Time sure fly's when your having fun... :)

2 months gone all ready.....

Well is been two months since I started TY and so far I haven’t regretted doing TY. I am really enjoying everything that we are doing. We have done so much since we first started ad here is still so much left to do.

 In the second week of TY both of the classes had social development day. Each class had a whole day each which was spent in the library. The aim of this day was to develop socially and make new friends and get to know the other people in your class. I was not in school for this day but I heard all about it when I got back. I heard that they talked about different colours and what colour best describes a person and all that kind of stuff. I was told that it was a good day and well worth doing.
The week after that it was time for the TY bonding trip to Carlingford. And again I was not able to go to this because I got sick on the Sunday before we were due to leave. But again I heard all about it on the Wednesday that I returned to school. This trip was to give people the chance to bond with each other and get to know everybody in the TY year group. I heard that there were lots of fun activities such as high ropes and other cool activities. I wasn’t too disappointed that I couldn’t go when I saw how tired everybody was when they all got on Wednesday for or results. I would have liked to have gone but hey if you’re sick then you’re sick.

On Monday the 20th we had our first mini company workshop in Mass. This was a really fun day and was very enjoyable. This day was spent in moat theatre in Mass talking about mini company and different mini company ideas and the competitions from past years. I good day was had by all because when we were finished we made our way down to mc Donald’s to our lunch while we were waiting for the bus to arrive to take us back to school. This was the first day that we were really introduced to mini company and what we would be doing and all the general information about it. It was a really good day and I had lots of fun.

The Friday of that week we then had our annual fun walk. It was mean to be n the Wednesday but it got cancelled due to bad weather. This year we did things kind of different. We were not allowed to dress up because it was costing too much money but instead we wore a t-shirt that was the colour of the year. TYs as usual were yellow. We had to make up a performance to show to the judges before we started off on our walk. We made up a dance to go along with the song reach for the stars by s club seven. We had great fun making this dance and it was really enjoyable. At the end of it the judges would pick the best class out of the different year groups and in TY Amina won. The best tutor award also went to our tutor Ms OC.  When we had finished our dance we headed off to the cross roads that we were appointed to help all he other students cross.

We then had a two week break of nothing but normal classes and some fun activities during class just the normal average days. Then on the 15th of October had a visit from two image consultants for a thing called colour me beautiful. This was for three classes and Amina were the first class to have the talk. The point of this was to tell us what type of colours suite our skin tone and hair and eye colour. We were each told what type we were if we were a soft clear dark etc. We were told this based on our eye and hair colour and the colour of our hair. We were then told what colours suit us and what good colours that we should wear are. I was told that I am a clear and that I should wear bright and vibrant colour and try to stay away from black. This was a very good day it was also very interesting and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it but I was very surprised that I really did enjoy it well the part that I was there for I had to leave early for an appointment. But for the part that I as there for I found it really fun and interesting.

On the e20th of October we had our second mini company workshop. This means another trip to the moat theatre in Naas. This day was even better than the first day. This day was to really just hear about all the other ideas from other schools and every group got a chance to stand u and talk about their idea. Some of the other schools had some amazing ideas but I still really like the idea that we have.  We were also given a talk on marketing and finance. When we were finished with our talk we then made our way to McDonalds again and once again we had some great fun. On the way home we had a double Decker bus and it was so fun. Roisin Patricia Kelly and I sat together at the table on the bottom of the bus. It was so fun Kelly and me kept annoying roisin because she was trying to sleep and we were laughing so much it was so much fun.

st of October we had a talk form this organisation called accord. This talk was all about relationships and how to solve problems in relationships. To be honest I was really sure if I wanted to have this talk I knew nothing about accord and wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go. But I did like I wasn’t not going to go. It was pretty good.  We were told that we could talk about anything and the teachers would not be told unless someone was a risk of harm. This was really good because we were all able to talk openly and nobody had to worry about being judged about what they had to say. I thought that this was a very good talk and well worth it. We had the talk from 9.40 to 1.20 and it was a really good talk and I really enjoyed it.

On the 22nd of October was our last day before the school closed before Halloween mid-term. I had a really good day. We did some much stuff. It IT we done lots of fun stuff. Well we didn’t really do much we were just writing our blogs and we were all messing and having fun and we were taking lots of photos. Even Mrs L was having fun with us wearing the scream mask and getting into photos with the whole class..... Well most of the class.

