For activity four of this week’s blog challenge we have to write a blog post about something that we are interested in and include links and images.

I’m going to write about athletics because I love athletics. I have done athletics since I can remember it has been in my family four years. It’s not like I was expected to start it but I guess because my brothers were always talking about it made me want to start athletics. I have to say that I was never a good athlete. It has taken me years to find the event that I am good at. I tried everything when I was younger because I really only did it for the fun of it but now it’s a bit more competitive.

I say it would have been about five or our years ago when I finally found the event for me. It was shot put. I took part in the league one year and that was the event that I had to do for my age group and it took to it and got on really well in it. I use to be really good at it but lately I have been going downhill in it and the people that I am competing against are amazing. I don’t mind to be honest I’m happy placing in the top six knowing that I have throw to the best of my ability and if at all possible to get a new PB(personal best) when I throw.

I also do the discus. I like this a lot more than shot put. Yeah discus is very technical and the slightest bit of wind can throw it off course and ruin your throw but it is so much more relaxed compared to shot put and I seem to be better at the discus than the shot put.

I’m a member of Celbridge athletic club and so is my brother Paul. My other brother Shane was a member too but he quit a while ago. Celbridge athletic club as produced many amazing athletes and that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the coaches that we have in the club some of which are the best in the country. In Celbridge athletic club we have seen some world class athletes like Claire Brady. We have also seen many other athletes becoming national champions such as Sandra Lawler and many more.

Ireland has also got a few very talented athletes one such hurdler as Derval O Rourke. There are many others such as David Gillick, Paul Hession, Eileen O Keeffe, Michelle Carey and many more.


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