Hero or Villain, what do you think of Hitler?

So over the mid-term I started to work on my history project for the end o the year. I have found out so much about Hitler since I started and some of it is really interesting too.

Here is some of the work that I have done so far on my project. This is part of the essay that we have to write for the project.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April in 1889. He was born into a big family. He was the fourth child of six. He became very much attached to his mother after his brother died. He had a very close relationship with his mother while he had a troubled relationship with his father who used to abuse him. When Hitler was growing up he wanted to become an artist but his father disagreed with this and wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become an Austrian customs official.

After Hitler’s father died he became an artist and he moved to Vienna.  But he struggled as a painter in Vienna and he soon became poor. His mother died in 1907 from breast cancer. The doctor that treated his mother was Jewish and many people believe that was the beginning of his hatred towards Jews.

After his mother died he moved back to Germany where he joined the army. Once he was a member of the army he felt that it gave him a sense of pride and he felt like he finally belonged after years of felling like he was an outcast in society. He was a very good and dedicated soldier and at the age of 25 he volunteered to fight for the German army in World War 1. He was always eager for action and he was always the first to volunteer for dangerous assignments. It seemed as if Hitler was trying too hard to please everybody around him and that he really didn’t care whether he lived or died.

As well as fighting during the war he was also a dispatch runner. He would bring messages back and forth to the trenches from the command staff. While he was doing this if there was a break in the fighting between the trenches he would take the time to paint the landscapes of the war.  This showed Hitler’s softer side and his love for fine art and how he knew when to embrace it.

Hitler was not like the other soldiers in world war one. He was quiet and  very interested in fighting in the war. He never talked about women with other men. He was more interested in talking about art or history. He never complained about the bad food like the other men or about the horrible living conditions in the trenches. The other soldiers found this strange and unusual.

During the war Hitler was know by his friends and the other soldiers for his luck. He always managed to avoid life treating injuries despite always volunteering for dangerous assignment. He was also known as being too eager to please his fellow soldiers and also his commanding officers.

From reading this part of the project we see the things that Hitler did during the First World War and why he was considered a hero for the things that he done. What do you think about Hitler form reading this post?

Heigh-HO- Heigh-HO Its off to school I go.

Mid-term is over today so were are back to school tomorrow.  We have a bit of jam packed week ahead of us. 

On Monday Green Hero are getting the second issue of the magazine delievered to Louise’s house after school. I cat wait to see what this issue will look like. So tomorrow we will have to organise them into the different amounts for each school.

On Tuesday we have planned to deliver the magazines around to the different schools. Hopefully everything will keep going t plan so that we will be able to have everything done in time for the competition and so far for our mini company everything has gone rely good. I’m really surprised at how well we did as well. At the start we found it hard to get people to advertise with us but as time went on it got easier. To learn more about Green Hero to www.greenhero.ie.

On Tuesday the names of the people are going to e picked in the raffle to go to Poland. I would love to go to Poland it would be really fun. I hope I get picked but I think that there is lot of people who want to go at least everybody has a fair chance.

Athletic training starts after school this week to for people who want to go to santry.  For me I think that I will be training on Wednesday after school for the throws. Santry is early this year and is before Easter. If loads of people turn up for training it means that there is going to have to be trials. I’m hoping to go to sentry for discus and either shot put or the hammer. I have never done the hammer before but I think that I would like to try it instead of shot put and see how that goes.

The mini company competition in on Thursday so we have to be working on our stands and putting the finishing touches to our products. For Green hero we still have lots to do.

On Friday the F1 in schools competition is on. The group that I was working in didn’t get through u twp other groups did get through.  The two teams are Swift and Ealu. Good luck to both of the teams in the competition.

Mid-term please don’t end.....

Its Friday and well mid-term is almost over. It went by so fast I really am not ready to go back to school on Monday. I though that I would use this mid-term to get my history project done and well yeah that didn’t happen. And I was going to do a bit of work on my science project and yeah that didn’t happen either. I have done nothing all week and yet the week has gone by so fast.

I did make a podcast this week. And well we had lots of fun making it. I don’t think I should have posted it to my blog though. But hey a well it doesn’t really matter now it’s up. If you want to listen to it go to this link....  http://siobhanb.blogspot.com/2011/02/first-podcast.html 

So were back to school on Monday. I think green hero are getting our magazines on Monday. The printer told us that they were being printed today. I can’t wait to see what the second issue is going to look like. To find out more about Green Hero go to this link..... www.greenhero.ie 

First Podcast..... :)

So for my first podcast I didn't really know what to say so when everybody was in my house we decided to record a podcast without telling everybody.... but its ok they didn't mind. We made it after we watched Toy Story 3 and we ate lots of sugar..... :) Its really funny..... :)



I just made a Voki. I got the link o the website of the St Wolstan’s blog page. It’s really simple. Just crate your character add a sound recording and hey presto. You should try and make one.

Here’s the link to the website....   http://www.voki.com/create.php

To the fire brigade I go.... :)

Its mid-term... thank God. When we go back to school we have a week before we go for work experience. I’m so excited about this work experience. I’m going to the fire brigade training centre and I can’t wait. My uncle works in the fire brigade and he said that I could go so I was like sure why not. I am really looking forward to it. I have not stopped going on about it since I got my confirmation form.

I wonder what I’m going to be doing there. I hope it’s fun. I love work experience. For my first placement  I went to a hospital but it wasn’t very fun. It wasn’t the kind of work experience that I was expecting but I guess it wasn’t the worse work experience in the world. I wish that we got more than just two weeks of work experience. It’s so fun and enjoyable and something different.  I think that we should have got maybe three weeks rather than just two.

Hitler... Hero or Villian?????

So at last it finally mid-term and as well as relaxing and enjoying the week I’m going to try and get my history project finished. But first I have to get it started. I am going to get the books that I need this week anyway so then I can go from there.

This history project is for the end of the year as our summer test. We were told that we are allowed to do it on anything that we want. To learn more about the history project see my post that I made when we were first assigned the project.....

