Cyber Bullying

The reality is that anybody can be bullied no matter how young or old they are bullying can happen to anyone. There are many different kinds of bullying such as verbal, physical and cyber. Cyber bullying is now becoming more common these days. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are becoming know all around the world for all the wrong reasons. People do not realise what bullying can do to someone, we have seen over the past number of week’s people who have been bullied taking their own life.

Bulling through social media sites is broadcasting the bullying. It is no longer private bullying when it is brought onto the internet. Once it is on the World Wide Web it will always be there no matter how many times you try to delete it. Cyber bullying begins to get more people involved, and in more cases many people who join in on bullying are taking the side of the bully rather than the person begin bullied. Cyber bullying creates a form of peer pressure and often many more people become the bullies.

Everybody is unique and different in their own way and that is what bullies feed on. They will find something that makes you stand out from the rest of your peer’s weather it is a good thing or a bad thing and they will use that as a reason to bully you. Bullies seem themselves as strong as and better than others but in fact that is not true. Often people bully for many reasons such as a way of coping with something going on in their life but that is no excuse. The people who come through all of the bullying are the strong ones; they go through the pain and come out the other end. That is what it means to be strong.

Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting kids with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these sites can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar.

People who are cyber bullied are more likely to:
Use alcohol and drugs
Experience in-person bullying
Be unwilling to attend school
Receive poor grades
Have lower self-esteem
Resort to self harm
They may suffer from mental health problems such as depression
They may consider or follow through with Suicide

Watch this video to explain Cyber Bullying in simple terms:

In my school we have a bullying motto which is: “If you don’t report it you support it!!”

So if you are being bullied or know of anybody being bullied it is important that you reach out and tell someone that you trust. Be it a teacher a friend or a parent tell some who can help. You do not have to go through bullying on your own, there are people who are there to help and want to put an end to bullying.

Five things I like about popcorn.

I thought it was time for a really random post. So I figured I would write about Popcorn. So here is my list of  five  things that I like about popcorn :)

The first thing has to be the Taste. I love the taste of popcorn as long as its not to salty. A little bit of salt is fine and it makes for the best tasting popcorn ever.

The second things is how it feels. I know that sounds really weird but I like the different textures of things. I like things that are soft and have a smooth texture. Popcorn may not be soft but it does have a smooth texture on the outside and it is very light. If you just take a minute to hold a piece of popcorn in your hand you will understand what I am talking about. Try it and let me now what you think.

The third things would have to be the sound that it makes when you are making it in the microwave. Often I end up putting it in the microwave and then get a fright when i hear the first pop because i have forgot about it. But i love the popping sound. After reading this post you are all going to think that I am a bit strange and Im not going to argue with the because difference is beauty. But the next time that you are making popcorn take a moment and listen to the sound of it and see if you like it as much as I do.

The fourth thing is that you can get so many different types of popcorn. Now in my opinion you cant go wrong with the normal salted popcorn but buttered popcorn is not  that bad either. There are so many different type-  salted, buttered, toffee.... there just the ones I know of but according to the internet you can get so many more like chocolate popcorn and marshmallow popcorn. I think it will stick to salted popcorn for now anyway.

The final thing that I like about popcorn is that it is the perfect food to have when you are watching a movie with your friends. Putting some maltasers into it as well makes for the perfect movie night in with the girls. I think now over the weekend i might have a movie night, that s before the Leaving cert takes over my life completely.

So there you have it, Five things I like about popcorn. What are five things that you like about popcorn?

Photo of the day. :)

Just hanging by Tesco on the day of the debs.... as you do :)

Staying healthy during exams.

Are you like me? One of those people who stress out over exams and spend more time doing home work and studying than they do going to school. Well if you answer yes or even if you didn’t here are some useful tips on how to stay healthy and calm during exams. Exams are just part of the game that we call life, you can’t avoid them and you will eventually have to encounter them sooner or later. So if your like me and your sitting your Leaving cert this year don’t freak out just take things one day at a time.

So first things first.... Make a study time table. I know it may sound stupid but it has been proven to help. Set aside time for friends, family and other activities but it is also important that you put in time to study. For example with me I have had to make a few changes to the things I like to do after school. On a Monday instead of staying at scouts every week till 9.30 I have decided that will happen ever second week this means that  have time to spend with friends one week but that I will also have time to spend studying. It is all about finding the right balance.

Have a study space. Find somewhere that you are able to go and do your homework and study in peace and quiet. Somewhere where you won’t get distracted by things and you will be able to concentration on what you are doing. For some people it is in school with after school study but you might be like me and find it easier to study at home in my bedroom because that is where I am most relaxed. It all depends on what suits you best as a person.

Take a break. It is not possible to study for 10 hours straight and remember everything you have studied without taking a break. You mind needs time away from the books, it needs some time to rest. In school we have 40 minute periods and then a break of 2-3 minutes to make our way to our next class. The reason for that is to give out mind a rest. So if you do it in school you can do it at home too. Study for an hour takes a 20 to 30 minute break.

