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There is a blue skittle!!!!!

The Streets of Heaven.

When I as younger I heard the song "Streets of Heaven" by Sherri Austin and I loved it straight away. I wasn't the only one who loved this song, my mam also loved this song very much it was kind of like our song even though it was a very sad song it was a song that we shared a common interest in. this is a song about a girls who has cancer and her mother is asking God not to take her daughter away from her because she is too young.

This song always reminds me of my mam and the relationship that we had and even though she's not here now I know that I still have that special relationship even though she up there in heaven watching me now. I hope someone is up there looking after my mam right now because all she did was look after people. My mam was not just a mother to me but she was my best friend.

This song was played at her funeral and I will never forget it because my mam is my forever friend.

Photo of the day. :)

Photo of the day. :)

Long time no throw.....

It been a month a whole month since I have last been up at Celbridge athletic club.  My absence was however noticed thanks to my brother Paul who kindly informed not only my coach but half the athletic club and most of the coaches about how I was stupid enough to miss a step going into my back garden and injure my foot. He also put emphases about how that step has been there for 8 years and I still managed to miss it so thanks for that Paul. When you have a brother like mine nothing is kept quiet.

I have not only missed a month of training but I have also missed the outdoor competition. I look forward to the outdoors from the very beginning of the year because I get the chance to throw discus. It’s been two years since I have competed in the outdoor due to being on holidays one year but last year was very much like this year, I was sick and both doctors and family member felt that I should not compete as it was too soon after being released from hospital. This meant that I was looking forward to this year’s outdoor season more than ever especially after my bad leinster competition for school I was looking forward to competing in the discus more than ever.

I have only been throwing for about four years and only had the chance to compete in the discus for the outdoors once and it was that year when I started discus and that was the year when I won my first ever medal discus and my first ever leinster medal. It felt amazing and I was so happy it really gave me a boost when I was going to compete in the shot put the next day. I didn’t get to compete in the shot put the next day due to having an accident at the track and falling down a manhole while warming up. I injured my ankle and was taken off to hospital and missed my event but I didn’t mind too much because I had all ready won a medal and in two weeks I was heading off to the Antrim forum to compete in my first ever all Ireland once I was back on me feet again. And I came ninth and was delighted. I did know that after my first throw of only throwing 20 meters and everybody else throwing in the 30 meter range I didn’t have a shot at winning medal but the experience meant more to me than anything especially because I have not been given that chance again.

I have been a member of Celbridge ac since I can remember and athletics has been in my family since before I was born and well I love it. Nothing is ever going to change that. I have been out for a month and I miss it so much, I miss throwing, the warm up with Jessica and Vivian which usually ended up with me telling them to slow down! And I miss the general craic and people there.The sooner I get back the better. I feel like I belong at Celbridge ac and that thanks to the amazing athletes and coaches. I dont think that I could imagine my life with out Celbridge ac and  without throwing, the people at Celbridge ac are fun loving, kind, generous, supportive and welcoming. I am glad to be a member of Celbridge ac.

Its not all about the training and competitions its about having fun :)

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Disco fever... :)

Yesterday along with the rest of the girls we all headed off to Kellies house for her 16th birthday party. She hosted a fancy dress party for her birthday with the theme of 70/80's disco. I didnt dress up with that theme but rather as the joker from batman. If i do say so myself it turned out really well.

The Joker.... :)

We arrived at kellies house to a bouncing castles, a bouncing slide and an obstacle course. Let me just say that it is not the best idea to go on all of these different things when you have only been out of a cast for a week and still have a really sore foot...... Like Aoife said " im only trying to be nice but Siobhán its never going to get better now" she was very nice to me.... All though while I am sitting here writing this in pain i think that she might  have been right. Anyway it was a great day, from getting hit in the face, pushed down slides and falling over the obstacle course wall a number of times it was a party that I will never forget. We spent most of the time at the beginning sitting on the top of the slide fighting with little kids and singing we shall not be moved but then the cake came and somehow a silent agreement came between us and the little kids and there was no more getting pushed or pulled off slides...... It was very nice chocolate cake too :)

At eleven o clock our fun ended well not all of the fun but the bouncing castles had to go back so after I manged to spill my drink down my top while on the bouncing castle we got a group photo on the slide and it was time to make our own fun. You know I have wondered for a while how simple things manage to amuse me and my friends we were put into a room with a  cardboard cut out of two people from the 70s and we were amused for at least half an hour. I have also thought a lot about teenage drinking when im with my friends. I dont drink and neither do my friends and I have no intention on starting but if you were to ask a teenager why they drink and they  would say for the fun. I dont understand what is so fun about drinking so much that you have no idea where you are or what is going on around you. Sure load my friends and me with some energy drinks or fizzy drinks and we go mad yet we are fully aware of what is going on around us. Im not going to go on a rant about things so maybe that might be for another blogpost. I had an amazing  time last night at kellies party and even though I spent most of the night lying on her floor in the sitting room the sleep over was pretty fun too. I did hear the song im yours by Jason Mazrz at one point......i like that song.