I chose to do my project on Hitler and how in the first world war he was seen as a hero and in the second world war he was the most hated man in the world. In my project  I want to look at what e was like during the first world war and then what made him change and become so evil and why he killed so many people.

 I know when people will be reading he title of this post they will be thinking that Siobhán is mad saying that Hitler is a hero. But think about it for a minute. During world war one he won many medals for bravery and he risked his life many times when he would run out of the trenches to go and save another member of the army. After one time that he risked his life he became temporally blind and had to stay in the hospital and recover.

I’m not saying that what he did in world war one makes if ok for what he did in the second world war. Far from it. Nothing gives him the right to go and kill hundreds and thousands of people for no good reason. I’m just saying that there is two sides to every person, A good and a bad. Most people only show their good side.And do not agree with anything that Hitler done.

I am really interested in history so I love doing all of the research and projects that we get in history. For my subjects for the leaving cert I want to do the late modern history course. I love history and think that it is really interesting. I know that there is going to be a lot of work involver but I think that it will be worth it. Finding out about all the different things that have happened in the past and what caused them. I hope that there is enough people that want to do the late modern history because I don’t really want to do the early modern. So fingers crossed.

Key holders.

After I finally finished making my clock in tech I got to move onto our next project. Key holders.... :) I am really enjoying doing tech. It’s not a subject that I would do for the leaving cert or anything like that. But I love doing all of the different projects that we get to do. I wouldn’t really call the projects its more that we just get to make things.

It’s really weird too at the start of the year I found out I was doing tech and all I did was complain. I hated the fact that I would have to do tech. I am useless at making things and using any other technology other than a computer. I really surprised myself when I came to realise that I really do like going to tech for a double or a single class and making something.

For the first thing that we had to make it was a key ring and well that was a disaster. I gave up doing it because it just wouldn’t go into the right shape for me. It worked for everybody else but there was no hope for me. I did finish it but it was out of shape. It was meant to be an oval kind of shape and mine turned out like this.......

My bent out of shape key ring..... :)

The next project was the clock that we had to make and well this looked like it was going to be ten times harder than the key ring and I was really surprised to find that it wasn’t and mine turned out really good if I do say so myself. I was really pleased that Mr. W gave me a B2.  The clock turned out so much better than my key ring did. I really liked making this one it was so fun. I loved when we had to bent it over the heat. And when I made my circle for the middle.

My Clock.

So tech is fun and i guess you don’t really have to do anything in class. Well you do but its all fun stuff. I can’t wait to finish my key holder and see how it looks.

Sometimes in April.

On Friday we started to watch a film called sometimes in April. This film is about the Rwandan genocide. We started to watch it for religion because we are learning about genocide. Both of the .Y classes went to the demo room after break to watch it together. We had planned to watch it for the three classes until lunch.

The film was about the Rwandan genocide and it was between the two tribes called the Hutus and the Tutsi. The Hutus wanted to kill any Tutsis or moderate Hutus. I found the film very confusing but I dint watch it all. Kellie wasn’t able to watch the film because she found it too upsetting and from hearing everybody’s comments about the film it clearly was a horrible and sad film. I sat outside with Kellie to keep her company and to help keep her mind of things and I think that we managed to do a very good job at that.

I dint mind sitting with her. After hearing what people said about the film I’m glad that I didn’t watch it in school. I think that I might see if I can find it on YouTube and watch it. That way I’m on my own and I can take my time watching it. But something just tells me that I don’t think that Im going to be watching it any time soon.

The cover of the film Sometimes in April.

Home ec presentation.

Yesterday we had to present our home ec projects to our class. We were doing the project for about three weeks and we cooked a dish each week.
To find our more about the project see my blog post.....   http://siobhanb.blogspot.com/2011/01/australia.html

The presentation went well I think despite two people sitting near the back of the kitchen just bursting out in laughter for no reason.... :) but sure I didn’t mind it didn’t really make any difference to  the presentation. I did however manage to put up the wrong power point the non-finished one but it didn’t matter two much cause you couldn’t really tell. I put it up on my presentation page....... http://siobhanb.blogspot.com/p/presentations.html

I loved doing this project and the best part of it was cooking all of the different foods. It was cool seeing all of the different dishes that other people in the class cooked too. When we were doing this project I thought that it made it easier to make a power point because we had to do practical work as well. What I mean when I say that is.  Having something fun like cooking whatever we want form our chosen country made it easier to sit down and do the written work to. That way I knew that its wasn’t all written work and there was a fun side to it as well. That might sound really weird but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. It makes so much more sense in my head than when it is written down.

 It was a really fun project especially because we got to cook. I would love to do another project like that or well maybe just cook more often in home ec.

Irish blog awards.

So yeah I got nominated for an Irish blog award by my very thoughtful  I.T teacher  Mrs L during the week. I got nominated in two categories. The best newcomer and the best youth blog. I only started blogging in September because as part of my I.T class Mrs L wanted us to blog twice a week about the things that we do in school. At the start I was just kind of hesitant about blogging. I thought that I was weird. I felt like I was talking to my-self and I never knew what to say about anything that we did. I soon got use to it and found my-self blogging every night. I love it. I always seem to have something to blog about and sometimes I just ramble on... like now I’m meant to be talking about the blog awards and I’m talking about school. Anyway thats how I started to blog.

So yeah when I got nominated for an award I was like ok yeah. I didn’t even know that there was a thing called the Irish blog awards after all I am only new to blogging. But I soon learned a lot about them. I think its cool that I got nominated for an award. Especially for something that I’m only new at.

So I just want to say thanks to Mrs L for thinking of nominating me and I hope everybody does well in the competition.

Student Blog Challenge.

So  Last week on the St wolstans T.Y blog I saw a post that Mrs L published. It was about a blog challenge that starts in March and It had a link to where you sign up. It didn’t take me long before I had decided that I would sign up after all it was nothing major like a life or death situation the required much thought so I say hey why not.

