It’s only onwards and upwards from here.

So today was my last day in T.Y and I have to say it was a day of mixed emotions for me anyway. Last night we had our T.Y graduation and that was a night to remember. I would write a long blog post about last night but there’s is just too much to write about. I have a video of everything that we did and during the week I am going to edit and then post it to my blog and that will give you a good account of the amazing night that we had.  I do have some pretty funny memories from the night that weren’t caught on video such as Mrs L thinking my brother’s friend was my brother and Aoife poking me in the sides while we were singing.

Getting ready for our T.Y rap  :)

Group hug for the amazing Mrs L :)
It was an amazing and without a doubt I managed to cry. I have had such an amazing year and achieved so many different things and most of all I have made new friend and I have enjoyed myself. I didn’t even know why I was crying last night but I found myself crying and anytime anybody hugged me I cried even more. I have met some amazing people and I know we are still going to be in school for another two years but we have been separated into our different classes. I am glad that I have some of my close friends in my class for next year but I don’t have all of them.

Today we had to go into school as normal to clean up the hall after our graduation but after that we were going to go bowling. After the hall was cleaned up and we took our class photos and things like that it was time to go bowling. It was great fun, the perfect ending to an amazing year. The only bad part was that once we got on the bus to go back to school and when we got off the bus at school that T.Y would be over.  The bus journey to bowling at the back of the bus were we were sitting was quit loud with sellotaping tables so they wouldn’t annoy Róisín and dancing and singing it was very loud.

Róisín and Aoife dancing.
Thank God for sellotape.
On the way back to school the bus was quiet well that was until Mrs L found a microphone so anything that she said could be heard upstairs. And soon she started to sing the song Firework by Katy Perry. That’s when once again I began to cry and I kept crying until we got back to school and I don’t even know why. I was upset to be leaving all of the fun that we had, to be leaving T.Y, going back to getting homework every night and having to study. I think that it’s safe to say that I am going to miss T.Y.  When we got back to school and off the bus everybody was saying goodbye as we left for summer but some people left to move to a different school for 5th year.

I have so much more to say but I can find the words to say it so I’m going to post some photos to show how much fun we had in the last two days. Hopefully I will get the video from T.Y night up by the end of the week.

Me and Aisling behind me.

Me and aisling having a moment.

And lets not forget out T.Y song.

I will not forget the year that I have had, the friendships that I have made and the memories that have been created. T.Y 2010/2011 Thank you so much for the amazing year, thank you for all the fun times ,the serious times and the amazing year. I know I enjoyed every minute of it and because of all of you I have come out of my shell thanks to everybody in T.Y Amina and Emnet.

T.Y night.

This is just going to be a very short blog post until i get the chance to write a long one tomorrow about T.Y night. Tonight class Amina and Emnet had their T.Y night and what a night that was. Our theme was success seeing as how we succeed in many areas this year and then each class took on a sub theme Amina's being Hollywood and Emnet's being superheros. during the day we spent our time in the hall getting everything ready and doing some run through getting ready for what tonight was going to be like. there was a few things that weren't looking good during the day but we managed to pull it all together and looking at the videos that my brother recorded of the night it all looked pretty awesome.

It was an amazing night and it was an amzing way to end the year. I did shed a few tears by the end of the night and I am going to miss T.Y but I am glad that I did it in the first place. I have made some amazing new friendships that will last for years to come, I have laughed and cried but most of all I had the time of my life. I tried new things and overcame my fear of getting up in front of people and dancing or singing. After tonight I have learned how to be myself around people.

A huge thank you has to be given to all of our teachers and everybody in school and our parents for making this year so good but most of all a huge thanks has to be given to a mad bubbly energetic Mrs L who without her this year would have not been nearly as good as it was. So thanks Mrs L :)

Drive for life.

Yesterday class Amina had a road safety talk called Driving for life. The talk was on for the whole day and it was given to us by a very nice man called Mr McNeely. The talk was very good but there was a lot of things that were shocking and some very hard to take in. We saw some videos and things to highlight how important it is to wear a seatbelt and to drive carefully.

We seen videos from survivors of very bad car crashes and we also heard stories about other very bad car crashes. I did learn a lot and after watching some of those videos I know that I will always wear a seat belt in a car and I will never text and drive when I learn to drive.

