Photo of the day. :)

Mrs L kindly reserved my computer today for I.T :) 

Photo of the day. :)

Some of my different types of plasters :)

Siobhán do you have a plaster?

So I have just spent my weekend gong from Celbridge up to Larch hill. I went up on Friday for the start of the 2011 county camp. I decided not to stay over so that I would be able to get my homework done and because I didn’t really want to stay over. I headed up to Larch Hill on Friday around five where I gathered up all of the beavers from 19th Kildare salesains and we started to try and figure out how to put up a tent. I was so glad to find out that I only had to set up one tenet and that was my dad’s so if that blew away it was ok..... The beaver’s tents were all ready set up. Me and Adam one of the beavers put up my dad’s tent, and it only took us about half an hour..... I thought that was pretty good.

After that we didn’t do much and I soon went home after fighting with Adam about why I wasn’t staying over and after I got covered in grass with it stuck in pockets, my hood and down my top. So I went home and got a good night’s sleep and most of my homework done. I’m not the biggest fan of camping seeing as how the last time I went camping I was with Kellie and we needed up sleeping on a slant! I had to go down each day because I was one of the two people who volunteered to do the first aid for the weekend. That’s why my title is “Siobhán do you have a plaster?” That was what I heard the most over that last two days and I had a wide range of plasters.... I had Mr Happy plasters, Ms Helpful plasters, Monkey plasters, Blue plasters, White plasters and the normal plaster. Most of the time spent doing first aid I was asking the children what plasters they wanted!

Anyway most of the activities started today and I had a very early morning getting collected at half eight this morning....... Half eight on a Saturday morning..... I was not a happy camper (That’s another one of my very bad jokes..... get it camper and camping right back to the subject) But I made it there to be greeted by lots of screaming little kids. Before I knew it I was handing out plaster and using my magic spray to make everybody better. We were soon off to our first activity which was orienteering..... I was out in charge of the map..... I got us lost before we even got out of the car park of Larch Hill. At that point people felt that I should give the map to another leader Brenda..... I love Brenda she is amazing, I was her cushion for most of the day. There were lots of activities, from making fires to water relays and crazy optical courses which included my little buddy getting a burst lip but with the help of my magic ice pack he was as good as new in no time.

There were a lot of activities to be done and there was also a lot of first aid to be done. I don’t think that I have ever used a first aid kit so much before in my life and that is saying a lot because I am very accident prone and I am always needing a first aid kit! I had a better time than I expected to be honest, I had a laugh with the leaders, good fun with the rest of the ventures,  felt like a kid again with the beavers and had a great time with Kellie.

I also made a new first aid buddy.... Connor. We got on great all tough he knew me as Damian’s daughter for most of the day even though I had two stickers in my jumper with my name on it. I got a free t-shirt out of it which are pretty awesome and there blue so I think I might wear it for the fun walk in school. Shane designed the logo while my dad printed it out on the t-shirts..... My house was full of t-shirts or the last week. I am glad to see that they are all gone! I also got a free hoodie made by my dad as well with first aid on the back.... just so people would be able to find me if they needed me.

I had an awesome day but I think I managed to get my face a bit sunburnt because the sun was really strong.... hopefully it won’t be really red on Monday morning for school! I have decided not to go back to the camp tomorrow because I am very tired and not feeling the best and well tomorrow they will only be taking down their tents and packing up. It was a great weekend no matter how tired I am I enjoyed myself and will have no problem going back to the beavers on Monday night. I do however have a plane to teach them how to sing songs as there was a couple of times where I was left singing on my own. But I had a great time and I would recommend for people to get involved with scouts because it is amazing and great fun :)

Photo of the day. :)

One of those days....

Right so I have finally got some time to write a blog post so here it goes. I feel a bit out of practice because it’s been a while, well a week since I have written a good post but that’s a while for me. Wednesdays are good days for me subject wise. We have an easy start to the day with careers, drama before break and religion Spanish, English and maths after break. After lunch we have Irish and I.T so it is a pretty good day and I usually come home with very little homework so I use Wednesdays as my days to make sure I am on top of everything and a bit of time to relax. Today I only had Spanish and Irish homework so now the rest of the evening is mine to do whatever I want...... it kind of feels like I’m back in T.Y but I do have some L.C.V.P to learn so I better try and get that done tonight.

