Darkness into light.

We are getting closer and closer to the annual darkness into light walk. This event gives hope to all those who have been affected by suicide and self-harm. I myself have been affected by self-harm as many of you may know from reading my blog. I would love to take part in the walk but due to scouts I am unable to this year but maybe next year. I will make it my goal for 2013.

the walk was set up by Pieta house and you begin the walk while it is dark and finish while it is bright. Walking from the dark relates to the dark place that many people find themselves in when they are struggling with self-harm and or contemplating suicide. Beginning in the darkness is like beginning on the road to recovery, it begins in a dark place but slowly but surely it becomes bright and brighter. I have had experience with this and I have to say that for me this statement is true!

You can register online for the Dublin, Phoenix Park event online from Monday 14th February , 2011 @  http://darknessintolight.pieta.ie or by post to Pieta House, Lucan Road, Lucan, Co. Dublin.

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