It was from the start of the day until lunch when it was the worst part watching videos and things like that but after lunch we learned about applying for a license, taking the theory test and some basic first aid tips of what you should not do at the scene of a crash. And after that Mr McNeely said that he like to see everybody go home with a smile before he left so he showed us a few videos of people changing tires that were funny but in the end the three people go killed. But it wasn’t real so it was ok.

After that before we went home we watched a video that had nothing to do with road safety but we were told that we might like it. This was the video and it scared I think all most everybody in the class.

 I think Róisín got the biggest fright of her life, and after me grabbing her legs from under a table today and scaring her twice at lunch I don’t think she is going to be sleeping any time soon. Sorry Róisín.

My biggest challenge in T.Y

Today we were practicing our dance for T.Y night which is on Monday night!!!! Our class dance is looking pretty good. We are having subgroups and putting them altogether so that there are mini dances in one big dance. Each group has a different song and came up with their own dance. The group that I am in there is five people and we are dancing to the song “Dont stop me now.”

Our dance is pretty straight forward and I know the gist of it and I think the class dance will look really good when it all comes together. The dance that I am doing is going ok and we have got all of the moves and everything and we have decided on what we are going to wear.

Going back to my title now this dance is going to be the biggest challenge for me in T.Y.Ms O’C our PE teacher told me today that I should let this be my biggest challenge. Now you might be wondering why this is my biggest challenge well as we were practicing it today we were doing it in front of each other and maybe it’s because I don’t know the dance very well or maybe it’s because people were watching me but I wasn’t able to do it.

I don’t want to be the only T.Y that on Monday night doesn’t dance so I keep saying to myself that I am going to do this dance no matter what I am going to do it. I don’t want to get up in front of a hall full of people and just stand back like I have been doing when e were practicing it so I am going to do this dance. If I take anything away from T.Y it will be to have the confidence to get up and dance in a stage in front of people.

I will practice and practice all weekend until I learn this dance so much that the hall full of people will not even entre my head when I get up there on Monday night to dance... well I hope not.

And then there were 12.

Today president Obama came to Ireland for a 24-hour visit. He had a full day planned and one of the things that he had planned was to go into the city centre and make a speech in College Green. As this was a huge deal for people many people from all over the country made their way into the city centre to see him today. There were many people from T.Y who went to see him speak today many of the T.Y’s took the whole day off to make their way into town earlier and others left school early to go and see him. The rest of the T.Ys that were in school were either not allowed to go and see im or were not really all that bothered about going to see him.

President Obama with President  mcaleese.

There were ten people in Amina and only two in Emnet. It was after the first two classes that people went home so for most of the day there was only  people left in T.Y for some of the classes the two classes came together. In English we didn’t and Amina read a new Poem with Mrs B. It was very funny seeing as how after Mrs B took Róisín’s news paper away everything in the poem seemed funny for me and Róisín.

After that we joined together were a friend of Mrs L of was doing a study on blogging came in to have a focus group with us. We got asked different questions and you could answer them i you want. It was good getting to hear what everybody thought of blogging in T.Y. it only lasted about 15 minutes but it was really good.

We also watched President Obama for three classes and done some work in history for T.Y night. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have everything ready for T.Y night next Monday.

Summer is looming.

Despite the typical Irish weather summer is just around the corner. The T.Y’s only have one week left of school. I am going to miss ty all the fun classes, the projects and not having to do a tone of homework every night.  I am glad that I have done T.Y because now I can say I did that and It really was a great year and one that I will not be forgetting any time soon. I was given so many great opportunities in school and that was all because of the great teachers especially Mrs L our coordinator so thanks Mrs L.

I have one more week left to enjoy of T.Y and I’m not going to let anything stop me from enjoying it. I know that it’s going to be a busy week trying to get everything ready for T.Y night on Monday week . there is lots to be done and I still have to learnt he moves to the dance but a week is a long time some hopefully I will manage to learn them.

Im really looking forward to T.Y night :)

Leinster championships.

Today was the second day of the Leinster championships in Santry. Before you could go to the Leinster you had to win a medal in the West Leinster. I came second in the discus and fourth in the shot put in the West Leinster so I was only able to compete today in the discus. I wasn't too disappointed with that because it meant that I had more time to focus on getting ready for the discus and meant that I only had to fit in time to throw the discus rasher than the discus and the shot put.

