10 days post-op

I’m in a bit of shock to be honest that it is only 10 days since I have had my corrective double jaw surgery; it feels like I had it months ago! So far things have been going really well and I guess it would have been naive of me to think nothing would go wrong so I have been preparing myself for the possibility of a halt in my recovery. So far I have had one little bump in the road and it was as a result of medications as opposed to the surgery itself so I don’t think of it affecting my recovery as much but today we were face with a bit of a blow, nothing major mind you but my almost perfect recovery has slowed down a bit.  Today I met my surgeon again who loosened my elastics once again and allowed me to open my moth a little bit wider, still no solid foods though. We had a good chat from everything jaw related to mental health and even the rugby this Sunday. During out little chat I informed him of the increased pain on my right side of my face, this was cause for some concern and my surgeon informed me there is a slight chance that I have an infection. I was a bit upset, I’ve been trying really hard to keep my mouth clean, brushing your teeth, which your mouth held shut, is no easy task!  Nonetheless I was prescribed antibiotics to combat any infection before it has the chance to develop further. 

I don’t think it is going to delay my recovery and despite this I still feel very positive about everything, the surgeon even said it himself, he would rather be safe than sorry. I feel good within myself, tiredness set in this week with my not leaving the house on Wednesday allowing for a chance to catch up on much needed sleep. I am beginning to get better nights sleep also, sleeping almost through the night waking up mainly due to being uncomfortable. Pain is manageable without painkillers although today I was advised to take some to help get me through the difficult moments of pain on the right side of my face. Numbness is ok, it has improved around my nose and my chin and lower lip are beginning to get somewhat tingly at times, I’m not worry the feeling wont come back but if it doesn’t it doesn’t, its nothing major.

Food, food is the hardest part of this whole journey for me. I knew what I was getting myself into, liquid diet, and then soft diet, and then gradually back to a normal diet but I never expected it to be this hard! I can keep the hunger at bay, I have countless containers of homemade soups, which have been frozen along with pliantly of fruit for smoothies, but it is the cravings for some normal food like some cornflakes in the morning or a sandwich for lunch, that’s the hard part, the cravings!

So for now things are good, I was out of the house today and even met up with some college friends, before now all I have really been doing is going for little walks to the shops, nothing major so it was nice to see some of the gang from college. I am very tired though which could be to do with the infection or the antibiotics or you because I have major surgery 10 days ago but I’m handling it and resting well.

I feel really positive and I was warned before surgery that this might not actually be the case so the fact that my good mental health has been maintained throughout this process to date I am delighted and only encourages me to keep going! I have had a few rough days and again I’m sure I will have a few more but I really feel as if I am getting back on my feet! I have been given 6 weeks of work/college and other activities I am involved in but I’m hoping that with this soft diet beginning in two weeks I will have more energy and begin to slowly ease my way back into things, the gym however is something I am not allowed near for another while yet! All in all I’m good, especially since it is only day 10 post surgery and here’s hoping I get over this small infection and back on track!

10 days Post-Op
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