Green Hero.

In mini company we continued to do some more work on our second issue. The magazine seems to be going well. We have most of the articles and things like that done for this issue and we have edited it so that now all that we have to do is re do them on publisher. Since we have most of them finished now we have to work on getting the money for printing this issue. So far we have got two full page ads. But we still have to do some more work to get more advertisers to get all of the money that we need for printing.

We have been getting a lot of help form ms W. She has helped us from the very beginning with the business side of things like the money and that sort of thing. She has helped us a lot when it came to dealing with money and banks and deciding with the prices that we would need for our ads so that we will be able to get enough money to be able to print. We are very grateful for all the time she has spent helping us.

We have done a lot of work so far and there are still lots more to be done. But hopefully if we stay on track and keep going as good as we are right now we will be all set for the competition in March.

Geography Project.

We have been assigned a new geography project. It links in with the last one that we done on all of the different countries but this one only focuses on the third world countries that we done in the project.

This project is different though. We have to make a tri-fold broacher on a tropical disease that is in one of the third world countries that we did for the last project. The broacher that we have to make will be highlight different things about the disease that we have chosen to do for the project. Ti will include things like the causes symptoms and affects that the diseases cause. We also have to write about how people can get the disease and where they can get it and things like that. For my broacher I am planning to do it on Tb in Madagascar.

This disease is found in rural parts of Madagascar and it affects the lungs and other important organs in the body. This project is really interesting and different and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product in a few weeks.

To see more on our project go to:

St Bridget’s day.

So tomorrow is St Bridget’s day and today in religion we spent the class making St Bridget crosses. They were easy to make. We made them before in second year I think well some of us anyway. I couldn’t really remember how to make them but once I was shown what to do I was on my way and made it without making and disastrous mistakes.

While we were making our crosses ms KB was telling us about St Bridget and was telling us different stories about her. Some people were also singing a song about St Bridget that we learned in primary school. So it was a really fun class today.


To be honest at the start of the year when I was told that we have to keep a blog my reaction was at first Oh No. I did not want to do it at all. Like I thought that I would never have anything to write about or that I just wouldn’t be bother to do it. I was really slow at doing it in the beginning too.So now looking at my blog I am totally surprised at what I have done. I thought I would never reach ten posts at the start of the year never mind 100.

I never thought that I would like it so much I thought that I would hate it and I love it. Like I don’t even know what I like about it so much it’s just great how you can like write down everything that you are doing ad that you have done and people can read it. Rather than just writing it down and you reading it. And i never forget anything that I do in school now because it goes into my blog. And yeah i might blog a bit much but sure why not.

Subject choices.

This week we were told that it is almost time for us to make our subject choices .The third years will be doing their mocks, but before this happens they have to choose their subjects. We have been getting talks from different teachers about the subjects and what they invloved for leaving cert. Most of the teachers make the subjects sound great and interesting it’s like they are trying selling a product like on dragons den. It’s hard to know what they will really be like.

I think that I have finally decided that I want to do biology home ec and history the late course. I’m looking forward to going into fifth year but I am going to miss transition year. Every things just going too fast. It’s like ty is almost over all ready but I guess we just got to take one day a time and then it might not seem like it’s going too fat. But I love T.Y.


So at the start of the year I decide that I would start Gaisce. The president’s award. And I think that it’s going well so far. For Gaisce you have to do four different things. For the bronze award you have to take part in something that going on in the community for one hour a week for 13 weeks.

For my community involvement helped with the beaver scouts. It was really fun and I’m going to keep helping with it for now I really like it. The kids are really cute and fun to. I got to help plan what we were going to do for each week and I got to show he children how to do different things. I would also play games with them and it w a good laugh over all. I fished my 13 weeks a couple of weeks ago s my gaisce seems to be going well.

You have to learn a new personal skill. For my personal skill I am learning photography and it’s really good too. I only started it a few weeks ago but it’s all going well so far and I’m really enjoying it too. You have to do this one hour a week for 13 weeks too. I’m also learning how to edit the photos on the computer ad printing the photos as well.

