Snow Day !!!!!

Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow.
Today we had a snow day. And it was really good fun. Despite being in a bad mood this morning after I had got ready for school and started to walk to school when my dad rang me to tell me I had no school. After I got over that I was in a great mood. We all decided that we would go for a bit of a wonder ion the snow and thanks to Kellie I managed to get a bit hyper.
We had a great day. We started off just walking around the we made a stop at Tesco and after that we just messed around in the snow for a bit. And then of course it was time for some hot chocolate. We made a trip to Aoifes house where we were greeted by her mam who had hot chocolate waiting for us..... :) We had some hot chocolate and biscuits while warming up in Aoifes house.
After we had our hot chocolate we then headed back outside and it had started to snow again..... We had a bit of a snowball fight on the green outside Aoifes house. That lasted a while......  we had great fun especial when some people like Emer just you know decided to lie on the ground for a while. Then we jumped in some puddles... well I jumped in a puddle which in the snow is not the best thing to do it makes you even colder. Niamh and Kellie then decided that they would make some snow angels.
We pretty much did all the you know usual things in the snow... I still haven’t managed to make a snow man yet. Hmm I must go and make one. I had a great day today. Hoping that it will keep snowing for a while get a few more snow days. That would be nice..... :)

Snow !!!

On Saturday morning I woke up to a blanket of snow outside my house. And let’s just say I was not too pleased to see it. It’s not that I don’t like the snow or anything but for me waking up on a Saturday morning to snow is just annoying. Knowing that it is going to be freezing cold just puts me in a bad mood. So anyway on Saturday I stayed din all day in a nice warm house and done nothing which was great. But then came Sunday there was snow again and then there was snow on Monday. I love the snow but on Saturday I really wasn’t in the mood for it. But anyway on Sunday was a different story I was totally in the mood for it then.
So on Sunday I went out for a bit with Aoife Emer Nezzy Moose Mandy and we had some fun. We did however manage to loose nezzy and Mandy on our travels but not to worry we did find them in the end. We did make a few little stops to do the usual make some snow angels and Aoife wrote her initials in the snow the usual kind of stuff. I must say I was very pleased with myself I only managed to slip only twice which for me is amazing considering I am known for being very accident prone. We then headed home after a while in the freezing cold.
On Monday I woke and the snow was still there, and having to walk to school did not put me into a very good mood but I soon cheered up when I got into school. But then again the school was freezing!!!!! Other than that it was a pretty normal school day. We did get off school ten minutes early so that was good.... :)

Our fun in the snow... :)

Another day over....

So today class Amina were meant to go on a trip to NUI Maynooth for a self help workshop. But because of the snow we were not able to go. We were told thought that it will be postponed until after Christmas and that we will get to go then. So anyway today we had normal classes as usual. The only problem was that the school was freezing!!!!!
Our first class was religion and we continued reading the story of Waris Dirie. We have got near the end of the story which is good because now the story is happy rather than sad like it was in the beginning. We are going to be making a story board of her life from the beginning to end. We are going to be using pictures ad words to describe the different stages in her life for our storyboards.
In maths we started doing some work. After we had found out that we will be having a test on Friday :( and done some work we got to play a game. We played countdown a maths game of course. All you had to do was solve the problem. It was pretty hard I must say. The people who got the answers first got a bar of chocolate of Mrs K. I didn’t get any chocolate though I did manage to go home with some jellies.
In geography today we continued with some more of the presentations. The presentations that I have seen so far are amazing. My presentation on Poland does not look nearly as good as some of the others. But that doesn’t matter I’m happy enough with it. I am meant to be presenting mine on Thursday but because of the rugby I won’t be presenting it. All though if it keeps on snowing then it will be cancelled and I will get to present mine.
In music we were signing again. We were doing some Christmas carols today. We are starting to practice for the carol service that will be on in the school. Today we sang the little drummer boy. Then we had Irish. We didn’t do very much today in Irish. We just talked about different things that were happening in the news but in Irish of course. We didn’t have a full class because of the snow. We were told that we could go home ten minutes early which I guess was better than staying in the whole day.

Advent wreaths.

