Whats your body image?

Often people can self-harm because of how they feel about themselves and their body image. It is often hard for people to think about their body image and weather they like it or not. Some people say that they scar themselves because they don't like their bodies. Harming just makes them feel worse so it doesn't really make them feel much worse.

I know for me I self-harmed because I didn't like my body along with many other reasons. Now that I have got control of my self-harm I regret some of the scars that I have caused. I don't  regret doing it because it has made me the person I am today, someone who has an understanding of mental health and mental illness now. But the thing is I have ruined my body and I have to wake up every day and see all my scars. I cant wear t-shirts because I have scars from my shoulders to my wrists. I even have scars on my hands. I cant wear shorts that go above my knees because I have scars all down my legs to my knees. I have scars everywhere not just my arms and ,my legs. I have ruined my body and I feel somewhat worse about my body now. I wake up everyday and see these horrible scars and I wish I never did them. Because after all I am stuck with them now forever.

If you self-harm because you don't like the way your body is I suggest that before you do something that to your body think about the marks you are going to be left with. You will wake up in the morning and have to look at the marks you have caused and that you will be left with.  I have ruined my body and I don't feel good about what I have done because it has made my body look  bad. If I had a chance to go back and had the chance to stop self-harming before it got too bad I would.

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