EAT. Without food your brain won’t work right. You won’t be able to focus and whatever goes in one ear will go right out the other. Eat healthy food; avoid alcohol until after your exams. Eat oily fish also know as brain food. Take time away from study to eat.... there is no point putting your health last because let’s face it if you’re sick you can do your exams so all the study you will have done will all have been for nothing.

Be active. Don’t spend all your time inside studying. Go out and do something active, go for a walk or a run. Do a sport or even just go for a walk with your friends Staying at home studying all day every day dung the weekend will not be good for your physical and your mental health. So do your body a favour and give it some exercise, it’s not all about exercising your mind you know.

SLEEP. Without sleep you may as well just give up now. Your body and your mind need a goodnight sleep to work well. They need a break from everything. Without sleep you will be tired, irritable, and cranky and you won’t be able to concentrate. It is important to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night to keep your body and mind working well.

So there you have it, a few tips to help keep you health during your exams. And for once I am going to practice what I preach and I am going to try y best to follow the tips that I just wrote about above.

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Would you like a jelly Martini? 

Are we there yet?? Not quite we're a bit lost.

Today I went on my sixth year retreat and I have to say it was the most amazing retreat I have been in!! The day started off with us getting lost, you know the title kind of gives it away!! When we finally arrived after getting lost about three times we arrived we were greeted with tea and Oreos. We were given Oreos so I have I say that made an amazing first impression.

The day started off with a game of human bingo which was amazing. When we had our four winners we were surprised to find out that we actually had to prove that they could do what they said they could. So basically we seen our class mates try to juggle, play guitar and much much more. We then got put into smaller groups. We then had to talk about ourselves one of the things we had to say was what our fear is. I took this chance to complain about the dentist and how much I am scared if the dentist. I am now dreading going to the dentist in Thursday but I have to say that it's not all that bad because I do miss double Irish!! :)

After we got some free food which is always a bonus we played fruit bowl. Lets just say were a bit rough at times but we had fun. We didn't kill anybody so its all good news. We then sang a song and did some dance moves before heading back into our groups for a bit of meditation. I have to say I am not a fan of meditation as I find it very hard to visualize things and yeah I just don't like it.

After our relaxation it was time to go home :( It was an amazing day, the people who were providing us with the retreat were amazing and I would not hesitate to go back again. Its was some much needed time away from school and home. Having time for me today is what I needed.  On the way back to school we didn't get lost!! It was an amazing last ever school retreat but there is no doubt in my mind that I will go on another retreat some stage in my life.

Thank you Mr K for organizing everything even if the sixth years did mess it up a bit when it came to the buses. And thank you Mr K and Ms W for bringing us on our retreat. t was an amazing day with many memories.

Cúpla nagíní,beidh sé ceart go leor..

A number of my friends have completed their leaving cert and have got their results. As I am going into my final year and i will be completing my leaving cert next year and a number of my readers are also going to be doing the same thing. So two of my friends Ashling and Emer have offered to answer a few of mine and Louise's questions about what to expect during the year and how best to prepare for the exams.

.How does the current economic crisis effect students who will be doing their leaving cert?
"It makes you worry about courses  what will be available to you when you have finished college. It put pressure on your family as it can be very expensive especially if you need grinds. As money is tight and things such as grinds are expensive it often meant that people did not get the help that they need because their family did not have enough money. It also makes you worry about going to college and the high costs that are associated with college. It just adds more pressure when we dont need anymore pressure."

How did the Leaving Cert effect your relationship with your family?
 "It affected how I got on with my family because I  became isolated from them and I stopped talking to them because I was often very irritable from having so much work to do." (Ashling)
"My parents began to annoy me because I felt that they could not understand. But my brother was a huge help because he was able to understand and helped me get through the stressful times." (Emer)

How did the Leaving Cert effect your relationship with your friends?
 "It didnt really. The little things that your friends do become more obvious and you begin to become more obvious and you begin to appreciate them more. Little things like jokes would help take our minds off the study and the Leaving Cert. It helped us to relax and it made us feel like not everything was changing because you have your friends around."

What was the best part of 6th year?
 " The end of sixth year becomes the best part of your life. You have finished your courses so a bit of the pressure is off. your teachers become like your friends and help you as much as they can. The begin to ask you what you need to help you through the last part of the year. You become more relaxed and you are able to see the end in sight which gives you more incentive to finish the work you have to do in preparations for the L.C because you know you will have a long break ahead."

What was the worst part of 6th year?
 "The MOCKS!!!! They make you realize how serious everything is. they make you feel like you have done no work but you really have. you begin to panic because people say that they are harder than the L.C but they are not. The only reason they are harder is because you haven't finished the course. It is important not to try and learn everything for the mocks. If you peek during the mocks you will loose out in the real thing because you will become tired and loose willpower to work hard towards the leaving cert."

