Merry Christmas

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been so busy with my Christmas exams but now there finished and I can get in the Christmas mood.  have a full two weeks off from school, it is not until you are in sixth year that you really begin to value your holidays. I have two weeks away from school but only really this week away from all of the study but sure I can study in my bed :)

Its almost Christmas!! this time last year I was in hospital and I spent part of my Christmas day in hospital but not this year, This year I am at home and i will be at home with my family this Christmas. So I want to take this chance to say a huge thank you to all of my readers for reading my blog but also A very Merry Christmas to my readers. I hope you all have a good one.

Photo of the day. :)

First Dublin fire fighter to start as a recruit and make it all the way to the top and be in charge.
Uncle Stephen Retired this week but Dublin fire brigade will see a lot more of Stephen Brady in the future :)

Marks for life.

I once knew a girl.
Who forever had scars and cuts upon her arms.
Hope was insribed.
Not in the colour of ink.
But in the colours of the scars.

With stitches on her skin.
Plus tears in her eyes.
And bumpy scars.
Filled with hate and shame.
For whats she done.
But she'll do it again.

She once saw someone.
They asked what is that on your arms.
Ciggerette burns came the reply.
Deep inside the girl was lost.

I once saw myself drowned in tears.
Cant understand the purpose of my being.
For the cuts and scars.
The pain goes so much deeper

Amy Kerswell

I wake up every morning and I am greeted with the painful sight of my arms covered in scars. Many people might think that it is just my arms but it’s not. The scars are everywhere inside and outside. Many of my scars reflect the pain I have suffered in my life but many are there because I was addicted to self-harm.

I once wanted these scars; I’m not going to lie. I wanted to wake up every day and see them. I wanted people to know that I was suffering. But now, now all I want is for them to be gone. I have so many I am unable to count them, but I wish that I had none to count. Sometimes i take time to just remember the reason that scar is there. I think about what caused me to self-harm that day, why I made the cut.
I look at the ones that I had to get stitches for and I look at the ones that I removed the stitches from. I find the ones that I hid from people and hoped that the bleeding would stop before I lost too much blood and died. Each one of my scars has a story and I could tell you about them. I have too many to remember all the reasons for each scars but most of them I will be able to tell you about.

I use to let people see them but now I want to hide them. When people do see them they stare and whisper and make me feel self-conscious. It’s obvious what there from I can’t hide the fact that they are from self-harm but I just wish people would not stare all the time.

My family are ok with them and I am glad that they don’t mind them. They let me be free in a way. I’m not scared to wear a t-shirt in my house because I know my family won’t stare and make rude comments. My friends are great too. They want me to be able to take off my jumper if I am to warm and they don’t mind seeing my scars but I don’t. I don’t want them seeing what I have done to myself.

Many people wonder why I would do something like this to myself. People think I am crazy and I was looking for attention but the truth is I didn’t know what else to do. In the beginning before people found out I hide my cuts and scars. I was ashamed of what I was doing and I didn’t want anybody to know. It was a secret and I was suffering in silence.

I am not proud of my self-harm but I am not ashamed either. In many ways it has helped me become the person I am today. I have learned how to cope with my self- harm and I have also learned ways that I can help other people. Sharing my story is one of the ways that I help people. I let them know that it ask to ask for help, that you’re not crazy and that things will get better. They have got better for me and there is no reason that they will not get better for you.

I wish I never began to self-harm and found other ways to cope when I was younger, but I didn’t. I know have to live with these scars for the rest of my life. I hate having them now but I once liked them but that doesn’t last. I have to live with the fact that I destroyed my body and as hard as that is I also have to know that I was strong enough to stop and gain control back of my life. Self-harm will always be part of my life even if my scars do fade. The most important thing that I have taken from my experience of self-harm is that I am strong enough to overcome it and battle the urges.

I wish people didn’t self-harm but the reality is that many people do. It will affect you for the rest of your life even if you do manage to stop completely. It can affect you in a good way be sharing your story and help other but it can also affect you in bad ways to.

The most important thing is to talk to people and share how you are feeling. People many not realise it but it can become an addiction very quickly and it can be very hard to stop. So please don’t start but do ask for help.

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I found Paul!!

Guest Post.

Hmm, I’m not too sure how to start, let alone write, this kind of thing but here it goes – Hi. I’m Ashling and I’ve been asked by my friend, Siobhán to write a post for this blog.

