Hard Work!

Hard work is important. I guess one of the times that i put a lot of hard work and effort into something was last year in transition year. I put the most work into mini company green hero and well all of the hard work really did pay off as we made it all the way to the national final of the get up and go competition and won a prize in it too.

There are a lot of things involved in hard work but what you get out of it is better than you think. From putting in hard work into our mini company I grew as a person... I became more confident, i got better with communication, I got closer to old friends, I got closer to new friends, i made new friends, i found out what I was good at and I got to experience new things.

I have to say i did not like some parts of mini company and there was a lot of stress and tension in the group at theism and having to put so much hard work in to achieve our goals was stressful and tiring but the outcome was more than what we hoped form when we began the project. This isn’t a very long post put the pint of it is that a bit of hard work can go a long way and so there is no harm in putting the work in because you will get something out of it!

Photo of the day. :)

I found Nemo. :)

The dentist!

Do you like going to the dentist? Because i know that I hate going to the dentist.... i am terrified of going to the dentist ever since i was in second year when something went wrong and I ended up being in a huge amount of pain! Yeah so i don’t like going to the dentist... i get nervous anxious and restless when I have to go and when i have to sit in the chair i get even worse and i guess it doesn’t help that I have to get an operation to fix my jaw which means more time spent going to the dentist!!!!!!!!!

But it’s not all that bad i guess... it’s really just the tools and the moulds and well the biggest part that I hate is the DRILL!!!!!!!!! Even the sound of it sends shivers down my spine i hate it so much and i never want it near my mouth ever again!!!!!!!!!

How do you feel about going to the dentist? Are you like me a nervous wreck or is it just another one of those things that you just do and don’t even think about it?

Whats your biggest fear?

Mind block

Today I honestly don't know what to write. I want to be my dogs at the moment, they are all snuggled up in their beds asleep! They look so comfortable.
I've done all my homework, doing this now and I honestly don't know what to do next. I wonder if this happens to bloggers having a mind block? Hmmm.. There is a thought.
Well, I can't wait for dinner. If that can't get any more random!
Oh I've got my english essay done, I did it at 2 am. But its over and done with at least. Now its the fact of hoping if its good enough.
I did get a really nice sleep last night. 1st time in a week! The week I've just had has been so crazy, alot of tears and not alot of sleep. Hopefully things will pick up next week. Going to busy so my mind will be focused on other things rather than other things (if that makes sense).
LMFAO is on the American Music Awards 2011 at the moment and they are doing Sexy and I know it. If any of you's know the video, performing it on stage they are keeping it to a respectable PG 13. Luckily.

Well that's all I have now for today, if I come up with anything later, I will write to you. :)

Ginger :)

Photo of the day. :)

Me and my grandad

Weird things we find out about ourselves :)

Well today.. So much to talk about.

Hahahaha not really.

Anyway, Kellie, Noel and I on the way home from rehearsals were showing weird things we can do with our hands and stuff, Noel can bend his thumb in weird ways (kind of gross, but cool at the same time :) ) , I can bend my fingers back really far my hand looks like an L  (looks pretty weird) and Kellie with her elbows and how they look when the inside of your arm is pointing out (if that makes any sense!). Just a random thing that came up when we were dropping Noel off at the train station after rehearsals today.
Unlike last time we had the weirdest conversation. At least it wasn't bad this time, hopefully we didn't scare Noel away! :P

On that note of rehearsals; Well, the journey is coming to a close end. One week Monday and its all over! :( Its so nice though having something to look forward to, after this I don't know what I'll do! :/ We worked with orchestra today, it sounds and looks amazing! I cannot wait just to see it in full on stage, it'll look amazing!

Just to tell you most of my posts will be about the musical, maybe.