Once I had signed up my blog was visited by a teacher from another country. I’m not sure what country though. From the language that she used I think that she is form Australia or New Zealand. It sounds like she is form one of those countries. She left a comment on one of my blog posts. It was just a comment about the blog Challenge its self.

I’m looking forward to starting it in March. Not too far away now. It should be fun. Getting to interact with people from all around the world through blogs. I hope that the challenges are not going to be too hard too. I say that they will be easy enough to do.... well thats what I’m hoping anyway.

Writer workshop.

Today we had a writer workshop. I was meant to be doing my Spanish presentation but we had the workshop during Spanish so I didn’t get to do it. We had the workshop for the first two classes. I don’t think that it was as much as a workshop as a talk but either way it was really good. The first class to go was Amina and we all went into the library after registration and sat in a circle. The writer that came in to talk to us was Oisín Mc Gann. He was really nice to us.

He told us about writing and about how writers come up with their ideas. He said that writers write down all of their ideas in a notebook and that they always have one. After that he told us about when a person is writing a story that they stop and that it can be hard and that they might not know what to write next to continue the story. He told us to help with that he looks at something simple and ordinary. He gave us the example of looking at a shoe.

He made up a story of a shoe that had teeth and it hides in the wardrobe until night and then it crawls up the stairs. It crawls into your room and under your covers and then bites your foot and sucks all the blood out. It was a creepy story but it was brilliant. It was really good to see how a writer could think of a really good story on the spot and in front of a group of people. It was really good because the write was also very into it and made it sound really interesting for us.

He told us about how we use language and the way that we speak. He told us about a time when he went to another country. He said that he didn’t have a very strong Irish accent and that you would not be able to tell if he was Irish. He told us that people can tell if your Irish by the things that we say. He told us that we say things that people from other countries don’t understand some of the things that we say like “If you give it some wellie,you will be sucking diesel”

After he talked to us for a while he showed us drawing. He drew us a picture and signed it too. It was a really go workshop and he was really funny. I would love for another writer like him to come and talk to us.

Ms B, Amina and Oisín Mc Gann with the picture he drew for us.


I put a poll up on My blog:
The question I asked was

Are you enjoying T.Y so far?
29 people voted on this poll and my results were:
24 people said yes.
5 people said kind of.

Green Hero.

So we have finally almost got enough money to print our second issue of green hero. We are only going to be doing 2 issue because we wont have enough time to do a third before the competition.  We have decide that to raise some money for the group that we would make calendars. We decided that we would make an A3 page calendar with a collage of photos around it. All of the photos that we used were from the T.Y year so far.and we are going to sell them for 3 euro to all of the t.y’s.

Im really looking forward to the mini company competition. I hope we do well. we have put so much work into it so far. It should be fun.

Spanish presentation.

.Tomorrow I will be presenting my Spanish project to the rest of the class. We have been working on them since before Christmas. We only present 2 or 3 a day and that also gives us the chance to do some work in Spanish too.

I’m not nervous about getting up in front of the class for this presentation. I dint really think about that anymore. The thing that makes me nervous about this presentation is that it is in well Spanish. I don’t think that I am going to speak in Spanish for this one. I wrote the project in Spanish so I can speak in English. I think that its best for me to speak in English.

At least after tomorrow I will have it done and over with and then I can focus on the home ec presentation and all of the other projects that we have.


Today we didn’t do pe. We weren’t able to because the mocks were going on in the hall and it was raining outside so we couldn’t do pe in the rain. So instead all of the tys went to the demo room where we watched the rugby match that was on over the weekend. Mr L tried to  make it seem like it was educational and that we could use what we saw when we were going to play rugby in P.E and well it was no use to use really.

For a few reasons one it was tag rugby and the other reason was that I don’t think that anybody really gave any attention to Mr L because we were all too busy trying to watch the match or do other things.

We didn’t get to see much of it because it stopped working but it gave us a chance to do a bit of work on some other things like mini company.

Science project.

We have now started do some more work on our science projects that we are going to be e=entering into sci-fest in May. We are working in groups and I am working with Bebhinn and Grace for this project. We are trying to show the importance of washing your hands especial when you are in an environment such as the science lab when there is lots of different things around the room.

So far we have done a lot of work but there is still more to be done. We are going to take swabs of different things that people always touch in the science lab an then let the bacteria and germs grow on the agar and we will look at our results. We were also told today that we would have to make a presentation to show the rest of the year in April. Everybody will be making a presentation to all of the T.Y's. they don’t have to be very long.

We have made a weekly plan of everything that we have to do and we will be starting to work on our project book soon so hopefully if things keep going good and everything happens on time we will get everything that we need to be done, done... :)

Sausage rolls and wedges.

Today was the last week of our cooking for our home ec project. We will be presenting our power point presentations on Friday so I will be glad to get it all over and done with. So today me and Ruth decided that we would cook Sausage rolls and wedges. We think that they are Australian... we the recipes came off an Australian website so I hope that they are. And well if they weren’t they are now.

So it was a good day cooking with Ruth. Today we were very organised and had a plan and we stuck to it. Everything turned out really well and they tasted even better than they looked. Nothing really went wrong for us today everything was ok. We made 8 sausage rolls and lots of wedges.

We also made well I don’t really know what it was but Ruth decided to get some mixed berries of someone else in the class and put it into the pastry and cook it. We thought that we would get in trouble but we didn’t. I didn’t dare taste it but other people did and they said that I was nice. It didn’t look nice it just looked like blood.

It was a fun class today... :)
Sausage roll and wedges.

Croke Park.

Today we went to Croke park to see the GAA m museum. We left school at 12 and it was a really fun and packed day. We started off by getting show a video and it show us what happens in the stadium before a match is played. It also showed us all of the different people that are involved in the different things in the stadium. After we were shown the video we went out under where all of the seats are and we were shown different things and told about them all.

We went into some of the different places like the dressing rooms and the players’ lounge and where the players would go to physic and where they would warm up and things like that. It was pretty cool if you ask me. The players’ lounge was amazing. Once we had a bit of a look around in there and we all got nicer and warm and found cosy seats we were told about the history of the GA. What better way to be told history the on nice seats in a lovely warm room.

