Here I come Poland.

It is the day before I am heading off to Poland on a school tour for the next four days. I have been waiting to go on this trip for the past few months. I am so excited about going I am looking forward to go and doing everything that there is to do there.

I think that I have everything packed.... well at least I hope that I do. I bet now in the morning I will be so tired that I get onto the car drive half way to the airport and then realise I have forgot something. More than likely it will be my passport or my medication or something really important.  Hopefully I wont forget anything! I am looking forward to going to the Salt mines.... well apart form the lift to come back up I dont like lifts since me and Paul got stuck in one in Spain one year! Mrs KB was saying thsat the salt mines is really good for people who have asthma so with any luck it might just help mine a bit!

I’m sitting at a window seat with Ashling and Aoife as long as the seats are in threes but if there not I think I am going to be sitting with Louise. To be honest I’m not that bothered where I sit once I have someone with me that won’t mind me freaking out about taking off and sometimes flying but I will end up falling asleep knowing me.  I’m going to get lost or something in the airport I bet you. I keep thinking about all of the different things that could go wrong to me before I even got onto the plane never mind all of the things that could go wrong to me while I’m in Poland.

I have never imagined going to Poland until this trip came up in school last year. After I did a project on Poland in T.Y I wanted to go and see some of the things that I learned about while I was doing my project. It is going to be an amazing trip and I am so excited. For the next four days I am going to have the time of my life and forget about anything that is going on in my family and just leave all my troubles in Ireland  for four days..... Four days to have fun.

Today is Halloween and well I’m heading out with the girls later to have a laugh and well I’m not really sure what we’re doing all I know is that we are dressing up in Ashling house and after that I am going to follow everybody else. I am dressing up as the joker because I love dressing up as the joker.

Scary stuff.

Last week I had a pretty scary experience. Well you see I have asthma and I have had it now for two or three years but it never really affected me and if it did it only affected me when I was doing sports but not last week. Last week I had my first asthma attack and as you can guess form the title I was pretty scared. It happened after training when I was in school at a meeting about the school trip to Poland and things just slowly started to get bad with my breathing and to be honest if it wasn’t for my dad and my friends and the two teachers that wanted until I felt well enough to leave the school I would have been lost. So thanks to everybody who was there with me last week.

Anyway I managed to make it home but things took another turn for the worse and an ambulance to be called and no this was not my first time in an ambulance I was in one a few years ago when I fell down a man hole at an athletics competition and had to go to hospital but back to the topic. So yeah I’m not going into the details but thanks to the kind doctors and nurses and [paramedics I was home within a matter of a few hours and thankfully I didn’t have to say in the hospital. I even got some career advice form the nurse who was looking after me. Since last week I am being checked up on all the time and my dad barley lets me out of his sight at things like training and in school the girls wount leave me alone but I know its because they care so thansk!

I wrote this post to share with people that it is really important to live every day to the full, I know it was nothing serious but when it’s a new experience it’s pretty scary, so I learned something from that experience. Things can change ion a second so make every second count!

And seeing as how the title of this post is scary stuff well its halloween soon and well I get scared very easily. Mr K scared me in LCVP on Friday morning when he was standing at the window to the computer room with a scream mask on.... I got the firght of my life and even cried I was that scared. At lunch I was waiting for someone at the staff room and yet another teacher Ms M scared me while she was wearing a mask. I think it goes without saying that I will scream and cry even if something isnt that scary I blame horro movies for how easily scared I get...... I will never watch the strangers ever again and this time I think that I mean it!!!!!

Photo of the day. :)

A bit of fun at lunch :)


“Logic will get you from a-z, imagination will get you everywhere.”
Albert  Einstein.

I saw this quote on the internet and well I really liked it, and it got me thinking about  my imagination. I thought that I might share this quote with you to get you thinking about you imagination.

Photo of the day. :)

My hairdressing skills. :)

In the wrong!

Ok so here's the deal...... the other week I was searching on the on internet looking for different things to blog about and different blogs that would be interesting to read. I did fine one and I have to say I really do like this one, its fun, informative and you can really relate to it if you are a teenager.

