of yourself to really know it something is good or bad for you or you need to hear it from someone else. For me i needed to hear it from other people and I also had to see and hear how much it hurt them to see me hurt myself and that I thought it was good. But i learned new ways of coping and right now I am self-harm free.

Feelings have the power to control your life but it is how you deal with them that counts. If you deal with bad feelings in a positive way you have the power to take control and battle them. If you deal with them in a negative way they have the power to control you. It is important to take some time and think about how you deal with feelings whether or not you let them control you and take over your life.

My life in six words!

Here is something interesting to try.... think of six words that describe your life. It can be kind of hard, its not as easy as you may think. These are my six words:

Always changing for good and bad.

Being happy.

Help your parents to help you.

When my dad and I were working towards recovery together we had many many fights about me harming. He couldn’t understand how I was feeling and in turn I couldn’t understand how he was feeling. He helped me to understand how he was feeling and so i had to help him understand how he was feeling. Because he had never suffered from self-harm he was not able to understand and after a while I began to accept that. He did not know how to help me and so it was my job to help him to help me.

To do this i had to explain to him why i was self-harming even if he wasn’t able to understand it I had to tell him why so that we were able to talk about things. Once we were able to talk about self-harming we began to talk more. He moved on and began to not get angry and annoyed at me for harming but he showed me how upset it made him, he showed me that he cared and he showed me that he wanted to help me. That was enough for me to be able to decide that I needed to help him to know how to help me.

You need to write down what you think would help you and how your parents can help you. Let them know that if you look sad or upset what you would like them to do to help you. Talk to them about how you would want them to react or what they should ask you if they see now scars or fresh self-harm marks. Let your parents know how much information it is ok for them to share with people who ask about marks they have noticed, let them know if they are allowed to tell people or if you would rather tell them yourself.

It’s simple to help your parents help you. You just have to think about the ways that they think that they are helping you and whether or not it is really helping you. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents what they can do to help. It won’t upset them because most of the time they are confused about what they can do to help. Sometimes they might just need you to tell them what they can do to help you.
Think of all the ways that you would like to be helped and write them down. Show your parents and ask them if there are things on the list that they would be able to help you. Helping your Parents to help you will make things easier for you and less stressful between you and your parents. From my own experience I found that me and my dad began to fight less because we were on the same page and we both worked together to help me overcome my self-harm.

What would you bring?

If you had to go to a desert island what are the five things that you would bring with you? Would you bring things to help you survive or would you bring things to allow you to enjoy your time there.... who knows what could all ready be on the island. The five things that I would bring are:

My Friends
A frisbee

If I had to go to a desert island i would bring my friends along because if i have to go they have to go and at lease that way i wont be on my own. what would you bring?

Its ok.

Whats your body image?

Often people can self-harm because of how they feel about themselves and their body image. It is often hard for people to think about their body image and weather they like it or not. Some people say that they scar themselves because they don't like their bodies. Harming just makes them feel worse so it doesn't really make them feel much worse.

I know for me I self-harmed because I didn't like my body along with many other reasons. Now that I have got control of my self-harm I regret some of the scars that I have caused. I don't  regret doing it because it has made me the person I am today, someone who has an understanding of mental health and mental illness now. But the thing is I have ruined my body and I have to wake up every day and see all my scars. I cant wear t-shirts because I have scars from my shoulders to my wrists. I even have scars on my hands. I cant wear shorts that go above my knees because I have scars all down my legs to my knees. I have scars everywhere not just my arms and ,my legs. I have ruined my body and I feel somewhat worse about my body now. I wake up everyday and see these horrible scars and I wish I never did them. Because after all I am stuck with them now forever.

If you self-harm because you don't like the way your body is I suggest that before you do something that to your body think about the marks you are going to be left with. You will wake up in the morning and have to look at the marks you have caused and that you will be left with.  I have ruined my body and I don't feel good about what I have done because it has made my body look  bad. If I had a chance to go back and had the chance to stop self-harming before it got too bad I would.

Why do I blog?

Have you ever asked yourself the question why do I blog? Until today I had never asked myself that question and to be honest I’m not really sure of the answer. So i guess now is a good as time as any to try and find that answer.

So my blogging started in 2010 when I began transition year. It was part of my I.T course to set up a blog and make regular blog post about the different things that we were going to be doing during the year. I was a bit hesitant at the start and I didn’t think that i would like it as much as I do now and I certainly didn’t think that I would still be blogging today even after transition year. So after a slow start I began to take to it and I was blogging about everything that we were doing in school. I don’t know why I liked it so much I guess i like telling someone about my day without having to get into a conversation about it. When i started my blog I only did it because i had to do it for school but after a few months of having to do it I began to want to and so i would be able to look back on the year.

After i had finished transition year I kept up my blog. I would write about anything and everything. I guess it was just to give me something to do some of the time but it was also because i wanted to share my fun personal stories. It was during the summer that I began to fall ill with depression and I was self-harming on a regular basis and my blog became a way for me to keep busy and share my story. For me it was a kind of way to reach out for help.

When i went back to the school after the summer things had settle down for me a little bit and i would go back to blogging about everything and anything. Things then took a turn for the worst and I began to self-harm a number of times a day and I become very ill. It was at this time that I was admitted into hospital. I stayed there for four months and during that time i learned more about mental illness, self-harm and well i guess the value of life. During my recovery I began to write about my experiences with self-harm and the ways that I was being thought to overcome it and get back on track. My blog soon became my way to try and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness but it also helped me on my road to recovery by giving me a chance to express myself and try to help others.

So after think about the things that I have just wrote I guess the reasons why I blog are to try and help others suffering from a mental illness, help reduce the stigma associated with mental health, share my experiences and to help me on my road to recovery but the main reason why I blog is because i like it and i find it very enjoyable. If i didn’t have my blog i don’t know what I would do with my spare time because to be honest my blog has become a part of the person i am today and I have no doubt that I will continue to blog in the future.

 After all what’s not to like about blogging?

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