The Big C

Cancer awareness is something I value highly as my mum passed away from cancer 9 years ago today when I was 10 years old after an 18 month long battle. Today I am writing about a woman who has defied the odds and is currently thriving, living life to the full, today I am writing to you to share the story of Heather Von St. James, and hopefully raise some awareness about mesothelioma, a cancer which is caused only by asbestos exposure and which is entirely a preventable cancer.

Heather Von St. James is a rare mesothelioma cancer survivor who 8 years ago defied all odds when she was given just 15 months to live. 8 years ago, when her new daughter was only 3 months old Heather and her husband Cameron received the devastating news that Heather had cancer. A time of happiness and joy soon turned into something no family should ever have to experience, a time of fear, worry and thoughts of death. With treatment and life saving surgery which removed Heathers left lung she became a survivor and 8 years later is enjoying a happy life with her husband Cameron and her daughter Lily.

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer. With three different types this cancer can affect the lining of the lungs, abdomen or the heart. This disease is the most serious of all diseases which is cause by exposure to asbestos, a group of naturally occurring chemicals which are resistant to both heat and chemicals. This cancer is often difficult for doctors to diagnose as its symptoms often mimic those of other common illness.
If you wish to find out more information regarding Mesothelioma check out this website:

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