I arrived at Santry early to see if I could get a chance to practice in the circle before the competition started but I didn’t so I was just waiting around for most of the morning. I watched the shot put that I would have been in if I had won a medal and it was no surprise when I seen the winners on the podium. I have competed against all three of them outside of school athletics at either county level or leinster level and they are amazing throwers and I knew when I saw them that even if I did get through they would have bet me without a doubt.

I was number 8 :)
Finally when the hammer throw for all the different age groups was over there was only one more competition before me so it was time to get ready. Once I had found Mr. L and got my number it was time to start warming up.

When I got up this morning I wasn’t too nervous but I have to say that I was more nervous than I had ever been about any competition that I have ever done for athletics and I have done a lot of competitions. So before the competition started when I was warming up and all of the other athletes for my age group started to come over I got more and more nervous and it didn’t help that I knew who I was throwing against and that I knew that they were really good. When I had looked in the programme that morning and seen the names of girls that have bet me before I got nervous but when I saw that they were there I got even more nervous.
The programme.

Finally when we could practice in the circle after there being a problem with the net I wasn’t feeling very confident at all when my spin wasn’t going right and that was without a discus in my hand. I had planned a strategy  before the competition so I was going to stick with that. Once the competition started and I got my first throw I did feel a bit better when I threw 23.37 meters a new PB (personal best) that was with a standing throw so I was very happy and felt more relaxed and not as nervous.

I was relaxed until everybody else started to throw and they were throwing up to 24 meters and one girls even threw 37 meters. I think that from that throw everybody knew who was going to win the competition. I continued with my two other throws with my second one being worst than my first with my spin. It was then when I had to think what was I going to do now a standing throw or the spin. With some guidance form Mr L I decided that I would go ahead and try the spin again and see if I could get the discus out there to still have a chance in the competition. But I had a sector foul and I have to say it was a pretty good throw but I released too late and it went outside the sector.

The top six in the competition went on to get another two throws but I wasn’t in the top six. I was disappointed I was hoping to come in the top six and I would have been delighted with that. But in the end three people had to miss out on the tops six and today I was one of those three. I wasn’t happy that I dint get another two throws but I was very pleased with myself that I got a new PB. When you get a new PB well for me anyway the place that you come doesn’t really matter and there is always next year anyway and I still have the Leinster outside to compete in so I have to put in a lot of training so I can get in the top six in them.

It was a good day and we found out that St. Wolstans won another trophy for the best overall minor girls school for the Leinster championships from Wednesday. A huge thanks has to be given to Mr L and Ms O’C for all of the time that they have put into helping everybody with training and getting ready for Santry. And thanks Mr L for giving me some advice today when I was competing.

Development education workshop.

Today class Amina had our development education workshop. We were meant to have it earlier on in the year but because of the snow we were not able to. Class Emnet got to go to Carlow for the workshop and Amina were meant to go to Maynooth to have the workshop. So instead Mrs L kindly arranged for us to have the workshop today in school for three classes.

A man named Patsy came into use and he showed us some pictures and we all talked together. The main thing that we talked about was how women were treated and about gender equality. We seen how women were treated in some parts of Africa and told us that it’s not the same as in Ireland but in Ireland women too are not treated as equal as men.Learn more about self help Africa here.

Girls in Ireland for example are not given the same opportunities  in school as boys. Girls in all girls schools are not given the same subject options. And it’s the same for boys as well. We have the option of taking home ec while the boys don’t and the boys have the options of taking woodwork while the girls are not.

It was a really good workshop and it really did get me thinking.What do you think about how women are treated differently to men?

Summer tests.

So this week the ty's have been having their summer test in class. So far I have had religion, maths, Spanish aural, home ec and Irish. We have also had our English well part f our English, the fire alarm went off just after the test started so now we have to write up our essay over the weekend.I have not been doing very well in my tests at all. For religion it didn’t seem to go too bad and I was happy with my how my visual verbal squares looked.

