Embracing Change!!

Something, which I struggle to deal with, is the idea of change. I hate change and would do anything to avoid it yet it is impossible to avoid change. However the certain aspects of your life, which you can control such as your style or your hair colour, are things, which I will never change, or so I thought.

In a bid to raise funds in behalf of Label Jars Not People I have decided I would embrace something which I hate, something I struggle to deal with and something which many people too struggle with, I have decided to embrace change and actively change something which I have control over in my life in the hopes of raising some much needed funds for our charity of the year, Console.

After some thought I have decided to dye my hair. What was originally meant to be my entire head soon went to parts of my hair as in my current situation with work and placement for college it is not practical to arrive with blue hair. So in a bid to follow through with my decision to dye my hair I have decided to dip dye my hair a number of different colours. The simple thoughts of dying my hair pink or blue even just the end scare the hell out of me and has me shivering thinking about it but it is something which I need to do to be able to help others as well as myself.

So the plan for this fundraising is as follows:

  • Once we have received ten donations from people through the Label Jars Not People pay pal account I will dye my hair.
  • I will dip dye my hair with 3-6 different hair colours such as red, blue, orange, pink, purple etc.
  • The process of my hair being dyed will be recorded and uploaded to our Facebook page to encourage others to donate to Label Jars Not People and to make people aware of how challenging something like this is for me.
So while I am scared, nervous, unsure and anxious about doing this I am taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone, I am going to expose myself to something which I have never even thought of before and I am hopefully going to help generate funds for Console through Label Jars Not People.

If you would like to donate please do so through our paypal account by logging onto paypal and make a payment to labelsareforjarsnotpeople@gmail.com

Or contact us directly through Facebook, Twitter or by email.

And most importantly just remember a little goes a long way!!

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you are amazing, this is very nice article

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