Is it important to take some time away from study?
 "It is improtant to have at least one day off a week from all the study. It is important to keep up at least one hobby not related to school. Make sure you do have mtime to relax and be with your friends. try not to focus on work all the time because you may become isolated from society which is bad for both your physcial and mental health"

Is it hard?
 " Were not going to lie and say that its not hard. it is hard but it is not impossible you will be able to do it. Always have a short term goal to look forward to so you remain positive and you will know that work and study isnt everythign there is to do during the Leaving Cert."

Looking back , is there anything you would've done differently? 
" This might sound stupid but make a study timetable they DO WORK! I would have studies before the mocks a bit more and instead of studing for short periods I woud study a certain subject for a set block of time" 

 What advice do you have for people going into 6th year?
 "Itys not the end of the world no matter how hard things get and no matter how much pressure people pout on you. Try to realise the when people become annoying its not them, its how your feeling at the time and that they are really trying to help you, they are not trying to make things harder for you.Make sure you always have someone around you thast you can talk to, even if you dont want to talk it helps knowing that there is always someon who will listwen to you when you need them"

So there you have it. An interview with two former sixth years about how they found the leaving cert and some helpful advice for future sixth years. Thank yuo ashling and Emer for taking the time to answer our Questions and Thank you Louise for agreeing to help me with the interview.

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Dug this up for the T.Y photos.... It hard to believe this was over 2 years ago now!!
Green Hero mini company, after winning two awards and getting into the national final of the Get up and Go competition

Children’s Referendum

Are you kind of like me hearing lots of different things on the radio and the television about the upcoming referendum? Well I took it upon myself to do a bit of research on it to see if I could understand it and create my own opinion on it.

The upcoming referendum will be held on the 10th of November and will decide on whether or not the constitution will be change. The proposed changes are in relation to children’s rights. If the majority of the voters vote yes for the changes proposed in the upcoming referendum the following changes:

It will provide the highest level of legal protection to vulnerable children and their families. This will take a child-centered approach to the protection of all children. This will also allow the state to better support families who are struggling and intervene before the situation gets to a crisis point. This will focus on the child’s safety and welfare.

It will allow the up to 2,000 children trapped in long term state care to be adopted and given a second chance at having a loving permanent family. This will allow a child who has been in long-term state care  who is unable to return to their birth family have a loving family, To be nurtured in a way that they have not experience for a long time. At this point in time there are up to 2,000 children who must remain in state care because of the current constitution.

This referendum is a statement of intent - it says who we are as a country and how we value children. In the last 30 years there has been up to 17 reports with show how we have as a country have failed in caring out correct child protection laws. Many of these reports called for a change to the constitution for a reform in child protection. This change must be taken to ensure that children and protected by law sufficiently.

This referendum will ensure the best interests of children are the paramount concern in judicial decisions affecting children. This means that the court will have to consider the child’s best interest when making decisions in relation to guardianship, custody, access or concerning adoption. At the moment in cases affecting children directly the child’s welfare is not considered. This will also mean that the view of a child will be listened to and have an effect of the outcome on the decision. This will be very important in situations such as who will have custody of a child. Currently theses proceedings can take place without once consulting the children involved.

If the majority of the voters vote no the referendum the above changes will not take place and the constitution will stay the same as it is now. In the constitution at the moment the laws in relation to children will be the opposite of the above. Many people believe that children are invisible to the constitution and have no say in matters which are related to them. Watch this video about the children’s referendum:

In my opinion I think that a yes vote will make the difference to children. So if you are able to vote and you want a change for children then on November 10th go and vote yes to make a difference. I want to vote but I am only 17, and the referendum will be taking place the week before my birthday but if I was able to vote I would vote yes.  Children are the future of this country, so we need to show them that we care about them and that we value them. So if you want to make a difference to a child’s life then vote yes. 

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Me and my sister-in-law at the blog awards :)

Photo of the day. :)

Nothing better than a day out at the zoo :)

Bullying. Guest Post.

Yesterday I got an email from a reader of my blog asking could they write a post about bullying to share their experience with all of you. I said yes straight away because as highlighted in this persons post there is no better post about bullying than come written from the point of view of a victim of bullying. This is a truly heartwarming and personal post. I have never read anything like this before. I am lost for words with this post because it is just amazing. Read it yourself and see what you think.

"Anyone can write an article on bullying - teachers, students and even bullies themselves - but what's wrong with many of these articles is that they're no more than an outside view on bullying. An article written by some who's experienced bullying themselves will always be more powerful than one written by someone else, and the lack of articles such as these is why I asked Siobhán if she'd let me write this for her blog. I experienced bullying firsthand during my first two and a bit years in secondary school, I wasn't the typical "guy" being uninterested in sport and coming from a family of mainly girls, so was targeted and suffered from verbal and (to a lesser extent due to my size) physical bulling. I was constantly slagged, pushed, had my stuff robbed, had my stuff thrown back at me and as the year went on, somedays I hated coming into school. Thankfully halfway through second year I got the courage to do something about it and after a few weeks it began to improve until finally in third year it had stopped and I began to move on. I know not everyone is able to do the same as me and that a lot of you have it a lot worse than I did and I'm hoping this article will help people understand just what its like to be a victim of bullying, and help some of you escape from it. 

