It's more than a blog

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, 9 small simple words that have the power to brighten up my day, give me strength to get out of the bed on my darkest days and that give me the courage I need to keep living my life! These 9 little words describe my blog, a place where I have written about some of the hardest things in my life, a place where I have begun documenting my journey to gain the perfect bit and a place despite being virtual that I can be myself and feel comfortable. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel is more than just a blog to me, its more than just a space for me to write things down, There’s always light at the end of the tunnel is my chance to make a difference, share my story and most importantly show people that no matter how bad things are they can and do get better.

I recently got told about an opportunity to take part in a therapy programme to help me deal with my borderline personality disorder, a programme which requires commitment and a positive attitude two things which I give to my blog, a positive attitude, no many how many knows I get from people leaving harsh comments I always get back up and write another post and no matter how bad a day I am having I  always remember my commitment to post and to show people that it really doesn’t matter how bad you're feeling, or how crap your day is =, things do get better.

I began blogging not by choice but because my year co-ordination in transition year told me I had to keep a log of our activities throughout the year. At first I hated the idea, I  really did and what was more is that my writing really sucked back then(I'm not saying its improved a whole lot but it has a bit) As the days went by and more and more things happened in school which I could write about I began loving the idea of having a blog and I loved being introduced to this whole new world, an online world full of inspiration, strong and brave people and it was a world I wanted to be part of. Slowly but surely my blog developed, every I.T class was something I looked forward to, every activity was more fun knowing that I now had this place to share it with the whole world and soon my blog became apart of me. People in my class knew me because of my blogging, Mrs L gave me sweets once because of my blog and my blog helped me to develop an identify for myself and it also allowed me to realise my love and passion for writing!

My blog has been a source of support for me through my most difficult days, it has been this blog that has given me strength to write about my mum, someone not spoken about much since she died, it has allowed me to deal with my mental health issues as well as show others that anything is possible but it is also this blog that has made me proud, it is something I bring up in conversation and it is something which will be with me until the day I die because this blog is more than just a blog, this blog is where I can truly be me!!
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