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Parents helping teens who self harm.

Often when you first tell your parents that you self-harm they do not understand why you do it and they can often become very sad or angry. It is often very confusing for a parent to be told this and from my own experience this is very true. No matter how much you explain it they will not understand it. So it might help to sit down and talk to them about it. Here are some of the things that might help you to make it clear to your parents about self-harm:

They are not alone!! They need to be reassured that there are other parents out there experiencing the same things as they are. Although it is very important that you receive the right help to conquer your self-harm it is also very important that your parents receive some kind of support to help them during this journey with you.

It takes time!! It takes time to overcome self-harm it is not something that will just happen overnight. The young person first needs to realise why they are self-harming and see how this kind of behaviour helps them. They need to realise that it is not making the situation and better although they may think that. It is normal for young people to have mixed feelings about giving up self-harm. Once the young person realises that this is an unhealthy behaviour they will soon begin to want to stop their self-harm and battle the problem head on and overcome it.

We don’t do it for attention!! Many parents or adults begin to think that self-harm is a way of looking for and getting attention when in most cases it is not. Many people who self-harm keep it a secret and will go to great lengths to hide their self-harm marks. If someone was doing it for attention they would show their marks and want to be asked questions about them. Most young people do it as a way of coping with difficult things and will hide them so people don’t find out about them. The two most common reasons as to why people self-harm is to control painful and frightening experiences of overwhelming feelings and to escape from the feeling of being empty and numb.

These ore some of the most important points that parents and adults need to know about self-harm. They need to try their very best to understand the situation although that is not always possible. Young people need to try and understand how their parents are feeling and parents need to try and understand how the young person is feeling. To get over self-harm bother parents and young people need to be on the same page and they need to help each other through the hard times on the road to recovery.

References: Michael Hollander(2008): Helping teens who cut.

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Yeah I know when you read this title you are going to think that I am writing a blog post about pens but I’m going to make a fair point with this, well in my head this is a fair point. I will go back to some more of my serious posts after this one but here we go.

I was thinking about pens when I decided to write this post. You see I have noticed that I always manage to lose my pens but the thing is I don’t lose them. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you put a pen somewhere it seems to just disappear? I have maybe it could just be me but this always happens to me in school! I leave it on the desk and then as soon as I turn around it has vanished into thin air, Maybe I am overexerting this a bit but you know what I mean. I pen is never where you left it.

Sometimes you lend a teacher your pen and you never see it again, or a friend asks to borrow a pen and t never comes back to you, or your dog takes it and eats it. IN my house I am always losing my pens. I can never understand how I manage to go through as many opens as I do, really it just confuses me. Even writing this post is after confusing me. I am a very easily confused person anyway yeah the point of this post was well I guess there is no point but anyway I am always losing my pens.

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The BIG Day!!!!

Today is the day that my brother Shane marries the most amazing girl in the world. I am so happy for him. All the planning and preparation is finally finished and the big day is here. I cant wait to see how everything comes together in the end.  By the end of today the Bradys will officially have a new family member and I will have a sister-in-law. Well I best be off and go and practice walking in these shoes so I dont fall and end up breaking my leg. :)

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So this post is going to be all about friendship if you didn’t notice that by the title. Over the past couple of months I have really realise the value of friendship. Since I have been in hospital and my friends have been by my side the whole time. I have the most amazing friends in the world they mean the world to me and I would be lost without them.
                                                                                                                                                                                         They have been so strong and supportive about the whole thing, they have helped to keep my blog updated, sent me texts and letters keeping me up to date on everything that I have been missing. They also know how important school work is to me and have sent me in notes so that I can try to keep up to date on all my school work. If it wasn’t for them I have no idea where I would be right now. All of my friends, family and teachers have been the people that have kept me going through all of this and of course the doctors and nurses and all the staff in the hospital too but my friend shave been my soul support.

Aoife got her mam to make me brownies, which were amazing and everybody especially the nurses seemed to enjoy at the hospital. They are the best thing that you could have to cheer you up along with ll of her other amazing cooking. Thanks Jane. :)

Ginger was put in charge of keeping my blog up to date for the first while and she did a great job of that and it also helped to keep me informed about things that I was missing. It was great to see that they were having good fun and Ginger was great at writing the blog posts.

