Percussion workshop... :)

Today we had our long awaited for percussion workshop. We had it form 10.40-3.20 giving us the first double class of mini company which was a great help for Green Hero seeing as how the competition is next week!!!!!

After hearing the reports form Emnet and looking at the pictures I got the impression that it was going to be good fun but I didn’t realise just how fun it would be. I have never done anything like that before so I was kind of nervous about the whole thing. I have the worst hand-eye coordination ever so I was expecting to find it really hard to do. It was hard to do some of the things trying to get the beats right and things like that but once you did it a couple of times then you would get the hang of it.

We learned different beats and rhythms and things like that and it was kind of hard to remember some of them but it was good fun trying to see if you could so that it all sounded right. You would have to say the words to go with the beats in your head so that your hands would follow it on the drum, I know that doesn’t really make sense when I write it down but you know what I mean.

We learned so much about the drums and how they are made and where they come from and things like that. It was really interesting. We also learned how Dave the guy who came in to do the workshop with us got the drums home from Africa. He said that it was more time consuming than anything else. Before lunch we got to watch this video on you tube, it’s about sounds and rhythm its really cool. It’s really good and interesting.

Some of the teachers that we were meant to have during the percussion workshop would come down and sit in with us, only two of the teachers Mrs L and Ms B joined in with us and gave it their best shot. Mrs L looked like she was really enjoying it and looked like she was having great fun.

Towards the end of the workshop I was just taking some photos and videos of what was going on seeing as how I have no rhythm at all. It was really fun to do the workshop and it was really fun to watch it too. Everybody was concentration but at the same time they were able to have a laugh as well. It was a brilliant day and I think that everybody in Amina enjoyed it and had good fun...

Some videos from today... :)

Music night.

Last night we had our annual music night in school. The aim of music night is to raise money for the music department in the school and to have fun of course. All of the T.Y,s were performing a song called Mama Said. We had been working on the song for a few weeks in music and then we started to work with the other T.Y class to make it sound even better.

We added actions to it and a bit of movement to make it more lively not that it wasn’t lively enough or anything all ready but it made it more fun. In the beginning I didn’t really like the song and then we sang it so much so I didn’t like it at all but the days before music night AI began to like it again. I t was a good night and it was really fun. It was like the holy faith drama again waiting in a hall way until it was our turn to go on stage.

I was so nervous about going on a stage in front of people. I really don’t like it and I really didn’t want to do it but I did it anyway. Once I got up there and started to sing with the rest of the group it was grand. I have to say that it was good fun and I really did enjoy it.

Mama Said.

So tomorrow is music night and today we were practicing our song Mama said. I'm looking forward to doing the song because after todays practice it was a lot better. the only problem that I have is standing on a stage in front of people :/

Google maps.

In geography last week we started to do something new. Mrs L made a map on Google maps for the year and we have to mark where we went for our geography world trip and write something about the place we went to. I went to Poland and Russia and I wrote about almost of the places that I went to in Poland but I can’t remember where I went to in Russia.
So for the last few classes we have been in the computer and in the computer room everybody has there own seat. Like we always sit in the same seats we wernt just given them but we always sit in the same ones anyway. The only problem with me sitting in the same seat is that my computer hasd well dissapered I guess. Róísín said that it went on a houilday, Ruth said that I blog too much and it hasd a nervous breakdown and Mrs L said that ti went to computer heaven. 
So i must find a new computer to work at now..... :(

View TY trip 2010-2011 in a larger map

Hero or Villain ?

I know i have posted part of my history project before as a blog post and I’m doing it again now because  i want to her your view on Hitler. I have come to the conclusion from doing all most all of my essay for the project that he was a villain. But this is only part of the essay highlighting the good things that Hitler done. When I have fully finished my essay I will post it here so you can come to your own conclusion about Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April in 1889. He was born into a big family. He was the fourth child of six. He became very much attached to his mother after his brother died. He had a very close relationship with his mother while he had a troubled relationship with his father who used to abuse him. When Hitler was growing up he wanted to become an artist but his father disagreed with this and wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become an Austrian customs official.

After Hitler’s father died he became an artist and he moved to Vienna.  But he struggled as a painter in Vienna and he soon became poor. His mother died in 1907 after having breast cancer. The doctor that treated his mother was Jewish and many people believe that was the beginning of his hatred towards Jews.
After his mother died he moved back to Germany where he joined the army. Once he was a member of the army he felt that it gave him a sense of pride and he felt like he finally belonged after years of felling like he was an outcast in society. He was a very good and dedicated soldier and at the age of 25 he volunteered to fight for the German army in World War 1. He was always eager for action and he was always the first to volunteer for dangerous assignments. It seemed as if Hitler was trying too hard to please everybody around him and that he really didn’t care whether he lived or died.