One we had done that we then went to see the stadium we went out to the grass. We got to walk through the tunnel that the players walk through when they are going out onto the pitch. That was pretty cool too. Once we had took some photos a few people whet up to where the winning team receives the trophies and held up a bottle of water as if it was a trophy.

Then we sat where the president sits when she is at a game and we got talked to for a few minutes there before went went up even higher in the stadium. We went up three different escalators. And well the floor after the escalators well I didn’t like them very much and neither did Kellie. Once we got up I finally convince Kellie to go up a bit higher even though she was scared of heights she still managed to go it. Not to the very top but we got up a bit higher. And well it was scary but the view was amazing. I just want to say sorry to Kellie again for making her go up as I didn’t  realise that she was so scared she was holding on to her chair but it was fun all the same.

After we did that we went into one of the boxes and that was pretty cool. Me and Kellie found the radiator so we were happy. That was then end of the tour then but then we got to go back down the escalators. I hate escalators especially going down. I had to be the last one to go down because I hate going down on them so much. We got to go look at different things in the museum like photos and stuff. After that we were allowed to look around and play some of the games ourselves and go to the cafe before meeting up to get back on the bus to go home.

It was a really good day over all and I think that everybody really enjoyed it . I know that I did.

Drama class.

Today in English Ms. C came into our class to do a bit of drama with us. We were doing what we did in the movement workshop that was held two weeks ago. You didn’t have to take part today if you didn’t want to and very few people did. It was really just the main people from the plays that are acting. We moved all moved he decks to the sides of the room so that the space in the middle of the room was free for people to make different shapes. I sat in the corner with Louise and whatched what was going on. It was really good just watching them do all of the different shapes that they thought showed the emotion that they were trying to convey.

They were practicing moving and they had to do it to the beat of 8 4 and 2. It looked really fun but it also look really hard for the people that were doing it.

Sometime in April.

For the last few religion classes we have been preparing to watch a film called sometimes in April. This film I think is about the Armenian genocide. So for the last few classes we have been looking at the meaning of genocide. And we finally started to watch the film today. We started it at the end of lass so we didn’t get to see much. But we have religion tomorrow so I’m sure that we will get to watch it then.


Today in maths we were working in pairs. So I was working with Kellie. We were learning about probability. We had different worksheets to fill out and we had to roll a dice to d this. We had to roll the dice 50 times and count up how many times each number came up and then we had to change them into fractions and things like that. It was all going well for me and Kellie until she started counting wrong. But then we decided to county all of the numbers we had done and started from there. Apparently I was wrong but really I wasn’t and Kellie just blamed me..... :P

Mini company meeting.

So today half of our group met in Louise’s house to do some work on our mini company. And well we had a very productive day despite Jessica being very hyper we did manage to get some work done today. We got more ads to put into our magazines today. So now all we have left to do is get them to send cheques and their ads and were ready to print. Hopefully if things keep going well like they are now we will be able to get the magazines printed over mid-term and delivered the week after. We also started to decided on the calendars that we are going to make and sell to the T.Y’s.

We had a good day and in the space of a few hours got a lot of work done. I think that when our group has a good day we all work together very well.

Jessica getting mad at me for taking to many pictures......

Louise getting a bit distracted.......
At last their doing some work........


Yesterday we had a single tech class and I finally got my clock finished and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Mr. W graded us on this project and he gave me a B and well I was pretty happy with that. The clock took me for ages it seemed like but really it was only about a month. It turned out better than my key-ring and well my key-ring turned out pretty bad. So I’m happy that I made a clock and well now I just hope that it works.....

I have started to do a new tech project. It’s a key holder. And well I say if I get this right like I did with the clock it will turn out good. So fingers crossed..... :)

Swim a mile with a smile :)

On Friday we got a talk from Mr Daly about the Swim a mile with a smile. We were told that we would be taking part in it this year on the 15th of April in the National Aquatic centre. www.nationalaquaticcentre.ie

We were told all about the swim and where the inspiration for the swim came from. Mr. Daly told us about his son Ian who was sick and all about his sons life and how he loved to swim. After Mr. Daly told us about his son Ian and a bit about the swim he told us about a place called barretstown. This is a place were seriously ill children can go and just be children and have fun. he then showed us a video of what the people in barrestown do and how they make the children really happy.


we were told that all the money that is raised will be going to Crumlin Children's hospital and Barrestown. We are able to swim the mile on our own or we can swim the mile in groups. The mile is 64 lengths of a pool and i think that im going to try and swim it on my own. And well if i can do it i can always ask some for some help. But im going to try.



On Thursday during geography Mrs L told us about a 5th and 6th year trip that would be happening in October during the mid-term. The trip is for 4 days and it is to Poland. There are lots of different things that we are going to be doing while we stay there for the 4 days. We will be staying Krakow. Some of things that we will be doing if we get to go to Poland are visiting that Auschwitz concentration camp going to Schnlinders factory seeing the birthplace of Pope John Paul the second and going to a water park.

It sounds like an amazing trip and I would love to go but there are only 40 places available on the trip and there are lots of people that want to go. There is going to be a draw held to see who gets to go. All of the people who went to France in second year will be put into the draw but if their names get picked out they will be put on the waiting list giving everybody who didn’t go to France a fair chance.

Web committee.

A few weeks ago I was asked to join the web committee in school. I didn’t really want to do it but Louise said that she would do it with me so I decided that I would do it then. To be honest I was nervous about going to it on the first Monday at lunch time because I didn’t know what to expect. There was lots of people there all from different years so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
When me and Louise started we were just writing different pieces about this and that, but then we were put in charge of the parents association blog. So far it’s going good and it’s not that bad at all. Me and Louise work together each week so we have lots of fun doing little stupid things..... :)

Athletics committiee

Yesterday because we had double rugby we done it during lunch ad we then had our lunch when everybody was in class. Mr L was supervising us. Before the end of lunch he called Jessica and me over because he wanted to talk to us. I didn’t have a clue what he wanted to talk to us about.

