Day 14- Two weeks post-op

It's hard to believe it has only been two weeks since my corrective double jaw surgery, it feels like it happened months ago! I was hoping that my two week update would be as positive as my first week update but I’m afraid its not.

For about the past week I have been dealing with a lot of pain on my right side particularly at the site of surgery on my lower jaw. Having met with my surgeon last Friday he prescribed another course of antibiotics, as he was concerned there could be a slight infection due to the pain I have been experiencing, much to my dismay the pain in my right side is only worsening. It’s nothing I am very concerned about; I mean it’s only two weeks since the surgery so it is more than likely as a result of you now my jaw being broken! But nevertheless it is something, which I am monitoring and keeping a close eye on, should it continue to worsen over the next couple of days I phone call to the surgeon, might be in store.

Swelling has improved a lot since the day of surgery but the improvement has since become very slow, well I am struggling to notice it going down. The numbness is something which I had hoped would have improved a bit by now but it hasn’t, I think I had great expectations because I was doing so well during my first week of recovery. My bottom lip, part of my chin, under my left eye around my cheek and the left side of my nose is still numb. Despite it still being very numb at night time I tend to notice somewhat of a pinching sensation around my chin and lower lip, like little moments of sharp pain so that seems to be a good sign that it is improving but it will take time. My patience is beginning to ware thin a bit and if the feeling is going to come back I would like it sooner rather than later, that’s something I need to work on, just letting it happen and stop being so impatient.  The bruising, which was just under my chin, has got considerably better and is almost completely gone!

Brusing at day 7

Brusing at day 14

My stitches are not causing the pain they once were, they are still there and have not yet dissolved but they are causing next to no pain, which is good. When brushing my teeth and if I catch off it the wrong was then there’s pain and has been some bleeding but nothing major and according to both the surgeon and the orthodontist things seem to be healing well, I am however extremely tender on my right side but other than that there is no major issues at the incision sites.

Brushing my teeth is becoming easier. My lovely 0-2 years pink toothbrush is doing a good job at helping to keep my teeth clean, compared to the first week it is much easier and less painful to brush my back teeth. Brushing the back of my teeth is near impossible as I cannot get my mouth open enough to fit the tooth brush in, it’s a struggle but with the tepee brushes I can get some cleaning done. The mouthwash is great, I prefer that to rinsing my mouth with warm salt water but it has to be done.

The liquid diet is becoming more and more frustrating each day especially since I keep getting offered food or asked questions about how I eat! I’m sticking with soup to be honest, the thoughts alone of blending meat make me feel sick. The food cravings are the hardest part of it all; I don’t mind missing out of sweet stuff but would kill for a roast chicken dinner. I’m back with my surgeon in two weeks and then all going well I will be able to start on a soft food diet, the likes of pasta, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes etc. I am very excited about that and the next two weeks would want to fly by!

Mentally I’m doing pretty good, I’ve had a few bad days, just letting them happen rather than fighting them seems to be working in my favour. A combination of a lack of sleep last night and pain has led to today being a pretty bad day with me just feeling miserable overall, a bit fed up and ready to be back doing things. Although one thing I have noticed within myself is the desire to actually get out and socialise, I’m not a very social person and nightclubs really wouldn’t be my thing but since my surgery I have actually wanted to meet up and go out with my friends, go for a meal, maybe to the pub for a few drinks (non-alcoholic for me!) but within myself I feel more confident and I actually want to start showing that confidence.

I’m taking it a bit easier this week, I have been up and about a lot over the last two weeks and part of me feels I have been doing too much so for this week I’m going to rest a bit more, save up some energy and then maybe all going well at my orthodontist appointment next week I’m hoping to maybe pop my head into a lecture or two next week, begin the slowly easing my way back into my activities. Right now this week I’m focusing on taking things easy, getting good nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed rather than tired.

Yesterday was my first trip to the orthodontist since my surgery and also my first ever trip to the orthodontist without an underbite, it was super exciting. Throughout my time with the orthodontist I have had two different orthodontists, now I’m on my third and with that comes different dental nurses both of which were delighted to see me yesterday looking so well. It was great to see them, to know that they are able to notice a difference in my face, to see what they think of the transformation and just to get their support once again. Within the past month I have seen new surgeons, new orthodontist, new nurses and there has been a lot of change so for the friendly faces from the orthodontist office to keep checking in with me is some much needed comfort through this rough time and for that I am grateful.

Overall things are good, they could be better but time is needed and I’m sure soon enough I will be back to myself, but for now I am delighted with how things are going and the results from the surgery continue to impress and surprise me.

Day 14 Post-Op

I actually love looking at my teeth :)
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