As well as fighting during the war he was also a dispatch runner. He would bring messages back and forth to the trenches from the command staff. While he was doing this if there was a break in the fighting between the trenches he would take the time to paint the landscapes of the war.  This showed Hitler’s softer side and his love for fine art and how he knew when to embrace it.

Hitler was not like the other soldiers in world war one. He was quiet and  very interested in fighting in the war. He never talked about women with other men. He was more interested in talking about art or history. He never complained about the bad food like the other men or about the horrible living conditions in the trenches. The other soldiers found this strange and unusual. He was very content and happy. It seemed like he enjoyed being at war.

During the war Hitler was know by his friends and the other soldiers for his luck. He always managed to avoid life treating injuries despite always volunteering for dangerous assignment. He was also known as being too eager to please his fellow soldiers and also his commanding officers. All of his hard work paid off when he was awarded the iron cross first class award. This was a rarity for foot soldiers. He received this medal for his bravery and his outstanding courage during the war. During the First World War Hitler received a total 5 five medals overall for his bravery. Despite his good record and his five medals for bravery he never got promoted and he then remained a corporal for the rest of the war. This was because  of his unmilitary appearance and his odd personality. He was also not promoted because his superiors felt that he lacked leadership qualities and they thought that he would not be able to command enough respect as a sergeant.

Nearing the end of the First World War Hitler’s luck ran out and in October  1918 he was injured while fighting. He was temporarily blinded by a British chlorine gas attack. After this attack he was sent home to a starving war weary country full of unrest. While he was recovering in a military hospital there wear many rumours that Germany were going to lose the war. On November 10th 1918 an elderly pastor came into the hospital room where Hitler was recovering from the attack and announced that the war was over and that Germany had then became a republic. Hitler was surprised by the outcome of the war. He then blamed the loss of the war on the Jewish people in Germany. The hero that was seen in world war one 1 was not going to last for much longer.
After the First World War Germany suffered a lot. They were given the blame for the war being started. After the war Germany was made to admit defeat and the British and French were told that Germany would not be a treat to them anymore. After the war Germany became a republic and so they had a form of government that was called a democracy.

After the First World War the German economy was badly damaged due to the defeat in the war. There were many people starving and out of work. Due to such bad conditions many people became communists and this meant that there were many different communists groups around the country. There were many different riots between the communists and their opponents but none of them were successful.

In 1931 the allies demanded that Germany had to pay 6.6 billion pounds in reparations. This lead to further damage to the Germany economy. During the time that the death was being paid Hitler decided that he would lead a rebellion against the government. This however failed and Hitler was imprisoned. Here we see that Hitler was very eager to change Germany back to the way that it was before the First World War. How Germany was treated was why Hitler started the Second World War.

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A visit from Miss W

Ok so I’m not really getting a visit from Miss W but as part of the fourth blog challenge we have to write a blog challenge about our community and how to get there and all of the information that you might need to know if you were coming for a visit.

So I’m from Celbridge and well I guess most of my family is too. I grew up in Celbridge surrounded by most of my dad’s family living in Celbridge or in the surrounding area. That not that much that you would need to know about Celbridge.

Celbridge is in county Kildare which is in the east of Ireland. Is small but then again its bigger than other places around Ireland. There’s not much to do in Celbridge but I know when I’m with my friends we always manage to find something to do that will keep us amused especially walking up long random roads and not knowing where we are going to end up.

People in Ireland mostly speak English but there are some regions in Ireland that speak Irish but Celbridge is not one of them. I’m not really sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I would love to be able to speak fluently in Irish but because I’m not I think that it is a good think that people in Celbridge speak English.

When is the best time to visit Ireland? Well I don’t really know if there is a best time to visit Ireland. I think that Ireland is one of those places that you could visit all year round. But if you are looking for some sun you could get that any time here in Ireland and likewise with snow you never know what the weather would be like. But yeah I think it is one of those places that you could really visit at any time of the year.

Here’s some information about Celbridge and some of the landmarks that you will find when you come to visit Celbridge:

Castletown House.