Also today, I do Irish dancing so Friday week I am doing a show in Lucan somewhere, its to fund raise money to go abroad. I think.  I'm honestly not sure. We are doing show dances that we've done before we are doing 2 of show dances: Annie and Alice In Wonderland. Then we are doing our Figure Invention (which is a dance we've made up) we also have the little ones doing their invention and show dance, also the adult dance that they did at the All Irelands in Kilarney last June, after ALL of that we are doing step about, I am dreading that because I haven't properly danced basically since last June but before that it was January so my fitness levels are down, I am dreading all the hard work next week in class. My week this week is going to consist of  rehearsals Monday to Thursday, and on Wednesday I've got dancing, then Thursday I've got Life-Saving, rest on Friday ( probably do homework) then Saturday I've got dancing at 11 till 1 or 2 then running up to school to do the musical till whatever time then on Sunday in GAA club to do rehearsals again. Its going to be a crazy week, but I am honestly excited, which is weird because I'll be so tired at the end of it. But
ah well what can ya do? I'm just throwing myself into things (not literally) basically to try new things. Ty gave me that bit of experience to try new things and get out my comfort zone. Which I am doing, I honestly never thought I'd be a director. Ever! Its so weird looking at the musical from a different perspective. I'm usually the one being told to learn things and to do things now I'm asking people to one thing instead of another. Although with the cast they are naturally good at acting :) so they don't need to be told alot of things to change, maybe small things or do something a different way but they are naturally good at what they do :)
Well, I don't know what to waffle on about anymore hahahah Noel and I are having mind block.(discussed that on Facebook) . Weird... Haahahahahaha

Well, I'll write again tomorrow! :)
I'm actually starting to like this. Might set one up myself :D
Till then.
Aoife  :)

P.s Here's something random.
My nickname is Ginger, so sometimes I may sign off as Ginger :))

Well hello there :)

Hey guys,
Well I'm Aoife :), Siobhan already said that she's leaving. (You'll be back soon my dear! :)) So I'm taking over :D hehehe. I honestly promise I will be good, and this is written down so I have to keep to my promise not for the blog but for Siobhan :).
Well today was a very empty day because of alot of students going off to NUIM today. But!!! We got sweeties of Mrs L :) Thanks Mrs!! :D.
I honestly don't know what to write. Even though I did blogs for T.Y.  I never know what to write :/ It's honestly a bit worrying. I was left in charge of this, promising to be good.( I will stick to it! ) I just need to figure out what to say.
Well.. The musical! :D
Its coming along so well, I'm honestly so happy with it, its been such a journey like some days I didn't want to go to rehearsals because I was tired, or had loads and loads of homework to do but, when your there and everyone is chatting away and having a laugh or messing up lines and doing something funny afterwards it makes the time worth while going. I never been so happy to go to rehearsals, even if it made me so tired at the end of each week! It'll be all worth it in the end. Its just 1 week Monday! In October when rehearsals started you could never see the finish line close by, as there was so much work was involved! Now, well... It was worth the time and effort. Also! How some people travelled to get to the school to rehearse! Some took buses, trains and taxis' to get to us. Its amazing how when they said they'll commit to doing something they really put the time and effort in, even if they are there for only  an hour, they make their time worth while by getting stuck into the work and making sure everything is perfect and finding their feet with their character. I love how when the scene starts they just complete change into the character. I don't know how Mrs. W got the actors perfect but she has that thing where she knows who suits what character. Its amazing how they all fit so well with their character. I know I'll keep saying it but its still amazing!
To other news..
Christmas is EXACTLY 1 month away! :D Okay, I know I'm never excited till the week before but this year has gone soo fast! Personally myself, its been the most craziest year ever! I've had my up's and down's with friends and boyfriends! Hahahaha (trust me I have) alot of tears but made me a stronger person and more mature too, even though I will still have those really immature moments (hey! live life to the full I suppose we only live once!) every tear this year was worth it. Whatever knocks you down just pick yourself back up and move on, everything happens for a reason it'll make you stronger in the end it's just a stepping stone of life :)

Well, on that note, I'm going to sign off.
I hope I did well on my first day of blogging :)

Aoife :P xx

Photo of the day. :)

Adios Amigos

Well this is kind of weird me writing this post..... I guess I never thought that this would happen. So in  the morning im going off for a while and wont be able to keep up my blogging but I dont want my blog to die so I am putting Aoife in charge of it. I dont know what I have got my self into but yeah she is going to be updating it for the next while when Im away. I have to post that will be going up and some photos too but I said that all the girls could come together and write post's if they wanted to so hopefully it will end up being a success.