 Here are some photos from the party.....

Photo of the day. :)


 I was reading lots of blog post’s today about the CTYI. That’s the centre for talented youth in Ireland, if any of you reading this were like me and never heard anything about this until today. Until today I had never heard anything about it and well I was amazed to learn about it and the kinds of things that you get to study, things like science, medicine, writing, psychology and much more. I done a bit of research through Google and also through some great blogs and found out what it is all about.

CTY is an organisation that is based in DCU in Dublin. It provides academic programmes for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 16 that have a high academic ability. The subjects that are offered to the students run through the summer months and are subjects that are not offered in either primary or secondary school. It is a three week residential course in DCU.

And well after learning a lot about the different kinds of things that they do and get to learn I began thinking. I’m not the smartest person and I would say I have average grades that I am happy with. I don’t have to get top mars in everything I’m happy if I pass all my summer and Christmas exams and well in two years time when I sit my leaving cert I will have the same attitude as well as a certain amount of points set in my mind that I hope to achieve. Scholl work doesn’t come to east to me but in some subjects it does but in others I’m hopeless and just about making the pass grade. I wish I was a straight A student and that I get really good grades all the time but I’m not and to be honest it doesn’t bother me too much.

But when you read things about people who are called “gifted” or “talented” it’s kind of like well that’s great for them that things come so easy for them but not so much for others. I find subjects hard and if I was to spend more time studying something like mats I could improve my grade in that subject but I don’t think that I will ever be able to reach the A in maths because I find it too hard and I just don’t understand these things.  But people who are called “gifted” don’t have to worry about understanding these things because they just come naturally to them.

I think it hard on people who are singled out and called “gifted” because they are smart. Its like they are separating them from the outside world. I know that sounds stupid but what I mean is it seems like a lot of pressure to be putting on a 16 year old if you ask me. At this age we should be out having fun enjoying ourselves. But not going to places like CTY and having to keep learning even during the holidays. I mean its nice to keep busy and do school work I mean sometimes during the holiday I wish I had school work o do. I just think its a lot of pressure to be putting on teenagers and kids. Labelling them isn’t going to make them feel anymore like the rest of their peers if they all ready feel different because of how smart they are.

Now everything that I have written could have been absolute rubbish because I don’t know all that much about these things but this is my opinion o this issue. I mean its nice to be given these opportunities but its horrible to think that you have to be labelled as gifted before you are given this opportunities.

Photo of the day. :)

This is from when we went to the zoo earlier this week.

P.S love the face Ashling  ;)

My knight in shining armour.

I blogged about my granddad before and well I wanted to blog about him again. My granddad was a wise man he was like a book of knowledge and he had a story for everything. Every day we heard a new story or the same story as before but with something that he forgot to tell us about. Right up until the day that he died he was telling us stories. Not many people really live their life but I can assure that my granddad lived his life to the full. He has done everything..... He travelled to lots of different countries, owned a shop, became a knight, set up the order of Malta in Celbridge he became an honorary Carmelite and so much more.

I think that it’s safe to say that my granddad will defiantly be remembered and not just by family members but by everybody who had the pleasure of meeting my granddad. He will be missed on the annual Carmelite pilgrimages to Lourdes and by the friends that he made when he went to Cork to train with his guide dog. He will be remembered by all of the other knights of Malta and by other members of the Order of Malta. He will be remembered by his neighbours and friends but mostly by his family. He was well know sure in art class one day I was getting help from my art teacher and when he was finished he began to ask me about my granddad and this was all because of the shop that he owned.

I have built up a lifetime of memories with my granddad and they are the most precious things to me, nobody will ever be able to take them away from me and well I guess I want to share them with the people who read my blog. I find it hard to talk about my granddad but not to blog it just flows out of me like a river flows downhill.

One of the best memories that I have is from about four years ago during the summer when we went on holidays to Florida. There was a big group of us going I think there was nine of us in total and my granddad was one of them. For most of that holiday I spent most of my time with my granddad because I didn’t like going on rollercoaster’s and none of us thought it would be the best thing he went on them so in the theme parks we would stay together me and my granddad. One day when we decided that we wouldn’t do anything and just hang around the house that we had rented me, Shane, Paul and Amy were in the pool. We kept jumping in and my granddad was sitting at the table beside the pool and he kept getting splashed. He didn’t get annoyed and anytime he went to give out to us he just started laughing.

He eventually go up and picked up a long foam thing that you use in the pool to float and started to hit the water in the hopes of hitting one of us. But he didn’t work, he was going blind so he couldn’t really see us but we had great fun laughing at him and I know that might sound me but he always laughed at himself too. He never let losing his sight effect the quality of his life; sure the week before he died he played a game of pool with me and won with no help from anybody else. He always saw the good side of things never the bad.

I look up to my granddad; he was kind warm hearted, looking, giving, fun and happy. He inspires me and I always try my best to make him proud. I know that he might not be here with me now but he is up in heaven somewhere with my mam and granny looking down on me watching out for me keeping me safe and for that I say thanks.