So midterm is almost over and I really enjoyed it. I have done lots of stuff with friends and I have done stuff on my projects and for mini company. I am looking forward to going back to school because I like the general buzz of school. I will miss the not having to get up at 7 in the morning and just getting to go out with friends and stuff. But there is so much that there is left to do this year that I am looking forward to doing. an really excited for work experience in two weeks.   :)

Another mini company meeting…….

Today our mini company met in Louise’s house to do some more work on our magazine. There was only half of our group because the rest of our group are either in a foreign country or are nowhere to be found. Anyway we had a kind of productive day today. We got some work done. We began to use Microsoft publisher to begin to design our magazine. The day started off ok and then some people like Jessica began to get very hyper. But it was all good fun. We were all laughing together and having some good fun.
We got some work done. By the time that I had to leave we had got two full pages completed….. you see we managed to get lots of work done… lol  not to worry we still have lots of time left before we need to get the magazine to the printer. We soon realised that Microsoft publisher was hard to use. Even though the printer gave us a book on how to use Microsoft publisher we didn’t really use the book. At least we were able to kind of figure it out along with having lots of fun too.
So our mini company is starting to come along and things are going good for us at the moment we haven’t had any more fights in the group so that is a good thing.http://www.greenheromag.blogspot.com/  
I’m enjoying the mid-term so far. It’s going kind of slow not that it’s a bad thing but I do miss the routine of school, well not the getting up early bit. Im really enjoying writing my blogs and I am having fun doing it too. I just hope that I’m not boring anybody with all the stuff that I’m saying.

Our English play

Our class has been divided into two different groups to do two different plays. I am in the group that is doing the play noughts and crosses. This play is about black people and white people. It is a world where the black people are superior to the white people. It is a very interesting play and it is great fun. Louise and me have been doing a bit of work on the set design and are still trying to figure out how we are going to make the stage look like a beach for one of the scene..... We were thinking to get some sand and put it on a sheet and put that on the stage. Now all we need is some sand......
Louise and I are also the kidnappers in the play. This is only a small part but it is fun all the same. I don’t really know what we have to do in the play but I gathered from the name that we have to kidnap somebody.

I am really enjoying English because it is good fun and you are not just sitting at a desk all during the class listening to the teacher. It is more fun because you get to sit in a group with your friends and work together.

Mini Company meeting....

On friday after school me Roisin and Louise went down the village to have a meeting with the printer that we are going to get to print our magazine. It all seems to be getting very official all of a sudden..... Lol. After school the three of us walked down the village and went to Jys cafe where we were going to meet with the printer. We arrived very early so we all sat down to some nice hot chocolate before the printer came. We sat and had a chat for a while until her arrived.
When he arrived we had our very important meeting... all we really talked about was well I can’t really remember that shows how important it was ... lol.

We had a few questions to ask like how long it would take to print and general questions like that. Really I didn’t do very much talking it was really just the printer giving us a lot of information. He was really nice and I am glad that we chose him to print our magazine. He was really nice and he also said that he was going to print 2500 copies of the magazine for us at the price of 1500 copies. We were well impress and are now very pleased that we will be able to give our magazine to more schools in the area.

We have decided that the group... well all the members in the group that are still in the country.... are going to meet in Louise’s house and start to make the magazine on the computer. I am really enjoying the mini company and it is lots of fun. There are some ups and some down to making your own company but it is still lots of good fun.

Geography project

Today I was doing a bit of work on my geography project. i figured that because it is mid-term i would have a bit of time to work on some of my projects.its a bit cold today so i decided that it would be better for me to do some projects rather than nothing. I have my fact file finished so I have started to do some work on my power point presentation. This is going good so far and I am still really enjoying it. The two countries that I am planning on going to for my geography project are Russia and Poland. I have learned so much about these two places since I have started to do work on my project.

I am not really looking forward to presenting my project to the class because I do not like to get up and talk in front of a group of people but hey that what Ty is about... stepping out of your comfort zone. For my presentation I am planning on bringing in some food that is traditional to these countries. I am also planning on bringing in some things that you would normally see people from Poland and Russia with.

This geography project was a great idea because it was fun to get to learn about all these different places. I also got to learn about all the different things that you can do and food and culture. I really enjoyed doing this project because it was fun and very interesting.
I am hoping that my power point presentation will turn out to be good and that people will like it. I am also hoping that I am able to get people interested in these two countries and not make them loose interest in what I am saying


Dress up day

Today we had a Halloween dress up day in the school. Lots of people were dressed up and t was all very fun. The 1st to 3rd years had the theme of the haunted house. The ty and fifths years had the theme of scary movies and the sixth years had the theme of harry potter.

