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Your rights!

Most teenagers feel that they don't have any rights but in fact we have many rights. Everybody has rights but not everybody know about their rights. Having rights means that you have a right to fulfilling life,the joys that it has to offer and everything that you need so that you can get the best out of life. You have a right to be treated well and the right not to be mistreated. You have a right to be listened to on all matters affecting you.

All of your rights say that you have a right:

  • to express yourself
  • to be heard and listened to properly.
  • to receive information in a way that you can understand and  remember.
  • to good health care and to be looked after properly.
  • All actions concerning you must be in your best interests and you will be the most important thing to consider.
  • You have a right to give your views freely in all things that affect you.
  • You have a right to privacy.
  • You have a right to be treated with dignity
  • You have a right to education.
  • You have the right to food.
  • You have the right to protection.
  • You have the right to shelter.
It is important that you know what your rights are and that you are able to use them. You have a right to be listen and I feel that this is one of the most important rights as long with the basic rights to food and shelter etc. The right to be listened is important so that you will have the chance to voice your views on things that you feel are very important.

Time to mix it up a bit.

Ok so lately I have noticed that I have lost some of my readers so what I have decided to do is not only write about mental health. I am still going to write post about mental health and raising awareness and the stigma attached to it but I am also going to write a number of other posts on many different topics.

So although my blog is still going to remain serious I am going to have many more light-hearted posts and some post that is not related to mental health.

So if you have any suggestions of things that I could write about unrelated to mental health or related to mental health please send me an email at

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The risks of self-harm

People who self harm generally from my experience do not think about off the risks that are associated with things such as cutting. Yeah there is the obvious risk such as cutting to deep, or cutting an artery which may lead to death. But beyond that there are more risks such as infection.

Leaving a cut untreated can lead to infection and if a infection is not treated this can lead to future complications. if an infection is sever may require antibiotics and a doctors treatment. But along with that there is many serious infections that can come from self-harming. When a person is feeling very low and want to self harm they may use anything that they can come in contact with to harm because they are desperate. It is not good that they are self-harming and it is a lot worse if they decide to use something that may be dirty or may have been used by someone else and could have harmed them by accident.
If something such as a razor blade is used that has been used by another person may have come in contact it blood from a person who has contacted a viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis C or B and can lead to future illness and some may cause death. This however is only one example of many.

Self harming is dangerous and I wish that people would be able to stop easily but that is not the case and it is very hard. So if you are self-harming and are struggling to get control over it please ask for help. The point of this post was to point out the dangerous of cutting and that it may lead to infection. I am in no way promoting self-harming when I say this but if you are self-harming please ensure what you use it clean and you take care of any cuts or injuries that you have caused yourself. It is never too late to stop so please reach out for help and take control over self-harm because it is not worth it!!


"My Green Box"

While i was looking on the internet the other day I found this article and thought that it would be good for people to read and might help them cope.

"I have a green box. It isn’t just any old green box, although it looks that way to most people, but it is special, really special.

It’s whats inside that counts

My Green Box is for special occasions – occasions when I am feeling out of it and when I want to self-harm. It is a safety mechanism that my psychiatrist and I have put in place. Maybe it isn’t the box so much that is special, but the contents and their purpose.
It is a mixed up muddle of finger paints, water colours, brushes, plasticine, paper, pencils, pens, glue, little toys, a small puzzle, pictures from calendars for analysis – anything and everything that will keep me occupied when I really need to hurt me. It is a distraction mechanism. It also has envelopes and addresses for letter writing and a safety list of phone numbers I can call if I need to.

Staying safe

The idea is this – I sit on my bed with nothing in reach except My Green Box. I am not permitted to have anything that is not contents of the box, and nothing in the box is allowed to be sharp or have the capacity to harm in any way.

We are all individuals

In My Green Box I also have a couple of Valerian tablets (a herbal sleeping tablet) and lavender oil (helps me to relax). I suppose making up a safety box is purely up to the individual and where their interests lie. I enjoy artwork so most of mine is arty kind of stuff. It works for me much of the time.


Between this and great friends for support, and babying myself by taking a bath with lavender oil or drinking a glass of warm milk and other relaxation techniques, I have been able to avoid self harming for a period of time. This is success in my eyes, and the eyes of those around me that care."

The climb.

National league.

Today I am heading up to Antrim to compete in the AAI National league. This is all new to me and Paul had a hard time yesterday trying to explain it to me and in fact it is not all that complicated. I was asked to compete on the Kildare team on Thursday night after athletics and well I wasn’t going to turn down a chance to throw a discus or a shot and it sounded like fun. There are many different athletes on the Kildare team with three athletes form Celbridge athletic club myself, Vivan and Shauna.

