You are more then a person with a mental illness.

When you are sick with a mental illness or any illness you can often have a low opinion of yourself. I know when I was sick and in hospital I saw myself as a cutter. I was nothing more just a cutter. During my recovery I learned that I was much more than that. Before I got sick I was a different person and I was still that person inside but I just couldn’t see that myself.  I had to think about who I really was. I had to forget that I was in hospital and that I self-harmed because I was not just a cutter I was a person who has a mental illness that doesn’t mean that’s who I am.

I took some time to myself to find out who I am I thought back to before I was sick. I was a kind caring fun person. I had many talents that I would not make public but I knew I had them. I was a hard working and motivated student and you know what I was still that person, I still am that person. I am not crazy or mad I am Siobhán. I am not a cutter I am Siobhán. I am not depressed or anxious I am Siobhán. Yeah I struggling with these things but that do not mean that is who I am. It took me some time to go back to the person I was before I got sick and realise that is who I am.

It involved me being a selfish but if i didn’t be selfish then I would still have a very low opinion of myself. So take some time to yourself. Forget about all the negative things people think of you and focus on the positive. Focus on you. Forget your mental illness or anything that makes you have a low opinion of yourself and look at who you are. You are a person not just someone with a mental lines!!

I am Siobhán, a loving caring fun person. I am a hard working and motivated student. I love school and I love sports. I would be lost if I didn’t have my family and friends around me. I’m a great listener and a very supportive person.

So who are you?

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