The thing I found worst about bullying was the shame and embarrassment that was associated with it. You sometimes feel as if it's YOUR fault, as if you're doing something to deserve the bullying, that you're the one who should be changing to stop it. Sometimes you can spend nights trying to figure out what you're doing "wrong" to deserve the treatment. The shame that you feel because you're being bullied can stop you from ever talking to someone about it, but I've realised by now that there's no shame in being a victim of bullying. It's the bully who's to be ashamed, it's the bullies who should be changing, not you. This shame that people feel is a bully's greatest weapon, it's why it took me so long to report it and I'm sure it's why many of you haven't either. No one has the right to have such power over you, to have you trapped this way! Many people who've never been bullied in their lives think that once it stops then everything's all right, they don't understand that sometimes the taunts can haunt you. The poem "Truth" (below) is one which I felt showed just how powerful and damaging these taunts and insults can be. For me, even if a close friend uses the insults the bullies did, even as an obvious joke, my mind does a mental flinch. The longer you let the bullies go on, the deeper these mental scars can get, I urge you all not to let it go on as long as I did, all it takes is for you to take the first step and tell someone, whether it be a friend, parent or teacher you can trust. Once you get that weight off your chest everything starts to get easier. I wish I'd gotten out sooner, but I've decided to try and help those who are still being bullied through this article. 

Don't go on suffering in silence, the sooner you stop the bullies the sooner you can shake off the mindset they caused and move on in your life. You may feel alone in it, but be assured there're many more victims of bullying around you than you notice. Like this blog says, there's always light at the end of the tunnel, life gets better as you grow up, and it's up to you whether you want to overcome the tormentors and let your experiences strengthen and motivate you to help others, or leave it to fester. We all daydream about getting help, please make these dreams a reality! "

Truth : By Barrie Wade

Sticks and stones may break my bones, 
But words can also hurt me. 
Stones and sticks break only skin,
While words are ghosts that haunt me. 

Slant and curved the word-swords fall
To pierce and stick inside me. 
Bats and bricks may ache through bones,

2 years in a row!! Thank you very much. :)

Last Saturday I made my way to Nass.... it sounds like its miles always from where I live but it’s not really. It only about half an hour away but I wanted to make it sound a bit more dramatic. As I explained what I was trying to do I guess it didn’t work! Any way it’s time for me to get back on topic!!

Last Saturday I went to Naas to attend the Irish blog awards for my second year. This year however was run and organised by a different group of people. It was amazing to say the least. I was in the finals for the best youth blog and beginning with Y I had to wait until the end of the night to find out if I was going to win or not. I have to say that it was well worth the wait without a doubt. As there were 30 awards to be given out it went a bit like this: 10 awards were given out followed by our started. Another 10 awards given out followed by our dinner. The final 10 awards given out followed by our ice-cream :) In between all of that there was a few little other things going on such as playing human Angry Birds, dancing on chairs, making name tags and a lot and I mean a lot of tweeting. At something like the blog awards it’s ok to have your phone out at the dinner table. It’s great!!

I got to play human angry birds and I got to run around the room like I was seven or something. But that’s not it I also got to dance around in a circle with some random guy that I never met. He was very nice by the way. And I also got to dance around like an idiot with Paul and Amy. It was great fun. After playing Human Angry birds I was given a prize for playing. You will never believe what I won though. I won cheese!! Yes cheese a hamper of cheese and organic milk, cream and yoghurt. I would like to add that it was kind of heavy too but that’s irrelevant.

When it came to the categories that I was a final in I began to grow nervous. I know it seems like I skipped a bit there but all I really skipped was the fact that we were eating. And even know I haven’t skipped that because I just mentioned it there. Any way the beginning of the night started without the winners giving speeches but due to people complaining over twitter they decided that they would begin to give speeches. I being the idiot that I am didn’t think of anything that I could say if I had won the award. Like 2011 I had nothing prepared. In my defence I didn’t think that I was going to win because I was up against some tough competition. Any way I was delighted when my blog name was called out. I was over the moon as well as shocked. To win it in 2011 was amazing and then to win it again was just amazing I was delighted. I couldn’t believe that all of my hard work had paid off. I don’t even have that much to say about it because I am still trying to get over the shock of winning it two years in a row.

Here is a video of me as I was going up to get my award. It’s a bit embarrassing but hey I don’t care anymore. 

Now as you can see from the beginning of the video I dint have a speech prepared and after I got called out the realisation finally hit me so I’m going to take this chance to say something’s that I wish I had said when I was up there on the stage.

