2 years in a row!! Thank you very much. :)

Last Saturday I made my way to Nass.... it sounds like its miles always from where I live but it’s not really. It only about half an hour away but I wanted to make it sound a bit more dramatic. As I explained what I was trying to do I guess it didn’t work! Any way it’s time for me to get back on topic!!

Last Saturday I went to Naas to attend the Irish blog awards for my second year. This year however was run and organised by a different group of people. It was amazing to say the least. I was in the finals for the best youth blog and beginning with Y I had to wait until the end of the night to find out if I was going to win or not. I have to say that it was well worth the wait without a doubt. As there were 30 awards to be given out it went a bit like this: 10 awards were given out followed by our started. Another 10 awards given out followed by our dinner. The final 10 awards given out followed by our ice-cream :) In between all of that there was a few little other things going on such as playing human Angry Birds, dancing on chairs, making name tags and a lot and I mean a lot of tweeting. At something like the blog awards it’s ok to have your phone out at the dinner table. It’s great!!

I got to play human angry birds and I got to run around the room like I was seven or something. But that’s not it I also got to dance around in a circle with some random guy that I never met. He was very nice by the way. And I also got to dance around like an idiot with Paul and Amy. It was great fun. After playing Human Angry birds I was given a prize for playing. You will never believe what I won though. I won cheese!! Yes cheese a hamper of cheese and organic milk, cream and yoghurt. I would like to add that it was kind of heavy too but that’s irrelevant.

When it came to the categories that I was a final in I began to grow nervous. I know it seems like I skipped a bit there but all I really skipped was the fact that we were eating. And even know I haven’t skipped that because I just mentioned it there. Any way the beginning of the night started without the winners giving speeches but due to people complaining over twitter they decided that they would begin to give speeches. I being the idiot that I am didn’t think of anything that I could say if I had won the award. Like 2011 I had nothing prepared. In my defence I didn’t think that I was going to win because I was up against some tough competition. Any way I was delighted when my blog name was called out. I was over the moon as well as shocked. To win it in 2011 was amazing and then to win it again was just amazing I was delighted. I couldn’t believe that all of my hard work had paid off. I don’t even have that much to say about it because I am still trying to get over the shock of winning it two years in a row.

Here is a video of me as I was going up to get my award. It’s a bit embarrassing but hey I don’t care anymore. 

Now as you can see from the beginning of the video I dint have a speech prepared and after I got called out the realisation finally hit me so I’m going to take this chance to say something’s that I wish I had said when I was up there on the stage.

Words cannot describe how amazing I feel. Winning the best youth blog once was amazing and now I have won it for a second time!! I’m shocked. Thank you so much for reading my bog and supporting it. If it wasn’t for the people around me my blog wouldn't be what it is today. I only hope that by me telling my story it will help others in the future to stand up and speak out about mental health!! A hug thanks has to be given to my amazing family and friends but also to the amazing teacher that introduced me to the world of blogging, Thank you so much Mrs L. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even know what a blog is. You have opened up a world of possibilities to me. Nothing I do or say will ever thank you enough for introducing me to blogging.

Now that that has been taken care off I have a few things to say about the night overall. First of all it was organised fantastically. It ran smoothly and anything that went wrong if anything went wrong it wasn’t noticed because I certainly didn’t notice anything. The food in the hotel was amazing. Just everything about it in general was amazing. One of the things that I thought was the best was the way that we got to make name tags. This way we all got to know everybody who was sitting at our table and in some ways it made things a bit less awkward, well to me anyway. I enjoyed the night, it was amazing so I would like to say thanks to the three amazing organisers... Lorna, Beatrice and Amanda. Thank you so much. I am already looking forward to next year, if Im in the final or not I plan on going to have another amazing night.

Here is a video of the night courtesy of the photographer Damian Carroll.

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