 Today was really fun and in each class we didn’t do too much work if any work at all. In technology we were watching the Simpsons. In Irish we were watching afric. In art we were cutting out our pictures that we had done so far this year. In religion we watched a bit of hocus pocus and we drew pumpkins that were meant to look happy. We then did a pumpkin prayer. In maths we were working on our surveys and putting all our results into different charts. In IT we didn’t do much at all. Some people were writhing their blogs and other people were doing some of the project work we were also taking lost of photos lots of people were taking photos with mrs L. Roisin was showing me lots of different videos of things that she saw when she was on holidays. These videos were really good and I thought that they were very interesting and exciting.

There was also a competition for the best dress from each year today. From our class Ciara won. I thought that she deserved to win. She was dressed up as the mad hatter and had a very good costume that she had made most of it herself.

Accord Talk

Today we had a talk from Accord. this talk was all about relationships and how we deal with them. This was a very good talk because we got to learn about how to deal with relationships. We learned about ourselves and what we would like in a relationship. We also got to fill our a sheet on what we would like our ideal partner in a relationship would be like. We had the talk from 9.40 until 1.20.  We were thought about relationships in the family and the different parts of the family that people see. We were told that it is best to not get angry with the people that you are having a fight with. We were told that when we are angry and shot that the people that we are shouting at are not hearing what we were saying that are more focused on how you are acting.

This talk was very good and that i learned a lot about how to deal with problems in a relationship. it was a very worthwhile talk and it was also very interesting.

Dress up day tomorrow but still trying to find something to dress up as. :)

Mini Company workshop

Today we went for another mini company workshop in Naas. This was very good because we learned about marketing and a bit about finance. We also got to hear about different ideas that the other schools that were there had. Some of the other schools had some really good ideas. We were told that the next time that we go we have to tell how the group is working as a team and how we are progressing.
It was a very fun day especially on the way home. We had a quick stop in mc Donald’s when we were finished and then we got on the bus to go home. We were on a double Decker bus and it was so fun. I and Kelly were laughing the whole way home. We kept annoying Roisin who was trying to sleep and we were also playing with the tables.
 It was a great day overall and I am looking forward to the next trip into Naas for mini company. 

Another day over....

Today in science we were working on our science project for the BT young scientist and well we had a good day today. After yesterday and our disappointment that the lemon juice and the washing powder didn’t work we decided to do some more research. For we had decided that we would bring in a real lemon and try that to see if it would work but I didn’t. We all did some research last night and we found that Vaseline would work. We put Vaseline on our hands and tried to leave a hand print on a surface in the science lab and well it worked. We found that Vaseline shows up under a UV light.
In art we were still working on out drawings of teddies. We were told that we had to make the teddies look evil and scary. With a bit of help form bebhinn I think that my teddy looks a better than it did in the first place. We were then told that we would have to bring in a picture of a soft toy for the next day with a lot of colour in it. No doubt that we will be drawing again.
Tomorrow all the tys are heading off to Naas again for another mini company workshop. I’m looking forward to this because it is a very worthwhile day and gives us much needed time to work on our mini company projects and ideas. E even though it’s a lot of work it is still a lot of fun spending the day with your friends having a laugh.

Science peroject

In science today we were working on our young scientist projects. we had planned to start it today to show how fast the germs spread. to do this we had planned to put lemon juice on our hands and go around and touch different things. we wre sure that this was going to work because we had done some research on this on the interne. but it didnt work. when we found out that the lemon juice was not going to work we went to the home ec room to borrow some washing powder would work. first we mixed the washing powder with water and put it on our hands to see if it would work but it didnt so then we tried to do it by just using the washing powder on its own but that didnt work either.
we then decided that flour would work so we went back to the home ec room and got some flour. we thought that the flour would work because all that we had to do was put it onto our hands and then touch things. it did work but we were told that we were not allowed to use flour because it was too messy and it would involve a lot of cleaning.

So we then decided that we would bring in a real lemon and try that because the lemon juice that we were going to use had things added to it. so tomorrow in class we are going to try it agian but with real lemon juice this time to see if it will work.