The third thing that you have to do is physical recreation an hour a week for 13 weeks. Going to do this sport of 26 weeks because you have to do one of you kills for an extra 13 weeks. I like sport so I decide that it would be easy for me to do the sport for te26 weeks.

The last thing that you have too to earn the award is go on an adventure journey. This will be a hike that we will be doing in school April I think. It’s an overnight and you have to go on a hike. I’m really looking forward to the hike it should be fun. After I do a of these things I will be finished and I will be able to receive my bronze award.
I am really enjoying the Gaisce and it lets you experience new things and it’s really fun

Water treatment plant.

Yesterday the Green Hero mini company group went to the water treatment plant in Lexlip. We left yesterday after we had the talk about mini company from Orla. We had great fun getting there; there were two cars three people in each. And every time we looked back to see if we could not find Niamhs car we couldn’t find it there were meant to be following us because they didn’t know where exactly they were going but we all made it there and on time too.

So we had decided that for the second issue of the magazine we would go to the water treatment plant and put it into our magazine. We were given a tour of the plant and we were also to what the different things do and what happens in each part of the water plant. The man that gee us the tour was very nice helpful. We took pictures of all of the different parts of the plant so that e would be able to put them into the magazine for the next issue.

We learned a lot when we went there. It was really good too. It was very interesting. There were lots different things and I dint think that it would be so good but it was really good and we had fun too. After we were finished going around the plant were shown the computer system and how it works and it was kind of confusing all of it was a bit confusing there was a lot to take in but I understood most of it.

We were back to school in time for lunch and the last class before lunch. It was a good day and knows we have most of our things for our magazine done. Hoping things will keep going all well and we will get this issue our in time.

Fire brigade training centre.

Our next work experience is in March and that not too far away now. I’m really looking forward to this one. For my work experience I’m going to the fire brigade training centre. For my first work experience I went to a hospital and yeah it was good and I did enjoy it and it was fun. But it wasn't the king of thing that I wanted to do. It was a hospital for older people like a nursing home so it was really hard but I did enjoy it.

For this work experience I decided that I wanted to do something different and I wanted it to be an experience. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping that it will be good fun and that I might learn new things from it. My dad’s uncle helped me organise it so I’m really grateful for that. Hope time keeps going bit fast so we can hurry up and get to march for the work experience.

I really don’t know what I want to do when I leave school anymore. I did want to be a nurse but I don’t know anymore after my first work experience but then again I could just do a different type of nursing. Everything is happening so fast lately most of us in T.Y are only 16 and we all ready have to decided what we might want to do in the future, it all happens so fast.

Anybody have the time?

In tech I am still working on my clock. It coming along ok. Nothing has gone too wrong so far so that’s a good sign. The only mistake that I made was in the circle when I filed one side a bit too much but I’m sure that won’t cause too much of a problem for e. I finished filing it today in the single class that we had. I was going to drill the hole in it but I didn’t get a chance before the bell went.

I like doing this tech project. It’s going much better than the first one that we did which was the key ring. I gave up on that one but I still did manage to get something that looked like a key ring out of it. So for this project I am not going to give up. I am going to get it done and hopefully it will turn out looking like a clock. Fingers crossed... :)

Music night.

For music night the T.Ys are going to be singing a song..... :) This is the song that we are going to be singing. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it but after a few times I started to like it... :)

Mini company talk.

Today we had a talk from Orla from the county kildare enterprise board. She always gives us our mini company talks in Naas as well but today was one of the days that she came to our school. All that we really talked about today was about how all of the different groups were getting on with the mini company work. Some groups had good news to report back but others were needing some help and she was all to advise them on what to do so that was good help for some of these groups. She got all of the managing directors to talk to her about how each company was doing. She was very happy with all of the groups and she also said that all of the groups in St Wolstan have had a good chance of getting into the final of the competition.

