It was like I was entering into my own personal black hole

Surrounded by darkness and falling, falling fast. I was lost and didn't know where to turn, everywhere I looked I could see nothing but darkness. I was entering into my own personal black hole something which I now know was my depression. I was trapped and I couldn't see a way out, there was nothing but darkness. I was trapped inside my mind and there was no way out.  You feel alone and trapped with no hope of escape but that is just the depression, there are many people around you supporting you, rooting for you and showing you that things can get better and things do get better.

It is hard to describe depression but that statement above written by myself is a pretty good picture of what depression feels like from my own personal experience anyway. People sometimes say that depression is not an illness and that it is all made up...... it is these people who I can not stand, who I believe are the main contributors to the mental health stigma which is present in todays society. Depression is in fact an illness regardless of what people think. It may not be an illness which is obvious to a by stander and it may not be a physical illness but it is a mental illness which deserves the same respect as that of a physical illness.

I have suffered from depression for 5 years and I still do. There is no quick fix and there is not cure, it is a battle which I may have to face for the rest of my life. There is medication but medication alone does not fix the depression it simply helps as does talking and engaging in other positive treatment methods. The thing with depression is that it is unpredictable at times, sometimes you never know when you are going to have a down day while other times you may be able to feel it creeping up on you over a few days.

I feel like I have been through the worst of my depression and in many ways I am hoping and longing to not have to go back to where I was almost two years ago. While my experience with depression has been hard, scary and physically crippling at times it has thought me many things and it has made me the person I am today. If it wasn't for my depression I would not have set up Label Jars Not People and I would not be dedicated to promoting positive mental health and reducing mental health stigma. My depression has led me to want to ensure that others do not suffer in silence the way I did as a result of the stigma of mental health and mental illness.

I was trapped in my own personal black hole and while I cant prevent people suffering from depression, I hope I can help to prevent people from suffering in silence.

Will you help?
Will you accept that mental illness is the same as every other illness?

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