So im off now for a while but feel free to keep emailing me or whatever I might not get back to you if you do but I will eventually. But for now tomorrow is my new beginning. It will be the first day of a long and hard recovery but with all the support that I have and with the people who are in my life I will get through this.

Remember There is always light at the end of the tunnel!


 Another thing on my list of things to blog about is what if your house caught fire? What are the things you would try and save? So I’m just really going to list them in order of importance to me.

1.     A teddy that my mam gave to me before she died.... it was her very first teddy and it means the world to me.

2.     My granddads hat.... we use to always mess with it together, i would always hide it on him and wear it when he wasn’t looking, i got to keep it after he died.

3.     My memory and prayer box so that i will have the most important things in my life still with me no matter what happens.

Lilo..... Our puppy I couldn’t leave here behind..... She is like my shadow and is always with me and i love her to bits.

4.     Ginger... our cat well he’s never in our house but if he was i would take him with me!

5.     My phone and my ipod!!!!!! So i will have the internet and i will be able to go on facebook while i watch my house burn to the ground!

6.     My savings so i can buy new clothes after they all get burnt in the fire and i don’t have to go around without any clothes.

7.     My schoolbag and keys.... so i will be able to get to my locker in school to get some of my books and while i am watching my house burn to the ground i can do a bit of study so i don’t fall behind in my schoolwork...... see I’m a nerd.

I think that’s it really..... I’m not really sure what i would take. What would you take if there was a fire?

Biology song!

I wont fail biology now that I have found this song....

Tropical Island.

On my list of things that I can blog about one of them is to imagine that I a stranded on a tropical island with nothing at all but my group of friends and we have to try and figure out how we are going to survive and get home. Without even thinking about it i can tell you that between me and my friends we would end up killing each other. But anyway I’m going to try and think of all the different ways that we could get back home from the island.

Ok so I guess we could just stay there and eat the coconuts of the tress and build a little house out of sticks and we would be grand until someone found us.... but that’s not very likely to happen so the best thing is not to listen to me if we ever get stuck on a tropical island because i will say we should just make the most of it and find a way to live there and build houses and find food. If you ask me i think it would be fun kind of like the film Nims Island which I love to bits.

We could build a house like this! :)
(knowing us it wouldn't turn out anything like that but you get the idea)
I guess we could try and swim home.... there you have another one of my stupid and usless ideas so again if we get stuck on a an island together remember not to listen to me because we will end up dead unless it is my first idea which i think would be fun and that we could live a happy life on the island kind of like lost but i know nothing about that show so i could be wrong.

We could build a boat. Now that is one of my more promising ideas but if i was to build the boat it would sink so i think i would just watch the other people build the boat so we all wouldn’t die. Now i have just realised i am forgetting who my friends are....... Kellie and Ginger would be too busy thinking of ways to get home but getting sidetracked with their very dirty minds. Emer and Ashling would be having one of their special moments together either screaming at each other or jumping on top of each other so we would just leave them to it. Aoife would be having a panic attack hoping that Nathan from the wanted would magically appear and save us all. Louise would be the one who takes control giving us hope that we will get home alive. Mandy and Róisin would be trying to use their tech skills to build a plane or something to get us home. Niamh and Nezzy would be off in their own little worlds and well then you have me thinking of all the useless ideas and having fun playing in the sand being very happy where I am even if it means I am stranded on an island. And yeah none of the boyfriends are coming but if they did well they would all be screaming at each other so yeah there not included in this. But if they were Emmet and Evan would be off together..... Martin would be the lone ranger I think and then John and Darragh well they would be jealous that Aoife is thinking of Nathan and Emer is off with Ashling but i don’t know them very well so i could be very wrong but anyway this is going to be a girl’s only island.

To be honest i would just rather stay on the island and go with my idea and well it would be fun but I’m sure after a while we will end up killing each other or something like that but i think it would be fun but only really if we had everything that we needed like food and stuff but hey we can always pretend that we have food and other stuff there and it would be as if it is real. So yeah if i ended up on a tropical island with my friends it would not turn out well.

What would you do if this happened to you?