The mini company that him in Green Hero is coming along great. We have started to do work on our second issue of the magazine and everything is starting to fall into place. We have got most of it done up in publisher but now we have to do some more work on getting money for printingand advertisers. We have all ready got a few people to put advertisements in this issue but we are still looking for ore. After all we need as much as we can get.


Today I started to cut my clock. I spent the last tech class that we had marking it all out. And seeing as how that seemed to all go well I was looking forward to making a start with the cutting. We were shown how to cut it so that was ok. I got a good bit of it done today I the double class and I didn’t really have any problems. I still have all of my fingers and with me I guess that’s a good sign..... :)

The only real problems that I had when I was doing my clock today were when it came to cutting out the circle part of it. I managed to make one side of it look like a circle and the other side look not like a circle. Mr W told me that it would look too bad and if I manage to get everything else right with it then it might look good after all. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.

Water treatment plant.

For the second issue of green hero we have decided that the theme would be water. We have all ready started to make our magazine and we have begun to look for more advertisers. We have got a good amount of the magazine ready and made up in publisher. We were hoping that we would be able to visit the water treatment plant in lexlip and get an interview and a tour with them so that we would be able to put it into our magazine. We wanted to go last week but we weren’t able to. We have planned to go tomorrow as long as we are able to get the permission that we need so that we can go.

Mini company is going well. Lots of work still to be done but it’s all going well so far. Hoping that it all keeps going well..... :)

Rugby again.... :)

Yesterday for our double pe we done rugby again. We were told that there will be another rugby blitzs coming up and that there will be new teams from our school entering. It gives everybody the chance to try and get onto the teams again. We are going to be doing rugby from now on in our double classes for the next while. We have been doing the rugby since the start of the year and its really good. I have learned so much from doing it in school. I think that most people enjoy it even if they don’t really like rugby very much everybody can still enjoy it.

The briary gap drama competition.

Today was the day that all of the ty have been waiting for. Today was the drama competition. All of the tys headed off from school at 9.05 and headed to Mullingar to the Mullingar arts centre. The day went smoothly without any mishaps.  
The first play that was to perform was Noughts and Crosses. Once we arrived we quickly set up and everybody had a chance to go up onto the stage and practiced a bit of the play. Just before we were all ready to go the judge gave us some useful tips that we might have need while we were doing our play.
After we had done our play we were given a certificate for our play and the judge then told us her comments on what she thought of the play. Each play got a certificate and got to hear from the judge what she thought of their play. There were four different plays from st wolstans two form each class. When we were doing our plays we were the only school that was there so there wasn’t really a big audience. So I think that helped some of the people that were acting not be so nervous. After the four groups had performed we were allowed to go and have lunch. Most people when to McDonalds for lunch.
After lunch we were allowed to go back and watch some of the other plays that the other school were doing. We saw two full plays and we got the see only the end of one of them and we didn’t really understand what was going on. The two plays that we got to see in full were good. One was really funny but I didn’t understand the storyline to it but it was funny. The other play was good and I could understand it a lot more it was funny to.
We were told that we will find out if any of the groups get into the finial at the end of next week. So fingers crossed that at least one of the groups from our school gets into the final.

History project.....

A few weeks ago we were assigned our end of year history project. We were told that we could do our project on any part of history that we wanted. I have chose to do my project on Hitler during world war one and how he was seen as a hero for some of the things that he done during the First World War. And also how he became the most hated man in the world during world war two.

This project isn’t like the last one that we had to do for history. It doesn’t have to be as long and you don’t have to put pictures or anything like that into it. This project is like the type of project that you have to do for the leaving cert if you do history. It is going to be the mark that we get at the end of the year for our history rather than having a summer test we just have to hand in the history project.

Today we were in the computer room doing some research on the different topics that we have chose to do for our projects. I didn’t find much information on what I plan to do my project on but hopefully if I get a chance to go to the library I will be able to find more information about my topic.

I’m looking forward to starting to put all of the information that I find together because I think that my topic is interesting and I think that it will be a good project to do.

English plays....