Words cannot describe how amazing I feel. Winning the best youth blog once was amazing and now I have won it for a second time!! I’m shocked. Thank you so much for reading my bog and supporting it. If it wasn’t for the people around me my blog wouldn't be what it is today. I only hope that by me telling my story it will help others in the future to stand up and speak out about mental health!! A hug thanks has to be given to my amazing family and friends but also to the amazing teacher that introduced me to the world of blogging, Thank you so much Mrs L. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even know what a blog is. You have opened up a world of possibilities to me. Nothing I do or say will ever thank you enough for introducing me to blogging.

Now that that has been taken care off I have a few things to say about the night overall. First of all it was organised fantastically. It ran smoothly and anything that went wrong if anything went wrong it wasn’t noticed because I certainly didn’t notice anything. The food in the hotel was amazing. Just everything about it in general was amazing. One of the things that I thought was the best was the way that we got to make name tags. This way we all got to know everybody who was sitting at our table and in some ways it made things a bit less awkward, well to me anyway. I enjoyed the night, it was amazing so I would like to say thanks to the three amazing organisers... Lorna, Beatrice and Amanda. Thank you so much. I am already looking forward to next year, if Im in the final or not I plan on going to have another amazing night.

Here is a video of the night courtesy of the photographer Damian Carroll.

Photo of the day. :)

Our class after performing our James bond routine for the Annual Fun Walk

Mental Health.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everything was dark and there was no way out? Well I don’t have to think about that because I have been there. About a year ago I was sitting in my bedroom contemplating suicide and it wasn’t the first time that I have been in that situation. There were so many people around me that I knew I could talk to but I chose not to. I thought that they would judge me and I was so low that I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anybody about what was going on in my head at the time. Now some of you know me while others don’t but think about it, I am just one person who went through that. I am just one person who has decided to talk about my experience, but there are so many more people out there who are scared to look for help, who are scared to talk about their experience and who are scared that they will be seen as an outcast by society if they do anything other than suffer in silence.

There are so many people in the world today who are suffering and not looking for help because of the stigma that is associated with mental health and with mental illness. Ireland has a serious self-harm and suicide problem, with around 11,000 episodes of deliberate self-harm presenting at hospital A&E departments each year (National Suicide Research Foundation) and up to 500 suicide deaths reported. Suicidal behaviour, including suicide and self-harm, often occurs when there has been little or no contact with health services. Elsewhere it has been reported that only 11% of teenagers who had engaged in deliberate self-harm had received any health service intervention or support following self-harm and a lifetime history of self-harm. (Source of info)

Many people don’t even think about mental health unless they have had some kind of experience with poor mental health or mental health stigma. In schools all around the country very little is being done to promote positive mental health. Nobody talks about mental health, it is kept a secret in many areas and people grow up knowing nothing about it. Although people’s attitudes towards mental health have changed in recent years there are still many people who have a fixed view of mental health and mental illness. People also have a view of hospitals for people who are mentally ill and I can assure you now that they are not like what you see in the movies....They are completely different!

 When I was in hospital it wasn’t like I was in hospital. There was a class room, a dining room and a common room with a few other rooms like the nurses’ station and the clinical room. But there were no men in white coats like you see in the movies, there were no people in stare jackets. It was just a group of six teenagers with adults who were nurses, doctors, teachers etc. People would think of use as strange or not normal but when we were together we were just like anybody else. We watched TV and we complained about having to do homework. We played cards and we talked about different things. We are like any other teenagers but we just happen to have a mental illness.

Young people in Ireland believe that mental health is the number one issue facing them in the world today.  If young people can see what is important in Ireland today then why can’t adult? Young people’s attitudes are being changed about how they view mental health. It was the generation before us (young people) that provided us with this set view of mental health. We were given this view through the media and films and from people being too afraid to talk about mental health. We are changing our attitudes and learning more about mental health so why can’t the older generation do it too.

I am very much aware of the stigma associated with mental health but I don’t care. I am not afraid to stand up and speak out about my mental health and mental health in general. I am using my blog to try and make a difference in the world today and how people view mental health but I am also doing this to help my mental health. There are many people around the world that are too afraid to stand up and speak about their mental health because they will be judged or looked upon as an outcast. But for me that wasn’t the cast. People may not like what I am doing and people may not even care about what I am doing but the thing is that I care and I like what I am doing. I am happy to say that I am not afraid to silence my views on mental health because some people might not be happy about it.

If people don’t talk about it then the stigma is going to remain and more people are going to suffer and not seek help for the fear that they may be judged. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that is right which is why I am working towards positive mental health through Think Big and through my blog to help and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and mental health. The world has come together on many different occasions to change things for the better and this is no different the world need to come together and change how people view mental health. One in every four people will experience mental health difficulties during their life time!! We need to come together and show people that we are here to support them and help them through the hard times.

“If mental health becomes more of an everyday issue that matters to us all then the stigma attached to getting help can be reduced. While Irish society will continue to experience considerable change and face new challenges ahead, a mentally healthier Irish society will be much better able to cope.”

London, Paris, Rome where to next????