Mini company

On Saturday our mini company all wend to Louise's house to do some more work on our project. We had a very good day overall. there were a few ups and downs and some disagreements. But we over came all over difficulties and talked about them and came up with solutions. We got a lot of work done on Saturday. We rang up some places to see if they would like to take out some advertisement with us and we were also talking to the printer again to confirm that we were going to print with him.We also decided what would go into the magazine and where we are going to put everything in the magazine. So far we have raised enough money to be able to print our first issue and we are all feeling good about the magazine and that we will be able to get all the magazines out to the schools before Christmas. On Wednesday the Ty's are going back to Naas again for another Mini Company workshop. This is going to be a very good day because It will gives us a chance to do some more work on our magazine. We have set a deadline for ourselves and are very confident that we will be able to reach that deadline on time.


97 % of earth’s water is in the oceans.
Although a person can live without food for more than a month, a person can only live without water for approximately one week.
The average person in the United States uses 80 to 100 gallons of water each day.
It takes 2 gallons to brush your teeth, 2 to 7 gallons to flush a toilet, and 25 to 50 gallons to take a shower.
Sources of water pollution include: oil spills, fertilizer and agricultural run-off, sewage, stormwater, and industrial wastes.
Water boils at 212o Fahrenheit or 100o Celsius.
Water freezes at 32o Fahrenheit or 0o Celsius.

Tuesday 12th of october

On Tuesday we had double home ec first thing. This was fun because we are still working on our dresses. Our dress is starting to take shape as we have now done a lot more of the work that we needed to do. Making the dress is hard but it is also very fun.
In science grace and I were talking about what we have to get done before we could start to do our project. We have made up a rough plan so that we know what we have to do. We also went around to people in our science class and asked some people if they would like to take part in our science experiment.
In Pastoral care we were talking about hand massages and French manicures. We are planning on starting to do french manicures on each other next week in class. We also learned about how to give a hand massage to you or to another person.
In art we are drawing. We are drawing teddy bears but this time we have to make the teddy bears look evil and not all cute and cuddly like they usually do.
 Siobhán :)

Monday 11 of october

On Monday in religion we all went out into the first year mall and looked at all the different pictures of poverty that we brought in. We put them on the floor and we then all sat around them in a circle. We all the wrote about the pictures and what different types of poverty that they represent.
In maths we were still working on our surveys that we were giving to the first year student to answer. We went to another class of first year student and gave them each a survey to fill in.
In English we started this TY big brother house thing. We were put into pairs and we each then had to write about the other person. We were told that we were filling out the other person application for as to why they should be accepted into the TY big brother house. This was great fun as we got to learn a lot about the other person. We then have to present them to the class and see what they think.
In geography we are still working on our project where we have to go around and visit different countries. We have to make a fact file and a power point presentation to our class. This project is one of my favourites because it gets you think and it also helps you learn a lot about the countries that you would like to visit.
In history we are also still working on our projects. I was given the Vietnam War to do my project. This was very hard for me to do because I had never done anything on this time in history before. But I am starting to learn a lot more about this war and I am really enjoying this project too.
Our mini company group met our target of 550euro for our mini company project. The 550 euro is part of the funds that we need to help with the cost of printing our magazine green hero. Everybody in our mini company group was really happy that we were able to raise this amount of money in only ten days. We are all looking forward to getting our first issue of the magazine out in time for Christmas.
Siobhán  :)

Week 6 of T.Y

This week we did lots of things in school. On Monday we had music and we were signing again. This was very fun and everybody had fun while we were signing.

On Monday we were also working on our history projects in the computer room. We were put into this project also and each person in the group was givin a different topic to do our project on. For my project I have to do it on the Vietnam war. I am enjoying doing this project but it is also very hard because i have never done anything on the Vietnam war before.

On Wednesday in music we were working in our groups again.  Some perple were learing how to play the guitar again. Other people were working in their groups and planning what they were going to do in their bands. While all of this was going in Roisin P was helping me. She was teaching me how to read music and she also thought me where all the keys on the piano were.

On Wednesday we done our survey with first years in maths.We went down to the hall in maths where we gave our surveys to a class of first year students. When the first year students were finished doing their surveys we gathered them and went back up to our classroom. When we got back to our room we divided up the surveys between two groups and began to record all the information that we found from the first years.

On Wednesday we also did rugby in PE. this was very fun and I am really starting to enjoy it. We were divided into four diffeent teams. We were playing a game of rugby against each of the teams. At the end of it all we found out which team won the most games. The team that won the most games was the winner of the whole thing.

On Thursday we had doublin Mini Company. This week we divided into two groups within our groups. Three of us stayed in the classroom and began to plan what was going to go into the magazine and what things were going to go onto each page. The other three peopl in our group went down to the pay phone in reception and used it to contact people and companies that we thought might like to put an add into out "Green Hero" magazine.