 For maths I was not happy with it at all. I found it very hard and as it is maths is my worse subject. I find it really hard and algebra (the main part of our test) is something that does not make sense in my head and find it too hard to do. After that test I was annoyed and to be honest I’m not expecting to pass the maths test but I tried my best to do it.

For or English test we had an open book test and we just had to write an essay on poetry that we have read during the year written by Adrienne rich. But the fire alarm went off a few minutes after we had just started the test. That was one way of getting out of having to do the test or so we all thought. Now we have to write up the essay over the weekend and hand it in. I think I would have preferred to have written up the essay during class time.

For our Spanish aural it focused on the weather and also on booking rooms in a youth hostel. I didn’t think that I done too badly in my aural. It wasn’t too hard and I was able to answer all of the questions but one and that for me usually mean that it went well. Next Wednesday we will be having the written part of our Spanish test after having a revision class on Tuesday so I am hopeful that it might go ok, but after the testes that I have done all ready I don’t think that they could go much worse.

This morning we had our home ec test on micro biology and it was a disaster. I like home ec and I tried to study but micro biology is hard and there are a lot of big words to remember. I think that if I had studied for longer that I might have done better in the test. I tried my best on all of the questions trying to remember things form third year home ec that might have something to do with micro biology.

The last test that we had today was Irish. It wasn’t the worse test but again I wasn’t very happy with how it went. The comprehension questions were not too bad but the grammar part of the test I found really hard. I did do it but I didn’t do it right. I find it hard to learn grammar in Irish.

Only one more test and that is next week so hopeful I will be ready for it. But I am not happy with how the exams have been going so far. I have no one to blame but myself for not doing well because compared to the amount of work I put into getting ready for the Christmas test I did not put in nearly enough work. I’m not annoyed that I might not have passed all of my tests, but I am annoyed that I didn’t put in the work that I should have its not fair to say theses test  are not important because they are but they are not as important as the test that I will be having next year in fifth year. But now I know that  for next year I will have to put the work in and hopefully if I don’t do very well in these tests that I will learn from my mistakes and put the work and effort into them next year.

After all it’s not the end of the world, none of these test play a part in the subjects or levels that I will be doing next year.

Cheese cake any one?

Today we were cooking again in home ec but this week we were making home ec.  We were told that we had to make cheese cake but that would could make whatever cheese cake we wanted. Ruth and I decided to make terry’s chocolate orange cheese cake. 

The cheese cake was very easy to make and we had it done in no time.
The only thing that didn’t go right was when we managed to forget to put in the orange juice and the orange zest. We did fix it though; we put the lemon juice on top of the topping once we had put it into our lunch boxes. Once we had fixed our little mistake we then put it into the fridge so that it could set and we were told that we would have to come back at lunch time to get them and that they would be set.

Once it was put in the fridge to set it was time to tidy up. When everything was clean and we were waiting for the bell to go Ruth managed to knock the left over yogurt that we had all over the floor. But once that mess was cleaned up it was time for break.

It was fun making the cheese cake and it also tasted nice.

Our Cheese cake. (It tastes better than it looks.)

Summer test 1.

Today class Amina and Emnet are having their first summer test. It’s our religion test so it isn’t too bad. For this test we have to draw two visual verbal squares that show the impact of living in conflict from a movie that we have watched. I have chosen the two movies “Hotel Rwanda” and “Gran Torino” We are allowed to bring everything that we need and we were given yesterdays class as time to prepare for the test. We have a full forty minute class to do the test. We will be getting marked on this as well as our participation in class and I think o the prayer boxes that we will be making on Friday in class. This mark will be then going on our end or year report along with the marks we get from the rest of our summer tests.

Mrs L wrote a blog post about what we have to do for our religion test.

My T.Y experience.

T.Y is coming to an end....:(  I have had such an amazing year and have been given so many different experiences throughout the year. I know that I am going to have to keep this blog post so I will try my best .
I thought that this post would be easy to write and well I was wrong. To say that I have had an amazing year is just not enough. It has been far better than that. I have done so many different things that I won’t forget. The opportunities that I was given this year have been something different and very worthwhile.

I think that it’s fair to say that I have enjoyed every minute of this year no matter how stressful it was or how many different projects that we had. This year has really helped to prepare me for the future. Thinking especially about mini company and how in the future I know that I would not like to set up and run my own company. But in saying that it was fun going to the different mini company competitions and it was all a bit of good fun in the end.

