Three weeks post-op

Today marks three weeks since my corrective double jaw surgery and to be honest I’m starting to get very fed up being at home all the time! I do get out and about for walks and stuff but I miss my routine, I miss my Monday night scouts and my athletics and I even miss going to work on the weekends! I am at the stage where come next week I would like to be getting back into some sort of a routine, I know I’m due to be out of activities for six weeks but next week it will have been a month and I don’t think going to a lecture or two will kill me.  I want to begin to ease my way back into things, starting with college and the youth café I volunteer in followed by athletics, coaching not training because that is off the cards for another little while as is the gym! And finally get myself back into scouts and work, those both being things that will happen at week six as both involve children and children can be unpredicatable and I don’t fancy getting a whack to the face with a ball or a head even!

Things have been going good. Most of my stitches seem to have dissolved by now which is great. I finished my second course of antibiotics and after a few days of finishing them the pain in my right side settled quiet a bit, it has began to creep its way back in at night time but I was reassured by the orthodontist last week that it is normal. The physical changes, the bruising and the swelling, have slowed considerably. I’m still slightly bruised under my chin and my cheeks are still slightly swollen, I notice it more than anybody else but with time that will go. I would however like it to be sooner rather than later but I just have to be patient. No improvement with the numbness but again the orthodontist reassured me last week that it is normal, it will take six months for me to get the feeling back and it can take even longer, with that in mind I’m less anxious about it coming back.

First smile without elastics!!
Eating, oh how I miss solid food! Last week at the orthodontist I was shown how to out my elastics on and off, which is great because this means when it comes to eating and brushing my teeth I am allowed to do it without elastics! Now that I can take off my elastics to eat I can open my mouth a bit more, allowing me to eat a bit more. Soups are still my main food but now I can add bread, once its dipped into the soup and in small enough pieces I can get it into my mouth and swallow it without chewing! That new addition to my soup has been amazing, I’m now fuller for longer. Yogurts are now much easier to eat, I am using a baby spoon because that’s the best way to get it into my mouth but now that I can open my mouth the majority of the yogurt actually makes it into my mouth. When I meet with my surgeon on Monday, all still going well I will be able to begin my soft food diet, I cant wait to eat some pasta and scrambled eggs!

Mentally I am doing ok, I had a bad day yesterday I was in a lot of pain, very tired and my mood just wasn’t as good as it has been over the past few weeks. Today it’s a lot better, having little plans of things to do during the days seems to help keep me in good form even if those plans are to do college assignments. Overall things are good, I’m ready to begin to get back into some sort of a routine and I am even more ready to begin eating a soft diet. I’m still super happy with the results from the surgery and I have to keep looking at my teeth to make sure there still in the right position!

Three weeks post surgery 

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