Label Jars Not People :)

So this is a bit of an update of what is happening with Label Jars Not People.

We are holding a cake sale tomorrow and I hope that everything works well because there is actually a lot involved in holding a cake sale and in the past number of weeks to say there were a few times I was a bit stressed were somewhat of an understatement.

 So anyway I am looking forward to tomorrow after all the money is going to a good cause and people will be getting lots of nice food. I do hope that the people who said they would bake will actually bake!! Any way I have decided that I am not going to panic tonight, I am going to do my homework and the sit down and watch Fair City with a nice cup of hot chocolate before I get down to some backing.

So we would like to say a huge thank you in advance for all of the support we have been given by friends  family teachers and our school community with our cake sale.

So if you want to learn more about our project you can get in contact with the Label Jar Not People team through the following:

Facebook- Label Jars Not People.

Twitter- @LableJar


Or you can contact us by commenting on this post :)

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