Castletown House was built in 1722 for Speaker William Conolly, the speaker of the Irish House of Commons from 1715. It was designed by the famous Italian architect Alessandro Galilei, and it remains the only house in Ireland designed by him. After speaker Conolly  and his wife died Castletown was then inherited by her nephew William. He died just two years later and the house was inherited by his son Tom Conolly. ‘Squire’ Conolly, as he was known, married Lady Louisa Lennox. Louisa was only fifteen years of age at the time that she got married.

Tom Conolly was also a member of the Irish parliament. Conolly was a strong supporter of the Act of Union in 1800. Tom Conollys political career ended with the Act of Union. Following his death in 1803 Lady Louisa considered selling the house to relieve dome of Tom Conolly’s debts. The Barrack Board was not interested and turned down the offer. Lady Louisa changed her lifestyle and devoted the remaining years of her life to charitable works instead of improvements to the house and estate. A new Protestant church was also made inside the gates to replace the previous church which had been destroyed in the 1798 rebellion. She survived her husband by eighteen years dying in August 1821.

The land was bought by property speculators who proceeded to build a housing estate beside the 250-year-old lime avenue. Ultimately in 1967 the decaying house and 120 acres were bought by Desmond Guinness in order to save Castletown for posterity. It became the headquarters of the Irish Georgian Society, who with the help of weekend volunteers and money raised at home and abroad managed to repair the building and refurnish some of the rooms. In 1990 it was acquired by the Office of Public Works and its future is now finally assured.
Castletown house.

Celbridge Abbey.

The Celbridge abbey was built by Bartholomew van Homrigh. He was a wealthy Dutch merchant. He fled from Ireland when King James arrived. After the battle of Boyne he then returned to Ireland. He moved to Dublin. He soon became a very wealthy person after he returned to Dublin. He became very wealthy because of purchasing forfeited estates. He bought the manor of Kildrought in 1965. He later built the Celbridge Abbey on that land as the manor house. He lived there with his wife and four children. After Bartholomew died his wife and children left Celbridge and moved to London.

Bartholomew’s eldest daughter ester became the beloved Vanessa of Jonathan swift. Jonathan swift was the author of the famous book Gulliver’s travels. When Vanessa was 23 years old she was a student of swifts in London. On the eve of swifts departure for Ireland Vanessa confesses her love for swift.
A few years afterwards Vanessa’s mother and two brothers died. Vanessa and her sister then moved back to Ireland. When they moved to Ireland they went back to Celbridge where they lived in the Celbridge Abbey.

Celbridge Abbey.

The Obelisk

The obelisk in Celbridge is called Conollys Folly. It was built in 1739 after the death of Speaker Conolly. It was built near the Conolly estate at Castletown but not on the grounds of the estate. It was built to honour William Conolly. It was erected by his wife Lady Louisa Lennox after he died.

 It was also built to provide to help provide employment  in Celbridge. The total cost was 400 pounds to build the entire obelisk.  It is a total of 140 feet high.  It has also been described as the one piece of architecture in all of Ireland.

Conollys Folly.

Click here to find out more information about Celbridge.

Activity number four... :)

For activity number four of the fourth blog challenge you have to write a post about why it is important to use tags when writing a post. Now this activity I understood so I could breathe a sigh of relief. I read a blog post about why it is important to us e tags when blogging and that gave me a fair idea of why it is important. To read the blog about using tags click here.

It is important for people to use tags when they are blogging because it is a way of keeping things in order and that way you will be able to find them if you need to go back and make reference to them at a later date.
The good thing about keeping tags on your blog is that you can put whatever name you want on them so that way it can be even easier for you to find the things that you are looking for.

I don’t really know what to say but if you read this blog it will give you a better idea of why it is so important.

Blog challenge number 4... :)

For the third blog challenge I gave up on it because I found it hard  and well I just kind of never got arond to doing it but not this challenge. It’s the fourth blog challenge  and I have just gotten my email telling me what to do so I’m going to try and get as much done as I can now.

For the first activity you have to add a blog roll gadget. I all ready had one done because it was part of Mrs L blog challenge. So I updated mine and i changed a few of the blogs that are ion the list. Take a look at some of the blogs on the list there really interesting. My blog roll gadget is on the right had side of my blog on the sidebar. I also added some new blogs to the list.

For the second activity you have to add links gadget. I had no clue what to do but with the help of Mrs L I learned the it’s like a tag cloud. I all ready had a tag cloud so what I decided to do was take out some of the tags and keep the ones that appear most often.