So today was our last day before the drama competition to practice our plays and that’s what we spent most of our day doing. For first class we had one of very few classes of the day. We didn’t do too much in that class either. After that we spent 3 classes either in the hall or in the first year mall working on our pays and there coming along great they are all looking really good. After lunch we spent the rest of the day in the first year mall working on our play.

There are four plays going to representing St. Wolstan’s in the Briery gap drama competition tomorrow. We have spent most of the year so far in our English classes working on it and now it’s finally time to show off all of the hard work that we have out in over the last number of months. A lot of work has gone into each of the plays form writing the scripts to stage design to make up and then to acting the play and knowing all of your lines
All of the tys are looking forward to finally getting to perform their plays on stage in front of the judges. 

Everybody is hoping that everything will run smoothly on the day and that nothing will go terrible wrong. But with the amount of practice and work that we have put into the play especially over the last week I doubt anything will go wrong. Most of all tomorrow should be a fun and enjoyable day out of school.


In home ec we are working on projects. We have to pick a country and make three dishes that are traditional to that country. Me and Ruth are working together for this project. We chose to do our project on Australia. Today for home ec we were in the computer room doing some more work on our projects. Today me and Ruth decided on the three dishes that we were going to cook that were from Australia.  

The three recipes that we have decided to cook for our project are Lamingtons as a dessert. It’s a sponge that you cut into squares and then cover in chocolate it sounds really nice. Were cooking a meat pie as a main course. Every time that we looked up Australian recipes we found meat pies so we thought that we should do one. The last recipe that we chose to do is a barbeque chicken. It sounded that it would taste nice so we divided that we should cook it.

For our project we also have to make a power point presentation or a folder. Me and Ruth have decided that we would make a power point for our presentation.

Our English plays...

Today most of the day was spent working on our plays. Lots of the teachers have been letting us use their classes to practice our plays. Today we did a dress rehearsal during science for noughts and crosses but we didn’t get to finish the whole play because the other group went first. The competition is next week and it has come along great since the beginning of the year... everybody’s plays have and they are all really good.

The two groups in Amina have been helping each other out. For noughts and crosses we need some more people for one of the scenes and so did the but you didn’t play. Some people have offered to help out for but you didn’t by being family or army men in the last scene of their play. Some people have helped noughts and crosses by being the crowed for one of the scenes in the play to.

I have been working on the set design for our play noughts and crosses. Hopefully it will look good on the day. We have put a lot of work into everything for the play the backdrop took the longest. We had to sew pieces of material together so that people knew which sides they would have to stand on during the play. We have a black side and a white side. Black stand on black and white stand on white. It looks really good and once we have all of our other props on the stage it should look really good. Hopefully it might impress the judges.

The competition is on Tuesday and all of the different group’s need all of the practice that they can get so that are plays will be ready and run smoothly. Everybody is looking forward to going to Mullingar on Tuesday as we have all put in a lot of work into all of our plays during the year. Hopefully it will be a fun and enjoyable day.

Rugby Photos.... :)


Rugby blitz.

Today half of the tys went to Tallaght to play in the rugby blitz. We played in St Marks School. The blitz’s was cancelled before Christmas because of the snow but we finally got to go and play today. It was a brilliant day and everybody had a good day.
We left school at half nine and headed to Tallaght. We almost made it all of the way there without getting lost but when it came to finding the school we got lost. After we stopped and Mr. L asked the builder for directions we were on our way again. We made it there on time so it wasn’t too bad.
When we got there the red team were the first team form our school to play. There was two other school or three other schools I can’t remember anymore. Each team got the chance to play against all of the teams. For the first match we got to watch the red team play and they were really good and of course they won the game as well as winning all of the other games that they played. The blue team played good as well they lost 2 matches and drew the other two matches that they played.
Some of the other teams that we played were really good too some of them even looked a bit scary. Everybody had good fun today and at the end of it we all got a t-shirt and a bag. When then headed back to the bus to go back to school. After the mistakes with counting people on the bus we finally figured it out and we were able to go back to school.
Its seems that all of the training in PE has paid off and hopefully we will get to do rugby again and play in another blitz’s.

