Body Image (Repost)

We are all different and we all have different backgrounds, cultures, religions and like having a different culture or religion we all have different body shapes and sizes. During your teenage years and in fact into your adult years many woman and men begin to focus on how they look and begin to get obsessed at times with how they look worrying whether or not they fit into the stereotypes created by society. Body image and mental health are two things which are linked and often if your not doing well physically you may be suffering mentally and if your not doing well mentally you may be suffering physically so it is important to take time to ensure that you are happy with your self physically to ensure positive mental health.

At different stages in our life our body image may change, at times when we are happy and content with life we may have a positive and healthy body image whereas during times when we are not so happy and content with life we may have a negative and unhealthy body image, while this may occur for some people it is important to remember that everybody is different and it is diversity which makes the world.

When thinking about your body image I believe it is important to focus on the fact that if you are healthy then you don’t have much to worry about, after all they do say your health is your wealth. Its important not to focus too much in a negative way the things that make you different, so what if your tall, or fat or short or thin as long as you are healthy and comfortable in your own skin that is all that matters.

Here is a video my sister-in-law made about her recent weight gain and how she is dealing with it to ensure she remains positive.

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