Creating a safe place in your mind.

Using images to create a calm place to go to in your mind when you are feeling overwhelmed or you want to harm can help you to beat the feelings and urges. Try to create a safe place in your mind it can be anything that you want or any place that you feel safe in and that you are in control of what is going on. This can be hard to do but with practice it becomes easier to do.  It is important to use as many senses that you can when creating your safe place. The more senses that you use the better you will feel.

My safe place is at my athletic track. Here i feel in control and I am happy here. I imagine the sounds of the coaches talking and the sound of the children laughing and playing. The sound of the older athletes Talk or complain about school or the leaving cert. I feel the wind in my face or the sun on my skin. I fell in control and alive. I feel safe her and I am happy because I am doing something that I love. I can smell the freshly cut grass and the smell of spring. I can feel the weight of the shot put as I begin my throw.

I feel calm here because I know that I am safe here. It has taken me a while to get use to going to my safe place but over the weeks it has got a lot easier. You should try and find your safe place.

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