I previously wrote about my underbite and how I will be getting surgery to fix my bite and since then a lot of progress has been made. Since I wrote One step closer to the perfect bite I have had two significant things occur. 

First I went through with the dreaded wisdom tooth extraction with pretty much no problems!! It was a relief to get it over and done with and since I was asleep I can't actually remember anything! So I went into the dentist and he pit me asleep and then next thing you know I was crying in the car because the dentist never gave me my teeth back, not that I actually wanted them back or anything but the sedation had me a bit all over the place. The only thing I really remember then was trying to do a vlog, which was unsuccessful and the sleeping until Tuesday. The pain wasn't too bad to be honest, the second day after the extraction was the most painful but once I learned to manage the pain it was not a bother! I was pretty exhausted for the week and I felt mentally drained. Looking back over it now there was no reason for me to be so scared and nervous but as a result of having anxiety it is something which makes things like this much worse. I got through it though, my teeth came out easily according to the dentist, any stitches I had dissolved and I am healing very well with no sign of infections. I have to wait until they heal fully which will be about 3-4 months depending before I can get my surgery because many people like to wait until it is healed before they cut the jaw again, well its something like that anyway.

The second significant thing is the closing of two gaps in my teeth which are causing in my opinion a delay in allowing me to move on to meeting with the surgeon and preparing for surgery bu according to my dentist everything is going according to plan. The two gaps are being closed by elastic bands pulling them together which is very sore after getting them changed but it is manageable. I have two gaps, one is almost closed and should between now and the next time I go to the dentist while the second gap may need more time as it is bigger but other than that I am pretty much on my way to getting my surgery.

I am missing one bracket which needs to be put back on eventually, sometime soon so as to make sure the tooth doesn't move. Once all that is done I then need to have some moods, photos and x-rays done and sent to my surgeon, then I get to wait to meet with him and set a date for the operation, which should hopefully be sometime before the end of the year.

Right now I'm pretty excited about getting the operation, I can't wait to say goodbye to my underbite, something which over the past couple of weeks has really been getting me down but I think that is a post for another day and will include some photos. Over the next couple of weeks I have two more posts planned about my surgery, a post about another Irish blogger who went through the same surgery and the support her blog has given me, some posts planned about mental health as well as physical health and then some unique, random and general blog posts so please do forgive me for the lack of positing. So to end this post I have made progress and am continuing to do so and hopefully my undebite will be disappearing pretty soon.

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