The post that I had here in the first place was from this blog. Yeah I took this post form that blog and to be honest I have now realised that I went about things all the wrong way and I wish I had never taken the post from the blog in the first place. I am writing this post to try and fix my wrong doing of taking a post from someone else blog and putting it up on my blog and not giving them enough credit. I should not have done that and for that I am very sorry. Weather I was to give them credit or not I should not have taken someone else blog post and passed it off as mine!

So I apologize greatly to the writer of High School Humor Blog and I would like to say that I have learned that I should not have taken this post and used it as my own and I will now never do anything like that again. So I am deeply deeply sorry.

Take a look at High School Humor blog as it has many interesting fun posts.

Photo of the day. :)

My new home. :)

Photo of the day. :)

No better way to play twister than outside :)

Im so excited!

Im so excited for Poland! :)

Photo of the day. :)

I want to be a clown when I get older... ;)

Why get out of bed?

I was thinking about different things that I could blog about and well o I turned to my good friend Google and it came up with “Ten reasons why you get out of the bed in the morning” I decided that I would write a post on this because I thought that it would turn out pretty good. But I am only going to do tree reasons because I don’t have a lot of time and trying to think of ten reasons take way to long and I can’t think of ten reasons!

 School. Every morning Monday –Friday I get up and out of bed at 6.45 to get ready for school. With most other teenagers they would be complaining about having to get up early and go to school well not me. I love going to school and I am use to getting up early. I like to get up early in the mornings because then I can make the most of my dad. And well school I love going to school. I get to learn new things, have a laugh with my friends, try and annoy teachers and most of all I am happy in school.

Lilo. Lilo is our puppy. I love her to bits it is like we were made for each other. Where ever I go in the house Lilo is sure to be right behind me. She makes me smile and makes me feel like I am needed home. I love her so much she makes me so happy. She is warm and cuddly and great fun to play with.

My friends. I don’t know what I would do without my friends they have got me through some of the hardest times of my life and then have ever left me. The mean everything to me and I would be lost without them. They make me smile and laugh but most of all they make me happy. They like me for who I am and they always have faith in me. I could not ask for better friends than the ones that I have.

These are some of my reasons what are some of the reasons to get out of bed  in the morning?

Dont stop me now!

This song is just for Róisín :)

Busy Busy Busy!

We had our first meeting about our trip to Poland a couple of weeks back and since then the time has been flying bye it is now only 2 weeks and 2 days until we are heading off to Poland. I have never been more excited about a school trip before.  I am not letting anything get in the way of me getting to Poland. I had a little bump in the road a couple of weeks ago we the depression and some other stuff  but now I am back on track.. For now I am doing ok  and that is all that I can really ask for right now that I keep doing ok. I’m trying not to think of what could happen and rather think of what is happening right now. Like I am keeping busy with school, homework, study, scouts, athletics, the school musical and helping at home and I’m doing ok right now.

I’m looking forward to going to Poland as most of you will all ready know and I will be blogging about it everyday... hopefully the hotel will have internet but If not will just post when I get home.  I am planning on Taking millions of pictures as well but that’s nothing unusual for me. I was told something a couple of weeks ago and it was to enjoy life while I am happy and well that’s what I am going to do. If things take a turn for the worst and hopefully they won’t I will be able to look back at when I was happy and enjoying life and it can give me something to look forward to and a goal to help me get past the hard times.

Anyway back to POLAND!!!!!!! Did I ever tell you that I am going to POLAND.....? Well I am and I am very excited. There is a lot to do before we go but it will all get done. I can wait to go it is going to be the most amazing trip ever. Is there a place somewhere around the word that you would love to travel to someday?

Blog Action Day.

Last year in school I took part in blog action day and this year I am doing it again. I signed up on Tuesday and found out that I would have to write a blog post about food. Last year the blog post that we had to write was about water. So I didn't really know what to write about food so this post is going to be really bad and stupid.

I decided that I would write the post on my favorite food. My favourite food has to be chicken. I don’t really eat that much meat but I eat a lot of chicken. In my house my dad gets fed up of buying chicken and my brother thinks that I eat chicken too much. But now there are lots of different things that you can do with chicken so I don’t really understand how you could get fed up with eating chicken.You can do some many different things with chicken that the possibilities are endless. So I dont see how somebody could get fed up with eating chicken all the time.