I always have my granddad with me; after he died I was given his hat... to most people that would mean nothing but to me it means everything. My granddad had a panama jack hat and he wore it everywhere. When he would come up to our house on Wednesdays or any other days I would always take his hat and hide it or I would wear it around the house. It was our little thing.... the hat I think that it brought the two of us close... to me that hat symbolises my granddad. It’s like when my mam died I was given her first ever teddy bear to most people it would just be an old tatty ripped teddy but to me it symbolises my mam.I will never forget how my granddad would smile and say “I bet you didn’t know I could do that” when he would surprise you with something that he did. Sure the week before he died that’s what he said to us after he bet me in a game of pool.

I had many names for my granddad and he had many names for me. I was his shove-over, his vampire and his whippersnapper. He was my gaga, my jellyfish and my grumpy. He meant the world to me and helped to fill a hole that was left after my mam died but after he died a bigger hole in my life was created. I miss my granddad and always will but I will never forget all of the amazing times that we shared together. 

Photo of the day. :)

This photo is from last night before we went to Time... Me and Ashling stood there for about five minutes before someone take a photo.

The future.

Since T.Y I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to do when I leave school and well I’m going into fifth year so I guess I think that I need to start trying to figure out what I want to do when I leave school. When I went on work experience I went to a hospital in Athy because I am interested in nursing. I tried to go to hospital all around Dublin but none of them would take me for my weeks work experience. I ended up going to a hospital in Athy where my dad uses to work. This wasn’t the kind of hospital that I was hoping to go to. It was more like a nursing home and it was only for the care of the age.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this work experience I just found it very hard. I worked in two different departments, the activities department and the day-care department. To see what I did on my work experience read my blog post about it.....  My work experience.... experience...

This work experience I have to say did kind of turn me off nursing but I was told not to let it. Since then I have been keeping nursing in the back of my mind but I have been thinking about a lot of other things as well. For my second work experience I went to the Fire brigade training centre and I loved every minute of it. I learned so much about the job and I even became qualified in first aid. After this work experience I really did begin to think about going into the fire service when I am older. My uncles Stephen and my cousin Stephen are both in the fire service and I think that it might be something that I would like to do. I had never thought about it until this year when I went to my work experience. I was thinking along the lines of becoming an advanced paramedic after I train as a fire fighter. Read more about my fire fighting work experience here.

I have thought about a lot of different careers over the year.... everything from computer, medicine, nursing, fire-fighters, genetic and cell biologist, photography and physiology. But I really don’t know what’s right for me. Now I’m leaning more towards going into the fire service it would be something that I would really like to do and photography.

I mean who really knows what’s right for them and how..... It’s a lot to have to think about. That question “What do you want to do when you leave school? “ is said far to often and to be honest I don’t know if going into the fire service or photography is really what I want to do. The only thing that I am sure about is that I would like to go to college and study something.... maybe history or computer science. I think that’s there is a lot of pressure on young people these days having to try and figure out what they want to do when they leave school. If having to do the leaving cert wasn’t bad enough but having to be 100 % on what you want to do after you leave school.

I’m hoping that over the next year while I Am in fifth year I will figure out what I want to do and I hope someone will guide me in the right direction. If only it was as easy as someone telling you what you want to do... things would be so much easier that way.

There’s a lot to think about.... I know I want to have a career but the question is what? I know I want to have a husband but the question is who? I know I want to have children but the question is how many? I know I want to have a nice house but the question is where? There are so many different things in life that you have to think about but I have no idea about. Right now I have planned to just go along day by day enjoying life and hopefully figure out little thing about where I want to go from here along the way.

A bit of sightseeing....

The last week of August my dad, Paul and me are heading off to America for a week. It was planned that we would go to Florida but seeing as how we have been there three times before we decided that we would go somewhere else. So we decided we would go to Boston and spend a few days there before going sand spending a few days in New York. I am looking forward to going but I really am looking forward to October when some of the fifth and sixth years are heading to Poland for a school trip and I am so excited and can’t wait to go.

There are so many things I want to see when we go to America there’s the...

New York city police museum.
The FDNY fire zone.
Central Park Zoo.
 The New York aquarium.
Yankee Stadium.
The Boston ghosts and gravestones tour.
Salem- The witch city.
A Boston Chocolate tour.
Fenway Park.
JFK presidential museum and Library.

And so much more.... and well let’s not forget about going shopping. There's going to be so much too do and not enough time.

My Friends.

Well this is kind of different I have decided that I would write a post about my friends.  I have some of the most amazing friends you could find. No matter what I do to them they have always stuck by me. No matter how down I am they never leave me. No matter how sick I am they are always by my side. No matter how lonely I am they change that.

They are the people that give me a reason to get up in the mornings, the people I turn to for a friendly smile or a late night chat. These are the people that you can go to with a problem and it is never too big or too small and they are always will to offer advice or a shoulder to cry on. I love my mad crazy wacky weird friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friends have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and most of the time they don’t even realise what they have done.