When I first met Siobhy it was around the time of the Junior Certificate stress was kicking in. So it wasn’t until the summer when I really got to know her. I always knew she was struggling with a mental illness as she was honest from the beginning of our friendship. It didn’t bother me to begin, but as her condition escalated our group and I began to worry. Being friends with a person who has a mental illness does open your eyes. Even as clichéd as that sounds it’s true. I didn’t really know a lot about depression before I met Siobhy. Now because I’m involved with our positive mental health campaign and because I’m interested in Siobhán’s well-being I am more educated on the matter now. It makes you view the world differently to be honest, but I am happier now that I can see it. I think everyone should be educated about mental health as it may encourage people to be more grateful and understanding. It gives the person a greater perception on the world and the significance of a problem in relation to others.

It has affected me in more good ways than bad. Although it did cause me a lot of worry and stress, the good outcomes outweigh these negatives. I feel that I am more aware of issues around me in the world, due to personal experience, my college course as a social worker and most definitely being good friends with a person suffering from a mental illness. I am very proud of where Siobhy is today. She has come through so much, and now devotes her precious, little spare time (due to for coming exams) on helping reducing the negative stigma attached to mental illness and promoting positive mental health! I think she’s doing terrific and I have her to thank for opening my sheltered eyes and mind to a whole different perspective of the world. Thanks :)

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Run Forest Run

Why me?

Have you ever wondered why me? I know I have and I often still wonder why me. There are so many people in the world out there today who have challenges facing them every day and have had bad luck throughout their lives. Some people may say that I have had bad luck throughout my life and I disagree with that. All of things that have happened to me during my life is just my life, not bad luck but my life. I do have challenges that face me every day and many of them are related to my mental illness but I don’t let that get me down, I embrace it.

I often wonder why me? I wonder why my mam had to die and why I have depression and why every day I struggle with self harm. I have been through a lot and I have had some very bad days. But when I wonder why me I always come to the same conclusion- That yeah I have been through a lot and yeah it has been hard, but if I hadn’t gone through everything  have, if I didn’t gain control over m self harm and I f I didn’t learn how to cope with my depression I would not be able to do what I do today, I would not be able to work towards reducing the stigma associated with mental health because I really wouldn’t feel that I understand how some people feel. I wouldn’t be able to share my story and most importantly I would be able to share my story and provide hope to people out there who are struggling.

I live everyday one day at a time not know how I am going to feel but the one thing I do know is that there is always help out there for me when I need it. Whether it’s my friends, my family my teachers or my CAMHS team there is always help out there for me when I need it and there is always help out there for other people when they need it too. It might not be the same circle of support I have but there is support. All you have to do is look and you will find it, and people will want to help you if you are going thought a bad time and need some support.

I think that something my brother Paul said not so long ago sums everything up-
“Everyday people lose the battle with mental health issues and take their life, which could be complete avoided if they just talked. It’s not their fault, it’s the society that we live in, a society that ignores mental health, a place where people don't understand its importance and think that it isn't important. Without our mental health in good order we are not equipped to take on the everyday battles in our life. It’s so important and we need to have the realize that it cannot be ignored and that we need to support one another and talk, we need to realize that by accepting and talking about mental health we will save life's! I am so proud of this initiative and am so extremely proud of the people behind it, it takes courage and strength to stand up and talk about this, without people like this our society would be a lot harder to live in! Just always remember when you’re feeling down, or you need help there will always be someone there to help you! I know how important it is to talk about what's going on with people, and I had to learn it the hard way, but let's all just try end this pointless tragic loss of life. It’s so simple just don't forget to talk, and always remember there is support out there for you! It’s such a small thing but it will help save lives, and will make society such a better place to live in."

I am not ashamed of whom I am and I am not ashamed of the fact that I have a mental illness. I will stand up and speak out about my experiences with only one aim which is to show people that by talking things will get better and that there is help out there for you. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a mental illness; it’s the same as any other illness. Just because you can’t see it doesn't mean it’s not real. I do wonder why me but I always come to the same conclusion that f everything that I have described above didn’t happen then I wouldn’t be able to share my story and try to make a difference to the society that we live in today.

By writing my blog I hope that it will help someone to feel that they are not alone, that there is help and that there is other people out there going through some of the same feelings that you are. I can only hope that some people do find some of the things that I write about helpful and encourage them to seek some support in some way.

What made me fight?

The other day I got asked a question from one of my readers. She asked me was there anything that made me keep fighting or fight harder when I was in hospital. So there are a few things so I have decided that I would write a blog post about it to outline the things that kept me going. What exactly my family and friends did that made me want to keep going. While I was in hospital I did some stupid things when I got the chance to go out for a few hours or whatever on leave but it was because of what my family and friends did that made me stop doing those things. They basically gave me the wakeup call that I needed.

