Fun Walk... :)

On Friday last we had our annual fun walk to end friendship week. This was a great day despite being freezing cold. As TY’s we were the colour yellow and we all wore yellow t-shirts .this year for the fun walk each class in each year had to make a dance to show to the judges before we left for the walk. Every class had to pick a song that had something to do with the theme of friendship. Our class Amina pick the song “Reach for the Stars” by S club 7. We used our PE classes to make a dance to show to the judges in the hopes that we could win between the two classes in TY.
Our tutor ms o C helped us a huge amount and put a lot of time and effort into our dance with use. She also let use include her in our dance which turned out to be a huge success... ms o C also spent a lot of time and effort to make herself a star costume to wear when we were doing our dance. :)
When we had finished doing our dance for the judges all the TY's headed off to where we would be directing the traffic and making sure that all the students got across the road safely. There were four students to each cross road along with a teacher. It was a great day even though that being place at one of the last cross roads meant that we had to sit in the cold and wait for everybody to be on the way back before we could go back to the school with all the other students.
Everybody enjoyed themselves during the fun walk and we all hope that maybe next year we will be able to dress up for the fun walk.
Siobhán.  :)

Trip to Naas.

Last Monday all the TY students headed to Nass where we had a mini company workshop. This was a very worthwhile day overall. During the day we made our groups that we were going to do our mini company project in. We also had to come up 50 ideas that we could use as our mini company project. During the day we learned a lot about the mini company competition itself. We learned about how the judges mark the projects.
We were also shown videos of past years and some of the mini companies that one the competition, this was a great help because it allowed us to see what the judges would expect form us and what the atmosphere is like at the final stages of the competition. During the day we learned about the mini company competition and we also got to hear lost of ideas from other people that we could all use ideas.
At the end of the workshop we were then allowed to go to mc Donald’s until the bus came. It was a good day overall and everybody learned a lot and enjoyed themselves.

Social Development Day.

T.Y.'s going great so far, everybodys starting to make new friends and everybody is getting on well with each other. All ready we have done lots of fun things in class and outside of class. On Monday the 5th of September we had social development day which was a very worthwhile day. This day was spent in the library getting to know our fellow classmates and ourselves a little more. This was a great day and helped everybody to get to know each other better. Our next activity was going to Carlingford Co. Louth on the 13th and 14th of September. This was a two day trip that was aimed at developing team building and good communication.

Yesterday all the T.Ys got their junior cert result. All the teachers were really nice to us and gave us an easy day where we did not have to do too much work. We started to watch the green mile in Spanish class and it seemed like a good film but we didn’t get too far into the film before the bell went for break. We also started to learn to Play tag rugby in PE we have been told by the PE teachers that we are going to be learning how to play tag rugby for a few weeks during our double PE classes. It was very fun learning a new sport during PE. Next Monday the T.Y. classes are going to the Moate theatre in Naas for a workshop to help us in learning how to set up our mini company. It should be a good day looking forward to it.... J
Siobhán B....   Amina... J

Just Started..... :)

Hi I’m Siobhán and I just started T.Y. a few days ago and all ready I love it. I’m in class Amina. I have tried lots of new subject that have never done before and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love all the new subjects. In home ec we have been divided into groups and each group has to design an outfit. In science our class also got divided into groups and we all have to think of ideas for the young scientist competition. There are lots of projects that we are starting to do which should be fun to work in different groups in each class.

Next Monday all the T.Y.'s are heading off to calingford for our bonding trip. We leave bright and early on Monday morning and are coming home on Tuesday really looking forward to going to Carlingford and trying all the activities that are lined up for our two days there. Going to have lots of fun in Carlingford...... :)
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