I love my friends and I appreciate everything that they have ever done for me. I don’t know what I would do without them and I hope I will never loose theses amazing crazy weird people that I have the privilege to call my friends.

Photo of the day. :)

Today we all went to Time to celebrate Aoife's birthday. It was one f the best nights I have had in a long time even with my crutch I managed to have a good time... after I fell out of Róisín's car. Thanks girls for convincing me to go  :)

Photo of the day. :)

I have decided that since its summer and I like to take a lot of photos and I dont go anywhere without my camera that I would upload a new photo each day. My camera decided to break again today... :(

We went to the zoo today.... we named all the animals, played in the playground and got chased by a peacock.... It was a great day out :)

Too soon ????

A couple of weeks ago my uncle moved to Spain because he got a new job. He moved to Marbella a place where I have gone many times before with my Granddad. I’m really close to my uncle and we have talked about me going over to visit him this summer. I really like going to Spain I have been there the last four years in a row with my granddad and so I know they area really well and I can get around no problem on my own. My uncle says I can go over anytime I want and my dad said that I can go over any time I want to the only problem is I don’t know if I’m ready to go back there just yet.

Because this has been my T.Y blog up until summer I haven’t had the chance to blog about personal things so I’m going to explain why I don’t think that I am ready to go back to Spain this year. Last summer I went over to Spain with my Granddad, my dad and my brother Paul. After my mam died I got really close to my granddad and so did my two brothers. Me and Paul and Shane pretty much done all that we could to look after him while he was losing his sight and so whenever he wanted to go on a holiday he brought me or Paul to help him and well to spoil us as well.  We would go over every year with him and stay in his sister’s apartment. Each year someone else was brought along but I was the only one who went each year, I think that was because he bought everybody else to Lourdes but he never got to bring me.

My granddad :)

Last year my dad came along with me and Paul but he had to fly home early because he had an appointment that he couldn’t miss. That meant that me and Paul would be alone with my granddad for four days after my dad left and that meant nothing to me and Paul really because we had been there alone with him before.
About two days before my Dad was due to leave we headed out early in the morning to do a bit of shopping, nothing unusual. My granddad wasn’t one to complain even with that in mind when he complained about a toothache earlier that day nobody took any notice. We went shopping as usual and when we were waiting in the line he collapsed. I had seen my granddad collapse before once when he went into a diabetic coma and knowing that like the day that he went into a diabetic coma he hadn’t eaten any breakfast all I could thinking about was that it was going to happen all over again.

Luckily the shop that we were in had a medical area on a lower floor and my granddad was seen by a doctor where we were told that his blood pressure was low and his sugars were too high and that he was suffering form sun stroke. We were told to get him back to the apartment so that he could rest and that is what we did. The next day he wasn’t quiet himself, tired warm and not able to keep anything down. We kept him on bed rest and we had all agreed if he didn’t get any better we would call a doctor. Then Friday came the day my dad was due to head back home and my granddad insisted that we would all go to see him off to the airport and so that’s what we did and we headed back on the bus home. We arrived home and my granddad went to lie down after telling us he felt a bit dizzy. Me and Paul had decided that if he wasn’t better by the next day we were going to call a doctor.

That night things seemed a bit better. To me I thought he wasn’t as pale and when he told me and Paul to go for a walk and get something to eat he even sounded better but I was wrong but I just didn’t know that yet. To make my granddad happy me and Paul went out for about half an hour then headed back to the apartment. Once we did we all headed to be and to me I felt at ease and thought things were going to get better...... I was wrong.

At 6 O clock on Saturday morning Paul and me heard a knock on our bedroom door and soon followed our granddads voice telling us that he needed to go to the hospital. While Paul was trying to sort out getting an ambulance and finding a doctor and all of these kind of things I sat with my granddad and when he told me he had a pain in his chest the first thing that came to my mind was has having a heart attack. After figuring out how and what hospital to go to and finding out that the ambulance wasn’t going to come with the help form two nice me that kindly helped us get a taxi we were on our way to the hospital. It was only down the road so it was convent for me and Paul and we could walk to it.

I’m not going to go into all of the details of what happened on the Saturday and to cut what all ready is a long story short then end result was that my Granadad was having a heart attack and he was having it for a number of days. The doctors tried to up him on a ventilator to keep hi alive but he died that day. Paul had the horrible job of telling my dad on the phone that his dad had died while he was waiting in the airport to come and see us with his two brothers and my granddads brother and sister. I told my brother Shane the horrible news and I can tell you that is something nobody should ever have to do. The doctors and nurses were nice to us and did help us a lot especially with the language barrier.

On the 28th of August last year my granddad died in Spain in a place that was like a second home to him. I do want to go back to Spain I do but I don’t know if I can go and not always be reminded of those horrible few days. I didn’t man for this post to be telling people how my granddad died but I wanted to share something about my granddad with people. Maybe it wasn’t my best idea to share his death but I’m going to work backwards writing blog post about his life and the amazing memories that we have had together.