Wheres Nemo?

How could you not love the film finding nemo!

The person I admire.

I haven’t been writing very much lately and well that’s because I don’t have all that much to write about and I have been so busy with school and everything but now I have a lot of things to write about and on the top of my list is the person that I admire.  Well for me it’s more the people that I admire because I don’t just admire one I admire two and those two people are the most important people in my life and while they might not be here with me they are still here in spirit.

 The two people that I admire are my mam and my granddad. I’ll start with my mam. She was the most amazing mother anybody could ever wish for and I know people say that about their mothers all the time but mine was something different she was something special. She was a one in a kind and since she died my world has not been the same at all. The reasons as to why I admire are:

She was the best mother I could have wished for
She was strong.
She was intelligent.
She always did the right thing;
Her love for her family was true.
She never let me down.
She never gave up.
She fought against cancer for 18 months because she loved her family.
No matter what happened she was always there for us.

Im not going to get too much into things because all ready I can feel the tears coming because I miss her so much and i think i have had enough tears for one week and believe me I had lots. Thanks Aoife and Róisín for staying with me during my melt down on Friday. Love you guys.

Anyway these are the reasons that I admire my mam and well they are the same for my granddad but different. I want to keep writing this post but I can’t, I am typing this trying to hold back the tears and I know I just know that if i start talking about my granddad now I will flood my bedroom with tears so I am going to stop now but here is a picture of me and my granddad and if you look through my blog you will find some post on my granddad and mam. So for rambling but it’s been a long week and I don’t want to have any more tears this week.

Photo of the day. :)

Photo of the day. :)

Beautiful people.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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I stand.

Photo of the day. :)


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” 

 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Photo of the day. :)


“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.”  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Photo of the day. :)

Whats impossible?


I found this on the internet and I thought that it was a great thing to think off when you feel something is impossible. It reminded me a lot of when I was in Poland and we met with a survivor from one of the concentration camps........ He told us that there were three things that got him out of the camp..... His faith, His community of friends around him and his will to live. That just goes to show that nothing really is impossible.

Photo of the day. :)

Tea spoons or table spoons??

Lets just say when my family gets together it usually ends up in really weird and random conversations...... This being one of them. we were having dinner one Sunday and for dessert we had apple pie with custard. I eat my dessert with a tea spoon and so do Paul and Shane but not Amy. I have always eaten my dessert with a tea spoon I mean it just seems normal, why would you want to eat dessert with a big spoon adn so it would be finished sooner. Dessert is the best part of dinner and a smaller spoon makes it last that little bit longer and it also in my opinion makes it more enjoyable.

Amy told me to write this post so I guess I should put up her side of the argument even ifg I disagree with it completely. Her side was that that tea spoons always fall into the dessert when you leave them on the side of the dist because they are small. This then makes the spoon all sticky and then your hands all sticky. Where as if you use a table spoon your spoon doesn't fall into the dessert but it can do a full 360 turn around the side of the dish.

But if you are careful with your spoon then it is not going to fall into your dessert and it will not get sticky so really this only happens if you are careless but then again in my family it happens all the time. So when your eating dessert do you use a tea spoon like the Brady's or a table spoon like the Carton's?????

The Flintstones.

When I was younger I use to love watching the Flintstones..... I miss watching them.

The trip of a lifetime.

Can you see two nuns running??? What about a sausage dog? Well I finally made it to Poland and to say I had a great time is a bit of an understatement. The trip was amazing and well the opening line of this post is just one of the many funny things that were said while we were there. I was hoping to post this while I was in Poland but blogger was being annoying and I could not post some of them so I'm just going to write one about the trip as a whole. Well this has been started so many times and now I'm writing it in the plane but I'm sure I won't finish  it so I will end up finishing it a home but right now so of it is being written somewhere over some sea. So yeah I have gone off track and well yeah this post is going to be a bit all over the place but it will make sense eventually.