Childhood memories.

Today because of the half day we only got to have one pe class but it was still really fun. We played different games that we would use to play as a child. We decided that we would play children’s games on Monday in science. Ms O C told us about some of the different games that she would play when she was a child. Most of them were the same games that we played but with different names.
We first started by playing the game “peep behind the curtain”. I remember playing a game like that when I was younger but it was a different name. It was a really simple game. It was really fun too. We all got to play and Ms O C even played with us too.
After we played the game about two or three times we played a different game. We played a game “splash” I have never played that game before today. I didn’t understand how to play it even after it being explained to me I still got really confused. I thought that it was fun but I didn’t last very long in the game. After people got out of the game we watched as the others kept on playing. Bebhinn and Niamh were the last two people in the game.
After we played that we played “red letter”. That was the best game that I think that we played. Not everybody played red letter some people went and played skipping. Red letter was really fun.
After we played that a few times we just played skipping. We tried to see how many people could get into the rope at one time. It was a really fun pe class and I hope that we will be able to do another class like that again.

Green Hero.

Today after school three member of our group went to do some work for mini company.  We didn’t have too much to do and after stopping in the shop to let Louise get her chocolate we were on our way. We had to go down the village to talk to a lady about possibly taking out an ad in our magazine. I thought that she seemed to be interested but when we left the shop Louise and Patricia had different ideas but I still think that she might want to take out an ad.
After we had done this we then had one more thing to do... we had to go and collect a cheque. We had a bit of trouble getting this cheque in on time but we got it eventually. So at least now we are not owed any money from any of the customers that advertised with us in our first issue so that’s good.
The day didn’t pass however without our funny moments and I don’t know what I would have done if didn’t have Patricia there to save my life........

Foam :)

Yesterday in science we spent the class planning an experiment that we would be doing today in class. The experiment was to make foam and it was really cool and pretty simple too. I was working with Jessica for this experiment. There wasn’t really that much that we had to do. it was really just mixing all of the different substances together into one conical flask.
Ours didn’t seem to be very foamy but I was kind of foam. I think that we got the measurements a bit mixed up and that’s why it didn’t work as well as we had hoped but we did manage to make some sort of foam by the end of the class.

Last Rugby.... :(

Today we had another rugby class for PE and it was our last one. We had it for another double class so we got to miss Spanish today. We have been doing it for about 6 weeks now or maybe more I’m not too sure and we know the game pretty well. Two teams from a mix of the ty classes are going to Tallaght on Thursday to play in the blitz that we have been training for. The blitz was meant to be before Christmas but because of the snow we didn’t get a chance to do it.
It tag rugby so there was no contact which is good because it means less chance of someone getting hurt. Today the two teams were playing against each other. We played it as if it were a real game so that we got the practice that was needed. The rugby for the past few weeks as been really good fun and I really did enjoy it. I am going to miss doing it but I’m sure there will be more fun things for us to do in PE for the rest of the year... well I hope so anyway.
The rugby blitz is on Thursday and I am looking forward to it. It should be a good day. Hopefully it might be a bit warmer than it is now.

Spaghetti bolognese anyone?

Today we had a double home ec class and it was our first real cooking class. We got to make spaghetti  bolognese today and it was really fun too .I was working with Ruth today.
We started by getting everything ready gathering all of our equipment and things like that. Ms m a went through it step by set for each bit so that we didn’t make any mistakes. She used me and Ruth as an example a lot and showed people what to do using our ingredients and things but I didn’t really mind too much. It all seemed to go well for most of the groups. One or two of the groups had a few problems but it was nothing too bit. Ruth and I managed to burn some of our pasta but it was ok because it was only a little bit and you would even notice. Another group did a bit more than burning the pasta but it was noting too serious.......
It took the double class to get everything done and all of the clean up done and everything like that but it was really fun. We won’t be cooking next week because we are going to our drama competition but for the next three weeks after that we will be cooking. We are going to all be cooking different things because we are doing it for our project. We get to cook something form the country that we have chosen to do our projects on.
I and Ruth are working together on our project and the country that we have chosen is Australia. Now all that we have to do is decided what we are going to cook for our three dishes....... but I’m looking forward to it.