He told us that he wanted to start up and athletics committee in school. He said that there would be repersentives form each year on the committee and that he asked Jessica and me to be on it from T.Y because we had taken part in the track and field a lot during the years, I have done field event and Jessica has done track events.

He told us that he wants to get lots of people involved in it this year and that he wanted Jessica and me to canvas form people to start doing athletics in school.


So in tech today we were working on our clocks. I’m almost finished mine. All I have left to do is glue on the centre piece and then put the clock hands onto it and then I will be finished. And I guess ready to start a new project.

Today I finished making the centre piece of my clock. I wanted to do something easy so I picked a circle. When I first drew the circle Mr W said that it didn’t look much like a circle and that it looked like a potato..... So he drew it for me then and it looked much better. So I got that done and with some help from Bebhinn I got the hole drilled into the centre of the circle.

After I had done all of that I was allowed to bend my clock. To do this I had to draw a line with the scribe and then place it over the heat and let it melt a bit. Once it had melted enough that I could bend it back without it breaking I took it off the heat and then I placed it around a block of wood and bent it and held it there for a few minutes.

I was very pleased with most of my work. Nothing went wrong today that couldn’t be changed so it was a good day in tech today.

Green Hero.

well our mini company Green Hero is going great. We had double mini company first class today and we had a very good day. We have been a bit stuck getting the money and advertisers that we need to be able to print so far for this issue but today changed everything.

I was working on making the magazine with Niamh and so far it’s looking really good. Jessica and Louise were working on the stand and trying to think of different ways that we could make money for printing our next issue. Róisín and Patricia were ringing different companies to see if they would like to put an ad into our magazine.
While Louise and Jessica were thinking of different ideas they came up with the idea of making calendars for the T.Ys with different pictures from the year so far. We all thought that it was a really good idea and we are planning on starting to make them soon.

While all of their hard brainstorming was going on. Róisín and Patricia were making money for the company. We went from needing 265 euro to needing 80. So thanks you guys. So mini company is starting to go really well and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product of the second issue.


T.Y...... :)

Rugby... :)

Today we had double PE so we were doing Rugby again. It’s so fun and I really like it. Today we played tag rugby games against each other. All of the people that went to the last rugby blitz were divided up onto each of the teams. There were three teams and we each played two games each. I really like doing rugby in PE it’s really fun and something that I would have never done outside of school.

We were told that there is going to be another rugby blitz either before or after Easter and its going to be bigger than the last one. We were also told that they were going to make all new teams so that everybody has a chance to impress and get picked for the next teams.

When we had all played two games each we thought that we were finished but we weren’t. We played d a game of bulrush and it was really fun. It was kind of different today because you had to touch the person with two hands rather than just one hand. It was really fun and I’m looking forward to next’s week rugby...... :)

Who wants to be a millionaire as Gaelic.

Because we had such as small class we got to do different fun things in each class. So in Irish we wanted to watch Afric on the internet but Mr S want to play who wants to be a millionaire in Irish with us. It was really fun and to add to the affect he played the music that is use on who wants to be a millionaire on YouTube for us.

Everybody who wanted to do it got a chance to go up to the chair and sit in front of Mr S and get asked a question. It was really fun. We were allowed to call a friend ask the audience and have 50;50 for each question that was asked. It was a really good class and it was funny too. We made it up to 16,000 so the next day that we will be play it we will be starting from 32,000 euro.....

Schindlers List

Today we had a very small class there was only 18 people in total in our class today. Some people were away doing things for mini company and others were sick and things like that. I liked the small class it was fun. In history because there were so many people put we were allowed to watch a film. We continued watching Schindler’s list. We started to watch it before we went on our Christmas holidays. It’s a sad film though. In the space of forty minutes two people got shot in the head.

It’s a film that is set during world war two. It is about a businessman named Oskar Schindler who saves thousands of Jews from being killed in the Holocaust by putting them to work in a factory. His list was the list of Jews he wanted to save it was made in 1993 and it was directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based on the book Schindlers Arc that was written by Thomas Keneally in 1982.

I hope we get to watch more of it because it’s really good and interesting.


Today in art we started painting. We were painting with red and yellow pain. We had to start with the yellow paint and then mix it with the red to make it into a darker colour and then into orange all along the page... sound easy right. Well I disagree. I stared off ok with my first box going ok with just the yellow paint but after that it didn’t go so well. It kept going darker and then it went lighter and then it went darker. Thats not meant to happen. It’s just meant to go darker I think I’m not meant to do art. It’s really not a good subject for me to do. Thank God I’m not going to be doing it again next year.

Chicken and vegetable pie.

Today we were cooking for our home ec project and me and Ruth decided that we would cook chicken and vegetable pot pie without the pot. It went pretty well today there were not many problems. I think that me and Ruth work good together as a team. We seem to work in sync. It was really fun today.

The only problem that we had today was that it wasn’t cooked on time. it only finished cooking at the very end of class so we had to go back to the kitchen during art just before lunch to put it into our lunch boxes and tidy up. It’s really fun cooking for this project and you get to choose whatever you want to cook which is even better.

Next week is our last week for cooking for our project and me and Ruth have decided that we are going to cook sausage rolls. I just hope that all of things that we have cooked so far is from Australia. We think that they are so it’s all good. I really like this project. It’s better than other ones because you get top cook and its not just all about the written work. And at the end of the day you come out with nice food.

Chicken and vegetable pot pie without the pot.


In science today we switched classes. Since the start of the year i had Ms. O C and we were doing chemistry. Now we are doing physics and we have  Mr. D. I don’t really like physics and I’m not going to do it next year for 5th and 6th year. But I’m sure that it would be fun to do some of the different experiments and things like that that you can do when you do physics.

