An unexpected result

About a month ago I was let down once again by our Health Service when I was informed my corrective jaw surgery would not take place for another 6-8 months. After receiving that news I was devastated, distraught and was faced with a feeling of hopelessness, one which I have not faced in some time. After my meeting with the surgeon I walked with a tear soaked face over to give the orthodontist the all too familiar news that surgery would not be happening any time soon despite my teeth being in the correct positions and ready to go. Not surprised with my news all that was left to say is that you have to begin to make some noise, its nothing new that patients are having their surgery’s postpone but in order to achieve any results it was my job to begin to make some noise and with that sound advice I did just that!!

10 letters and two weeks later I had received about 5 responses from those who got my letter. some were the usual ‘we are looking into the matter ’responses, some were supportive and seeking more information in order to try and resolve the situation, these were mainly from 2 of my 4 TD’s who were extremely helpful and some were ‘we acknowledge your letter’ responses. Nothing out of the ordinary and to be honest in the beginning I never expected to get any responses, especially not from my TD’s but for the most part I was happy that people were responding to my letter and actually acknowledging it. It wasn’t until one day when I was sitting at home watching some T.V that I got a phone call, a rather unexpected phone call especially seeing as how I never put my telephone contact details in any of my letters, nevertheless I got a phone call from the National Oral Health Office regarding my letter.

In a matter of minutes I went from being a young person on a waiting list with no hope of surgery before the end of the year to a young person with an appointment to meet a new surgeon who would be taking over my case and making arrangements for me to have my surgery within the next number of weeks!! I was a bag of emptions on the phone, I was happy, excited, nervous and so many more, I couldn’t believe what had happened, never in my wildest dreams did I think my letter would spark something that could get me my surgery sooner, if anything it made me feel better about the situation knowing that I was trying to do something.

Within a week after the phone call I had an appointment with my regular orthodontist to get new impressions made, met my new surgeon, had more impressions made, measurements for my surgical splint organised and my surgical hooks put on to my braces! And the best part of it all, I had been given a surgical date!! I could not believe what had happened, I was finally given a date, yeah it was with a new surgeon and yeah I will have to travel to Mullingar for my surgery but I got a date!
It was crazy how fast things happened and if getting a surgical date for the 19th of October wasn’t good enough I got even better news, my surgery was moved forwards, to the 13th of October. I was shocked, happy and excited, having my surgery moved forward was not something that even mattered now because I had a date I knew it would happen. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better they did, on Wednesday I got a phone call from my new surgeon asking me if I would be happy to have my surgery moved forward once again to the 6th of October!! Happy?? I was beyond happy, I didn’t even know what to say to him on the phone, I was in shock!! And of course I did manage to tell him I would love to get my surgery sooner rather than later!!

I am still in shock over everything especially how quick things have happened and after having my final meeting with my surgeon before the big day on Tuesday the nerves are beginning to set in. This is a huge deal for me! I will finally be rid of the underbite, I will finally be able to bite food correctly, take a photo from the side of my face and not be self-conscious, I will finally be able to love my body, gain more confidence and begin to live my life! While I know this is not going to be a walk in the park I am ready to take on the challenge of getting through surgery and getting through recovery! I know there might be days ahead where I question if surgery is the right choice but I know, I know deep down that this can only make my life better and I’m ready! I am ready for this to finally happen! In three days I will finally be rid of this underbite!!

As of now I am a mix of nerves and excitement and I’m sure I will be something similar on Monday night/Tuesday morning so I hope to have a pre surgery post up sometime on Tuesday morning and after that I will update whenever possible!! Hopefully I will have some before and after pictures to help you guys see the transformation!! I know it will be worth it and I know this is what I want and I have never been more ready for something in my life!
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