One of the first things that made me fight was the fact that I was missing out on things; I was missing school, scouts, athletic, spending time with my friends and family. I guess missing all of that made me want my life back. I didn’t want to be stuck in hospital all of the time, I wanted to get back doing the things that I love the most. When I began to notice I was missing all of these things I guess I realised that I was beginning my road to recovery. I was getting through the hardest part of my depression. I slowly began to feel that I was able to go back to the outside world. When I realised this it was time that I began to work with the doctors and the nurses and work towards my discharge, and get back to my life.

Support. I was getting a lot of support both inside and outside of hospital. This support helped me to create better relationships around me and to deal with things that I had never dealt with before. Having so much support around me in the beginning wasn’t what I wanted because I was feeling so low but as things began to get better and I realised the support I had around me it helped a lit. I felt that because these people were around me I could get through this and I was able to get back on track.

A letter from my brother was one of the main things that made me fight to get home. There was nothing bad in the letter, it was nice and it showed me how much he cares for me. This kind of links in with the support I was given. I guess this letter made me want to get back home to my family. It made me think and it showed me how much I am loved; it was what I needed to help me get back on track and stay focused.

My brother’s wedding. It goes without saying that I did not want to miss his wedding and I was basically given an ultimatum. I needed it to be honest, it was either have control over my self -harm and try my best to stop or I don’t go to the wedding. I was aware that they were doing this because they wanted t make sure I stay safe. To be honest I had always taken it for granted that I was going to be going to the wedding and when I was given this ultimatum I basically copped on and again this was a wake up call that I needed.

I basically have to thank my family, friends, teachers, doctors, nurses and everybody that supported me through that hard time. If it wasn’t for them I would not be doing as well as I am now. I still have my bad days but because of the people I have around me I know I will get through them and that those bad days are only going to be days rather than weeks like they were before.


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stylin ;)

The Past.

"Ah yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it." - The Lion K‎ing

I came across this quote while I was on the internet the other day and it got me thinking about things, Have I learned from my past or do I run from my past. I thought about this for a while all though I really should have been studying but anyway (im going to take a break this weekend like last weekend) Well after thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that I have earned from my past but I am also running from some things that have happened to me in the past. I know that its not good to run from your past but I do and I will stop someday but it will take time. But I have also learned so really important things, like value the ones you love as they will not be around for ever and to enjoy life while you can because it only takes a second for things to change.

This quote got me thinking about things, did it get you thinking about things? Do you run from your past or have you learned from your past?

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Titanic moment

I never knew how lucky I am.

I was sitting here in front of the laptop trying to think of something to blog about but I couldn’t think of anything and like always when I can’t think of anything to do or to blog about I make my way to Facebook. I was going through some of the photos that I have uploaded onto Facebook and I just realised how lucky I am to have family and friends like I do.

To begin I’m going to talk about my amazing family. I know I might not get on very well with some people in my family ad yeah not all of my family are still here with us today but I still have an amazing family.

My mam although she is not here I think of her every day and how she worked to keep our family together and was the best mam ever. She taught me to always thank the people that help me, to always be kind and helpful and to never judge a book by its cover. She thought me that everybody deserves a second chance. And most of all my mam was there for me and my brothers, knew how to cheers us up and always greeted us with a warm and friendly smile. What’s more she was strong and fought for almost two years against cancer so that she could be with her family..... she is a true inspiration.

My dad.... well me and my dad get on fine one minute and then we won’t talk to each or the next minute. I take most of the blame for that but then I blame it on me being a teenager but anyway my dad is fun and annoying but most of the time in a good way. He tries his best to be there for me and try to understand the mind of a teenage girl. He knows how to surprise you and will continue to do so in both good and bad ways. And what’s more no matter how much we fight he will always be by my side and he will never give up on me or my brothers.

My brother..... well what I can say about my older brothers that drive me insane, bully me and well do everything that they're meant to when they have a younger sister. Annoy me, keep me awake at night, scare off any guy that comes near me, embarrass me in front of my friends, hug me tight when I’m sad and  say that they will kill any guy that breaks my heart. I don’t know what I would do without my brothers they mean everything to me.

My sister-in-law well for one she might be my future sister in law but I see her as my sister, my friend and she’s like a mother to me. She looks out for me, gives me a shoulder to cry on and is one of my best friends.  My brother is lucky to have found her. Shane and Amy are perfect for each other. She is amazing and I am glad that she is part of my life.