Just another day....

So it’s Monday again... the days seem to be flying by so fast. We didn’t do too much today.
 In religion we started to do some work on conflict in Afghanistan. We talked about this and we looked at a slide show that Ms KB had done up to show her classes. It was a very interesting class and the slide show was really good too.
In English we did some more work on our plays. We were working with the other class today .we all gathered in the second year mall and did a run through of all of the plays. While they were showing each other the plays for of us form Noughts and Crosses went into the corridor and began to do some more work on the set design. We were working on the back drop for the play today. Four of us were working on the backdrop. We didn’t get it all done in English so we asked Mrs L could we do it during geography and we were allowed. We got a lot of it done today and it is really coming along great.
In geography we saw the last of the presentations. There was only two more that need to be done. We also got feedback about how we did on our projects and we also got a grade on our projects. While the projects were being presented we were allowed to do some more work on our backdrop trying to pin it all together.
In history we were allowed to practice our plays again and in this class we done some more work on the backdrop. Both of the plays are coming along great and we should all be ready in time for the competition in Mullingar next week.
In mini company we had to fill out a form for the county Kildare enterprise board mini company competition. We also organized a few other things to do with green hero. We are still waiting on responses from some companies letting us know if they wish to place an ad in our magazine and once we have all the advertisers secure we will be able to print our second issue of the magazine. We also have to arrange a trip to Lexlip water treatment plant hopefully sometime next week. We were in contact with them and they said that we would be able to go there to help us with our second issue of the magazine witch the theme of that is water.
In science we were told that tomorrow we would be making foam. We spent our class get organised for making the foam tomorrow in class and know what we would have to do and things like that. We also had to talk about sci-fest and we found out that once you apply for it that you get accepted into the competition. For Monday we have to have arranged with our group what we still have left to do and how we plan to make lour project better.
In music we were given a talk on doing music for leaving cert. Ms G had arranged for three girls to come into the class and we were given the chance to ask them all the questions that we wanted about doing music for the leaving cert. Once they were finished ms G then showed us a power point presentation and told us all about what we would be doing in music if we were to do it for the leaving cert.
In Irish we managed to convince Mr. S to let us practice our plays once again. We went into the first year mall and we got to have another run through of the plays so that we would be ready for Tuesday.

T.Y.... :)

So T.Y is going great. There is so much more going on in T.Y than just that. The year has been brilliant so far. We have done so much stuff and there are still lots more to do. I feel so different now that I am in T.Y. I know that sounds really weird but I think that I’m starting to be a bit more confident in myself. I find it much easier to just start conversations with people now.  It’s so different from other years like in T.Y everybody is on the same level and everybody is like the same.  I don’t really know how to explain what I’m trying to say. I think that in T.Y your class is closer than in other years. Something likes that anyway.

T.Y is great. For anybody who is thinking about doing T.Y next year I would definitely say do it. It’s great fun. There is a lot of work to be done but it’s a different type of work. It’s usually all projects and things like that. I find that it is easier to set down and do project work on the computer rather than doing something out of a book. Because you work in groups for a lot of things you get to know people better. You get to make a lot of new friends from both of the T.Y classes not just your own.

There is so many things that you get to experience like dancing in pe. I would have never decided to do dancing outside of school. And I was surprised when I found that I did enjoy doing it. Rugby was something that I really enjoyed. It is so fun. Two teams were picked to go and play in the blitz next week so that should be good fun. Like dancing I wouldn’t have decided o go and play rugby outside of school but I found that it is really good and fun.

