The risks of self-harm

People who self harm generally from my experience do not think about off the risks that are associated with things such as cutting. Yeah there is the obvious risk such as cutting to deep, or cutting an artery which may lead to death. But beyond that there are more risks such as infection.

Leaving a cut untreated can lead to infection and if a infection is not treated this can lead to future complications. if an infection is sever may require antibiotics and a doctors treatment. But along with that there is many serious infections that can come from self-harming. When a person is feeling very low and want to self harm they may use anything that they can come in contact with to harm because they are desperate. It is not good that they are self-harming and it is a lot worse if they decide to use something that may be dirty or may have been used by someone else and could have harmed them by accident.
If something such as a razor blade is used that has been used by another person may have come in contact it blood from a person who has contacted a viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis C or B and can lead to future illness and some may cause death. This however is only one example of many.

Self harming is dangerous and I wish that people would be able to stop easily but that is not the case and it is very hard. So if you are self-harming and are struggling to get control over it please ask for help. The point of this post was to point out the dangerous of cutting and that it may lead to infection. I am in no way promoting self-harming when I say this but if you are self-harming please ensure what you use it clean and you take care of any cuts or injuries that you have caused yourself. It is never too late to stop so please reach out for help and take control over self-harm because it is not worth it!!

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