Social media and mental health

In the recent months social media has been seen as a cause of many youth suicides due to cyber bullying and as much as I believe that social media can have a bad effect on a person’s mental health due to things such as cyber bullying I also believe that it can have a good effect on a person’s mental health if it is used correctly. Now you may disagree with me but this is my view and my opinion so just hear me out before deciding not to read the rest of this post.

Here are a few of the reasons as to why I believe social media can be good for a person’s mental health if used correctly:

·         You can connect and reconnect with new or old friends allowing you to develop relationships online which may eventually develop into personal relationships without the use of social media site. This is only good for you mental health thought if you proceed with caution and do not abuse this service of connecting with people.
·         You may begin to feel empowered. Social media may help a person to show their personality and show who they really are. Social media allows people to begin to make a difference in a small way which can then develop future. They may become more confident with who they are as a result of social media.
·         You may be going through a hard time and in need of some encouragement and support. Social media may be able to help you find a positive role model who can influence your actions in a good way to allow you to get through the hard time in which you may be experiencing.

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