The subjects are really fun too. You get to do all of the options and it is a great experience. If you’re not sure what you want to do for your leaving cert subjects ty is a great help. I found that doing tech for the leaving cert would not be a good idea for me. You get a chance to experience all of them so you know what they are like so it will help you when you go to pick your subjects.

The days out here and there are always fun too. You get to go to lots of different and interesting places. Most of them are educational but there still really fun. The trips to Naas for our mini company talks are the best

Ty is just amazing I don’t know any other words to describe it. You do so many different things its brilliant. There are lots of little days out as well going here and there.
I would really recommend doing transition year. Its something different and something fun.

My History Presentation..... The Vietnam War

My Geography Presentation.... Poland.

Green Hero.

So we have started to do some work on our magazine green hero and so far it’s going great. We have most of the pages done for the magazine. All we really have left to do is to get ads from some advertisers so that we will be able to get the money for the printing of the second issue. The theme of this issue is water so we had e-mailed a few places that deal with water to see if they had any interest in the magazine.

One of the places that we e-mailed was the water treatment plant in Lexlip and they said that we could go on a visit to the water treatment plant. We have planned to go there sometime soon as soon as we ask permission and get it all organized. We are hopefully going to get some pictures of what happens there to put into the magazine but also to ask some questions and put them into the magazine as well.

While we have been doing all of this we have also started to do some work on our business reports and it is coming along great. We have lots of it done but we still need to add in more information and little things to make it complete.

Young Scientist.

Today all of the tys headed off to the RDS to go and see the young scientist exhibition. It was a good day overall. All of the tys entered into the young scientist competition at the start of the school year to see if they got accepted. We worked in groups for this project too. Only one of the groups that entered from ty got accepted into the competition and there was also a group from fifth year that got accepted into the competition.

When we got to the RDS it was packed there was lots of other school there too. We were allowed to split into different groups and go around where ever we wanted during the day but we were not allowed to leave the RDS. I spent most of the day with Kellie and Louise we always managed to lose Róisín and Niamh like every five minutes but we alas managed to be with each other at some point in the day.

We first began to look around at all of the projects and some of them looked really good and interesting and people really did put a lot of effort into them after we spent some time looking at some of the projects we went to another part of the S and spent most of the time there going round in circles well it was more like a square but it’s all the same for about an hour while we were trying to look for Niamh and Róisín. When we finally found them we decided that we would go and see one of the show things. We went to the arena where e saw this juggling act. And I thought that it would be a bit boring but really it was pretty good

We had to meet up to go home at 1.45 so once we had found Niamh and Róisín we went to meet up with some the other tys. We got back to school around 3.00 s we got to spend t next 20 minutes in the hall before we got to go home it was a really good day overall.

Drama Competition.

So two weeks left until the drama competition. All of the tees are going to Mullingar for the drama competition. There are four groups that are going to be performing for our school. I’m in the play noughts and crosses but I’m not acting. The play has come along great. There’s no more rewriting or anything like that it’s all set in stone now. All the people acting know most of their lines by now and I think that it is going to be really good on the day.
I am helping with organizing all of the props and the set design. We have organized all of our props and we have a plan for what our backdrop is going to look like. On the day I hope that everything turns out ok. A lot of work has been put into the play and writing the scenes. The play has been based on the book “Noughts and Crosses”.

WEEE Ireland.

Today we had a talk form a very nice man from WEEE Ireland. We had it for one class after lunch. All the TY’s went to the demo room for this. The talk was about the things that WEEE Ireland does and it was also about a battery recycling project that we can do this year.
The aim of the project is to make more people aware of recycling older batteries rather than just throwing them out in the bin. For the project you have to put boxes around the school and in other  places in the local community. You have to get people interested in recycling batteries and make them more aware of doing so.
I think that it would be a really good project to do. The man who came in to talk to us told us about some of the other ideas that other school had come up with to let more people to recycle batteries and some of them were really good and things that i would never think about.
To learn more about WEEE Ireland see their website.....