I might as well say sorry now in case I start to go off rambling on lots of different topics...... well this post doesn’t really have a set topic anyway. Today was a bit of a weird day. The morning went great with me messing up Kellie’s hair and chasing her around the class room.... I don’t think that they would let me near their head with a scissors anyway. Careers were the same as last year..... Trying to find out what we are interested in. Drama was well very dramatic (I know I have very bad jokes) Religion was where I slowly went from having a good hyper day to having a bad day. We were listening to songs that had meaning for some people. Some were sad and this one especially got me thinking about my mam, the good times and the bad times.

I am always going to miss my mam after all she is my mam and sadly she passed away. I’m never going to forget her. Today was hard I had many memories flooding back from lots if different times. I have now had the chance to be on my own and think about her and I’m doing much better Like Mrs. L said to me today I am always going to miss her but I can’t let it be the beginning of a downward spiral back to the bad times. And I’m not going to let that happen, I am going to keep moving forward there’s no going back just forward. I know my mam might not be here and we all have our bad day where we really miss the people who have left us and today were one of those days.

Hoping that the day would soon get better and ending the day with I.T I was sure it would but I was wrong...... I got to class a bit later and my computer was taken! I used that computer everyday in T.Y well that was until it broke (I didn’t break it just for the record) and had to go and get fixed. It finally came back last week and seeing as how I had an appointment on Monday I missed my I.T class and didn’t get to use it then I was hoping to use it today but I didn’t get the chance. :( (I know it’s only a computer) So I was allowed to use the teacher’s computer but my ecdl wouldn’t work, changed computers and my ecdl still wouldn’t work. I dint do anything in I.T at all apart from talk to Mrs L. I tried to get my ecdl to work on my computer when I got home but it still wouldn’t work. I think I might just end up giving up on the whole ecdl thing. The day wasn’t all that bad just as it up and down, I have had worse so I’m going to be positive and say that tomorrow is going to be a much better day.

As I have been writing this post I have had Lilo walking across the laptop..... she’s great when it comes to driving me mad when I am trying to do things as a result it has taken me quite a while to write this post. It doesn’t really have any reason ether just me rambling on and on for a bit about nothing really. Hopefully I will have something good to bog about soon...... I hope!

There are lots of things coming up soon so I should have a good few post coming soon. This weekend I’m going up to Larch hill on Friday Saturday and Sunday for a scout camp. I’m not camping especially after the last time me and Kellie went camping. We couldn’t put up our tent, it was cold, we slept on a slant and I was on crutches not a good mix. I might change my mind over the weekend and may end up staying the night but I don’t think so. I’m doing the first aid as well. I never thought that I would get to do first aid after I become qualified on work experience; I really thought I would never get to use it and no I seem to be using it a lot! I also get to wear a red hoodie with first aid on the back of it. I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most getting a red hoodie! :)

Then the fun walk in school is coming up so I might have post from that, the 5th and 6th year L.C.V.P classes are going on a trip in two weeks to an adventure centre to help with bonding and group work. And let’s not forget I am also going to POLAND! I have never been so excited for a trip before...... but I CANT WAIT TO GO TO POLAND. It is going to be an amazing trip.

Well I don’t really have much else to write about tonight..... Think I might just go and learn some L.C.V.P and then get an early night. And  remember be positive! :)

Nothing to blog about... :(

Right so I dont really have anything to blog about but Im sure that by the end of school tomorrow I will have something I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything I will be back with hopefully some good posts soon but for now all I really have to tell you is that I am going to Poland on a school trip over the Halloween mid-term and I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Sugesstions are always welcome for things that you might like me to post about, email me at

El Chistoso..... :)

Well it’s the weekend at last and well last night I had the best sleep ever! What I look forward to the most on the weekends now is getting to sleep in. Lilo spent most of the night with me curled into the side of me fast asleep. So yeah if you haven't noticed all ready I don’t really have all that much to blog about and that's why I’m going on about lots of different random things really.