Things like work experience had got me ready for working life and I really enjoyed it so much. Especially the week that I spent in the fire brigade training centre. I wish I didn’t have to leave it was that good. I learned so much.

The highlight of my year would have to have been when I went up to Belfast for the Irish blog awards. That was the best night I have had in a long time it was so fun and relaxed for an awards ceremony. Thanks you Mrs L for nominating and helping me to make my blog what it is and thanks to everybody who has commented on my blog and read my blog. If it wasn’t for T.Y I would have never even started blogging.

When I think back now to third year when I was trying to make up my mind about doing ty I think that I am glad that I chose to do it. It has been such an amazing year jam packed with so many different things going on. I have done so many different things that I never thought that I would do and for some of those things I am surprised to say that I really enjoyed doing some of the things like dancing.

I have done so many different things that if I hadn’t chose to do T.Y I would never have got to the chance to do. I have made new friends and kept the old ones. I have tried new things, I have failed and succeeded. I don’t want T.Y to end I wish every year in school was like T.Y.  I am glad that I did T.Y and now that I have all of these amazing memories to look back on. :) Thanks to all of the amazing teachers that have helped to make this year so go and thanks to Mrs L without her this year who not have been as fun as it was. Thanks Mrs L. :)

Summer tests!!!!!!

Next week the transition years are having there summer test.  In transition year you do lot of different subjects but we don’t have to do a test in all of them.

 For geography and history we were given end of year projects t do and that will be our grade on out report. For English we are having an open book test on a poetry question. We are having that on Thursday and I have all ready given up a draft to Ms B so when I get that back I can just copy it and hopefully i will do well. On Wednesday all of the Ty’s are having their maths test and it is going to be taking up two classes. On Tuesday we are having a religion test and like for our English test we have been given he question and time to prepare. We have to pick a film that we watched during the year and make a visual verbal square for that film. Then on Friday we have a home ec test on micro-biology which I am no really looking forward to, We know that we have a Spanish test we just don’t know when we have the test yet.

We don’t have very many and that’s a good thing once there out of the way next week we have a week left of Ty to enjoy and get everything ready for Ty night and after Ty night we get to go bowling...

Ty night.

Only two weeks left to go only two weeks left until Ty night. I’m really starting to look forward to ty night. There has been loads of perpetration going on but there has also been a lot of confusion. Since there was a lot of confusion between the two class’s people came up with the idea that six people from Amina and six people from Emnet would make a committee type thing and discus everything and then they would tell everybody else what is going on.

I’m working on the stand for I.T with Louise and so far we have made a plan. I am also writing uo a piece for the history stand with Niamh P about the history of the GAA and our trip to Croke Park. For the English stand  Louise and me also choose different quotes form a poem to put onto the board.

We have got the I.T stand all planned out and all that we need to do know is to start getting everything ready. We have planned to get everybody to write a blog post like a reflection of their ty experience so we can print them off but seeing as how people right now hate blogger because it has deleted some of their geography projects trying to get people to write the reflection is going to be even harder than we thought in the first place. It just goes to show that there is never a dull moment in Ty.


In tech we have started a new project. This time we are making phone holders. We got to design them our selves. I decided to do a plain and simple one seeing as how I am bad at tech and the chances of something going wrong with a simple one are quite high I figured I wouldn’t have a chance making a complicate one.
So far it has been easy to make but we had to cut the plastic out ourselves which wasn’t too bad it just took a while and my rectangle didn’t really come out as a rectangle seeing as how I am hopeless at cutting in a straight line.

So far in making my phone holder I have managed to cut two different crooked lines when they were meant to be straight and spent the rest of the time in class filing it down to try and make the sides flat. I have to say that it’s going better than some of my other project. So far the best project that I have made is my clock and I was really happy with how that looked when it was done. I still have to finish my last project. Hopefully I will get them all done in the next two weeks before T.Y is over.

The Spanish civil war.

In Spanish for the last little while we have started to learn about the Spanish civil war. We were all given out a work sheet and in the computer we had to find out different things and answer the questions about the Spanish civil war. We have learned little bits and pieces about it not too much detail because Mrs M said that its really complicate. We were also told that it is going to be on our summer test for Spanish.