Yeah so I didn't really know what to write about food so I wrote about chicken, sorry if this post made you bored.

Photo of the day. :)

Helping raise money for the Irish cancer society.

Photo of the day. :)

Having a bit of fun at scouts :)

Scouts. :)

Every Monday night I go to scouts for about an hour and a half. Yeah you’re wondering why I might be telling you this..... Well I do have a reason. I have been involved in scouts for a number of years helping out and last year I decided to join the venture scouts. Since then I have become a lot more involved in the beaver scouts. I have helped out for a while but I never really did much but no with the help of Kellie and Robbie when my dad (he is meant to be the section leader.) feels like pitching in I act as a leader. When I am old enough I plan to become a leader but I have to be 18 for that so another little while to go but I will get there eventually.  So the main reason I am writing this post is to show how important it is to get involved in the community. I love going to scouts every Monday.... I get to have fun and the beavers get to have fun and the best part is I can act like an idiot and nobody will care!

We do badge work, play games, sing songs well that’s a bit more like shout but you know what I mean, we have races and I ct like an idiot. I get on well with all o the beavers and I love working with kids. It makes me feel goods by being involved in scouts knowing that I have given something back to the community. This post is meant to get people wanting to help out in the community with things like scouts or tidy towns that kind of thing but I really don’t know what to write. So I have a few pictures showing the amount of fun that me and Kellie have on Monday nights..... Keep in mind this is only some Mondays other nights we have a lot more fun.

Kellie might not look happy but that was because I did first aid on her face!
I would encourage everybody to get involved with the community somehow it is great fun! What do you do to help out in your local community?

The sound of St. Wolstans.

This year St Wolstans is performing a musical “the sound of music.” I called this post the sound of St Wolstan’s because Louise came up with the great title for a blog that we are  doing to help promote the show. This is going to be a pretty short post at the moment but I will have longer ones about it soon. I really dont know that much about it all i really know is that we are putting on a show! I am helping out with the promotion and the blogging :) I will have more information on it soon hopefully
but for now here is a song from the sound of music :)

Firework :)

It will be Halloween soon and there will be lots of fireworks and when I thought of fireworks I thought of this song.

Photo of the day. :)

This was a photos I took while I was in Boston... I fell in love with Quincy Market and I love Boston. I hope to go back there some day :)

Compare and Contrast.

Mrs L sent me this link about comparing and contrasting photos on your blog. I decided that I would give it a go. I though it was a bit hard bu after looking at another blog I had a fair idea of what I was meant to do.... mind you I could still be doing it wrong but here goes nothing.
I chose these two photos:

Now I am meant to ask a question..... Do you think that these two photos were taken in the same place?

I hope I am doing this right and if I am not it was worth a try.

Helping Charity. :)

Today I headed across the road to do a bit of bag packing for the Irish cancer society to help some much need funds. I didn’t do much bag packing to be honest but there were so much other things for us to do...... collect money in a bucket, walk around with the giant monkey, face painting and cycling on an exercise bike. I walked around with the monkey and cycled on the exercise bike for most of the day and now I am very tired but it was all worth it. We got some girls from St Wolstan’s to come and help along with some other people that we knew. There weren’t very many people but there was enough to help us get by. It was a great day, we could laugh and mess, tried not to let the monkey scare little kids and it was all for a good cause so it was worth it. Here are some photos from the day... :)

In my opinion it is very important to help to raise money for charities. I feel a need to help raise money for the Irish cancer society because I lost my mam to cancer and nobody should have to go what I and many other people have gone through watching our loved ones suffer from cancer. Knowing that I am helping to raise money for something that is so important like this and knowing that with the money I helped to raise that someday hopefully they will find a cure for this horrible disease. Hopefully there will be many more days like today giving people the chance to help raise money for good causes such as the Irish cancer society. I know that this will not be my last time helping out. What do you do in your community to help raise money for charities? Everybody should spare so time every now and then to help the people that need it the most.

Fun Walk.