I have been thinking about a few things that I would like to do when I get older, maybe before college or after college but one of the things that I really would like to do is go travelling with some friends and see some new places around the world. I have been to a few places before, Spain, Rome, Poland, Florida, Boston, New York but most of them have really been on holidays except for Poland which was a school trip that I went on last year. I would love to go around the world to so many other exciting and interesting places. I want to gain new experiences and live my life and have fun. I want to have something to look forward to and a goal that I want to reach in life. Some of the places that I would love to go to are:

Paris- I want to go to the very top of the Eiffel tower but there is no way that I will be going in a life, I don’t care how many steps I would have to walk but there is no way that I am getting into a life to go up there.

London-I have no idea why I want to go to London I guess I just do, sure why not it seems like it’s only around the corner but I know that it’s not.

Germany- I would love to go to Germany. I have a great interest in history especially history related to the Second World War. I would love to learn some more about that period in history. I would bring my friend Vivian who is from Germany and she could show me her home town.

Russia- I want to go all around Russia and learn more about their culture and I would love to try my hand at some Russian dance.

Australia- For adventure minus the spiders and snakes. I would love to go bridge walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or go bungee jumping. Now I say this things as if I will do them but if I ever do get there and have the opportunity of doing them it might take some convincing but yeah I might possible do it, I like the idea of doing it anyway.

America- I would love to go all around America on a road trip and go to all the different states and try new things.

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Just another normal day in room 23 :)

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Today is world mental health day. It is time that we stand up and speak out and make a difference to how people look at mental health. Im trying to make a difference are you? Here is a post I have written on depression in the past!! This weekend I will have a post about Mental health and how people view mental health and what can be done to chance peoples perceptions. 

I have written a post about self-harm before and well now I think it’s time to write one about depression seeing as how often the two topics can be related. In my opinion depression is a lot like self harm in the way that people often don’t like talking about the subject. It seems to be something that you would only talk about if you knew someone who suffers from it or you yourself suffer from it.

I grew up not hearing anything about depression; the only thing that I knew about it was that if you were depressed you were sad. In some ways that’s all you really need to know when you’re growing up because often you wouldn’t find yourself being depressed or even know someone who is depressed. It wasn’t until I entered secondary school where I learned more about depression and that wasn’t even through school that I learned about it. I guess I learned about it from my own experience and it was when I entered third year when I learned what depression really was when I was diagnosed with depression.

To be honest I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t bad depression and I wasn’t put on medication, it was something I didn’t talk about not even with my dad or brothers, when we were told we all just got on with it and didn’t even think twice. Sure none of my friends even really knew that I had depression either because I tried my best not to let them see me suffering and when I was around them I put on a smile and acted as if everything was ok. I just got on with things after I was told and soon I felt back to my normal self when I was heading into transition year, because I had learned how to deal with things and I was going into Transition year a new Siobhán from the Siobhán I had been during the summer.

I was still getting treatment every week by going to a psychologist and talking about things that had happened in the past and I guess if I wasn’t talking about things every week I would not have been able to cope with things. I didn’t think of myself as being depressed and I think that was because it was only my family knew about it and I was able to deal with it. Now after having a relapse and a very bad one at that only my family and closest friends know about it and well now the world wide web know about it too and I’m hoping that by telling my story it will help to raise awareness about teenage depression.

After this relapse I was put on medication and well I have to say it took some convincing and that’s because I was both scared and also worried about what people will think of me when they found out. The only thing that was going through my mind was if people found out that I was on medication that they would think I was crazy. After someone close to me convinced me that they would help if I gave them time to work and that things will get better I decided that it was worth a shot and then things might start to look up for me.

After I got put on medication I stopped seeing myself as depressed and it was more that I just suffered from depression and it wasn’t a big deal. I may sometimes still try to put a smile on my face so people don’t realise that I’m suffering. It’s not that I’m trying to hide things it’s just that I don’t want to be pitted or looked down on because I’m suffering. I’m not ashamed of suffering from depression and it has taken a bit of time for me to be ok with it and writing this blog post about my experience was a big step for me and I am happy that I have done it and well I don’t mind if people know that I suffer from depression because I’m not ashamed and I will overcome it and things will get better for me.

It’s taken me a while to see the bright side of this because I couldn’t see past the next 5 minutes a couple of weeks ago now I know that things will get better And I am hopeful that I will overcome it and that is mainly because of the people around me who support me and because I want to get better and to show people around me that it is possible. I am determined to get back on the right track and someday I will hopefully be able to look back on my experience and say to myself that I did good and I have come a long way from there and I want to be proud of who I am even if that means I was a teenager who suffered from depression. Hopefully I will be able to go on from here knowing that my teenage years will have moulded me into hopefully the person I want to be.

I hope that this post might help someone who is reading it and suffering from depression. I haven’t got over this and I know that it will take some time but with people around me who love and care for me that things will get better sooner or later. It just takes time and you have to be patient with things.  When I’m better I will hopefully be able to write a blog post giving advice about what I found helpful during my treatment and trying to overcome this. To find out more about depression click here.

Are you the next big thing?

