Time for a break

I haven't been keeping the blog updated very often recently and there are a number of reasons behind that.I have become worried about my blog and about my readers. The blog isn't what it used to be and I feel I have let you all down as a result of that. I've been blogging for close to six years and right now I have come to a stage where I am in limbo, am I keeping the blog going because of the expectations that come with having won awards or am I keeping the blog going out of love, passion and desire to make a difference in peoples lives through my writing? Ideally it would be the latter but I'm not sure at this moment if it is or not.
I feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to try and write, to try and get something up so as not to let you all down but that pressure has become too great and it is deterring me from doing so. As the pressure build I loose my passions, writing begins to feel more a chore, and that is not what I want.
It's hard to put myself out there all the time, laying my insecurities out for everybody to see. It takes a lot out of a person and sometimes I find myself questioning if it does more harm than good.
I have reached a point now where I am not sure if I want to keep my blog going. I feel there is a huge sense of pressure on me, like I have to keep up to a certain standard as a result of winning awards and Im not sure if I am able to do that. I have reached a point where Im not sure if sharing my story, my experiences and my life with mental health issues is helping me in any way or if it is causing more damage. 
I don't want to let my readers down, you have been supportive and encouraging throughout my years of blogging, but right now, Im not sure what I want. I feel right now I need to take a break, remove the pressure and expectations and allow myself to write because I want to and because I love to, not because I feel I have to. Maybe when the pressure lessens my passions will increase and my blog will be what it once was but for now Im taking a break from the blog and giving myself a chance to figure out what it is I want from my blog and my writing.
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