Day one.
So on the first day we had an early start meeting in the airport at 5 in the morning. I was so excited that I was up since 2 that morning and full of energy and dying to get to Poland. Things went pretty fast and we were soon on the plane and well I was freaking out about taking off but I got over that as soon as we were up in the air. The flight was only 2.30 hours but I became very restless and became a messenger passing maths homework between Aoife and Ashling up and down the plane. But hey it wasn't that bad.When we got to Poland we were off the plane and once we were in our teacher groups we were soon onto the bus. We got to the hotel, settled in and then headed out for our walking tour of Krakow. It was really good and the tour guide was lovely. We went to get some lunch, took a while to he past the language  barrier in mc Donald's but the will to get food was so strong we were not going to give up! 

After our walking tour we went around the square for a little bit  I played with the pigeons and then  we went to have a rest in the hotel. Our little walk around the square lasted longer for me Aoife and Ms KB as we were on a mission to buy a cupcake for Ashling for her birthday on Wednesday. But we managed to find a cupcake and made our way back to the hotel after Mr K kindly came back to find us so that we didnt get lost on the way back to the hotel. To tell him where we were Ms KB gave directions which consisted of Can you see a sausage dog? Clearly her  directions worked as we managed to make our way back to the hotel after he found us. 

After dinner which I thought was really nice we headed off to a church to go to mass for all saints day. It was so different from the type of mass we have at home but it was really nice and relaxing. I will write a post on that later to give people an insight into what I thought of how they celebrate mass. Even though the mass was in polish and I couldn’t understand it, it helped me to relax and it got me thinking about things in life. After mass it was time to go back to the hotel and settle for the night. The rooms were small but cosy. I shared with Ashling who scared the life out of me in the middle of the night when she started talking to herself!!!!! And people think that I am crazy! The first day was one of the best days over there and I wont forget it in a hurry.

Day two. 
Well day two was hard to say the least. It started with a trip to the concentration camp. It was an amazing experience but I was not able go in and out of some of the blocks in Auschwitz but we were told that we didn't have to. Some of the things that I did see though were enough to stick with me forever and I now have a better understanding of the kind suffering people went through. Free we had our tour of Auschwitz we then went over to the second part of it which was Birkenau. When I seen things it was a lot more like I expected to see. This was really hard and shocking. Seeing the remains if the gas chambers and where people sleepy was horrible but I am glad that I went to see what it was like. When we finished our tour we all gathered back into one group between two of the rooms where the people slept and had a minute silence and lit a candle to remember those who have died there. We had the head girl and the deputy head girl here to hold the candle and to represent St Wolstans. It was very nice and I was glad that we took the time to have a minute silence and pray.

After that it was back to the hotel for dinner and then we were heading to the water park to well try and cheer us up after the hard emotional day we had and well I think it worked. It was Ashling’s birthday that day so I think it was nice for her to go to the waterpark after dinner.  After we had our dinner me and Aoife got candles and the cupcake we had bought and brought it into the restaurant while singing happy birthday. Ashling was embarrassed but I think she liked it. It took us a while to find candle and then to get the candles lit but we managed it in the end.

I didn’t get into the water but there was a place that the people who didn't get in the water could sit and watch them. I know that sounds really bad but it was it really funny watching Aoife falling into the water. Me and Rebecca were almost on the floor laughing. And well me and Rebecca also learned about iclouds up in space..... Let’s just say that teachers have weird conversations. But it was good fun and when we couldn't find he bus when we were finished it led to an even more eventful day especially as I was having a laughing fit and Mr C thought I was going mad. But then again all the teachers thought that it was Aoife that was hyper and high on coke cola but after a sad day it turned into a good night. But I am never going to forget the things that I seen in the concentration camp.  It was a life changing experience that has really made me look at things in life a lot differently than I use to.

Day three.
A long and well scary day for me. We went into the salt mines which was fun but I kept getting teased by Mr C who was our group leader he also kept asking me are we there yet? I had never been in a cave before so it was a really cool and new experience for me. We had to walk 378 steps to get down but that was no problem for me and Aoife because we had been running up and down the starts in school for practice. You were able to put your hand on the wall of the salt mines and then taste the salt of your hand. It was so wired. I decided against tasting the walls of the salt mines because well I thought that might be just a bit weird.