And then there is Tom. Tom is a really really really close friend and is pretty much family at this stage and I have no idea what I would do without his amazing advice and his soft hair ad great hugs. He really doesn’t know how to cheer someone up when they are down. Tom is my GBBL and I hope that doesn’t change because I don’t know what I would do without him.

My Granddad well we had an amazing and special unique relationship that I will never forget. I was his shove-over, his vampire and his whippersnapper. He was my gaga, my jellyfish and my grumpy. He meant the world to me and helped to fill a hole that was left after my mam died but after he died a bigger hole in my life was created. I miss my granddad and always will but I will never forget all of the amazing times that we shared together. He was my knight in shining armour.

And then I have my friends all of my amazing friends that are always there for me to listen to me complain and moan, to offer a shoulder to cry on, to cheer me up and make me smile and to show me that thing no matter how bad they are will always get better. No matter what I do to them they have always stuck by me. No matter how down I am they never leave me. No matter how sick I am they are always by my side. No matter how lonely I am they change that. They are the people that give me a reason to get up in the mornings, the people I turn to for a friendly smile or a late night chat. These are the people that you can go to with a problem and it is never too big or too small and they are always will to offer advice or a shoulder to cry on. I love my mad crazy wacky weird friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and most of the time they don’t even realise what they have done. I love my friends and I appreciate everything that they have ever done for me. I don’t know what I would do without them and I hope I will never lose theses amazing crazy weird people that I have the privilege to call my friends.

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Just chillin with some melons 

Great Dream

I was sent an email about a website about living a happy life. Here is a picture from that website:

Check out the website here.

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Ahh Spanish in T.Y, I wish leaving cert Spanish was that easy!!

You have to shift a lot of frogs!!

I know what your thinking has Siobhán lost it completely ? No I haven't let me explain what i mean about frogs.The other day received an email from one of my readers about a book she was writing which is about mental health and stigma etc Her book s called You have to shift a lot of frogs so I didn't just pick random words and put them as a title there is reason behind it.

The email that I got said the following:

"I recently just stumbled across your blog, and I want to commend you in your great outlook on life, but more importantly...bringing light to the mental health stigma in Ireland. I'm not Irish, but American...and I lived there for almost a year. In that small time frame  I was able to see that this was definitely an issue. I'd seen and heard of many young men committing suicide because they felt helpless and didn't have any support. I've also seen people suffering from issues such as depression and bipolar disorder, but afraid to speak openly about it, or even worse...get professional help! It really should be something that people are able to at least speak about enough to get them the help that they need. In America, it seems like everyone self diagnoses themselves with needing a therapist. In Ireland, quite the opposite! That being said, I am currently in the process of publishing a book I wrote about my time in Ireland, where I speak about the stigma, among  other things of course! It's called You Have To Shift A Lot Of Frogs"

After getting that email I was shocked at the fact that one person living in Ireland for only a year was able to see how we as a society do not speak about mental health and how it is still a huge taboo subject in Irish society. That being said there are many amazing organisations around the country working and supporting those with mental illness or raising awareness or fighting stigma but still more can be done.

The work that people are doing is amazing and without them we would not be able to talk about mental health at all but you see the thing is people are to ignorant to realize that we need to talk abut mental health. We need to accept  mental health as real and we need to TALK. I know I have been talking about how important it is to talk in my last few posits but I cant stress it enough how important it is to talk. And its not just about talking when you are feeling low it is good to talk about how you are feeling in general to ensure that you are in the habit of talking. This will allow you to find t a bit easier to talk about things when you are feeling down.

I am very interested in reading this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.I will certainly do a review of the book once I have finished reading it and I would encourage many of you to read it also and see what you think. I am sure we are in for an amazing read in the near future, who knows it might even inspire you to start writing.

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No mater where you are theses days you always seem to hear about another person young or old taking their won life due to bullying. No matter who you are it is not right to bully. The bullies themselves can often have things going on in their own life's that drive them to bully but that doesn't make it ok, nothing makes it ok. Just the other day I heard of another young person  taking their own life due to bullying in a town close to mine and it brought up a lot of memories and thoughts. I'm not going to write a big long post giving out about bullies and what they are doing to people but I am going to write a bit about people taking their own life's and bullying in general. 
I am one of the lucky one in society. 