Teams from all over Ireland will be competing in either of the two venues The Antrim Forum or Athlone I.T This event is all based on points with the teams with the most points progressing on to the next round of the league at a later date.

It sounds like it should be a fun day and a chance to get to meet some new athletes from different clubs in Kildare and instead of competing against them, I will be competing with them. It’s a perfect chance to put my team work skills into action. Well I best be off or I will miss the bus!!

I actually wrote this post on Sunday, a Sunday a while ago but didn't get the chance to post it until now. The kildare team come third and now more on to the next round of the league.

Post It

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 Recovery from a mental illness or any illness for that fact does not just happen with a snap of the fingers or over night. I guess that I decided to write this blog post because I am still on my road to recovery and well to be honest I’m not sure if I will ever come to the end of that road. Some people may come to an end in their journey and that is great while others may not but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing. Recovery is something that is different for all of us. No one person will have the same journey to recovery as another person no matter how similar your situations are.

My journey to recovery didn’t start when I was in hospital because I dint want to get help and I didn’t want to change my bad habits. I did everything that I could to avoid any help that was going to be given to me by the hospital staff. It wasn’t until I began to take the hep that was given to that I finally began my journey to recovery. It was a long road in the hospital and I am still not at the end of that road but I do remain hopefully that some day in the future I may reach the end of that road. But I don’t reach the end of my road I’m ok with that because I am not going to give up.

We all have our ups and downs during recovery. I think of recovery like a road “the road to recovery” and the one thing that I have learned the most is that no road is without its curves, bends, bumps and pot holes. No road is a simple road and any road or path that we choose to take will present us with challenges that may be hard to overcome, some that will be easy to overcome and then others that we are scared to overcome. As long as we don’t not give up and take the help that is being offered to use we will move on from that part of the road and continue your journey. Yeah we might come to some red lights and have to stop and take a break but that is ok because it won’t stay red forever and once its green we can move on and when its orange we can proceed with caution.

So no matter what happens on your road to recovery don’t give up because the harder you work and the more you try you will overcome the hard parts of the road!!

Old and wise.

"To be old and wise you must have been young and stupid."

Lean On Me

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a website called Lean on me. This website helps support people with mental health illness such as depression. As i was exploring this site i came across a part where it asked people to make a promise. I began to become interesting in finding out some more about the promise that they want me to take.

The promise was that I promised to help people suffering from depression in any way that I can. O obviously it had more to it than that but that is just the basis of what was in it. I decided seeing as I have depression and my friends have stuck by me during my journey that I was going to take the promise. To find out more about the promise click here.

I took the promise will you?

True colours.

State exams!!

This year many of my friends are taking part in the state exams and yes many of my friends have been locked away in their bedrooms studying hours up hours for the dreaded leaving vert. I know thee going to do amazing though as I know that they are a bunch of brain boxes. This year because I have done T.Y i am not taking part in the exams but I have however been picked as an exam attendant.
Yes I am that annoying person that walks into the exam carrying the tea and biscuits and distracts everybody so yeah sorry for that!! I don’t have to do much to be honest and it is an extremely boring job and I still have a week left to go but on the bright side I do receiver payment for the work that I have put in even if it did just involve making tea.

The main thing that is helping me to stay sane while I am sitting outside my exam centre and its not reading Wuthering heights its knowing that at the end of it all I get my friends back stress free!! Oh and getting some money to go and have FUN for the rest of the summer!!

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All Irelands.

About two weeks ago I headed to Tullamore to compete in the all Ireland school championships to represent St. Wolstans in the senior discus. This was my first time to compete in the all Irelands for my school and only my second ever time to compete in a national competition. Needless to say the standard was amazing and to be honest I wasn’t going in to the competition to win because I knew I was not going to throw as far as the others. To be honest I was very pleased to even have made it to the all Irelands. I came third in the Leinsters after taking part in an extremely tight competition and i was delighted to myself after winning a medal and gaining a new personal best.

 I was happy to make it to the all Irelands. It was a great ay with many laughs and smiles and hopefully I will make it to the all Irelands again next year for my final year in St., Wolstans. I want to leave the school with them having some reason to remember me by and if winning an all Ireland medal is what I need to do to be remember when then that is what I will do. I am going to work hard and hopefully make my school proud next year!!

Long time.....

I am sorry that I have not been uploading my blog as much of late as i have been busy with school and athletics. I am working on some new posts and i hot to have them up by the end of the week.