Yesterday in religion we made a wreath for advent. It was only a small wreath and it had one candle in it. It is meant to be used an s a centre piece on a table. They were easy to make. We had to bring in all the things that we needed our self’s. It was easy to get them and we didn’t need that much anyway. All we needed was some oasis a candle and holder and then some greenery.
We had them all finished in one class apart from the cleaning. A few of us stayed back for a few minutes to help sweep up the floor. Once we had them made we left them on the window sill until the end of the day when we had to come back to get them. Someone took a picture of them all on the window sill.
It was really easy to make. All you had to do was put the candle in the oasis and then start to put all of the greenery into it. You have to soak the oasis the night before but I don’t know why. It was kind of fun making them. I have never made anything like that before so that was my first time.

Issue one done and dusted... :)

During the week we received our fist issue of green hero. We got them on Tuesday. That evening we counted them and organized them so that they would be ready to be delivered to all of the schools. On Wednesday four people from our group left school early and went to deliver the magazines around to all of the schools. We went to 11 different schools in the surrounding area. The magazine seemed to be a great success well the first issue anyway. We got them all deliver on Wednesday and we made it back to school in time for lunch. The magazines seemed to be a great hit in the staff room. Mrs L showed us some pictures during I.T that she took of the teachers in the staff room after we handed them in. even thought the magazine is aimed at primary school children there is something in there for everyone. We have now started to get things organised for the next issue. We have decided what is going to be in it and we have got a list of people that we can ask if they will take out ads for us. I am looking forward to seeing what the next magazine is going to look like but that won’t be for a while yet.
We are now just waiting for a bit of feedback from the schools.From the pictures that Mrs L sent me the teachers in the staff room seemed to like the first issue of Green Hero.

Podcasting Workshop.

Today we had a podcasting workshop. We had it from 1.20 until 3.20. Class Emnet were the first class to have it. They had it during the morning classes. The first thing that we did was learn the basis of podcasting. What it was and what you do and the general things like that. Once we had got the general idea of what podcasting was all about we were then split into 5 different groups. 3 groups went into one room and then the other groups went into another room.
Once we were in our groups we had to come up with an idea for a podcast. We then had to write a script for it and practice it. We were given an hour to do this. Once we had all of that done we then got a chance to record it to make a podcast. Our group was making a podcast on Irish takeaways. We made an ad for this that was then played on the radio station. We had two DJ, s and one person saying the ad. Once everybody had practiced their lines and we were all ready we then got a chance to record it.
I was in charge of pressing the buttons to record it... :) Our group managed to get it done in one recording because we had it all ready and we were well prepared. Once we had it recorded we then listened to it back. We were then allowed to ad in some sound effects and things like that so that we could make it sound better, we added in different music things so that we could make it sound like we were on a radio station.
Our podcast was called Paddies Potatoes and it was an ad for an Irish take away shop that sells all different types of potatoes. So overall today was very good. The two men that came in to do the podcasting workshop with us were very nice and friendly. They were also very funny. It was a great experience and I learned about something that I would have never learned about if it wasn’t for today.
At the end of the day we got to listen to all of the different podcast that the other groups had made. Some of them were really funny. They were all very good. One group had a song and I thought that that was a really good idea. Another group had “I’m a student get me out of here”. That was a really good podcast and I thought that it was funny too. The podcast that I thought was one of the best was the one “Is it time for tea or tea time?”
I had a great day today. T.Y just keeps getting better.

History Presentation.

Today our group in history we had to present our projects to a third year class. In careers we had to go down to room 2 to do our presentation. I was the second last person to present my project. I did my project on the Vietnam War. I found this very hard. I did not understand it and I was not sure if the information that I had in my project was right. But anyway I presented it.

I was worried that I would confuse everybody in the room and seeing as how I confused myself I say that I also confused everybody else in the room. The six of use went down I was a bit nervous but I was ok. When it got to be my turn to present my project I began to get really nervous. It was ok in the end. I managed to present it and now I am just glad that it is all over.

My next presentation is geography next week.

Key Rings....

