Avoiding things you can use to harm with.

When you are a  person who self-harms it is very important to try and avoid things that you can use to hurt yourself with. You may not want to do that and well I guess that means that you’re not ready to stop harming and if you want to stop harming you need to be ready and that takes time. For me it was hard.

I was in hospital so it did maker things a bit easier but I always found something that I could harm with. It wasn’t until I got an email from my brother until I really decided that I needed to stop and I slowly began to try and avoid things I could harm with. Its hard don’t get me wrong and you need to be ready and want to do it for yourself otherwise it means nothing. You have to do it because you want to stop.
It is impossible to avoid everything that you can hurt yourself with and believe me that statement is true. But many people who harm use the same type of things each time. It is important to identify what you feel you could harm with and make an effort to avoid them.

When I got out of hospital I watched a video about self harm on a website to help me to find ways to avoid things and one thing that I thought was useful. You take the thing that you would use and wrap it up in sellotape. Now not just a tiny bit a lot so that when you get the urge you go to the item and by the time you have all the sellotape off that you will not feel link you want to harm anymore.

Take a look at this video of two girls who have overcome their self-harm. Well done girls.

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