Leinster championships.

Today was the second day of the Leinster championships in Santry. Before you could go to the Leinster you had to win a medal in the West Leinster. I came second in the discus and fourth in the shot put in the West Leinster so I was only able to compete today in the discus. I wasn't too disappointed with that because it meant that I had more time to focus on getting ready for the discus and meant that I only had to fit in time to throw the discus rasher than the discus and the shot put.

I arrived at Santry early to see if I could get a chance to practice in the circle before the competition started but I didn’t so I was just waiting around for most of the morning. I watched the shot put that I would have been in if I had won a medal and it was no surprise when I seen the winners on the podium. I have competed against all three of them outside of school athletics at either county level or leinster level and they are amazing throwers and I knew when I saw them that even if I did get through they would have bet me without a doubt.

I was number 8 :)
Finally when the hammer throw for all the different age groups was over there was only one more competition before me so it was time to get ready. Once I had found Mr. L and got my number it was time to start warming up.

When I got up this morning I wasn’t too nervous but I have to say that I was more nervous than I had ever been about any competition that I have ever done for athletics and I have done a lot of competitions. So before the competition started when I was warming up and all of the other athletes for my age group started to come over I got more and more nervous and it didn’t help that I knew who I was throwing against and that I knew that they were really good. When I had looked in the programme that morning and seen the names of girls that have bet me before I got nervous but when I saw that they were there I got even more nervous.
The programme.

Finally when we could practice in the circle after there being a problem with the net I wasn’t feeling very confident at all when my spin wasn’t going right and that was without a discus in my hand. I had planned a strategy  before the competition so I was going to stick with that. Once the competition started and I got my first throw I did feel a bit better when I threw 23.37 meters a new PB (personal best) that was with a standing throw so I was very happy and felt more relaxed and not as nervous.

I was relaxed until everybody else started to throw and they were throwing up to 24 meters and one girls even threw 37 meters. I think that from that throw everybody knew who was going to win the competition. I continued with my two other throws with my second one being worst than my first with my spin. It was then when I had to think what was I going to do now a standing throw or the spin. With some guidance form Mr L I decided that I would go ahead and try the spin again and see if I could get the discus out there to still have a chance in the competition. But I had a sector foul and I have to say it was a pretty good throw but I released too late and it went outside the sector.

The top six in the competition went on to get another two throws but I wasn’t in the top six. I was disappointed I was hoping to come in the top six and I would have been delighted with that. But in the end three people had to miss out on the tops six and today I was one of those three. I wasn’t happy that I dint get another two throws but I was very pleased with myself that I got a new PB. When you get a new PB well for me anyway the place that you come doesn’t really matter and there is always next year anyway and I still have the Leinster outside to compete in so I have to put in a lot of training so I can get in the top six in them.

It was a good day and we found out that St. Wolstans won another trophy for the best overall minor girls school for the Leinster championships from Wednesday. A huge thanks has to be given to Mr L and Ms O’C for all of the time that they have put into helping everybody with training and getting ready for Santry. And thanks Mr L for giving me some advice today when I was competing.

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