This was a very personal blog post and I didn’t meant o have it so personal. I thought about weather or not to post this blog because its nothing something most people like to read and it might seem like I’m looking for sympathy but I’m not. It’s almost been a year since he died and maybe by me going to Spain this year it might be a way of helping me move on from what happened. All I know right now is that I miss my granddad but he was a great mad, an uncle a dad a friend a knight of Malta and what more my gag. A true inspiration he was. I’m going to blog more about the fun and happy time that we spent together.

 Writing this blog post has helped me in more way than you could imaging, it’s hard to talk about these things but writing them down is so much easier and I think that everybody deserves to know what a great man my grandfather was and still is.

It's here... :)

Today I was informed that my dress for my brothers wedding had arrived at his apartment and sure enough I was summoned down there to try it on.

I love this dress and when I first saw it I knew that was going to be the dress that I wanted. Its a bit big but before the wedding we are going to get it taken in a bit. I picked it out about a week and a half ago with Amy and we done it all through Facebook and the internet which was great for me as well I hate trying on clothes in lots of different shops and wandering around different shops all looking for the same kind of thing so shopping on the internet was perfect for me. Anyway Amy was the one who found the dress.

I was going to write a long post today about the wedding and everything but I decided that I would keep it short because its late and I'm tired. I'm heading to the zoo tomorrow with the girls so I have to be up bright and early, hopefully I will have a long blog post about that tomorrow and sometime this week I will write one about Shane, Amy and the wedding. But in the meantime here is a picture of Shane modeling the dress...

A blast to the past.

Yesterday morning I headed up to Larch hill for the Stone Age Beaver camp. Larch hill is the national campsite and training centre for scouting Ireland. We headed up there bright and early on Saturday morning so that we had time to set up our tents, get the beavers settled and then be in time for the activities that were planned for the day.

Once we arrived we had to go and meet up with some of the other groups of beaver scouts. Our group 19th Kildare was very small and we only had three beavers going and three leaders which were myself, my dad and Kellie. Kellie and me are not full leaders but we are venture scouts and we act as beaver leaders when on trips away and also when we are at our weekly Monday night meetings. When I finish school and go to college one of the things I have planned to do is talk the leader training course and become a beaver leader. We were told that we were going to be grouping up with two other groups from Kildare 13th and 16th Kildare and we would be with them for activities and during the night while we would be camping.

The activities started at 1.30 after the opening ceremony and went on until around 6.00. We did everything from 

Playing games.
Trying to make fire.
Making bread on a stick.
And bouncing on bouncing castles.
 Despite the rain followed by sunshine then more rain and a bit of wind that continue to change during the day off of the beavers seemed to have a great time.... me and Kellie on the other hand not so much. The leaders were not allowed on the bouncing castles... :(  But after a dinner it wasn’t so bad. After dinner there was a reptile show and there was only allowed to be one leader from each group so me and Kellie decided that we would go for a walk..... I have never talked so much with Kellie and it was nice. We talked about so many different things.

After the reptile show it was time for a bit of a treasure hunt.... talk about confusing but we managed it well after me and Kellie got lost looking for the group, as soon as we found them it was fine and we were back on track. After we finished then treasure hunt where we didn't get any treasure it was time to head down to the camp fire. This was a good bit of fun. We sang songs, I got to play photographer, tripped over some part of a tree because it was dark and we almost lost some of our beavers.

This guy ccame up behind me at the campfire and scared the life out of me.....
 I dont think I have screamed so loud before.

I learned a lot this weekend..... Well I learned how to put up a tent, I had a fair idea how to put one up but this wasnt my tent and even the leaders said that they were awkward to put up. With the help from about three other beaver leaders we managed to get our tent up in about an hour who knew that could be so hard. I learned that when they say bring a torch you bring a torch. I learned that taking a tent down is easier than putting one up but still complicated when it comes to folding and I learned never go camping p a mountain the day after you get a cast off your foot...... you will be in pain the next day!

The weekend wasn't as bad as it had seemed thinking about it now. It was only yesterday after we had the tents set up was when it began to go downhill but once it was dinner time things picked up. the bad weather on Saturday meant me and Kellie complained a lot and all we wanted to do was go home. But it wasn't all that bad we might have got told to shut up by the beavers when we went to bed and we might have had to sleep at a slant up a hill but it was a good night.

Kellie grounded herself trying to ground the tent.

Me playing photographer.

Me and Kellie.

Our camping area.

Happy birthday Kellie

Today Kellie turns 16 and like for Aoifes birthday I am going to write another blog post about my friendship with the person and today that persons is Kellie. I have known Kellie since first year mind of because she was in my business class..... Even if I did not remember her being in my class she informed me that she was so I took her word. It was only when she told me where she sat that I began to remember that she was in my class.

I guess it was T.Y where i first began to get to know Kellie and now thinking back on how we got to know each other in T.Y I can’t remember.... I think it was maths class i  the beginning and then she ate lunch with us and I guess it just went from there. T.Y gave us a chance to get to know each other really well all though we were only in one class together but because i was T.Y we had plenty of time on trips and things like that to get to know each other as well.