I like history so I didn’t mind too much learning about it I thought that it was interesting but it was a bit hard to learn all about. It started in 1936 and it ended in 1939. It only lasted about three years. So it wasn’t a really really long war but then again any war is long.

Sports day.

Today in school we had our annual sports day. We only had three classes today so there wasn’t much work to be done. For our first class we had history and we only done our test that wants too bad. In Spanish we did a bit of this and that all in Spanish of course and then in English after break we talked about T.Y night and also about the books that we were reading.

Sports day started at 12 and was great fun. There were lots of different things to do, relays, long jump, shot put, high jump and novelty races. There was also for the first time a slow bicycle race. I dint do very much just have a laugh and run around messing.

The slow bicycle race.

Three legged race.

Some dancing.

Teachers and 6th years playing rounders.

It was a brilliant day... despite the rain everybody had great fun... :)


Today all of the T.y’s headed off to Tallaght I.T to take part in the sci-fest competition. We left school bright and early at 8 o clock. We arrived in Tallaght around 8.45 and we first had to register. We had to also pick two talks that we would like to go and see. There were four different talks so we chose two and we got free tickets in to see them.


Once we had registered and found out where we had to set it we made our way over to stick our poster. It didn’t take very long and we were ready in no time. We walked around for a little while looking at some of the other projects that were being set up. All of the St. Wolstans girls were in different places depending on what type your project was.
After the opening ceremony the judging started. During the opening ceremony a few different important people talked about science and there was also a minister there too who talked to us for a few minutes as well. In total my group had two judges but after we had lunch other groups got different judges to ask them some more about their projects.
Science projects

After half an hour we could go to the talks and at this time all of the judging was finished. The two talks that i went to were “Fighting crime with science” and “Howling Jelly Babies and other cool chemistry”. These talks were held while the judges were making their decisions after lunch about the groups that won prizes.
I thought that the talks were good and they were made kind of interesting so it wasn’t like we had to sit for forty minutes learning loads of different information. At the end of the talks there was time for questions which was really good too.
Here are some videos from the chemistry talk.

After both of the talks we had to take down our posters and get ready for the awards ceremony. St Wolstans did really well in the awards. Five different groups won awards and one of the groups won the best overall project in the sci-fest competition. Aoife B, Kate E and Stephanie H won the best overall project with their project that was “To test the free radical theory of ageing and the counteracting effects of antioxidants.” Their project was also accepted in to the Young Scientist 2011. Well done girls you deserved to win. And well done to all of the other groups that won prizes a lot of work went into all of the different projects.

It was a really good day and there was really good results too. It was enjoyable even if it was all about science and it was a really long day too but it was enjoyable.

The winners :)

Well done girls.

Science presentation.

Today we started to present our science projects to the rest of the T.Y classes. The science class that I’m in were the first to present and we were the second group of the day to present our project. It went really good we all knew our stuff so that helped a lot.

All of the tys had to make a presentation to help us to prepare for the sci-fest competition  that is tomorrow but to also tell all of the other tys what or projects are about.

How clean are your hands?
View more presentations from School..

French wars of religion.... Ahhhhh !!!!!

On Wednesday class Amina are having a history test :(  I like history but not the early history and thats what are test is on. I have been trying to study but it is very confusing. Were learning about the French wars of religion. There is lots of different wars and then there’s lots of different families involved in the war. Every time I figure out what’s going on another family pops in and just confuses me and I’m back to square one of not having a clue what is going on.

So I’m hoping that before Wednesday I will have managed to figure out what the French wars of religion are about and hopefully I will know what people belong to what family!!!

It just wont fit!!!!!

On Tuesday all of the tys are heading to Tallaght to take part in the sci-fest science competition. We have been working on our science projects since the start of the year when we entered them into the young scientist competition. Only one group form ty got accepted into the completion and they done very well in the competition too.

For the sci-fest competition all of the projects have been accepted. We have been working really hard to get them finished on time. I’m working with Grace and Bebhinn to show how important it is to wash your hands. So far we have completed our project book, our presentation that we will be presenting to the rest of the tys on Monday and right now  I am sitting here starting that the visual display trying to figure how I am going to fit everything on to the two our pages.