So first the title of this post is "el chistoso" that’s Spanish for the funny guy. I chose this as my title because on Thursday my Spanish homework was to learn 14 words.  The first word that we had to learn was el chistoso. I learned them on Friday morning because I was too tired in Thursday night but anyway I still learned them. The only word that I could remember really well was el chistoso. I drove everybody mad all day saying it over and over again. I got hit a couple of times by Kellie for saying it. She then learned the French word for shut up and eve time I spoke Spanish she spoke French.It turned out to be a pretty good day yesterday. In the end though in Spanish when we were writing out the words el chistoso didn’t come up :( we only had to write out 9 of the and I got 6 of the 9 right, I was very happy because I am really bad at Spanish. I also noticed that yesterday Spanish class was well easy kind of I mean I understood what we were doing, that doesn’t happen very often.

Yesterday at lunch time I signed up to be a stage manager for the musical that the school is putting on this year. I know that it’s a big job with a lot of responsibly but I did it last year for our English Drama Noughts and Crosses when we got into the final of the briery gap drama competition. I decided to put my name down because I thought it was fun and I really enjoyed doing it last year. If I am able to do it then I will also got the chance to make some new friends along the way. Only T.Y’s and fifth years was allowed to put their names down to hep backstage so it will help me to make new friends with some of the fifth years.

My two tests went ok; I think I will have passed them. Some of the questions I got stuck on but most of them I was ok with. I have a Spanish test on Monday that I have to study for.  It’s on the irregular present tense verbs. I know some of them but other I don’t have a clue so I am going to spend most of tomorrow learning them off by heart.

And I am going to POLAND in like 6 weeks, the day after Halloween. I am really excited about going. It’s a school trip and I have been looking forward to going for so long. I am not going to let anything get in my way of getting to Poland. Closer to the time I will write about how excited I am and how I am looking forward to it but I have been trying to write this post all day but right now I think that it is time for bed. 

Just one more day!

Its Friday which means that its the weekend tomorrow! The weeks have been going by fast and there not dragging on forever, well that's what I think anyway. I am incredibly happy that after I get through today I can sleep. The weekend only really means one thing to me and that is well I get to SLEEP! I am so tired for school that is the only thing that I look forward to at the end of the day.... going to bed. Well I better go get rerady for school and try and fit in a bit of study for my two test before the day starts. I will have a good post up soon hopefully but for now Happy Friday everybody!

Be Positive :)

Found this on YouTube ad I really really like it!

Photo of the day. :)

Me and Tom Tom. :)

All sewed up.

Yesterday I had a bit of a trip walking to school and kind of fell into a wall. Yeah I know if you know me well you’re not surprised reading this but yeah once again I managed to hurt myself. I cut my knee and what seemed to be a small cut that was fine when I got to school and all during the day turned out to be something a little worse than the scratch I thought it was. When I got home I sat down on my leg and then it started to bleed, I figured now will be a good time to tell my dad. The first aid kit was soon taken out and my dad had me patched up in no time and I got back to doing my homework and getting ready for scouts.

Once again It started to bleed after scouts but this time it was because while we were playing snatch the bacon I fell onto my knew when I was trying to catch the bacon (I lost our team the point because of my fall) It stopped and started for a while when I got home but Tom and Paul came to my rescue and bandaged me up nice and tight to make sure the bleeding would stop but then when my dad got home we decided to go to the doctor.

After two painful injections and three painless stitches later I was as good as new and heading home a very tired Siobhán. I still don’t know how I managed to trip right now I’m blaming the wind for my little accident yesterday. It happened to my left knew and well my left leg has no luck at all, I managed to break that foot twice when I was younger, I sprained it after I fell down a manhole at an athletic competition, I tore my ligaments and tendons in my foot doing the long jump, I missed the step going out the back door to my garden and I tore my ligaments and tendons and then I jumped off a bin and tore my ligaments and tendons again. See that poor leg has been through so much pain. With my new positive thinking I am positive that once I get my stitches out that leg will be as good as new and will have no more injuries.