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big thing? Well if you do I have just the thing for you!! Why don’t you try out for star search?

To be honest I hadn’t heard about star search before but thanks to Damian’s photos and a long lost family relation I was introduced to star search. I know many talented people out there are reading my blog and star search and looking for talent young people and older people to co e and addition for them this coming Sunday. here is your chance to learn all about star search and maybe you might decided that you have what it takes to become a star and decided to head off to the auditions this Sunday.

So here is all the need to know information about star search. Well I will start off with the positives. If you have what it takes you could be in the chance of winning €5,000 sponsorship and if that wasn't enough you will also be in with the chance to be coached and managed professionally while being promoted throughout the media world. After reading that line I would be jumping at the chance to audition if I had any talented bone in my body but that is not what we are talking about. Is your dream to become a star? Well if it is then this is your chance to become a star. Why pass down this amazing opportunity?

Star Search is one of the latest projects by Music Management and has been formed by experienced tour manager Martin Byrne & Sharon Steacy Hennessy. Martin Byrne (X-Factor Tour Manager), Sharon Steacy Hennessy (Co Owner Miss Ireland) has been working tirelessly meeting some of 'Irelands’ hidden talent. Collectively they have met a variety of talent from singers, songwriter’s, rappers and dancers of all ages in all parts of the country. Working alongside a very ambitious and creative Musical Director, Marian Shanley West is very passionate in assisting the right people towards their dream. 

Successful candidates will be brought forward to a big stage production for the Star Search final in The Tivoli Theatre on November 17th where they will get to battle it out in front of a celebrity judging panel and perform in front of a live audience. Already a number of acts have been contacted by Irish Musical Television shows. Star Search is the ideal platform for artist of any talents and all ages.

Due to popular demand Star Search will hold its last & final audition in Dublin on Thursday 18th of October in The Hampton Hotel (Morehampton Road) From 6:00pm - 9:30pm applicants are charged a once off registration fee of €10 . For more info email star search at...

So if you think you have what it takes to be a star then this is for you!! Get out there and show Ireland what you are made of. Do you have a dream that you want to make a reality?? This is your chance and it is too good of a chance to let pass by. This could be your once and only chance so why not jump at the chance.

Why get out of bed?

I was thinking about different things that I could blog about and well o I turned to my good friend Google and it came up with “Ten reasons why you get out of the bed in the morning” I decided that I would write a post on this because I thought that it would turn out pretty good. But I am only going to do tree reasons because I don’t have a lot of time and trying to think of ten reasons take way to long and I can’t think of ten reasons!

 School. Every morning Monday –Friday I get up and out of bed at 6.45 to get ready for school. With most other teenagers they would be complaining about having to get up early and go to school well not me. I love going to school and I am use to getting up early. I like to get up early in the mornings because then I can make the most of my dad. And well school I love going to school. I get to learn new things, have a laugh with my friends, try and annoy teachers and most of all I am happy in school.

Lilo. Lilo is our puppy. I love her to bits it is like we were made for each other. Where ever I go in the house Lilo is sure to be right behind me. She makes me smile and makes me feel like I am needed home. I love her so much she makes me so happy. She is warm and cuddly and great fun to play with.

My friends. I don’t know what I would do without my friends they have got me through some of the hardest times of my life and then have ever left me. The mean everything to me and I would be lost without them. They make me smile and laugh but most of all they make me happy. They like me for who I am and they always have faith in me. I could not ask for better friends than the ones that I have.

These are some of my reasons what are some of the reasons to get out of bed  in the morning?

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So this post is going to be all about friendship if you didn’t notice that by the title. Over the past couple of months I have really realise the value of friendship. Since I have been in hospital and my friends have been by my side the whole time. I have the most amazing friends in the world they mean the world to me and I would be lost without them.
                                                                                                                                                                                         They have been so strong and supportive about the whole thing, they have helped to keep my blog updated, sent me texts and letters keeping me up to date on everything that I have been missing. They also know how important school work is to me and have sent me in notes so that I can try to keep up to date on all my school work. If it wasn’t for them I have no idea where I would be right now. All of my friends, family and teachers have been the people that have kept me going through all of this and of course the doctors and nurses and all the staff in the hospital too but my friend shave been my soul support.

Aoife got her mam to make me brownies, which were amazing and everybody especially the nurses seemed to enjoy at the hospital. They are the best thing that you could have to cheer you up along with ll of her other amazing cooking. Thanks Jane. :)

Ginger was put in charge of keeping my blog up to date for the first while and she did a great job of that and it also helped to keep me informed about things that I was missing. It was great to see that they were having good fun and Ginger was great at writing the blog posts.

If it wasn’t for them sending me in school work and notes I would more than likely have to redo fifth year next year and I don’t want that to happen. I have every intention on graduating school with the girls that are the reason I am still here today. I know that Louise sent me in Spanish worksheets often and I know I didn’t do them but everybody knows that the chances of me doing my Spanish are  very slim but I will get to them eventually.