For activity three you had to create different categories but i was told that they are the same as labels. So I added a gadget for labels. It seems the same as the tags but I didn’t put in the amount of times it came up. you can see all of my different gadgets on the right hand side in my sidebar.

This challenge is confusing me because of the websites being different. But thanks to Mrs L I am not as confused as when I first read the challenge. Thanks Mrs L

My sisters keeper.

For English Ms B wants us to read a book and then do a book review and then post it up onto our blogs. We had to choose a book off the lilts of books that we might be reading for our leaving cert. There were loads of books to choose from. I chose to read the book my sister’s keeper. I have read this book before sop i decided to read it again because if i was to start a new book I would never get it finished i love this book and i can’t wait to start reading it again. I was going to start it this morning but I couldn’t find it. I spent the whole morning looking all around the house and I finally found it.

I saw the film but i think that the book is so much better. It’s such a sad book but I love it and i can’t wait to be able to write a book review. It’s been a while since I have read it. There were loads of different books to choose form on the list so I chose this one because I like to read it and i knew that i had it somewhere in my house. 


Hotel Rwanda.

Yesterday in religion we started to watch another movie. The movie that we started to watch is Hotel Rwanda. Lauren very kindly brought it in so that we could watch it. This film is about the Rwandan Genocide. We have all ready watched a film about this topic. The film that we all ready watched was Sometimes in April. That movie was from an American perspective where as Hotel Rwanda is from a Rwandan perspective.

This film is easier to watch now that we all ready know what’s going on after watching Sometimes in April.
So Far the film has been god and it hasn’t been too hard to watch like sometimes in April. There has been nothing to bad and shocking but I’m sure that it will all come but hopefully it won’t be as bad as sometimes in  April especially at the end.

The cover of the movie.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike... :)

Yesterday for our first class we had a talk about cycling. The talk the reasons as to why you should cycle. We were also told the reason why people don’t cycle.

We should cycle for lots of reasons; here are some of the reasons:
It’s better for the environment,
It’s healthier,
It means that there is less traffic on the road.

He compares Ireland with another country. He compared Ireland with the Netherlands. Almost everybody in the Netherlands cycle everywhere. They have much better cycling facilities than what we have here in Ireland. It is normal to see people that are well off or have a very good job to be cycling in the Netherlands rather than being transported by car. They cycle in all kinds of weather too. It’s completely different than here in Ireland. In the Netherlands around 50 % of the population cycle while here in Ireland only 2 % of the population cycle regularly, what a difference.

Next week in school we are having a cycling week. This is to help us get our next green flag which is the transport flay. I would happily cycle to school but I don’t have a bike.

English trip... :)

Today all of the tys headed into town for our English trip. We had a jam packed day ahead of us with the plan that we were going to visit three different places. We were divided into our two lasses and despite our best efforts we were not allowed to Have Kellie in Amina for the day. Amina went to the W.B Yeats exhibition while Emnet went next door to the museum.

Here is what I learned about W.B Yeats:

The Yeats exhibition was really good and I found it very interesting. There was so much that I learned about William B Yeats that I didn’t know. He was such an interesting person. We were told that he wasn’t very good in school and it just shows you that anything is possible. He went from not being very good in his subjects to becoming a famous poet. I think that’s amazing.

Maud Gonne was a person that was very involved in his life.  He met her in 1889 and was very much in love with her. He proposed to her many times and each time she refused. He proposed to her five times formally but he also proposed to her many times informally. When he found out that the girl he thought was her niece but that she was really her daughter he tried proposing to her too but he still had no luck and she refused him too.

William B Yeats finally married a woman called Georgie Hyde Lees in the 1917. He had just turned 52 while Georgie had just turned 25. He had a daughter and a son. His daughter was called Anne and his son was called Michael. As W.B Yeats got older his heath started to get bad. He had an operation that was meant to make him feel younger. After this operation he felt as if he was going through his teenage years again.

He left Ireland to go to France in 1938 and he sadly did not return. He died in the South of France in 1939. He was buried in France but he was later moved back to Ireland and buried.

Here are some pictures form the exhibition.

After that then Amina went over to the museum while Emnet went to the Yeats exhibition. This was really good. We got to see history from all different ages. I want allowed to take photos though. But anyway it was really good. We were given a tour of the down stairs seeing all of the different ages and all of the Jewellery. I t was really good. I really like history so I thought that it was interesting.