From reading my blog many of you know that I have mental health issues and I have gone through the long process of help. Yes my recovery is long but that's just it, my recovery. I reached out for help and that is what I got. There is no quick fix for mental illness which is why my recovery has been so long and is still going to be long into the future. That's why people reefer to it as the road to recovery. No matter how long it take to get "better" if you like it is much better than suffering in silence. I attempted suicide a number of times, I use to self harm, I have depression, OCD and Anxiety but I am working thought these. I may not be better but one thing that I have learned throughout my 18 years of life is that a problem shared is a problem halved. It is much better working through a long road to recovery than never getting to the beginning of the road to recovery. All you have to do to get on that road to recover is Talk, Something so simple but it has the ability to save lives!!

My brother said something today that I think really sums everything up about suicide, mental health, bulling and society in general. 

" Everyday people lose the battle with mental health issues and take their life, which could be complete avoided if they just talked. Its not their fault, its the society that we live in, a society that ignores mental health, a place where people don't understand its importance and think that it isn't important. Without our mental health in good order we are not equipped to take on the everyday battles in our life. Its so important and we need to have the realize that it cannot be ignored and that we need to support one another and talk, we need to realize that by accepting and talking about mental health we will save life's! I am so proud of this initiative and am so extremely proud of the people behind it, it takes courage and strength to stand up and talk about this, without people like this our society would be a lot harder to live in!just always remember when your feeling down, Or  you need help there will always be someone there to help you! I know how important it is to talk about what's going on with people, and I had to learn it the hard way, but let's all just try end this pointless tragic loss of life. Its so simple just don't forget to talk, and always remember there is support out there for you! Its such a small thing but it will help save life's, and will make society such a better place to live in."

I'm not sure if I can say anything else on this matter as I think Paul said it all there. We will never get rid of bullying but we can reduce it, we cant get rid of mental illness but we can support those who are suffering and we can lend a hand to those suffering in silence, we can get rid of suicide but if we can reduce the numbers if we just TALK!! TALKING is really the key to good mental health and t s time we became more aware of mental health.

I am not ashamed of who I am and I am not ashamed of the fact that I have a mental illness. I will stand up and speak out about my experiences with only one aim which s to show people that by talking things will get better and that there is help out there for you. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a mental illness, its the same as any other illness. Just because you cant see it doesn't mean its not real.

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The day we got Lilo :)

Guest Post.

Here is a post from a very close friend of mine sharing her experience of ill mental health. It took a lot of courage to write this and I think that she deserves a lot of credit for her courage.  She highlights some very important facts in this piece so please read carefully.

Hey my name is Nicola and I have a mental illness.

Mental illness is the same as a physical illness except it’s to do with the mind! It could happen to anyone of us at any stage of our life's…..For whatever reason it just happened to happen to Siobhan and me at such a young age but we did not ask for it to happen to us. I cannot change that I have this illness but I accept it now and I’m ok with it. It’s part of who I am. I’m not ashamed to say I suffer with a mental illness. It does not change who you are as a person it changes your thoughts and sometimes your actions depending on your situation but this can all be controlled by therapy and help. here are a lot of people suffering from mental health problems and young  people find it particularly hard because they find it hard to take that first step to reach out for help BUT it is worth it in the long run!

I am a recovering self-harmer. I am much better then how I was when I first started self-harming. I have my good and bad days. It’s hard having scars but they will fade in time and hay there’s always a solution to the problem! Only recently I learned by telling other people to have things to plan and look forward to is a good thing and that that is something you would be excited for and looking too do like a trip to the cinema or some Nandos(I love Nandos)but this has really worked for me planning things. People have told me to plan things before but I never listened but it’s great! I would
recommend trying it

I was admitted to a few different psychiatrist hospitals(a few adolescent ones in Dublin and one in England) and it took me along time to settle into somewhere were I felt comfortable!I will not go into what the hospitals are like because Siobhan has done that on previous posts BUT they are nothing like movies. I am friends with Siobhan. I met her in hospital and we have made great friends! I think what she is doing to raise awareness of mental health is great! We as a community need to do more about it! The stigma around mental health in Ireland and in general is terrible and something needs to be done about it. Siobhan’s idea about Label Jars Not People is a great idea and I hope people help her raise awareness and raise money for Aware!

I would encourage people if they are having problems to get help as soon as possible and not leave it to progress and get worse! Talking is good! I will admit I don’t think I’m the best talking person in my sessions I like to write my feelings down and then show them. I would even recommend that then show it to someone. I find family a great support and my friends even talk to them and they can direct you in the way of getting help and support you on your way.