My new positive attitude is lasting a lot longer than I expected especially because I have a home ec and biology test on Friday that I am a bit worried about but I’m sure ill mange to learn my stuff and do good and then a Spanish test on Monday but if I can learn my verbs I will be fine and hopefully pass with flying colours. Positive think has done a lot for me over the past few days all ready I feel better in myself, I know I’m going to have my down days but for now I’m doing ok and when I got to see my psychologist tomorrow I am going to be happy to be able to say that right now I am doing good!  :) Stay Positive! 

Keep fighting Michelle!

Hope you get well soon auntie Michelle, Keep holding on.
Stay strong!

Photo of the day. :)

Family day out. :)

Mondays aren’t all that bad!

So well today is Monday and well most people hate Mondays especially Monday mornings but since starting fifth year I don’t. My Mondays start with L.C.V.P as my first class and well I am delighted with the class because it’s an easy start  to the week with a bit of work to be done but also a bit of fun to be had. After that the day isn’t too bad with Irish then double biology after break. Biology isn’t all that bad and well I really like it that is when were not testing the enzyme reactions of liver and has to chop up so animal liver that smells really bad but other than that I really like it even all the theory! Well then we have maths and well maths is maths, I struggle a bit but I manage in pass. Then comes home ec witch I really enjoy as well all though I got very confused today when we were talking about losing water and everything but I think I have it now.

After that we have Spanish and well me and Spanish don’t really get along, I’m in honours and kind of struggling and have been since first year and well my teacher wouldn’t let me drop don and I guess I’m glad didn’t but right now I wish that I had. English oh I am really starting to love English, Ms C is an amazing teacher and very funny too. We started Macbeth today I’m liking it so far but finding it hard to follow because Paul had the book before me and he has notes written everywhere! Then I have I.T and today the computer that I used every day last year in T.Y for I.T is back It broke last year and it is finally back and fixed, I couldn’t use it though because I couldn’t log in as ecdl but still its back. That computer as the reason I won the blog award, it was where most of my blogging took place!

Anyway now that you know all of the classes I have on a Monday yeah I know boring and I don’t even know why I told you but I don’t really have anything else to blog about. On Mondays I also go to scouts where I help out with the beaver scouts, the youngest group if them all. I like it its fun but it can also be loud an annoying. There use to only be 6 or 7 beavers now there are 12 and I think I am going to go insane. I love going up and playing with the kids and talking and messing, it makes me feel like I am a child again. I got to play snatch the bacon today because the teams were uneven and knowing me as usually I did fall in front of the kids and got laughed at but hey I made them smile so it was worth it. There is a camp coming up this month and me and Kellie are going to help out, not so sure if I’m staying over but I am going each day because I am doing the first aid there as well so it should be a good weekend.

My whole new trying to be positive and look on the bright side attitude that was mainly inspired by Mrs L is going well so far. I have just written a very happy post and well I feel good today. I go to see my cousins too; I don’t get to see them a lot but when I do it’s nice to see how much they are growing up. I also received some sad news about my auntie today who is very ill in hospital but I am keeping positive and I have no doubt that she will pull through because she is such a strong woman and I know she is not ready to leave here three kids just yet. So that really it from me, a kind of boring post but a nice post.  

Keep Fighting Michelle hope you get well soon you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

Photo of the day. :)

Photo of the day. :)

Me and my new one month old 3rd cousin,
 well I think hes my 3rd cousin anyway.
Oisin is the cutest baby ever!

Suicide Prevention day.

Today is suicide prevention day and well I decided to write a blog post about it. To be honest I’m going to make this a very personal post because well suicide is something that I have dealt with in my life and something such as suicide prevention means a lot to me. I have written a lot of very personal post and well that’s because I am trying to share my story and help people who are going through hard times. I mean if things that I write show people that there is hope and even if you think things aren’t going to get any better they will. I have gone through some hard times and I still kind of am and most of the time I find it hard to see that there is hope and things will get better but with the help of some very close friends I know that things will get better even if I don’t think that things will my friends assure me that they will.

So today is suicide prevention day and well I attempted suicide in 2010 two days before my junior cert started. Many people thought that I did it because of the stress of the exams that I was about to do but it wasn’t, there wear many reasons and if I was to list them I would be here for a while so I’m just going to keep my reasons short. I did it because I felt lonely, isolated, depressed and that there was no point in living. There are many other reasons why I did this some were because of the loss of my mam, my problems with my IBS and yeah the stress of the exams had a part to play in it as well but they weren’t the only reasons. I just didn’t want to lie anymore; I thought people would be happier without m and that if I was to die I would be reunited with my mam.