On Tuesday we are leaving school at eight o clock in the morning... I can imagine some people still being asleep while they are walking on to the bus. This project has been fun to do but right now I’m not enjoying figuring out how to get everything to fit.

Things have been getting really busy lately with ty night and everything coming up and trying to get all the projects in on time. Thankfully once I get the visual display done for science and finish my drawing for art I am finished all of my projects and then it’s time to start getting ready for the dreaded summer exams. Once that is all done its time to get ready for ty night. I’m working with Louise on making the I.T stand. We have most of it organised but after that we have to make the poster and get everything ready for the night.  When all that is done it is time to RELAX!!!!!

I don’t mean t sound like I’m complaining here I love all the projects and always being busy. I guess ty has helped me to deal with all the work that has to be done especially mini company and I am glad that mini company is just about over. The one very valuable lesson that I will take with me form ty and never forget is that setting up a business is a pain and that it is definitely something that I do not want to do in the future. Now saying all that we did have our fun times working on Green Hero and we were very successful getting into the national final of the “Get up and Go” mini company competition and all together between the two competitions winning three awards.

I have had some amazing experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities in ty and I will be sad to see it end. I have made new friends along the way and I have also learned some new skills that I won’t be in a hurry to leave behind. As I read back through my blog I have seen all of the different things that I have got to do in ty and all of the fun that I have had. I have seen all the things that I never thought I would ever get to do like for example in tech I made a clock I was very proud of myself that after failing to make a keying that I didn’t give up on my clock and it turned out pretty well.

Reading some of the other blogs form the people in my class and the other ty class they seemed to have had a lot of fun this year too. Most of them really enjoyed the ty bonding trip to Carlingford which for some people seemed like the highlight of ty. I unfortunality didn’t get to go to Carlingford because I was sick. But i was glad to hear all the stories about it and to see that everybody had a good time even if some did return to school the next day injured.

This has been an amazing year and its one that I won’t forget. From breakfast in the second year mall to hiking up a mountain for Gasice and painting backdrops and road trips to Cork this has been one of the best years so far while i have been in St Wolstans. I started writing this post about our science project and how i am still staring at it on the floor not finished and no more room for all of our information to rambling on about my ty experience. I better be off and finally get to finish this project so that I can get to work on my art drawing.

If only T.Y could last just a bit longer....

Famous women throwers.

For my geography project I focused on famous throwers in athletics from different countries that all competed in the 2008 Olympics. I wrote five different blog post about each throwers. I also wrote about how climate affect throwing shot put, hammer and discus I also wrote about the geography of that country.

Here are the links to the blog posts that I wrote about the different throwers:

Eileen O'Keeffe.
Valerie Vili.
Nadine Kleinert.
Dani Samuels.
Stephanie Brown Trafton.

El Espanol

The title of this post has got nothing to do with this post, well apart from the fact that it’s in Spanish and I have decided to write a pot about Spanish in T.Y.

We never seem to be in Spanish during the week. We usually end up going off somewhere on the days that we have Spanish. At the start of the year our Tuesday Spanish classes turned into a PE class so that we could play rugby on a Tuesday and still be able to do dancing on a Wednesday and Pilates.

It seems like we haven’t done very much but looking back over all of the worksheets and things that I have written in my copy we have done a lot even if we are never in class. This year we don’t have a book because were in T.Y but at the start of the year we paid Ms M five euro and we have since received Spanish magazines. We have been doing work out of them. There are lots of different quizzes and things like that so it’s better than sitting down to write a letter or something in Spanish. The magazines are made for Spanish students our age in Spain as well as other countries and I think that they are really good and helpful.

If only Spanish in fifth year was going to be the same.

How clean are your hands?

We have been working hard on our science projects all year. I’m working with Bebhinn and grace and we are trying to show people the importance of washing your hands. We have done a two different things to show this and we have got very good results from our experiment. We have almost got everything ready for the sci-fest competition next week all we have left to do is to make our visual display.

Chocolate puddings and soda bread anyone?

Today in home ec we were cooking. Yesterday before I found out that we were cooking I was not really looking forward to a double home ec first thing on a Tuesday morning doing theory. When I heard that we were cooking my mood changed and I was looking forward to the double home ec. I was told that we had to make soda bread but then we could pick another dish to make. Ruth and I choose to make chocolate puddings.