I have had this picture with me for the past few months and it has been the most important picture to me through this whole journey to recovery. It hasn't just been these friends that have got me through everything, it has been the friends that i have made along the way as well that have got me through this.I have made friendships that will never be broken because we have connected in a way that many people don't. So as i left the hospital today for my discharge there was some tears but tears of happiness that i got to met the amazing people that I did and also because the staff in the hospital have made a huge impact on my life and I am just so grateful for them.

Every day that I have looked at this picture it has helped me make another step on my journey. It has helped me to remember why I was not going to give up and do all that I could do so that I could get home and back to my friends as soon as possible. The first few days were very hard and it was knowing that my friends would all still be my friends when I got discharged that got me through them. I had my bad days and my good days and it knew that I had friends that would help me through it.

So I guess that the mad bunch of dirty minded girls that I call my friends are the definition of true friends. I am glad to be able to call them my friends and I could not ask for a better group of friends. Thanks girls for everything, You all mean the world to me.

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I lost a mother but gained a guardian angel.

It hard to believe how fast the time goes by when you lose someone close to you. Six years is a long time but it all went by so fast, it still feels like only yesterday when I watched God take my mother away from us. I guess when my mam died it was my first real experience with death, I was only a baby when my granny died so I didn’t know her but I did grow up hearing stores about her and visiting her grave I might not have got a chance to know her or get close to her but I feel that in some ways I did know her and I was close to her.

Today is my mam’s 6 year anniversary and I’m still trying to come to terms with how long it has been. My mam died after she lost the battle with lung cancer. She was a strong and brave person and she never let being sick get the better of her she fought until the very last moment. She always had a smile on her face no matter what was happening. Whenever I would go into the hospital to see her while she was sick that was the one thing I would look forward to seeing, her amazing smile that could light up and room.

I don’t want to write a long post that is really personal because it will just get me upset so for the rest of this post its going to be a poem that is on my mams memorial card. This describes how I feel right down to the bone.

We lost a mother with a heart of gold,
How much we miss her can never be told,
She shared our troubles and helped us along,
If we follow her footsteps we will never go wrong.

We miss you from your fireside chair,
Your loving smile and gentle air,
Your vacant place no one can fill,
We miss you mother and always will.

She was a mother so very rare,
Content in her home an always there,
On earth she toiled in heaven she rests,
God bless you mother you were one of the best.

Each time we look at your picture,
You seem to smile and say,
Don’t be sad but courage take,
And love each other for my sake.

Six years ago today I lost an amazing mother that was there for me no matter what, who made me who I am today. All thought she may not be right here beside me I know she is here with me. I lost a mother but gained a guardian angel and I will always have her looking down on me keeping me safe and guiding me in the right direction. I now know that God only takes the best because you were truly one of the best mothers around. Miss you mam and always will.

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Google, The answer to everything.

Where would we be today if we didn’t have Google? For me anyway i use Google for everything and I mean everything. It’s handy and easy to access so why not?

If i don’t know the answer to something i turn to Google.
If i can’t do my homework i turn to Google.
If i need a Spanish translation i turn to Google.
If I’m board i turn to Google.

When i was younger and i didn’t know how to use a computer or i wasn’t allowed on the computer when it came to doing things like projects I had to use books. The big heavy encyclopedias with never ending amounts of information that I could never understand to get all the answers and it was extremely boring. But the thing was that’s what everybody had to do when i was younger. 

If i wanted to see what was happening outside my house i would go outside or look out the window because there really wasn’t any other way but not anymore thanks to Google. Log onto Google maps and type in an address and there you go you can see everything you need to see while sitting in front of a computer screen.

It’s not a bad thing that we have Google. Even with books i would be completely lost when it comes to some school projects and things like that. But thinking about it when i was younger the internet didn’t mean anything to me. Google didn’t mean anything to me. Very rarely i heard the term " Google it” and i only heard that if we were confused by some extremely hard question like what kind of fuel do you use in a space ship or something along those lines. We depended on books and you know what it wasn’t that bad to use a book. I made you feel like you were actually doing something. You were finding the information about something and not Google.

If you were to ask me to look up something in a book now and i had a computer beside me I would just use the computer. I don’t really know what changed for me. I guess I became lazy as I began to grow up and well times changed and I became more aware of the internet and things such as Google. I guess it just kind of happened. I mean became normal for me to use the internet and Google. Nowadays it’s the norm in society.

Google has become a huge part of my life and I’m not even joking. The first web page i open on the internet it Google. I’m not even sure if i can go a day without getting asked a question and my response being “Google it”

I am very grateful that I have Google because to be honest I would be lost if I didn’t have it and well because I am too lazy to go looking through books to find an answer.

Just take a minute and think about how much you use Google? I know that I use it too much and spend too much time looking up things on Google that I don’t need to know about. So I’m glad I have Google but if it never became the norm in society to use it I think i would be doing just fine with books. The need to keep up with social change for me was something that I felt I had to do. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on!!

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