Today I finally started to make my clock. I didn’t do very much. Today I spent the tech class marking out the shape of the clock onto the plastic. There was a few of us that spent the class doing that while other people began cutting out the shape of the clock.  After our last project... making a key ring I was not very hopeful about this project. I could just about manage to make a key ring even though it was out of shape it still does the same job really.
So I managed to get the shape of the clock marked out very well I thought and so far it looks ok but I haven’t really done anything to change the shape of the piece of plastic. I’m just hoping that this project will go better than the last.

Spanish Presentation.

Tomorrow in our Spanish class we are going to be in the computer room. This is our last chance to get our Spanish presentations finished. I think that we are going to start presenting them next week. For my presentation I did it on the Aztecs. And I learned so much that I didn’t know about them learned lots of different things like that they make masks to wear when a person dies but they can also be used as an ornament. I also learned that they se a solar callendar to track the days and months.

International Cuisine...

So today was yet another busy day in ty. For class was a double I had home Ec. We were told that we have to do a project on international cuisine. We get to work in pairs for this project and we have to make a presentation but we also have to cook three dishes for the country that we choose to do our project on. We were told that we can pick whatever country we want and we can cook whatever dishes that we want. We have to cook to savoury dishes and one sweet. We also have to know some general things about the country that we have chosen.
I looking forward to starting this project it should be fun. This kind of like another geography project I think but we get to cook for this one and the focus is more on food. We are starting our cooking next month and we get to cook a dish a week. So we have three weeks of cooking. Which is good.  But we also have to do up the rest of our project in the amount of time.  But we will manage to get it done.
I’m working with Ruth for this project. And after long and hard deliberation we finally choose our country. And it didn’t take us too long either, we did however keep changing what country we wanted to do but eventually we decided on Australia. We shook on it too so there is no going back now.... :)


Today we had rugby again and we had this for two class. The rugby blitz is coming up soon. It was meant to be before Christmas but because of the snow it got cancelled. There are two teams going to the blitz. They are a mix of both of the ty classes. This is good because it gives us a chance to get to know the other people that are in ty.
Today the two teams were playing against each other. We played it as if it were a real game so that we got the practice that was needed. Team one was the team that won. They were very good and I’m sure that they will do well in the blitz. Then again at the end of the day it will all just be a bit of fun.... :)

First day back....

Today was our first day back in school after what seemed to be a really long Christmas holidays..... It was only 2 and half weeks another week would have been nice... :) So anyway with our first day back we settled back into things very quickly. Back to school back to work.

In some classes we just got back our Christmas tests and we went through them and done some corrections and things like that. In other classes we kept doing work that we had started from before the Christmas holidays.  In English we were working on our plays. The two classes went to the library to practice the plays for each other. But we didn’t have enough time to do all of the plays. But hopefully we will get a chance to show each other the plays before we go to perform them on the 25th of January..... Hopefully everything will go well and we will have everything all organised for the day.

In geography we went on looking at other peoples presentations. And again there were some really good and interesting ones. I found out lots of stuff that I didn’t know before that was really interesting and strange. Especially about the sheep in New Zealand.

In history we were given back our local history projects and we were told about our next project that we would be doing. We were given the titles and the headings for each part. The good things about this project are that it doesn’t have to be as long and we have a longer amount of time to do it on. We get to pick what we do our project on which is good because then we get to pick something that we are really interested in. I’m looking forward to starting it soon.

We were also told about all of the different things that we might be doing during the year. And well it seems like there has been a lot planned for us. On Friday we are going to the RDS for the BT Young Scientist competition. So that should be a good day and I am looking forward to it... :)

Christmas holidays almost over....

So only a few days left and then were back to school. The Christmas holidays have been so long this year. It’s been fun though. It seems like ty is almost over. We only have like 5 months left in school. It’s all flying by so quick. I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to holidays to be over but I am kind of looking forward to going back to school. I am going to miss that not having to get up early and things like that.  There is so much stuff to be done. I’m really looking forward to doing the second week of work experience in March. It should be fun. I don’t really have very much to say today. So I guess that is all that I have to say.
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