On Thursday we also worked on our geography projects in class. I am really enjoying this geography project. For our project we have to go travelling around to two different countries. We were put into groups for this and each person in our group chose two different countries to do their project on. For my project I chose to go to Poland and Russia. Between the three people in out group we have 12000 euro to spend in the six countries that we go to alltogether.

On Friday in science we were working on our project for the young scientist competition. I am really enjoying this project too. In this class we worked on what we were going to do for our method. We got a lot of work done this week for our science project. Next week we are hoping to begin our expeirnment. Our expeirnment is to show people the importance of washing your hands. We plan to do this by taking swabs of our hands and placing the swabs into an agar dish after we touch things and watch to see what grows.

I am really enjoying T.Y and I am really enjoying all the projects that we are in the process of doing.
Siobhán :)

Mini Company

On Monday Oral from the county Kildare enterprise board came in to talk to each of the mini company groups. The whole ty year group spent the first two classes on Monday morning in the library telling Orla about our different mini company ideas. We have been doing a lot of work for our mini company project "Green Hero" this week.

Today we had double mini company. In mini company we did a lot this week. We rang some more companies to see if they would advertise with us. We also began to organise the layout of our magazine. Today we arranged what we would be putting on each page of our magazine. This week we also raised 3/4 of the money that we need to produce our magazine. This was a great achievement for our mini company because we are now allowed to follow through with our project.
Everybody in our group is really looking forward to being able to produce our first issue of the Green Hero magazine.

Mini Company

On Saturday our mini company group all gathered together to work on our mini company. We had a very productive day as we made a lot of progress on our mini company. We sent e-mails to people that we would like to advertise with us, we designed a website, we made a facebook account and we also designed business cards and headed paper for our company. While the purpose of the day was to work on our mini company project we also had a lot of fun with each other and it all felt very businesslike with all six of us sitting around a table with laptops. We all felt like we were in the boardroom on the Apprentice. 
On Monday we had a visit from the Oral O' Carroll from the county Kildare enterprise board. She came to our school to talk to each group individually about our mini company project. This was great because she was really helpful and gave us lots of good advice and helpful hints and tips n how we could make our mini company better. Our mini company is starting to take shape as we begin to get the money from our advertisers and sponsors so that we will be able to afford to print the magazine. Mini company is great fun but it is also a lot of hard work too.
Lots of work still to be done but enjoying it all.

Geography project

In geography we have started a geography project where we have to go around to two countries travelling and we have 12000 euro to spend. The two countries that i am planning to travel to are Poland and Russia. While I have been doing my project I have learned a lot about Poland. While I am stayind in Poland I am going to travel around to 4 main places in Poland. I am going to travel to Krakow in Poland. While I am staying here I  plan to go and visit the salt mines.The salt mines here are 135 feet underground.

The salt mines is often reffered to as the underground salt cathedral of Poland.  The salt mine reaches a dept of 327 meters and is 300km long.

Week 5 of T.Y

Tys going great so far. First month is over and I’m glad that I chose to do ty. It’s been really fun so far and I’m hoping that it just keeps getting better and better as the year goes on.
There lots of stuff to do in ty there has never been a time so far that we haven’t had something to do. I’m really starting to like mini company but there’s a lot to do and we always so busy with it. There are six of us in our group and we are setting up an eco magazine that will teach young children how to be eco friendly while also having a fun aspect to it as well. Everybody in our group is getting really into it and are willing to put 100% into it so that we will be able to get the first issue out of time. I am really enjoying mini company because it’s great fun setting up a company with your friends and having a chance to show other people that anybody who really wants to set up a company can. I’m really looking forward to the mini company competition so that we get to have a chance to show people what we are able to do.
During the week we finished our BT young scientist application form. We had to write up our one page proposal and hand it in so that it could be checked to make sure that everything was right. When we had finished that we had to begin to fill in our application form on the internet. This was all a lot of hard work but at least now we can begin on carrying out our experiment. Next week we start to o our experiments.http://www.btyoungscientist.ie/
In geography were doing a project where we have to go travelling around to different countries all within one year. We are allowed to have 12000 euro to spend. We have to look up our fights and our accomidation what wee planning on doing in each country. If we need to get more money we have to get a job in the country that were in so that we can support our selves while were travelling. I really like this project because it gives u a chance to explore the world virtually and see new cultures.
Transition year is great fun but theres a lot of work that has to be done.
Siobhán :)
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