After we seen all of that we made our way to see the bog bodies. Now this I didn’t really like. These were the bodies that have been preserved in the bogs and that people have found. They have been preserves very well but it wasn’t the most pleasant of sites. There were four all together but I didn’t go into all four of them. After the tour was over we got to have a look around for a while. We seen a lot more of the things that we had there.

After that it was time for some lunch. We had just longer than an hour to pretty much do what we wanted t do. Getting to lunch was fun. Especially the facet the me and Kellie stayed on the opposite side of the road looking for traffic lights while the rest of the group had all ready crossed the road. But we finally made it to the others for lunch. After lunch we wandered around for a bit and went into a few shops. Kellie and Louise kindly left me behind at one point so thanks for that... :)

Once we had all made it back not the museum after lunch it was time for us to make our way to the art gallery so that we could see some of Jack Yeats painting. I’m not really into art and I didn’t think that going to an art gallery would be fun but it wasn’t the worst thin. Some of the stories that we were told about the paintings were really interesting. They might have been a bit long and I would go into my own world after about the first five minutes but I got most of the story. The paintings were really nice too. Róisín was showing me some face or something in one of the paintings but I could never see it.

We seen about four paintings and we were given the chance to look at some of the other ones on the way back out. I dint notice that most people look depressed in paintings.After the art gallery went for a little stroll. Me and Kellie were convinced that Ms B was bringing us the wrong way to the bus but we were wrong. On our little walk to the bus some long and random way Kellie and Louise spent most of that time laughing at me so thanks guys really appreciate it... :) With the sun shining and the great atmosphere it was a great day.

Wat a day... :)

Today instead of doing rugby we played capture the flag and rounders. Bothe classes played together and we were all mixed so it was good that it wasn’t one class against the other. For the first class we played capture the flag. It was a fun game. But knowing me I managed to get hurt. I fell but I guess most people who know me well will tell you that it’s nothing new for me to fall. I managed to trip over someone but I’m not quite sure who. But thanks to Aoife I was patched up in no time and it only took three plasters.

In the second class we played rounder’s and after a least five minutes of Mr L explain his way of playing the game we finally got to start the game. The only thing was that the team that lost had to run a lap of the pitch. It wasn’t the worst thing that we could have done I mean we could have had to run more than just one lap so it wasn’t that bad at all.

During rounder’s two more people fell but once again with the help of Aoife and her amazing first aid skills I think that they were ok. I was on the team that lost and I have to say we lost by quiet a huge amount it was 11 to something I don’t even know our score all I know is that I had to run a lap.

It was a really good day all together today. It was a great P.E class despite the amount of people that fell and the sun was shining and it was really warm. I hope that the weather keeps this good.... :)


Today in maths we were working on probability again but today we got to play with cards. For the first about ten minutes of the class or even a bit longer we were allowed to play what we wanted. We were in groups of there so there was me Niamh and Kellie. I really wanted to play a game of snap and so the others said that we could. It was so fun. Me and Kellie got a bit competitive and were banging down on the table kind of hard when there was a snap. It was a good game. We played it twice. I won the first game and Niamh won the second game. Pour Kellie didn't have much luck at all today.

Once we had finished playing our games it was time to do some work. It was ok thought because it wasn’t hard work and we didn’t have to use our brains to much.


Today a few of us from Amina went down to ms O C science class during Irish. She said that we could come down to work on our science projects for sci-fest. Yesterday we made the agar so today we were taking swabs of the different things in the class room. We took two swabs of a door handle a stool a sink and a desk. After we had done that we out our agar dishes into the incubator and we will leave them there until next Tuesday when we can look at them during science.

We have been working on these projects for a while now but there different from all of the other projects that we have been doing. In most classes we are given every day to do our projects like in geography and in other classes we are only given certain days. It’s good that we only get certain days in school to do our projects because it means that you can do more work for that subject on other days. But it can also be hard to remember that you are doing it and what you were last doing in the projects.

I’m kind of looking forward to our project nearly being finished but it has been fun doing it.

Emnet makes some noise.... :)

Today I have Kellie my camera to take photos of the percussion workshop that they were having today. Amina is having theres next week. So I'm guessing that I should put the photos up here so that they can find them and copy them.