We are still working on our projects that we were doing for the young scientist. We are going to be entering into the sci-fest competition so we have to keep working on them and trying to make them better. For the project that the group I’m in we are do a project to show the importance of washing your hands and how fast germs and bacteria can spread. We have finished the first part of our project and now we just have to make the agar and take the swabs of the different things that we want to test and then leave them in an incubator to see what happens. Ms O C said that we will be able to do that next Tuesday so it will be good to get it done and out of the way.

Mama Said.

In music today we started to work on our song for music night Mama Said. I kind of like it. I guess that we could be doing a worse song. Most people don’t like it. I guess that’s because it is very repetitive and there is not much words in it. I guess that its good because the it’s an easy song to sign it. But I’m sure that it will sound good on the night once both of the T.Y classes start to practice it together.

We were also told about different things that we would be doing in music over the next month or so. We were told that we would be performing the songs that we have been working on inn groups for the other T.Y class next week and if not everybody got to do it we would finish them after we come back from mid-term. I am really nervous about signing in front of a class considering I can’t sign and well it’s just weird signing in front of people

We were also told that in March we would be doing a percussion workshop. That a guy would be coming into the school to do it with us. It sounds fun and I’m looking forward to it.


In maths today we moved onto a new topic. We have now started to work on probability. This is all about chance and so today we were working in groups. We were writing down different things and weather or not they would happen, they would not happen or it there was an uncertain if it could happen or not.

I dint really see how it had anything to do with maths but it was fun all the same. Some of the things that people wrote were really funny. Like the school might blow up or things like Ireland might disappear. It was a fun maths class today and it was a good start to the morning. I’m guessing that it’s not going to stay as easy as this so hopefully it doesn’t get to much harder.

Subject choices.

On Friday I had my meeting with Mr. C about the different subjects that I wanted to choose for leaving cert. I all ready had a pretty good idea of what subjects I wanted to do and Mr C was able to help me decide what order to put them in and things like that. The subjects that Im going to pick for next year are history home ec and biology.

We also talked about the different things that I would like to do when I leave school. I wanted to be a nurse but no I really have no idea what I want to be when I leave school.

After we talked about that we talked about work experience and where o went for my first placement. I went to a hospital in Athy and it was kind of like a nursing home and there wasn’t very much for me to do so I didn’t like it very much. For my next work experience I’m going to fire brigade training centre and I’m looking forward to it. I hope it’s better than my last work experience.

Geography project.

On Monday we were in the computer room or geography and we got assigned a new project. This project was different from the last one we done on all of the different countries but it linked in with the third world country that we done for that project. We had to pick an illness that can be found in that third world country and make a broacher on it.

I chose to do TB in Madagascar. I found this project hard when it came to the geography bit of I. I wasn’t sure how to like it into with geography but I tried my best to make sure that it made some sense and I am pretty happy with what I wrote now if its right is another story. I’m hoping that it will be kind of right.

I liked doing this project I thought that it was fun because it wasn’t like making a power point presentation or trying to find loads of different information to put it into a fact file. It was a simple but hard kind of thing and I really enjoyed doing this project.

Tick –Tock

So I’m still working on my clock in tech and it seems to be going ok. I drilled the hole in the centre of m clock yesterday but I didn’t really like the drill. But I got over that and used it ok. nothing went wrong and I still have all of my fingers and for the people who know me form primary school that’s some achievement for me that I haven’t managed to drill a hole in my finger or something like that.

Now I am starting to do some work on the centre piece for my clock. I don’t know what shape to do it in I might just do a circle I don’t want to do anything to hard. I wanted to leave it as a square but Mr W wouldn’t let me and he said that I had to make it into some kind of different shape

I don’t know what I have to do after I do the centre piece but everything seems to be going good at the moment and I hope that it says that way. Once everything goes better than I did with my key ring then it will be ok.

Irish dancing.

Yesterday in Irish we all went to the hall for a bit of Irish dancing. Which was really fun. Both of the ty classes went down to the hall together to do a bit Irish dancing. It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it even if they were watching from the sides it was a good laugh. All of the dances that we did we did then groups of around four or eight. I use to do Irish dancing in primary school and I hadn’t done it since then but I remember some o the dances as soon as I seen them being done. All the memories came back.

Just before e end of the class Niamh done some dancing by herself wand she was brilliant. It was a really fun Irish class and I think that everybody really enjoyed it very much. I’m looking forward to ore Irish classes like that one.


In art today we were going to start some painting but we didn’t get time. We were told all about different colours and how to mix colours by Mr H. He showed us a power point on colours and things to do with colours. We learned about the colour wheeles. It was really interesting too. There were lots that I didn’t know about colours that I know now. I’m looking forward to starting to paint and mixing colours it seems like fun. On Tuesday in our double class we are going to be starting to paint. Not a picture or anything big I don’t think but mixing colours and starting with light colours and then making them into darker colours. I’m not really good; at no I’m terrible at art. So I’m hoping that this might turn out good for me. I just want one piece of art work by the end of the year that will have turned out good. So fingers crossed.... J

A colour wheel.

Gran Torino.

In religion today Ms KB was out so we had Ms R and we were watching Gran Torino again. The last day that Ms KB was out we started to watch it with Ms. so we watched some more of it today from where we left off. It’s a good film so far. I’m really starting to like it. It’s about an old man and a car and he was in the war and his wife died. So at the beginning it was kind of sad but now it’s stating to get better and more interesting. I’m looking forward to getting to watch the some more of it sometime soon in religion. I really want to find out what happens in the film.

Maths quiz.

Today during maths both of the maths classes went to the hall to have a quiz. It was really good and hard. We were put into groups for this. A mix of both of the maths classes honours and pass. I wasn’t much use to the group that I was in. I didn’t understand most of the questions never mind be able to answer them. It was fun though. It’s always good to get a chance to mix with the other ty class. The group that had the most counters on their bingo card won chocolate. It was a fun maths class as well..... :)


Today in science we were looking at hair under a microscope. We used our own hair for this which involved pulling our strands of our hair. We got to look at different people’s hair to see what they looked like. It was really cool because when you look at them you see what it’s like on the ads for shampoo and that sort of stuff. It was really interesting. We started doing cosmetic science in class on Monday and we started with looking at hair and shampoo and that’s why we were looking at it under the microscope. We tested the PH of different shampoos on Tuesday so the cosmetic science is turning out to be fun... :)

Its all going too fast !!!!!!