Today in technology we began to do some practical work. We started to make our key rings. The first thing that we had to do was make out the shape of the key ring onto the piece of  plastic that we were going to use. We all got to pick a colour that we would like to use. The colours that we got to choose from were green purple and yellow. I picked the colour yellow.

After we had all chosen a colour we then had to get some tools from the back of the classroom. Once everybody had everything that they needed and we had a sheet with instructions we began our work. We first marked out the shape of the key ring on the plastic and coloured the outside of the lines in. we were then shown how to use the machine to drill a hole in the plastic. Once we had our aprons and goggles on we were then allowed to use the machine. We then went up to the machine in pairs to drill a hole in our key rings.

After that we then had to begin to cut and shape the key ring. To this we had to use a file and saw. This was hard to do. We had to file it and then cut the coroners off. We then spent the rest of the class doing this. We were told that we will be finishing them next week.

Band Pratice... :)

Yesterday we had music. In music class on a Wednesday we do some work in our groups. The group that I am working in is singing the song “the man who can’t be moved” by the script. So far is coming along great. We have a bit of guitar in it and we also have some harmonies in it as well. Some of the other groups sound really good and are really loud. It is very hard to practice in class with everybody because it is so loud with all the different groups but its kind of fun. You get to hear everybaody else and nobody is just focusing all of their attention onto your group.

Next week I think that we will be starting to perform in front of the other T.Y music class .I really don’t want to do that. It’s ok at the moment signing with the group that I’m in but in front of another class. It seems kind of scary I guess. But at the end of the day it’s all a bit of fun. I am kind of looking forward to getting it done and over with though. I would prefer to be one of the first groups so that I don’t have to sit around waiting to do it. That would just make things more nerve wrecking. I think that we have put a lot of work into this and it should be all good fun at the end of the day.

Fist issue delivered.

So today me Roisin Louise and Patricia spent most of the day delivering the magazines around to the school. We started at 9.15 and were back in school by 1.00. We had a great day. We started with N.K.E.T.S. we were introduced to the principal and she was very pleased with the magazines. We then made our way out to S. Anne’s school in ardchlough. We were also introduced to the principal here. She brought us in to a room and looked very serious. I thought that she was going to give out to us. But it was ok she just wanted to talk to us about the magazine. While we were in St. Anne’s school we were asked to give the magazines to each of the classes our selves. This was fun because we also go to see the look on the children’s faces when they saw the magazine. Form the look on their faces I would say that they really liked them.

We then headed off to the straffan and clane schools. Everybody seemed to really like the magazines. All we had left to do then was to give the magazines to the celbridge schools and go to the advertisers and the library and the mill and the Gymboree. When we delivered them to the girls school in celbridge they were all playing in the yard so we were asked to wait for the principal. When the bell went we were waiting in reception and all the teachers were going to class. We got to see some of the teacher that we had when we were in primary school. All the teachers were really nice and all said hi. I miss primary school. It was good seeing all of our old teacher again. I could remember most of them and the ones I couldn’t remember Louise could tell me who they were.

The receptionist in the boy’s school did not seem to impressed  with the magazines when we brought them in but that was ok because all of the other school liked them. When we went to one of the other school it was all going ok until we couldn’t get the door open to get out. Me Louise and Patricia all tried to put it open but it wouldn’t open. But thanks to Roisin who was smart and saw the door release button we managed to get out. We also got a bit lost in the car looking for one school. We got there eventually after we went passed it. Once we got there it was all ok. After we had given them all out to the schools we went down the village and gave them to the advertises into the library and then into the mill. And then we were finished.

We then set off back to school. We got back at 1.00 in time to watch the rest of the dancing which this week looked really complicated. So now that we have got our first issue out of the way tomorrow we will have to start work on our next issue.

Magazines have arrived... :)

Today was good day all round. We got so much done in school and outside school. Today we got our green hero magazines. After having to wait a few extra days because there was a fault with the printing of the magazines we finally got them. So after school we headed off to Louise’s house. At half four on the dot we heard the door bell ring and it was the printer. We were all so excited. Louise was first to the door and I followed closely behind. We then all met the printer outside. The first thing that he did was handed us a bunch of the magazines and we were well impressed with what we saw. We then began to start to help him bring the boxes into the house. Which I might just add was not light.....