One person had to start to make the bread while the other person had to begin making the second dish. I started to make the bread while Ruth went on to make the chocolate puddings. The bread didn’t take that long to make but it did take about forty five minutes in the oven so we had to be quick when we were mixing all of the ingredients together.

After the bread was put into the oven I went to help Ruth. We didn’t really know what we were doing so we figured it would be best if we were to put all of our ingredients into the bowl and mix them and then hope for the best. Once the mixture was ready and we had made sure there was plenty of chocolate in it we put them into the over for about fifteen minutes.

It was great fun making it and I can’t wait until we get to cook again.

Our chocolate puddings.

Our soda bread.

It’s off to school I go.

Today was our first day back in school after our long Easter holidays. I have to say I really enjoyed the break. I had fun with friends and got time to relax and enjoy the sun but I also took the time to get ahead on some of my projects that are due in the next few weeks. I also managed to catch up on the student blog challenge that I neglected for a couple of weeks when I busy a lot in school.

Usually going back to school after mid-term or Easter or Christmas holidays people are always asking how was everything was and that kind of thing. It was straight back into work. For the first class I was cooking and then we had to do some work on our science projects. It’s like we didn’t even have two weeks off for our Easter holidays.

T.Y is slowly but surely drawing to a close and T.Y night is getting even closer. I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of this year and I would love to repeat T.Y next year.


For activity four of this week’s blog challenge we have to write a blog post about something that we are interested in and include links and images.

I’m going to write about athletics because I love athletics. I have done athletics since I can remember it has been in my family four years. It’s not like I was expected to start it but I guess because my brothers were always talking about it made me want to start athletics. I have to say that I was never a good athlete. It has taken me years to find the event that I am good at. I tried everything when I was younger because I really only did it for the fun of it but now it’s a bit more competitive.

I say it would have been about five or our years ago when I finally found the event for me. It was shot put. I took part in the league one year and that was the event that I had to do for my age group and it took to it and got on really well in it. I use to be really good at it but lately I have been going downhill in it and the people that I am competing against are amazing. I don’t mind to be honest I’m happy placing in the top six knowing that I have throw to the best of my ability and if at all possible to get a new PB(personal best) when I throw.

I also do the discus. I like this a lot more than shot put. Yeah discus is very technical and the slightest bit of wind can throw it off course and ruin your throw but it is so much more relaxed compared to shot put and I seem to be better at the discus than the shot put.

I’m a member of Celbridge athletic club and so is my brother Paul. My other brother Shane was a member too but he quit a while ago. Celbridge athletic club as produced many amazing athletes and that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the coaches that we have in the club some of which are the best in the country. In Celbridge athletic club we have seen some world class athletes like Claire Brady. We have also seen many other athletes becoming national champions such as Sandra Lawler and many more.

Ireland has also got a few very talented athletes one such hurdler as Derval O Rourke. There are many others such as David Gillick, Paul Hession, Eileen O Keeffe, Michelle Carey and many more.


Roast chicken, chicken curry, grilled chicken......

For activity three of the blog challenge we have to write a post on our favourite musician or favourite computer game or our favourite food. We have to add a picture and also three links. My links are going to be for recipes for different kinds of chicken.

I decided that I would write the post on my favourite food. My favourite food has to be chicken. I don’t really eat that much meat but I eat a lot of chicken. In my house my dad gets fed up of buying chicken and my brother thinks that I eat chicken too much. But now there are lots of different things that you can do with chicken so I don’t really understand how you could get fed up with eating chicken.

You can make chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, roast chicken, chicken pie, barbeque chicken the possibilities are endless. There’s is just so many different things that you can do with chicken. I have to say my favourite has to be roast chicken.

Blog challenge, activity 2

For the second activity of this week’s blog challenge we had to go back and check on our posts that we made for the blog challenge so that we could make sure that we included the link to each of the challenges. I went back and checked all of my and I found that I had included the link so I didn’t really have to do very much for this activity.

Blog challenge.

This week is all about adding links into your posts. For the first activity we have to go back to some of the posts that we made while we were doing the blog challenges for all of the different activities and put links into them if we can.

These are the post that I went back to and added links to them.

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