I went up to my room because I was feeling like crap and took a piece of glass to my arm. I began to cut, I did manage to stop before it got to serious and then my dad found out in a matter of minutes after. I was taken to the hospital, crying, and upset annoyed and angry. I will never forget the look on my dad’s face when I told him that I wanted to die and that I did try and kill myself. I spent a week in the hospital and even done some of my exams there, I was watched by a nurse all day every day and not let out of their sight. When I was allowed go home it was on the grounds that I would be watched at home and that I would also go back to the hospital on a weekly basis to see a psychologist. I was allowed to go back to school but only if I was dropped to school, then collected and I was not allowed to leave the school if my dad was not there to collect me.

The point I am trying to get across here is that no matter how bad you are feeling and how bad things might seem ending your life is not what you want to do. I survived my suicide attempted and I am happy that I am still here. Yeah I might still be struggling with some problems and I find it hard sometimes to see my future but with the help of close friends I know that I want to be here right now. Anything thing that gets me down or upset now I think of it as being a bump in the road but I know once I get over this bump I will be back on track and trying to make things better for myself. If it wasn’t for one very important teacher in my life right now I don’t know where I would be, she helps me to realise that I need to focus on today and once I get through today I can work on getting through tomorrow. Just take things one day at a time. Doesn’t worry about all the stupid things going on around you, I always do that and it always gets me down but I’m slowly learning not to let them get me down.

The most important thing that you can do is talk to someone if you are feeling like you want to end it all. Believe me I have been there and I wish I didn’t try to take my own life but I can’t go back in time and I have to live with the scars for the rest of my life. Talk to anyone, a parent, a friend a sibling or even a teacher. Sure email me at if you need to talk to some who knows what you’re going through.

I know that there is a reason to live. I am still battling against my depression and IBS. I m going to get better, it will take a while and I do sometimes have trouble seeing the future and I do dwell on things that have happened in the past and feel sorry for myself but I am going to get better. There is hope and things will get better just talk to someone. Believe me things will get better.

In honour of all those people who died from suicide light a candle at 8pm tonight and place it near a window.

Photo of the day. :)

Amy's graduation :)

Photo of the day. :)

Lilo got tired from all the homework she was doing!

Just for you Emer :)

Photo of the day. :)

Thats me with my cool hat :)

Back to training I go.

Today I was my first night back to athletics in three months. I missed it so much. I would have gone back during the summer but I was an idiot and hurt my foot by missing a step going into my garden and ending up in a cast two weeks and crutches for another week but I slowly got better until I jumped off a bin. I know what you’re thinking why the hell would a person jump of a bin well it’s because I got locked out and me and emer wanted to go into my back garden to play with Lilo. I got over the gate onto the bin and that’s where I had trouble getting down and so I decided to jump and well I landed in the hospital that night. Get it, I jumped and landed in the hospital, yeah it’s a bad joke I know I’m tired and I’m in fifth year and struggling to find time to blog so I’m trying to catch up not but I really should be staring on my L.C.V.P homework..... Maybe I’ll just do it in the morning. We haven’t been told when it is due yet but I don’t have that L.C.V.P teacher again until Friday so I will have plenty of time to do it. Yeah I have three teachers for the one subject, I’m an idiot and get confused trying to do simple things that Mrs L tell me to do on blogger and I’m meant to remember what teacher I have for L.C.V.P and when. I might be organised but I have a terrible memory.

Sorry I was meant to be talking about training so now I’m going to get back on track. I went today knowing that I would have to run because it’s too early in the season for throwing sand I am having a bit of trouble with jumping at the moment because of my foot so I would be able to do my glide anyway. So I knew I would have to do polish cross country and I thought my foot would hurt so I figured I would go and do as much as I could.