I have 3 tattoos they all have meanings my first one is of a swallow and hope, the second one is a design for new beginnings and the third “I was not built to break”!.............There is always hope even when you think there’s not, there’s new beginnings in life when you feel your old ways weren’t working for me it was self harming and I have been through a lot and I haven’t broken I have a few cracks that I got on the way but I did not break.

I have a dream to write a book about my experiences about everything I have gone through. I will have to improve my writing skills Then you can read all about it. My new year’s resolution is going to be 1-My book and 2-Join organisations that help out and speak up about my experiences!

Well I think that is all I can think of for the time being. I’m sure as soon as I mail this to Siobhan I will need to say a lot more. There is always so much to say on this subject but I can’t say it in one writing.I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I know Siobhan has said it but talking is so important! There is so much stigma attached to mental health that doesn’t need to be that must go.

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Looking good Ash :)

There is support out there!

Being a young person is hard enough with so many different things going on around you and so many changes. But it is the best part of your life many people say but not for everybody. Many people don’t talk about mental health and neither do young people. Many young people suffer from mental health problems but because of the stigma associated with mental health they are too scared to speak up and ask for help. The aim of this post is to show young people that they do not have to go through things along. And that there is help available. So here are some help lines that people can contact whenever they need help or just need someone to listen to them.

I know when I write my blog I tend to focus on talking when you are feeling down but I am not the only one in the world that does that so I would like to emphasis the point of talking. Just talking in general, we don’t always have to talk about the bad things that happen to us we can talk about the good things. 

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Look at me Im a Fairy ;)

The Big L.C

I guess I have kind of got over the initial shock that I am doing the leaver cert this year or I think I have anyway. I kind of hope I have. It’s not as daunting as it seems when you are finishing fifth year but there is a lot of work. I have to say there have been a few melt-downs and I have spent some time crying for no reason but it always made me feel better. There is stress and there is pressure but the worst thing about it is that there is so much going on at one time.

While you have to study and do homework there is also things like college open days, looking up college courses, Project Work, Test and so much more. But the thing about it is for me anyway I spent most of my time in the beginning of the year worrying about all of these things but the truth is I didn’t need to, they all just happened and I just had to deal with it. Yeah it’s a stressful time in your life but there is support around you, both at home and in school. To be honest I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the amazing teachers in my school who are so supportive and will do whatever they can to help and make sure you’re not getting down in the dumps.

It’s all about finding the balance between everything but once you get into the pattern of work then you’re flying. To be honest I also don’t know where this post is going so I think that I might end it here to save myself from boring you by going on a rant. So to finish up I am enjoying sixth year even though it is stressful and can be a pain at times I am most defiantly enjoying my last year in St Wolstan’s :)

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Label Jars Not People :)

So this is a bit of an update of what is happening with Label Jars Not People.

We are holding a cake sale tomorrow and I hope that everything works well because there is actually a lot involved in holding a cake sale and in the past number of weeks to say there were a few times I was a bit stressed were somewhat of an understatement.

 So anyway I am looking forward to tomorrow after all the money is going to a good cause and people will be getting lots of nice food. I do hope that the people who said they would bake will actually bake!! Any way I have decided that I am not going to panic tonight, I am going to do my homework and the sit down and watch Fair City with a nice cup of hot chocolate before I get down to some backing.

So we would like to say a huge thank you in advance for all of the support we have been given by friends  family teachers and our school community with our cake sale.

So if you want to learn more about our project you can get in contact with the Label Jar Not People team through the following:

Facebook- Label Jars Not People.

Twitter- @LableJar


Or you can contact us by commenting on this post :)

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Ripple Maker.

A few weekends ago I made my way into town to attend the national See Change Youth Panel training day. I applied for the Youth Panel a while ago and to be honest I was surprised when I got an email saying I was selected for the Youth Panel. I was over the moon. I was given the chance to work with others who also wanted to achieve the same goal as me; they want to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Anyway I arrived late but that was because of athletics. When I did arrive I was given a warm and friendly welcome which put me at ease because I was a bit nervous, I’m not going to lie. So I’m guessing there are many of you reading this post and have no idea what See Change does so I will take this chance to tell you about See Change and then a bit about what the Youth Panel does.

So See Change is an organisation which has been set up to work towards reducing the stigma associated with mental health, not just mental illness because there is a stigma associated with mental health as well. They are a partner organisation and work with a number of other organisations to try and fight the stigma associated with mental health. To do this they started a campaign called Make a ripple. Make a Ripple is about doing something that will make people aware of mental health. For example my ripple could be my blog, and if I write about mental health then you might read it. This in turn may cause you to begin to talk about mental health. It is all about passing on the message from person to person in whatever way possible. No matter how big or how small each ripple is just as important as the other.