The time just seems to keep flying by. Before you know it ty will be over. But that’s not for another four months yet so not to worry. We done a lot in January we done some things that were planned for before Christmas but that got cancelled because of the snow.

The first thing that we did when we got back to school after the Christmas holidays was get our Christmas tests back. That was good I was looking forward to getting them back. I didn’t really mind about my results once I passed and I managed to pass everything so I was happy with my results. We also got some of our projects back.
We started a new project in home Ec. We were told that we have to do a project on international cuisine. We get to work in pairs for this project and we have to make a presentation but we also have to cook three dishes for the country that we choose to do our project on. We were told that we can pick whatever country we want and we can cook whatever dishes that we want. We have to cook to savoury dishes and one sweet. We also have to know some general things about the country that we have chosen. It’s kind of like another geography project I think but we get to cook for this one and the focus is more on food. We are starting our cooking next month and we get to cook a dish a week. So we have three weeks of cooking. This is good. But we also have to do up the rest of our project in that amount of time. But we will manage to get it done. I’m working with Ruth for this project. And after long and hard deliberation we finally choose our country. And it didn’t take us too long either, we did however keep changing what country we wanted to do but eventually we decided on Australia. We shook on it too so there is no going back now.... :)

In history we were given back our local history projects and we were told about our next project that we would be doing. We were given the titles and the headings for each part. The good things about this project are that it doesn’t have to be as long and we have a longer amount of time to do it on. We get to pick what we do our project on which is good because then we get to pick something that we are really interested in. I’m looking forward to starting it soon.

We finished our Spanish presentations and we have started presenting them to the class. Mrs M picked the names out of a box of the people that would be presenting and I thought that was the fairest way to do it. For my presentation I did it on the Aztecs. I found it good but I also found it a bit boring. I don’t think that many people will be interested in my projects but I doesn’t matter its done now anyway. It was a really hard project to do. Not because it was on the Aztecs but because it was in Spanish. That was the bit the I found the hardest that we had to do it in Spanish. I wrote my presentation in Spanish so that I would be able to speak in English when I am presenting it.

I finally started to make my clock in tech. It’s going better than my last tech project which was a key ring. A key ring was meant to be easy but not for me. My key ring was completely out of shape when I was finished it. Anyway I started on my clock. The first thing that I had to do was to mark it all out. This took me a bit of time... a double class but I got it done and I got it done right. I have started to cut mine and so far it’s going ok. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t end up like my key ring.
We had a talk form a very nice man from WEEE Ireland. We had it for one class after lunch. All the TY’s went to the demo room for this. The talk was about the things that WEEE Ireland does and it was also about a battery recycling project that we can do this year .The aim of the project is to make more people aware of recycling older batteries rather than just throwing them out in the bin. For the project you have to put boxes around the school and in other places in the local community. You have to get people interested in recycling batteries and make them more aware of doing so. I think that it would be a really good project to do. The man who came in to talk to us told us about some of the other ideas that other school had come up with to let more people to recycle batteries and some of them were really good and things that I would never think about.
To learn more about WEEE Ireland see their website.....

All of the tys and second years headed off to the RDS to go and see the young scientist exhibition. It was a good day overall. All of the tys entered into the young scientist competition at the start of the school year to see if they got accepted. We worked in groups for this project too. Only one of the groups that entered from ty got accepted into the competition and there was also a group from fifth year that got accepted into the competition. When we got to the RDS it was packed there was lots of other school there too. We were allowed to split into different groups and go around where ever we wanted during the day but we were not allowed to leave the RDS. I spent most of the day with Kellie and Louise we always managed to lose Róisín and Niamh like every five minutes but we alas managed to be with each other at some point in the day. We first began to look around at all of the projects and some of them looked really good and interesting and people really did put a lot of effort into them after we spent some time looking at some of the projects we went to another part of the S and spent most of the time there going round in circles well it was more like a square but it’s all the same for about an hour while we were trying to look for Niamh and Róisín. When we finally found them we decided that we would go and see one of the show things. We went to the arena where e saw this juggling act. And I thought that it would be a bit boring but really it was pretty good. We had to meet up to go home at 1.45 so once we had found Niamh and Róisín we went to meet up with some the other tys. We got back to school around 3.00 s we got to spend t next 20 minutes in the hall before we got to go home it was a really good day overall.

So we have started to do some work on our magazine green hero and so far it’s going great. We have most of the pages done for the magazine. All we really have left to do is to get ads from some advertisers so that we will be able to get the money for the printing of the second issue. The theme of this issue is water so we had e-mailed a few places that deal with water to see if they had any interest in the magazine. One of the places that we e-mailed was the water treatment plant in Lexilip and they said that we could go on a visit to the water treatment plant. We have planned to go there sometime soon as soon as we ask permission and get it all organized. We are hopefully going to get some pictures of what happens there to put into the magazine but also to ask some questions and put them into the magazine as well. While we have been doing all of this we have also started to do some work on our business reports and it is coming along great. We have lots of it done but we still need to add in more information and little things to make it complete.


We had a double home ec class and it was our first real cooking class. We got to make spaghetti Bolognese today and it was really fun too .I was working with Ruth for this. We started by getting everything ready gathering all of our equipment and things like that. Ms M A went through it step by set for each bit so that we didn’t make any mistakes. She used me and Ruth as an example a lot and showed people what to do using our ingredients and things but I didn’t really mind too much. It all seemed to go well for most of the groups. One or two of the groups had a few problems but it was nothing too bit. Ruth and I managed to burn some of our pasta but it was ok because it was only a little bit and you would even notice. Another group did a bit more than burning the pasta but it was noting too serious.......It took the double class to get everything done and all of the clean up done and everything like that but it was really fun. We won’t be cooking next week because we are going to our drama competition but for the next three weeks after that we will be cooking. We are going to all be cooking different things because we are doing it for our project. We get to cook something form the country that we have chosen to do our projects on. I and Ruth are working together on our project and the country that we have chosen is Australia. Now all that we have to do is decided what we are going to cook for our three dishes....... but I’m looking forward to it.