It was amazing on the inside as well I can't say all that much about what happened down there because what happens in the salt mines stays in the salt mines. But I learned lots while I was down then and dint get lots and had a good  laugh with the girls and the teachers while we were down there. I got called special at one point so yeah thanks for that. It was also meant to be good for my asthma but I’m not so sure that it did very much for me because well having to go up on a tiny little lift with nine other people when you’re scared of lifts had me panicking. I was almost crying I was so scared. I ran out of the lift as soon as it stopped. It was so scary and I never want to have to go in that lift again. But people were helping to keep me relaxed, the girls, Mr C and the tour guide. I would have been much worse if it wasn’t for them. We could hear little children counting as we were going back op so that was kind of relaxing.

After that once I was relaxed I was back to my normal self. I was playing with the pigeons again after lunch which was really fun. After that we went to the Jewish museum which was really good and we had a really nice tour guide who Ms KB decided was going to be my boyfriend as when we were back at the hotel that night me and Ms KB seen him and started talking to him. So I was getting teased about that too but hey it was all good fun. After we had a tour of the museum we then got to meet with a survivor of the holocaust At this point I wasn’t feeling very well but I was still able to sit and listen to what he had to say.After listening to what he had to say I feel different, I mean he has got me thinking about so many different things. One of the main things that I took away with me from what he talked about was that no matter how bad things get things can always get better. That is the one main thing that I took out of that trip. Have hope and things will get better…… that man had hope and he had will to live and strong faith and because of that he is still alive today! I am still trying to take in everything that I saw and heard while I was on the trip. It really was a very moving trip. I am both physically and emotionally exhausted from the trip.

After that we had some free time we were kind of allowed to do what we wanted. we could go shopping or stay in the hotel. I chose to stay in the hotel and I sat with Ms KB for a while and we just talked and well I want to say thanks to her for that because I was feeling pretty sick and sad and down but after I talked to her I felt so much better so thanks Ms KB. After dinner we all went down to the square for about an hour. It was our last night so as you could imagine we were pretty hyper walking back to the hotel consisted of singing songs and piggy backs. It was the best night by far. We were ten allowed to sit on the landing on our floor all of us and talk for a few hours. After a while it got to worm and stuff so some of us went to siting other places and talk. At one point me Ashling Mandy and Louise were doing sit ups in the hall outside our room. But when we were told to go to bed me and Ashling ran into room like children not wanting to get into trouble.

Day Four.
Our last day was great fun. It started with a trip to Schindlers factory. I have to say it was nothing like I was expecting because I thought I was going to be seeing the factory and instead we seen a museum abut the Second World War but it was still good. After that we then headed to a huge shopping centre for the rest of the day to go shopping. It was good fun especially near the end when we were trying to make our post of the polish flag for Ms KB without her and the other teachers finding out. It was a bit hectic but we managed to pull it off. I’m still trying to figure out why Ashling actually trusted me to buy the paper seeing as we couldn’t find a big Polish flag but she did and to my surprise I didn’t do it wrong! One the teachers that got lost in the shopping centre were found it was then time to get on the bus and head for the airport. It was time to go home. I wanted my own bed and some toast but I also wanted to stay in Poland for a little bit longer.
The airport was great fun….. From playing in toy houses and getting things stuck in my eye It was great fun. The journey home on the plane was the best craic ever. It was so fun. There was another school from Ireland going home on the same plane as us they had come on the same plane to Poland with us too. The trip to Poland was unforgettable and amazing and I will never forget it!

So from teachers acting like loving caring parents to fitting three people in the shower and losing Aoife in the hotel it was the most amazing trip I have ever had and I will certainly not forget it. I also won’t forget Ashling biting me on the plane on the way home and the amount of times Aoife had me getting on the floor on the bus or the plane looking for something that she had lost or when I was building a fort with Louise in her room and doing exercises in the middle of the hall. A huge thanks has to be given to all of the teacher who came with us and put up with us for the four days and took care of us while we were there making sure we were ok so thanks Ms KB, Mr K, Mr C, Ms Mc H and Ms D. I had an amazing time and it was thanks to all of the effort and planning that you put into making the trip a success. You might think that I have told you a lot of what has happened while we were in Poland but I haven’t because well What happens on tour stays on tour!

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