It’s only been a year yet I have built up a lifetime of memories with Kellie. There’s everything form spending a whole weekend in Tesco bag packing for the Irish cancer society to running  around the boys school with a parachute for little kids.

Kellie is the one that I turn to when I need someone to listen. She always offer's a shoulder to cry on and never turns you away when you need someone to talk to. she always had good advice and will always try her best to help you in any way possible. And to be honest I would not have survived the last school year with her bye my side. If it wasn't for T.Y I would never found this great and amazing friend that I have now.

We have had plenty of amazing times in T.Y and I'm sure that they will continue onto to fifth year because we are in the same base class..... :)We have gone from singing in school randomly especially at lunch time...... This was out T.Y song that me and Kellie would sing nonstop..... well only parts of this song.

We have annoyed  Róisín buy saying "Róisín went to a debate the other night and she rocked their socks off" I do think that me and Kellie made a great team when it came to annoying Róisín. we have had fun times going for our walks at lunch time and having some interesting conversations with teachers that I dont think we will ever forget..... :)

Kellie is great at keeping secrets and I had to learn that they hard way when she helped my dad plan a surprise part for my 16th birthday and well she will never let me forget that.... and the fact that she scared the life out of me when I arrived home that day.

So happy birthday Kellie and well Im glad that you did T.Y because I have made an amazing new friend that has helped me through a lot and never let me down and I am glad that I can call you my friend :)

Remember we sang this song at one point too.... I think it was when we were doing rugby in P.E.


So I was thinking today about parents and well how important they are. I mean yeah there important for lots of things like buying clothes and paying the bills and things like that but there is so much more things that parents do for us that they don’t have to and from being around my friends and from myself I have realised that most people take their parents for granted.
I mean most people especially teenagers have very limited contact with their parents. I’m not saying this about all teenagers or anything like that sure for all I know what I say in this post could be rubbish. So I’m going to talk about my experience with parents.
I don’t talk to my dad very much and yeah there is a lot of reasons for that and I’m not going to get into most of them but a few of them are well most of the time we have nothing to talk about, how are you meant to have a conversations with someone when there is nothing to talk about. Then there is well I guess I’m a teenager I don’t like telling my dad what I do when I go out with my friends or what happens in school. I mean most of the time what I do will end up on Facebook. Twitter or in my blog so why not just look at what happened at these places it’s much easier than trying to get information out of a stubborn teenager. I say that we have a strained relationship and I’m not going to put all of the blame onto him because I’m to blame as much as he is even though to him it always seems like I’m putting all of the blame onto him but I’m not.
Another thing about parents and teenagers I never like my dad being around my friends. I’m always worried that he will say something embarrassing or with my dad he will just start talking and not shut up. I mean he will talk about everything and anything and he could go on for hours and hours and not shut up. Yeah that’s a good thing to be talkative but it just gets annoying when he talks to your friends when you’re trying to have fun with them.
But no matter how much you ignore your parents, or no matter how many fights you have or tell them to go away or tell them that you hate them they always do whatever you need them to do for you. I know this is true with my dad. I don’t get on well with my dad all the time  and we have a very strained relationship and by now we have both acknowledged  that fact but no matter what he is always there when I need money for school, or to drive me to a hospital appointment or to an athletic event.  Parents are the ones you turn to when something goes wrong or if you need something and no matter what they will always try to help in whatever way they can. I know I am far too hard on my dad most of the time and I really hope that he reads this post because I would never go up and say anything like this to him.
Your parents are the ones who sit beside you when you’re sick and comfort you to make you feel better, they’re the ones who read your bedtime stories, the ones who you can talk to about anything, the ones who help you make decisions about what to do when you leave school, the ones who protect you from almost everything so that their child won’t get hurt.
Yeah parents can be annoying and clueless but there your parents and they will ever leave their child because they love you. You can battle their love, you can do things to hurt them and you can make them loose their trust in you but they will always give you a second chance without a doubt and as much as they have to they don’t really they do everything for you because they love you... and that’s their job... to love you.
I have started to realise the importance of not taking your parents for granted but that was only when one of them was taken away from me. When my mam got told she had cancer I didn’t take her for granted, I cherished every moment with her. It’s not because I thought she was going to die but I was because I realised that she always stood by me when I needed her love support and encouragement and all though I was only eight when she got sick and couldn’t do much for her the smile on her face when I gave her a huge was enough to make me think that I have helped her in some way with her battle against cancer.
I guess it’s when something that you need the most is take away from you is when you want it the most. Most people I know have someone at home for them to wash their clothes, cook the dinner and clean the house. These are all of the things that are parents do for us and we just expect them to do it for us. When I was younger my mam did all of those things for me until she couldn’t. I helped when I was asked but I never offered to wash the clothes or make the dinner because I took it for granted that she was there to do it. Now that she is gone and for almost six years I have been doing all that myself and it’s only when you have to do it that you realise how much work it really is.
 So basically the idea of this post was to get people thinking about whether or not they take their parents for granted and just expect everything to be done for them. I try not to take my dad for granted but half the time I just expect my dad to bring me to athletic events or give me money for school but the real reality is that he doesn’t have to.
But I am glad that I still have one parent in my life even with a strained relationship I am glad that I still have my dad. Thank you dad for everything that you do for me.

