I lost a mother but gained a guardian angel.

It hard to believe how fast the time goes by when you lose someone close to you. Six years is a long time but it all went by so fast, it still feels like only yesterday when I watched God take my mother away from us. I guess when my mam died it was my first real experience with death, I was only a baby when my granny died so I didn’t know her but I did grow up hearing stores about her and visiting her grave I might not have got a chance to know her or get close to her but I feel that in some ways I did know her and I was close to her.

Today is my mam’s 6 year anniversary and I’m still trying to come to terms with how long it has been. My mam died after she lost the battle with lung cancer. She was a strong and brave person and she never let being sick get the better of her she fought until the very last moment. She always had a smile on her face no matter what was happening. Whenever I would go into the hospital to see her while she was sick that was the one thing I would look forward to seeing, her amazing smile that could light up and room.

I don’t want to write a long post that is really personal because it will just get me upset so for the rest of this post its going to be a poem that is on my mams memorial card. This describes how I feel right down to the bone.

We lost a mother with a heart of gold,
How much we miss her can never be told,
She shared our troubles and helped us along,
If we follow her footsteps we will never go wrong.

We miss you from your fireside chair,
Your loving smile and gentle air,
Your vacant place no one can fill,
We miss you mother and always will.

She was a mother so very rare,
Content in her home an always there,
On earth she toiled in heaven she rests,
God bless you mother you were one of the best.

Each time we look at your picture,
You seem to smile and say,
Don’t be sad but courage take,
And love each other for my sake.

Six years ago today I lost an amazing mother that was there for me no matter what, who made me who I am today. All thought she may not be right here beside me I know she is here with me. I lost a mother but gained a guardian angel and I will always have her looking down on me keeping me safe and guiding me in the right direction. I now know that God only takes the best because you were truly one of the best mothers around. Miss you mam and always will.

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