What a vote means to me (Repost)

I recently found out that one of my blog posts has been nominated into the category for the best blog post in the Blog Awards Ireland this year. This is a huge honour especially because the post which has been nominated is one which focuses on self-harm and the devastating effects it can have on a persons life, have a read of it here. In order to get your blog post into the top ten for the final you must secure the most votes you can possibly secure. I'm currently at 160 votes as a a result of bombarding people on social media sites to vote for me but its not that I just want to get into the final, its much more than that for me, its much more important that just a few clicks here and there, it is this post which has the power to create a better understand of self-harm, encourage theses who engage in self-harm to speak out and it also focuses on a topic which is still very much a taboo in Irish society. Getting people to vote for my blog allows them to read the post, encouraging them to share the post and most importantly it provides people with an opportunity to being conversations about mental health!

So what does a vote mean to me?

A vote means more people are becoming aware of my blog. This in itself is a huge thing as my blog has many post about mental health giving people an insight in the life of a young person struggling with mental health issues. This is important because it allows people to gain a greater insight into the world of mental health issues, it encourages people to begin to talk about mental health challenging the stigma in today's society and it shows people that mental health issues can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time!

A vote means that more and more people get an insight into the effects of self-harm allowing both the self-harmer and those around them to become more comfortable in many ways with the issue so that they can work together in addressing the self-harm and then begin to challenge the self-harm on a collective levee because after all self-harm is something which is extremely hard to beat on your own and with this post creating awareness about the issue more people can come together to beat self-harm.

A vote means that something which I wish I had when I was struggling is available for those who are currently struggling. I can't describe how important a vote is to me because the post which has been nominated is one of my better pots in terms of how it is written but it is also a post which took a lot of time and planning and was extremely hard for me to write. That post and the response to it is why I continue to write about mental health, it is why I am still self-harm free and it is why I have a more positive outlook on life. Blogging is more than just writing words down on a page for me, it is an outlet, a way of expression and it is what helped me get through the darkest day.

So if you want to give me your vote this week I am more than grateful and you can vote by simply following the below ling and selecting the blog which you would like to vote for.


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