Thank you very much....

About two days ago I was on Facebook when a friend of mine sent me a message in chat.... This is what she said...... 
Hey siobhan! This is kinda random but I was just reading your blog and OMG....youre just amazing! That lady who contacted you about the festival thing was are very inspiring! I think some day youll be a really famous person who travels around the world giving really inspiring speeches and touching the lives of millions...I know that sounds really goofy but srsly......ur actually amazing! Youre gonna go real far someday......
I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or anything like that or look like I’m showing off when I’m writing this post. It was suggested to me by Mrs L that I write a post on how I felt about this comment made by Aisling.
I don’t think that there is much to say about this other than I was very surprised to see this comment. I never really thought that people had any interest in my blog and I didn’t think that people liked my blog. This comment made me smile and I was happy to see that someone actually took the time to read my blog and tell me what they thought about it. I don’t really know what to say here i guess I’m lacking in things to blog about this week.
But yeah so basically Thank you for the amazing comment Aisling and I’m glad you enjoy reading me blog.

Happy birthday Aoife.

Today Aoife finally turns 16. Aoife is like the baby in the group all though she is not the youngest. At first she seems all cute and innocent but she is not.  Let me tell you, she may be small and cute but she can most certainly stand up for herself and if you ever steal her shoe the chances of you ending up being pushed into a bush are very likely.  I have never taken Aoifes shoe since that day......

I have known Aoife since first year because we were in all the same classes apart from options. It was only really in second year that we became the great friends that we are now. I remember times in first year where I seen the loud side of Aoife like on my birthday I remember sitting at the back in Irish and she just would not shut up about my birthday. That was when I first learned that Aoife never stops talking.

It was second year that I became Aoifes bridesmaid one day in Spanish, that was funny how that happened and neither of us have forgotten that I one day will be Aoifes bridesmaid. It was also in second year when our races to geography began to see who go the seat by the window. Everybody had their own seats were they always sat for geography and me and Aoife had the seat at the front by the window. Every day was like a race to see who got the seat beside the window..... The end result was no matter what I did I always ended up moving to the outer seat and gave Aoife the seat by the window and not much changed in T.Y the same thing would happen but not with Aoife but Louise.

It was in third year that I learned about the mammy in Aoife. She was always there if you needed to talk and took care of people.... well in her own way she took care of people.  She knows what to say to you to make you do the right thing and see sense.  I have to say if it wasn’t for Aoifes unique way of pretty much scaring you into doing the right thing because she screams it at you until you get it into your head I don’t think I would have survived the past couple of months.

It was in T.Y that I thought hat me and Aoife would drift apart because she was going straight into fifth year but I was wrong and I am glad that I was wrong. I think that we grew closer even though she seemed to have this hatred toward any of the T.Y’s that ate lunch in  room 23 or maybe she just liked screaming at us to get us out of the room at lunch time..... who knows..... but I know she didn’t mean to be mean to the T.Y’s after all one of them is going to be one of her bridesmaids when she gets married.

I have plenty of good and funny memories with Aoife...... everything from her losing her shoe in a forest to climbing up a mountain with her while she talked nonstop with Mr. K..... I would say when we got back to the hostel that night he would have had a headache....... But no matter how much she talks and she talks a lot I’m glad that I can call Aoife my friend.

So happy birthday Aoife and have a great day.

P.S Kellie told me about this song......

“And so I punched her again”

Today I didn’t really have anything at all to blog about and there was nothing interesting in the news. I’m not very good at writing about things that are very topical and things that challenge someone’s view of something but for today I did manage to think of a possible title for a blog post and well the title came from Kellie when we went out and about today for a walk. There was four of us and Kellie wanted to tell us about her exciting dream.... I have to say it as quiet violent.

It took Kellie about half an hour to tell us about her dream and well hearing that she punched somebody twice and pushed someone out a window made me worry about her and I certainly do not want to get on her bad side. And well after hearing about her dream and everything that happened in it i started to think about people and their dreams. I wonder what influences peoples dreams.

Most of the times I can’t remember what I dream about. I do sometimes but not all of the time. Most of the times they usually involved something serious that would wake me up. I always remember nightmares and I guess most people do if they scare you enough and I have had plenty that have scared me. For me things like some episodes of TV shows will scare me enough that I won’t go to sleep. Especially criminal minds. I love that show but some episodes scare the hell out of me.  Scary movies are another thing that will keep me awake for hours and make me paranoid the film The Strangers...... that kept me awake for days after the first time that I watched it.