We first began by sorting the magazines into different piles for the schools. We counted and then re counted them. We then placed them into boxes for each school. We arranged all the other magazines that we needed to give out to people. Once we were all done we loaded up the car to get it all set for delivering them tomorrow.
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First issue of Green Hero Magazine.

Another day over....

Today our first class was religion. Mrs. KB told us that on Friday we are going to be making a reath for advent. After she told us what we need we went to the mediation room with Mr K to have a small prayer service to remember all those who have died in our lives.
 In English Patricia and me went to ring some of the school for mini company. We had to ring them to tell them that we are not able to deliver the magazines today because there was a problem with the printing. We told them that we would be delivering the magazines on Wednesday. We are getting the magazines tomorrow after school and I can’t wait until I get to see the finished product. I’m hoping that it looks really good.
In geography we started our presentations. After I saw some of the presentations that were done I decided that I need to do a bit more work on mine to make it look as good as the others. Today the presentations that were done were Jamaica Australia Madagascar and Peru. I really liked them and I thought that they were really good.
In history we were working on another document not very exciting really. We were also told who was going to be presentation their projects to the other history classes. The group that imp in is presenting them on Thursday.
In science we did another experiment. We got different metals and put them over the flame on the bunson burner. We watched to see if the colour changed. I thought that this was really good. One of the metals turned the flame a red colour and it looked really cool.
In Irish we were in the computer room working on our newspaper reports. This was really fun. I kept annoying Patricia but we had fun. I am almost finished. All that I really have left to do is make all the changes to it for spellings when Mr S checks it for me.

T.Y :)

So T.Y is going great. I got off to the year with a bit of a slow start missing the first few days. But not to worry me only missed the social development day and the carlingford trip. But there is so much more going on in T.Y than just that. The year has been brilliant so far. We have done so much stuff and there are still lots more to do. I feel so different now that I am in T.Y. I know that sounds really weird but I think that I’m starting to be a bit more confident in myself. I find it much easier to just start conversations with people now.  It’s so different from other years like in T.Y everybody is on the same level and everybody is like the same.  I don’t really know how to explain what I’m trying to say. I think that in T.Y your class is closer than in other years. Something likes that anyway.

T.Y is great. For anybody who is thinking about doing T.Y next year I would definitely say do it. It’s great fun. There is a lot of work to be done but it’s a different type of work. It’s usually all projects and things like that. I find that it is easier to set down and do project work on the computer rather than doing something out of a book. Because you work in groups for a lot of things you get to know people better. You get to make a lot of new friends from both of the T.Y classes not just your own.

Ty is just amazing I don’t know any other words to describe it. You do so many different things its brilliant. There are lots of little days out as well going here and there.
I would really recommend doing transition year.

Dissapoinment for Green Hero.

Well yesterday we were meant to be getting all of our magazines from the printer and well we didn't. Our managing director was in contact with the printer during the week while the magazines were being printed. We had made arrangements for the entire group to go to Louise's house on Friday after school to receive the delivery and get our pictures taken. We had arranged to get time off school on Monday to go and give the magazines to the schools. We had also gotten permission from or year head and everything was very organized.

At lunch time it was getting closer to the end of school and we were all getting really excited to see the final product of all our hard work. We have spent the last few weeks working very hard on this. In school and out of school. At lunch time I left art in a very positive and good mood. I made my way up to the lunch room and was telling everybody how exciting it was to be able to see the final magazine in only a few hours. Then Louise stood up and told me that she had a bit of bad news. She said that we weren’t getting the magazines yesterday and it would be sometime next week before we could get them. After that I was not in a very good mood I can tell you that. But hey these things happen. Louise told us the printer said that his machine broke down and that he would get the magazines to us as soon as possible. He said that he would print them Monday and fold them Monday night and he would deliver them on Tuesday.

