Self-harm emergency kit.

The other day I was doing some work on learning how to cope with my self harm and one of the things I learned that would be useful for me is to make a self harm emergency kit. This kit would have things that you feel that could help you when you are feeling very low and you are struggling with the urges to self harm. This box could be big or small and have as much things or as little things in it that you want. You can even be able to bring it around with you if you feel like it will help you.

The things that I would like to have in my self harm emergency kit are:

Photos of me and my friends.
Photos of my mam and grandad.
Photos of me and my family.
Some nice sented candles.
A stress ball.
A rubber band.
Some soft fabric.
A pen and some paper.

Im sure as I think of it more and more I might add some more things to my list but right now I am happy with all of the things that I can put in my emergebncy kit because I feel that if I was struggling with my urges things like looking at photos might help me to remember some happy times in my life and they would also me a ver good distraction for me to help take my mind off things.

For anybody who is struggling with self harm it would be a good idea to make a self harm emergency kit well at least I think it would be. Im going to be doing a lot more work on things like distraction so if I come across anymore usefull things I will write about them here so they this blog might hopefully act as a resource for someone who is going throught a very diffcult and who is struggling with self har. And rememeber it is nothing to be ashamexd about and you should not be embarrsed to ask for help. Nobody wants to self harm no matter how much they say they do somewhaere deep deep down inside they know that they really need to stop but they just need a bit of help along the way.

If anybody has any sugesstions of things they would like to see here on my blog just send me an email and I will try and write about them and also feel free to send me an email anytime you want to if you feel like having a chat... Im always here if people need me.

And remember stay strong and things will get better.

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