Spanish presentation

Today i finally got to make my spanish presentation to the class. I said that i would go first kind of hoping that then I would have to but I did have to go first. It wasnt as bad as i thouhg though. Ms M decided that we would grade each others presentation so that mde me a bit nervous knowing that everybody in the class was going to be marking me on different things. I think that I did ok not great but I thought that I done good enough. I was happy with how it went.. :)

I made my presentation on the Azcets. I done this topuic because I likle history and I didnt think of anything else that I should do my presentaiopn on. I thought that this presentation was hard becasue well we had to erite it in Spanish. We could have writtin it in english tbut then we would have hadf to speak in spanish.
Im glad now thats it done and opver with it and I wasnt as nervous as I was at the start of the year when I was doing my project presentations.


Today we were back in the science classes that we started the year uin. We were doing some more work on our projects for the sci-fest competition comming up soon. For our project we are trying to show people the importance of washing your hands to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. To do this we dont tyweo main experiments.

 First we showed people how fast germs spread by putting vaselin on our hands and going around the classe room touching things. We then looked at the hand prints under a UV light and took photos. To learn more abouyt the first part of our project see this blog post....

The next step was to make agar and we made that today with another group that is doing a similar project to us. The agar smelled so bad it wasn’t funny. I never want to make it again. Once iot was made we poured it into the different dishes and then put the lids back onto them and put them in the fridge so that they could cool down.

Tomorrow we are going to do the rest of the testing that we need to do. For the group that I am working in we have to take swabs of the four most commonly touched things in the classroom. We are going to take two swabs of each so that are tests are going to be accurate.

Athletics training... :)

Today I was my second training session after school for the West Leinster schools competition in Santry in April. I am hoping that I will get to go after the trials. I think this year I am going to try and do the hammer rather than the shot and I’m hoping that I will be able to keep doing the discus. So Mr L show me and another girl today how to do the hammer and let’s just say thats for me it was a disaster... :/   It wouldn’t go up and it wouldn’t go straight and it almost went over a fence. I’m surprised I didn’t hurt someone or even myself. I think it would be better if i was to go back to my shot put rather than the hammer.

After a bit of hammer training it was time to move onto some discus. Now this I could do. I love the discus so much. I won the west Leinster last year so I’m hoping that if I get to go to Santry this year and I’m also hoping that I will be able to get into the top 5 and I’m aiming to be able to throw 22 meters and break my P.B of 21.40. Nothing to big but just a new P.B would be nice.

I love throwing it might be a bit hard to keep up with all of the different training sessions but I guess it’s a way of relaxing after school so why not. Sorry if this has been a boring Post and I know that it doesn’t really have anything to do with what I did today in school but I guess its related to school...  :)

What type of sport do you like?

Secret meeting.

Today in mini company Green Hero had a secret meeting. Well we didn’t really I’m just calling it that because we sat in the corner talking about what we were going to do for the next competition. We are the only group that got through to the final from Amina so while everybody else is doing their other work we have to work quietly on our own. Now it wasn't really a secret meeting such as a very quiet group discussing. We got some much work done today it was very productive.

We have got so much planned for the next competition it should be good. We are hoping that we might do well so fingers crossed. We have a lot to do though but hopefully if we put all of the work in that we need to things will turn out good on the day.

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"You don’t need superpowers to save the world."

Em, Em thanks I guess..... :)

So last night at the Irish blog awards I won. When you go up to collect the award you had to make a speech and seeing as how I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to win I didn’t have a speech ready.
When I went onto the stage I froze. All I could manage to say was “em em thanks I guess” and then I pretty much ran off the stage.
 So today I was thinking of what I could have said. If I was able to speak while I was on stage my speech would have went something like this.....

“ Wow well this was a total surprise. I was not expecting this at all.  I really have to say thanks to a few people. Firstly the person that got me to start a blog as part of my I.T class Mrs L. She also nominated me for this award and I am really grateful. She has helped me make my blog what it is now. So thanks Mrs L.

I have to thank Tom Tom. My blogging motivator. Without him I would not be able to blog so much. He always makes sure that I have blogged. So thanks Tom Tom.

I have to thank my dad and my brother for putting up with me going on about my blog and not getting annoyed over the amount of time that I spend on the computer everyday working on my blog and also for driving all the way up here today. So thanks.

And last but not least my friends. Always making sure that I have blogged. And not letting me forget when I haven’t blog about something that had happened in school. They have been great. So thanks to everybody."

Smile... :)

Here are some photos form the Irish blog awards.... :)
Air guitar.

Rick showing off the awards.

Damian accepting an award for someone.

Everybody at the Irish blog awards..... :)

All of these pictures have come form

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