We had done so much work leading up to this and were all ready to receive the delivery. We were a bit out off by this but its ok all we have to do is change a few minor details and we will be all set to give them out to the schools next week. We did however manage to get the prizes for the competitions in the magazines yesterday. Smyths said that they would give us a twenty euro voucher and reasons said that they would give us a book. Niamh and I decided that we would go to liffey valley to get these. After walking in the rain to Smyth we finally got there cold and wet. Got our voucher and headed off again. When we got to Easons we got on very well. We were told that we could get one book when we spoke to them on the phone. But when we got there we were given three books. We are very greatufll for these two shops for sponsoring us these prizes..... :)
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In Irish Mr S decided that we are going to write and design the front page of a newspaper. We have to write two stories for the front page. One story has to be about something serious and the other story has to be about something that’s not so serious. We are using Microsoft publisher to make and design the front page. I hate Microsoft publisher. We are using it for mini company as well and I hate it is so awkward to use. Well for me it is any way. I’m not really enjoying this project as much as some of the other ones and I don’t really know why. I think that it might just be because is not as interesting as some of the other projects. This is one of the hardest projects that I have had to do because it is in Irish and I don’t really like Irish. But I will manage to get it done and by the end of it I will more than likley be saying that I really enjoyed doing this project.

So far I have got my first draft printed off and ready to be checked by Mr S. more than likely I will have to print it off again and change little things but I don’t really mind.

Today we are also getting our magazines all  2500 copies. cant wait to see what its going to look like all done out.... :)

geography and careers.

Today we had a fun geography class. Mrs L was showing us how to use her new interactive white board. We had lots of fun and everybody seemed to be enjoying this very much. She got some people up the board and got them to do some things on it. It was all related to geography that is after we had finished drawing smiley faces. Once we had finished learning the basics of using the board and the magic ink we began to do some things for our projects. The names of one person from each of the groups were put onto a jackpot that was on the board. This is how Mrs L decided what groups were going to be going first and what order the rest groups would be in. it was great fun today in geography.

In careers today we heard about everybody’s work experience. Everybody was given the chance to stand up and tell the class about where they went and what they had to do for their work experience not everybody in the class got the chance because we ran out of time. Lots of people went to very interesting places. Two people went to cookery and two people went to a radio station. Other people went to different colleges and hospitals and chemists and schools and the army. Everybody seemed to really enjoy their work experience.

Dance.... :)

Today we had double P.E. We were again doing dance. For the first week that we started dance it was really fun and exciting. This week I didn’t find it as much fun as the last week. This week we learned a new routine. I really like the first routine that we learned. I don’t like this routine as much as the first one. We started off with a bit of a warm up. We were just doing some dancing and stretching for the warm ups. After we had done so warm ups and we were all ready and set to do some dancing we started with the routine from the last week.

We went through it slowly so that we would all remember it and it was also to show the people who didn’t know it. After we went through it slowly we then put some more music on and began to do it fast. It was really fun and everybody seemed to be really enjoying it.

After we done the old routine for a bit we then got to learn a new one. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first one but it was still good. We went through it bit by bit and then put a bit of music to it. Once we had got the hang of one part of it we then started to learn the next part of it. Once we put all of the parts together we began to do it with some music. We then started to do it faster and it got more confusing. It got a bit too quick for m and I was not able to keep up with everybody else. But it was really fun and I am looking forward to next week.

Tour of the State Laboratories

Today we had a trip to the state science labs. We left school at nine o clock and got back to school sometime around twelve o clock. When we got there we were given a talk all about what they do there and the different departments that we were going to see. After we were given our short talk we were then divided into different groups. We then had to put on a white coat that had a sticker for what colour group we were put into.

We went around to all of the different departments with different people that work in the Labs. We were told what happens in each of the different departments. We also got to see some of the people who work there working. We also saw some samples of different tissues from animals. We saw kidney and liver samples and more.

In some of the departments where there were lots of machines we told all about how they work. We were also shown how some of them work. In one of the departments we also go to look at things under a UV light. We looked a water samples with yellow in them. I’m not really sure what they were. The tour was good and we got to see a lot.

When we had all finished our tour we went back into the room we were in at the start. While we were her we were given some pens and things so that we could remember our trip to the labs. Some parts of the tour I found really good but other parts I was not very interested in but it was a good day overall.

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