But now I have a song for you:

Lets try and get in  the mood for the Olympics. :)

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Yesterday I got an email from a reader of my blog asking could they write a post about bullying to share their experience with all of you. I said yes straight away because as highlighted in this persons post there is no better post about bullying than come written from the point of view of a victim of bullying. This is a truly heartwarming and personal post. I have never read anything like this before. I am lost for words with this post because it is just amazing. Read it yourself and see what you think.

"Anyone can write an article on bullying - teachers, students and even bullies themselves - but what's wrong with many of these articles is that they're no more than an outside view on bullying. An article written by some who's experienced bullying themselves will always be more powerful than one written by someone else, and the lack of articles such as these is why I asked Siobhán if she'd let me write this for her blog. I experienced bullying firsthand during my first two and a bit years in secondary school, I wasn't the typical "guy" being uninterested in sport and coming from a family of mainly girls, so was targeted and suffered from verbal and (to a lesser extent due to my size) physical bulling. I was constantly slagged, pushed, had my stuff robbed, had my stuff thrown back at me and as the year went on, somedays I hated coming into school. Thankfully halfway through second year I got the courage to do something about it and after a few weeks it began to improve until finally in third year it had stopped and I began to move on. I know not everyone is able to do the same as me and that a lot of you have it a lot worse than I did and I'm hoping this article will help people understand just what its like to be a victim of bullying, and help some of you escape from it. 

The thing I found worst about bullying was the shame and embarrassment that was associated with it. You sometimes feel as if it's YOUR fault, as if you're doing something to deserve the bullying, that you're the one who should be changing to stop it. Sometimes you can spend nights trying to figure out what you're doing "wrong" to deserve the treatment. The shame that you feel because you're being bullied can stop you from ever talking to someone about it, but I've realised by now that there's no shame in being a victim of bullying. It's the bully who's to be ashamed, it's the bullies who should be changing, not you. This shame that people feel is a bully's greatest weapon, it's why it took me so long to report it and I'm sure it's why many of you haven't either. No one has the right to have such power over you, to have you trapped this way! Many people who've never been bullied in their lives think that once it stops then everything's all right, they don't understand that sometimes the taunts can haunt you. The poem "Truth" (below) is one which I felt showed just how powerful and damaging these taunts and insults can be. For me, even if a close friend uses the insults the bullies did, even as an obvious joke, my mind does a mental flinch. The longer you let the bullies go on, the deeper these mental scars can get, I urge you all not to let it go on as long as I did, all it takes is for you to take the first step and tell someone, whether it be a friend, parent or teacher you can trust. Once you get that weight off your chest everything starts to get easier. I wish I'd gotten out sooner, but I've decided to try and help those who are still being bullied through this article. 

Don't go on suffering in silence, the sooner you stop the bullies the sooner you can shake off the mindset they caused and move on in your life. You may feel alone in it, but be assured there're many more victims of bullying around you than you notice. Like this blog says, there's always light at the end of the tunnel, life gets better as you grow up, and it's up to you whether you want to overcome the tormentors and let your experiences strengthen and motivate you to help others, or leave it to fester. We all daydream about getting help, please make these dreams a reality! "

Truth : By Barrie Wade

Sticks and stones may break my bones, 
But words can also hurt me. 
Stones and sticks break only skin,
While words are ghosts that haunt me. 

Slant and curved the word-swords fall
To pierce and stick inside me. 
Bats and bricks may ache through bones,
But words can mortify me. 

Pain from words has left its scar
On mind and heart that's tender. 
Cuts and bruises now have healed; 
It's words that I remember. 

Photo of the day. :)

Avoiding things you can use to harm with.

When you are a  person who self-harms it is very important to try and avoid things that you can use to hurt yourself with. You may not want to do that and well I guess that means that you’re not ready to stop harming and if you want to stop harming you need to be ready and that takes time. For me it was hard.

I was in hospital so it did maker things a bit easier but I always found something that I could harm with. It wasn’t until I got an email from my brother until I really decided that I needed to stop and I slowly began to try and avoid things I could harm with. Its hard don’t get me wrong and you need to be ready and want to do it for yourself otherwise it means nothing. You have to do it because you want to stop.
It is impossible to avoid everything that you can hurt yourself with and believe me that statement is true. But many people who harm use the same type of things each time. It is important to identify what you feel you could harm with and make an effort to avoid them.

When I got out of hospital I watched a video about self harm on a website to help me to find ways to avoid things and one thing that I thought was useful. You take the thing that you would use and wrap it up in sellotape. Now not just a tiny bit a lot so that when you get the urge you go to the item and by the time you have all the sellotape off that you will not feel link you want to harm anymore.

Take a look at this video of two girls who have overcome their self-harm. Well done girls.

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