The See Change Youth Panel is a group of 10-15 young people aged between 18 and 25 who will advise and guide See Change in all areas of our work, get Ireland talking about mental health, reshaping people’s attitudes and creating new fun ways of reducing the stigma attached to mental health problems.
Key aims in See Change are to:

  1. Create an environment where people can be more open and positive in their attitudes and behavior towards mental health;
  2. Create greater understanding and acceptance of people with mental health problems;
  3. Create greater understanding and knowledge of mental health problems and of health services that provide support for mental health problems; and
  4. To reduce stigma associated with mental health problems and challenge discrimination.”

So do something you feel will make a ripple. One of the things I am doing in school that will make a ripple and get people talking abut mental health is holding a cake sale in school for Aware next Wednesday. So what can you do to make a ripple??

See Change Youth Panel.

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Its Ok to TALK!!

I decided that I might make a power point for this post about how it is ok to talk. I will have more time to write a post tomorrow :)

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Social media.... Good or Bad??

Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Tumbler, Fickler and so many more are all social media sites. Social media has been in the news a lot lately and well it hasn’t been in the news for good reasons but for bad reasons. So is social media really a good thing. There are advantages and disadvantages of social media sites and I am going to take this opportunity to explore the good and the bad of social media.

Social media have become so much part of modern life to the extent that many wonder how they had coped before they were invented and made readily available to all. According to wikipedia, a social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.

Social media has become for some people a new way of communication. Everything is done through messages on twitter r on Facebook it is very hard to find a person who does not use social media as a means of organising things. I have to say I even use Facebook or twitter to organise things because I find it easier and there is also the aspect that I am too lazy to do it any other way. In many ways social media had caused me to become lazier than I was in the beginning.

So here are so advantages of social media:

  • People can gain social confidence from interacting with other people online.
  • People can become more familiar with new and emerging technologies.
  • Many people find support in online communities.
  • Online communities can be very diverse and expose people to many new viewpoints, ideas, and   opinions .
  • Keeping in touch with family members that live far away can become much easier through the use of online social networking.
  • Social networking is becoming increasingly important in schools things such as Moodle,.
  • Youth can further explore topics that they’re interested in through online social networking.  
  • Teachers often take advantage of students’ social networking abilities to create class blogs, discussion forums, videos, and more.
  • It is easy and Inexpensive to use.
  • You have Unlimited Access to social media sites and must know information.

The disadvantages of social media are:

  • Opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks.Increases the risk of people falling prey to  scams that seem genuine, resulting in data or identity theft.
  • May result in negative comments from employees about the company or potential legal consequences if employees use these sites to view objectionable, illicit or offensive material.
  • Cyber Bullying
  • People may become addicted to social media sites which may result in them having health problems due to lack of exercise

So what do you think about Social Media? Is it good or bad? I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!!

Sources of information: Source 1Source 2, Source 3 

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Cyber Bullying

The reality is that anybody can be bullied no matter how young or old they are bullying can happen to anyone. There are many different kinds of bullying such as verbal, physical and cyber. Cyber bullying is now becoming more common these days. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are becoming know all around the world for all the wrong reasons. People do not realise what bullying can do to someone, we have seen over the past number of week’s people who have been bullied taking their own life.

Bulling through social media sites is broadcasting the bullying. It is no longer private bullying when it is brought onto the internet. Once it is on the World Wide Web it will always be there no matter how many times you try to delete it. Cyber bullying begins to get more people involved, and in more cases many people who join in on bullying are taking the side of the bully rather than the person begin bullied. Cyber bullying creates a form of peer pressure and often many more people become the bullies.

Everybody is unique and different in their own way and that is what bullies feed on. They will find something that makes you stand out from the rest of your peer’s weather it is a good thing or a bad thing and they will use that as a reason to bully you. Bullies seem themselves as strong as and better than others but in fact that is not true. Often people bully for many reasons such as a way of coping with something going on in their life but that is no excuse. The people who come through all of the bullying are the strong ones; they go through the pain and come out the other end. That is what it means to be strong.

Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting kids with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these sites can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar.

People who are cyber bullied are more likely to:
Use alcohol and drugs
Experience in-person bullying
Be unwilling to attend school
Receive poor grades
Have lower self-esteem
Resort to self harm
They may suffer from mental health problems such as depression
They may consider or follow through with Suicide

Watch this video to explain Cyber Bullying in simple terms:

In my school we have a bullying motto which is: “If you don’t report it you support it!!”