I have often also wondered about shows like criminal minds and how people think these kinds of things. I mean I think that it is kind of worrying how people come up with these types of things. But these shows are so interesting and they always manage to capture my attention and I just can’t be taken away from them. I don’t even know what it is about them but they are just so good and interesting.

I know this post was very all over the place and I hope that you managed somehow to understand what I was talking about.... all though I don’t even know what I was talking about. But anyway this post was inspired by Kellie so thank you Kellie. I will hopefully have an interesting or decent enough blog post tomorrow, but right now I’m off to watch some criminal minds......


An inspiration to us all.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard the sad news about the death of the former finance minister Brian Lenihan. It came as a shock to me however i was aware that he was battling cancer but I am not one to follow the news very often so I had no idea how bad his cancer was and how much his health had deteriorated. Since the news that he passed away I have been listening to the radio and reading things on the internet about how great a man he was. I have been reading some of the tributes from leading figures in the business and economic world for former minister of finance Brian Lenihan.

'His quick intellect and grasp of constitutional detail made it a pleasure to conduct professional dealings with him. His death is a major loss to public life in Ireland,'  said Professor Honohan.

'Brian displayed great personal courage, strength and dedication to the public good, during a period of exceptional economic challenge in the life of Ireland and Europe, 'Brian's extraordinary personal and professional contribution, have ensured that he is and will always be held in the highest esteem by those of us who worked with him in Europe. In placing his duty to the nation above his personal difficulties, Brian Lenihan has provided us with an outstanding example of public service,' said Olli Rehn EU economic affairs commissioner.

Mr Lenihan worked tirelessly at getting the economy back onto a sustainable footing at a time of unprecedented economic crisis. 'Brian Lenihan's passion, energy, and intellect were clear to all those who had dealings with him and are a testimony to his deep dedication to public service, said Danny McCoy  IBEC director general.

'He always worked for his country and he worked for the best of Ireland and I suppose in the end what anybody in public life would wish to do, and that's what he did." said Mary O Rourke.

These were just some of the things that people said about Mr Lenihan.  After reading these comments it is clear that Mr Lenihan was loved by many and that he will be sadly missed.He is truly an inspirational man whose dedication for his country was clear. He never turned his back on his country eve while fighting cancer. He battled through cancer while trying to get Ireland through one of the most turbulent period in the economic history. To me this man is an inspiration to people all around the world.

My thoughts are with family at this time, may he rest in peace.

A birthday wish for a very special lady.

This is going to be a very personal blog post for me today. I have never written a very personal blog post before so this is a first for me. So today is my mams 50th birthday and yeah I guess you wondering why I’m writing a post about my mams birthday. Well my mam died almost 6 years ago after a battle with lung cancer. I’m not going to go into all of the details about her death or about her illness or anything like that but today I am writing her a blog post as a kind of birthday present a way of keeping her alive and letting people know what kind of inspirational women she was.

To be honest now I have hit writers block... I don’t have a clue what to write now. I guess in many ways me and my brothers are all like my mam. We are caring, thoughtful, fun loving, kind and helpful. These are the things that I can only see how we are similar to my mam but my mam was so much more than that. She was an amazing women who always knew how to have a good time... she was strong and knew how to deal with whatever was sent her way be it a good thing or a bad thing.

I was hoping to make kind of a long post out of this but I didn’t realise how hard I would find it writing about my mam. So really I wanted this post to be a kind of birthday present to my mam. I know that she will always be with me like someone close to me said not so long ago it’s great having special angels in heaven to look after me. That’s what my mam is, she’s not gone she my special angel up in heaven watching out for me.

So because I know my mam is up there watching me write this post I want to say happy birthday and that I hope that you a great birthday and I’m happy that now you get to spend some much need time with your family up there while keeping an eye on us down here.

Time for some shopping!!!!!

So next March my brother Shane is getting married, him and his fiance have been going out for nearly six years now and they have been engaged for 2 years..... I think. Amy is more than my brother’s girlfriend to me; she is like a sister and a mother to me. She looks out for me, gives me a shoulder to cry on and is one of my best friends.  My brother is lucky to have found her. Shane and Amy are perfect for each other. I have two brothers and I m close to both of them and right now I am glad to say that I am happy for Shane he deserves nothing more than to be happy and looking forward to his wedding next year. I know that his wedding is going to be a very happy time but I’m sure that there will be a few sad moments knowing that two of the most important people in his life won’t be there but no matter what during his wedding nobody is going to forget our mam and our granddad they will be with us in spirit.

Amy has asked me to be a bridesmaid and well I am delighted to have been asked. At the beginning when I was told I wasn’t all the bothered about it I was told I would have to wear a dress and as much as Shane and Paul thought that it would be impossible for me to get me into a dress they were shocked when I found a dress on a website that I really like and there was no fuss made about it. Amy has now asked that all of the bridesmaids pick their top five dress of a website that she is planning on getting the dresses from. The dresses are all going to be different but they are all going to be the colour grape. I think that its a lovely colour. I'm getting more and more excited about the wedding every day. :)

My top five dresses are :

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