It wasn’t too bad to begin with I got my two laps warm up done and then the other four laps we had to do. Yeah I said four, anybody who knows be would think it’s a miracle for me to do two never mind four. So before we started the polish cross country I had done 6 laps I was pretty tired and my foot began to hurt but against Pauls advice I carried on but I was only going to jog and I wouldn’t do the exercises everybody else was going to do because I wouldn’t be able to do most of them with y foot at this stage. I jogged really slowly but got to have a nice chat to Vivian along the way so I could put up with the pain. So after the three laps of polish cross country I was don’t I couldn’t do anymore and so I told the coach and went to sit in the club house while the rest of the group did the last two last of fart leg.

I was happy with how the session went because well I  managed to nine laps with breaks I know I didn’t do as much as everybody else did or all the exercises but that was because I couldn’t with my foot. I’m really annoyed over my foot being so sore. It was getting better and I was running around on Friday in school I won’t say who I was running from but it involved my hiding under a desk at one point but any I was running in school but when I go training it decides to get sore again. I think I will be missing training on Thursday :(  I feel so lost without athletics. There might also be a trip to the doctor and physio needs to help my foot get better :(  But I refuse to be on crutches again and it will get better even if Aoife says it won’t

Owl city.

Yesterday night me and Emer headed to the academy in Dublin to see my all time favourite band perform. Owl City aka Adam Young is the most amazing musician ever and I love him so much. I bought the tickets as a birthday present for emer whose birthday is on Thursday so I will have to work on a post soon about how we became friends and stuff for her birthday. I bought her this present because well I really wanted to go and in our group of friend’s owl city is like out thing. We even have our own song, the bird and the worm which he played last night and after me and emer stopped screaming we could sing along!

This morning I was still trying to get over the shock about the whole thing, the fact that we were there and so was he I just love him so much and he is amazing. I was worried about going though, mainly about getting my homework done for today but I got most of it done at lunch yesterday and then just before I went to the concert. And well as for my learning homework I rewrote it and brought it with me to the concert and learned it in the queue. It didn't do me much good as half way during the concert I turned to Emer and informed her I had forgot all of my home ec. But a well I learned it this morning and I think I did it pretty ok when I was writing it out today for my teacher, well I hope that I did.

I had an amazing night all thanks to Emer and if he ever comes back to Ireland I will be going to see him again!

Photo of the day. :)


This morning I went to take a look at the St. Wolstan’s T.Y blog to see if there has been any post about  what the T.Y’s have been getting up to this year. I am interested in what they are doing to see if it much different form some of the things that I got to do last year and to also see what they think of what they are doing weather they are enjoying it or not. I read a post that was written by Mrs. L about something called quadblogging. I have never heard of this and there was a video in the post explaining about it and it is all very simple really. Click here to see the video.

From talking to a few of the T.Y’s around school they seem to be loving T.Y so far. They are going to be having their social development days during this week that was something that I missed out on last year because my granddad died but my friends told me that it was a great day and they got to learn a lot about each other. Then they will be going on a bonding trip to carlingford soon too. I was really looking forward to that last year but I missed the trip because I was sick and I had to spend the night in hospital. But again apart from Kellie returning on crutches everybody said it was a great trip.

SO far this year the T.Y’s have started dance, Pilates and photography. We got to do dance which was really fun, not something I would keep up doing outside school but it was great to have the chances to experience it in school. The same goes for Pilates it was great to experience it in school but I wouldn’t keep it up outside school. I didn’t like it all that much, I mean it was fun but just not something that I really like.

And well for photography we didn’t get to do that last year. It was brought in this year. I was kind of disappointed when I heard that they got to do it and we didn’t because I have a great interest in photography. But during the year I did get a chance to learn photography because it was the new skill I decided to do when I was taking part in Gasice. I would recommend that all the T.Y’s this year take part in Gasice, it was a great trip and I had lots of fun. It was like a carlingford trip for me.

I hope all the transition years enjoy every moment of T.Y because it goes by really fast. I also think that they should blog about everything that they do and get involved in as much as they can. If it wasn’t for my blog I wouldn’t be able to remember half of the things that we did during the year because we did some much and I’m sure that this year they will be doing even more and it will be harder for them to try and remember everything. I can’t wait to start reading about all the different things that they are going to be doing during the year.

Photo of the day. :)

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