So if you are being bullied or know of anybody being bullied it is important that you reach out and tell someone that you trust. Be it a teacher a friend or a parent tell some who can help. You do not have to go through bullying on your own, there are people who are there to help and want to put an end to bullying.

Five things I like about popcorn.

I thought it was time for a really random post. So I figured I would write about Popcorn. So here is my list of  five  things that I like about popcorn :)

The first thing has to be the Taste. I love the taste of popcorn as long as its not to salty. A little bit of salt is fine and it makes for the best tasting popcorn ever.

The second things is how it feels. I know that sounds really weird but I like the different textures of things. I like things that are soft and have a smooth texture. Popcorn may not be soft but it does have a smooth texture on the outside and it is very light. If you just take a minute to hold a piece of popcorn in your hand you will understand what I am talking about. Try it and let me now what you think.

The third things would have to be the sound that it makes when you are making it in the microwave. Often I end up putting it in the microwave and then get a fright when i hear the first pop because i have forgot about it. But i love the popping sound. After reading this post you are all going to think that I am a bit strange and Im not going to argue with the because difference is beauty. But the next time that you are making popcorn take a moment and listen to the sound of it and see if you like it as much as I do.

The fourth thing is that you can get so many different types of popcorn. Now in my opinion you cant go wrong with the normal salted popcorn but buttered popcorn is not  that bad either. There are so many different type-  salted, buttered, toffee.... there just the ones I know of but according to the internet you can get so many more like chocolate popcorn and marshmallow popcorn. I think it will stick to salted popcorn for now anyway.

The final thing that I like about popcorn is that it is the perfect food to have when you are watching a movie with your friends. Putting some maltasers into it as well makes for the perfect movie night in with the girls. I think now over the weekend i might have a movie night, that s before the Leaving cert takes over my life completely.

So there you have it, Five things I like about popcorn. What are five things that you like about popcorn?

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Staying healthy during exams.

Are you like me? One of those people who stress out over exams and spend more time doing home work and studying than they do going to school. Well if you answer yes or even if you didn’t here are some useful tips on how to stay healthy and calm during exams. Exams are just part of the game that we call life, you can’t avoid them and you will eventually have to encounter them sooner or later. So if your like me and your sitting your Leaving cert this year don’t freak out just take things one day at a time.

So first things first.... Make a study time table. I know it may sound stupid but it has been proven to help. Set aside time for friends, family and other activities but it is also important that you put in time to study. For example with me I have had to make a few changes to the things I like to do after school. On a Monday instead of staying at scouts every week till 9.30 I have decided that will happen ever second week this means that  have time to spend with friends one week but that I will also have time to spend studying. It is all about finding the right balance.

Have a study space. Find somewhere that you are able to go and do your homework and study in peace and quiet. Somewhere where you won’t get distracted by things and you will be able to concentration on what you are doing. For some people it is in school with after school study but you might be like me and find it easier to study at home in my bedroom because that is where I am most relaxed. It all depends on what suits you best as a person.

Take a break. It is not possible to study for 10 hours straight and remember everything you have studied without taking a break. You mind needs time away from the books, it needs some time to rest. In school we have 40 minute periods and then a break of 2-3 minutes to make our way to our next class. The reason for that is to give out mind a rest. So if you do it in school you can do it at home too. Study for an hour takes a 20 to 30 minute break.

EAT. Without food your brain won’t work right. You won’t be able to focus and whatever goes in one ear will go right out the other. Eat healthy food; avoid alcohol until after your exams. Eat oily fish also know as brain food. Take time away from study to eat.... there is no point putting your health last because let’s face it if you’re sick you can do your exams so all the study you will have done will all have been for nothing.

Be active. Don’t spend all your time inside studying. Go out and do something active, go for a walk or a run. Do a sport or even just go for a walk with your friends Staying at home studying all day every day dung the weekend will not be good for your physical and your mental health. So do your body a favour and give it some exercise, it’s not all about exercising your mind you know.

SLEEP. Without sleep you may as well just give up now. Your body and your mind need a goodnight sleep to work well. They need a break from everything. Without sleep you will be tired, irritable, and cranky and you won’t be able to concentrate. It is important to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night to keep your body and mind working well.

So there you have it, a few tips to help keep you health during your exams. And for once I am going to practice what I preach and I am going to try y best to follow the tips that I just wrote about above.

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