Today we had our annual fun walk in school and I am not going to write a big long post about it but each year is given a colour, we have to pick a song make a dance, perform it in front of the whole school and then walk around Celbridge and back to school. This year we walked to Tesco and into Beatty Park and back around by Tesco back to school. I had no problem doing the walk I love the fun walk its one of the best days during the school year. I got to walk all the way to my house and then back to school just to walk home again....... so there was a lot of complaining from me as you might have guessed. But I still had lots of fun. :)So this is the song that my class danced to....

It was great fun. :)
Here are some photos from today.....

It was a great day and by the looks of things the teachers really enjoyed it as well with some of the male teachers dressing up as women. It was great fun.I was a wall and not a lamp like Niamh was trying to make it seem like I was.

I am still trying to annoy Mrs L but its not going very well...... I will annoy her eventually.

Photo of the day. :)

Me and Kellie having some fun at scouts... :)

Photo of the day. :)

T.Y bowling :)

T.Y blogs.

I have been reading some of this years T.Y blogs in my school lately. It's nice to see what they think of T.Y wetather they are having the same type of experience that I had and to see what kind of activities that they are doing. his post is going to be really short because I have been reading the blogs and one always manages to stick out each time I read them. Sarah D's blog is descriptive, interesting keeps readers wanting to read more and come back to her blog each day and I thought I should share her blog with my readers to see what they think of her blog. She seems to be enjoying T.Y and it looks like she has got the hang of blogging.... I think she is a natural. Take a look at her blog and see what you think.
What do you think of Sarah's blog?

Workers rights.

Last week I had  a talk for L.C.V.P. The talk was about trade unions, workers rights and working conditions. It was a really interesting talk and I learned a lot of new tings that were really shocking. We were shown videos about working conditions in countries like Asia and places like that. Children from the ages of five are made to work in factories where they are not allowed to talk, have breaks, use the bathrooms or drink clean water. They would work for 16 hours straight without breaks five to six days a week and would only make around 1 euro each week. I didn't realise how bad working conditions were in other countries and I was shocked when I saw the video  of young children working in a Nike factory.

We were thought about other things to do with worker rights, trade unions, activism and other things but what I took most from the talk was the horrible and unsafe working conditions in other countries.

This was one of the videos that we were shown highlighting the exploitation of workers in other countries.

The working conditions seen in the video are horrible and it makes me appreciate everything that I ave in my life because these children are not going to get to experience the childhood that I had.

Photo of the day. :)

All seven dwarfs on my t-shirt..... I love this t-shirt.

True colour.

I love this song :)

Photo of the day. :)

Me and my amazing soon to be sister-in-law Amy :)

One month and counting.

As of yesterday it is now only one month unity I am heading off to Poland with some fifth years, sixth years and five teachers. I am more than excited about this trip everything that is going on in the next number of weeks has been planed around it. I am determined not to let anything get in my way of going to Poland. It is going to be an amazing trip and more than likely something that I will never get to experience again. Since I did a project on Poland last yeah I have wanted to go but I never thought I would get the chance. Then out of nowhere we were told about a school trip there but that only 40 students were allowed to go. I kept positive hoping that my dad would let me put my name into the draw and he did and I also kept positive that I would get picked to go and I did..... I could have not been happier than when I heard my name get called out!

I have been looking forward to this trip now for so long and I have not shut up about it.... it’s all I talk about when I am at home. Me and Louise are always talking about it...... now whenever we text each other it seems to be all about Poland. We are going to be plane buddies but god help her when she sees what I am like when the plane is taking off..... Not my strongest point when it comes to flying but after that I am ok well usually I am ok..... I do worry about the plane crashing or the power just shutting off but that doesn’t usually happen and with the help of my iPod I soon forget all of my troubles.

I have been told that it will be a very sad trip at times when we go to the concentration camp but it will be good fun at other times.... like Louise says three sleepovers in Poland. I have a great interest in Second World War history and this is the perfect place to go to learn more about it. I am interesting in Hitler and what led him to become such an evil person. This trip is going to be a great learning experience for me and I cannot wait to go!

And it’s only 174 days left until my brother is getting married..... I’m very excited for that as well!
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