Foam... we go to make foam in science and it was really fun. The experiment was to make foam and it was really cool and pretty simple too. I was working with Jessica for this experiment. There wasn’t really that much that we had to do. It was really just mixing all of the different substances together into one conical flask. Ours didn’t seem to be very foamy but I was kind of foam. I think that we got the measurements a bit mixed up and that’s why it didn’t work as well as we had hoped but we did manage to make some sort of foam by the end of the class.we also tested the ph levels of different shampoos. In science class we started to learn about cosmetic science and the first thing that we looked at was hair and shampoo. We were asked to bring in shampoo and when I went home from school and told my brother that I needed to bring in some shampoo to school he gave me a weird look but not to worry I got some any way. It was a pretty simple experiment we just put different samples into test tubes and mixed them with a little bit of water and put in a strip of universal indicator paper and hey presto we were pretty much done. We just had to leave them for a while and then compare then to the different colours for each of the different ph levels.It was a really good experiment and a bit random too but it was fun.

Because we had a half day one of the days half day we only got to have one pe class but it was still really fun. We played different games that we would use to play as a child. We decided that we would play children’s games on Monday in science. Ms O C told us about some of the different games that she would play when she was a child. Most of them were the same games that we played but with different names. We first started by playing the game “peep behind the curtain”. I remember playing a game like that when I was younger but it was a different name. It was a really simple game. It was really fun too. We all got to play and Ms O C even played with us too. After we played the game about two or three times we played a different game. We played a game “splash” I have never played that game before today. I didn’t understand how to play it even after it being explained to me I still got really confused. I thought that it was fun but I didn’t last very long in the game. After people got out of the game we watched as the others kept on playing. Bebhinn and Niamh were the last two people in the game. After we played that we played “red letter”. That was the best game that I think that we played. Not everybody played red letter some people went and played skipping. Red letter was really fun. After we played that a few times we just played skipping. We tried to see how many people could get into the rope at one time

Half of the tys went to Tallaght to play in the rugby blitz. We played in St Marks School. The blitz’s was cancelled before Christmas because of the snow but we finally got to go and play today. It was a brilliant day and everybody had a good day. We left school at half nine and headed to Tallaght. We almost made it all of the way there without getting lost but when it came to finding the school we got lost. After we stopped and Mr. L asked the builder for directions we were on our way again. We made it there on time so it wasn’t too bad. When we got there the red team were the first team form our school to play. There was two other school or three other schools I can’t remember anymore. Each team got the chance to play against all of the teams. For the first match we got to watch the red team play and they were really good and of course they won the game as well as winning all of the other games that they played. The blue team played good as well they lost 2 matches and drew the other two matches that they played. Some of the other teams that we played were really good too some of them even looked a bit scary. Everybody had good fun today and at the end of it we all got a t-shirt and a bag. When then headed back to the bus to go back to school. After the mistakes with counting people on the bus we finally figured it out and we were able to go back to school. Its seems that all of the training in PE has paid off and hopefully we will get to do rugby again and play in another blitz’s

All of the tys headed off from school at 9.05 and headed to Mullingar to the Mullingar arts centre. The day went smoothly without any mishaps. The first play that was to perform was Noughts and Crosses. Once we arrived we quickly set up and everybody had a chance to go up onto the stage and practiced a bit of the play. Just before we were all ready to go the judge gave us some useful tips that we might have need while we were doing our play. After we had done our play we were given a certificate for our play and the judge then told us her comments on what she thought of the play. Each play got a certificate and got to hear from the judge what she thought of their play. There were four different plays from st wolstans two form each class. When we were doing our plays we were the only school that was there so there wasn’t really a big audience. So I think that helped some of the people that were acting not be so nervous. After the four groups had performed we were allowed to go and have lunch. Most people when to McDonalds for lunch. After lunch we were allowed to go back and we got the see only the end of one of them and we didn’t really understand what was going on. The two plays that we got to see in full were good. One was really funny but I didn’t understand the storyline to it but it was funny. The other play was good and I could understand it a lot more it was funny to. We were told that we will find out if any of the groups get into the and watch some of the other plays that the other school were doing. We saw two full plays finial at the end of next week. So fingers crossed that at least one of the groups from our school gets into the final.

Lamagtions. We had a double home ec ad we were cooking food form the country that we picked to do our project on. Me and Ruth decided that we would start cooking the dessert because it would be an easy thing to start off with. We chose to do Australia for our project and the dessert that we decided to cook form Australia were Lamagtions. They are a chocolate sponge that is cover in chocolate icing and they are pretty easy to make too. The first thing that we did was make the sponge. It was really easy and with the help of the electric mixer it was made a lot easier. Once we had it made then we put it onto the baking tray and out it in to the oven for about half an hour. After we had the sponge in the oven we had some time before we needed to start making the chocolate icing. We started on our wash up and got most of that done and out of the way. When the sponge was nearly cooked we started to make the chocolate icing. The best part of the whole day was the chocolate icing. Both me and Ruth were not very optimistic about how this was going to turn out but to my surprise it came out perfect. After this was made we cut the sponge into little squares and then we had fun trying to get the chocolate onto them. We decided that the easiest thing would be to just put all of the sponge into the bowl with the chocolate and then mix them around. They turned out really good and tasted nice too. We did have a bit much chocolate but that wasn’t a problem..... ;) After that we all took photos of our food to put into our project and cleaned everything away and we were then able to go for lunch. If was a good class and everything went ok for most of the groups. And Ruth and me make a good team when it comes to cooking.
Our lamagtion squares... :)

I hope that things might just start to slow dow just a bit. I really dont want T.Y to end.....

Cooking Photos...

These are some of the dishes that the other groups cooked today:

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