If it wasn’t for them sending me in school work and notes I would more than likely have to redo fifth year next year and I don’t want that to happen. I have every intention on graduating school with the girls that are the reason I am still here today. I know that Louise sent me in Spanish worksheets often and I know I didn’t do them but everybody knows that the chances of me doing my Spanish are  very slim but I will get to them eventually.

I have had this picture with me for the past few months and it has been the most important picture to me through this whole journey to recovery. It hasn't just been these friends that have got me through everything, it has been the friends that i have made along the way as well that have got me through this.I have made friendships that will never be broken because we have connected in a way that many people don't. So as i left the hospital today for my discharge there was some tears but tears of happiness that i got to met the amazing people that I did and also because the staff in the hospital have made a huge impact on my life and I am just so grateful for them.

Every day that I have looked at this picture it has helped me make another step on my journey. It has helped me to remember why I was not going to give up and do all that I could do so that I could get home and back to my friends as soon as possible. The first few days were very hard and it was knowing that my friends would all still be my friends when I got discharged that got me through them. I had my bad days and my good days and it knew that I had friends that would help me through it.

So I guess that the mad bunch of dirty minded girls that I call my friends are the definition of true friends. I am glad to be able to call them my friends and I could not ask for a better group of friends. Thanks girls for everything, You all mean the world to me.

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London, Paris, Rome…. Where to next?

I have been thinking about a few things that I would like to do when I get older, maybe before college or after college but one of the things that I really would like to do is go travelling with some friends and see some new places around the world. I have been to a few places before, Spain, Rome, Poland, Florida, Boston, New York but most of them have really been on holidays except for Poland which was a school trip that I went on last year. I would love to go around the world to so many other exciting and interesting places. I want to gain new experiences and live my life and have fun. I want to have something to look forward to and a goal that I want to reach in life. Some of the places that I would love to go to are:

Paris- I want to go to the very top of the Eiffel tower but there is no way that I will be going in a life, I don’t care how many steps I would have to walk but there is no way that I am getting into a life to go up there.

London-I have no idea why I want to go to London I guess I just do, sure why not it seems like it’s only around the corner but I know that it’s not.

Germany- I would love to go to Germany. I have a great interest in history especially history related to the Second World War. I would love to learn some more about that period in history. I would bring my friend Vivian who is from Germany and she could show me her home town.

Russia- I want to go all around Russia and learn more about their culture and I would love to try my hand at some Russian dance.

Australia- For adventure minus the spiders and snakes. I would love to go bridge walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or go bungee jumping. Now I say this things as if I will do them but if I ever do get there and have the opportunity of doing them it might take some convincing but yeah I might possible do it, I like the idea of doing it anyway.

America- I would love to go all around America on a road trip and go to all the different states and try new things.

I would love to go to so many other countries, India, China, Japan New Zeeland and so many more. It would be a great experience and a very enjoyable adventure. I would love to go on an adventure trip and try new things. Climb a mountain, volunteer with different charities abroad, there is so many different things that would be so amazing to do and if you are lucky enough you will get to do them. All of these things are a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

What would be something that you would love to do?


So and I have finally gotten my discharge date and well it wont be long now until I am back home for good!! I have spent almost four months in hospital and in a few weeks when I get discharged I will have spent four months in hospital. It has been a long and tiring road to recovery and now I am on the last leg of my journey. Im always going to have hard times, sure everybody is but hopefully things will be better than before they were when I went into hospital. During my time in hospital I have gained friends and lots friends, laughed and cried but it wasnt all that bad. I feel like a different person now. I know how to cope with things and I am happy with myself. Things have got a lot better fro me and I have to thank all the staff in the hospital, the other patients, my family and my friends. Without all of these people helping me along the way I would not be sitting right here writing this blog post right now. So thank you for everything.

Finally getteing my discharge date made me realise that things do get better and no matter how bad things get in life there is always light at the end of the tunnel and things will always get better eventually. It just takes time. I know seeing other people move on helped to give me hope so maybe me moving on and showing people that it is possible that it might help someone out there who is going through a hard time.

20 Days :)

20 Days 20 Days left to go until my brother gets married!!! :)
Im very excited just to let you know!

I know I havent been writing for a while but as soon as I get a bit more time I will write some more post but for now I wanted to let you know that it is 20 Days until my brother gets married! :)

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