Mental Health budget.

In the past the government have made many promises to people and have not followed through with their promises, one such promise is the promise of funds being given to the mental health sector in order to improve mental health services and increase staff numbers to allow a better service being provided to the nation regarding mental health.

The mental health reform have lunched an eight week pre-budget campaign calling on the government to "Do what works for mental health" by investing in measures that are known to be both effective and cost-effective for improving peoples mental health.

This year the Irish mental health reform have decided to do something in order to try and make a difference to the outcome of the October budget, this is something which I highly agree. Mental health reform are asking the government to do what works for mental health. They are asking the government to provide a range of multidisciplinary staff offering a choice of treatment options, providing easy access to mental health support from a persons GP, access to talking therapies and helping people with mental health difficulties to get into and maintain employment and secure accommodation. In order to urge the government to do this mental health reform has began a petition in order to urge the government to invest 35 euro million into Ireland's mental health services to help improve everybody's mental health.

I have signed the petition in order to encourage the government to do something to improve peoples mental health. Being a person who has dealt with mental health issues I feel very strongly about this and I believe that if enough people sign this petition we as a nation may in fact be able to influence the governments actions in this years budget and help improve peoples mental health.

Sign the petition here

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