Happy mother’s day.

A day children all around the world spend pampering their mothers and give them boxes of chocolates and flowers. I like many others around the world today cannot spend my day with my amazing mum rather I must go to her grave and spend some time there with her. I don’t feel sorry for myself on mother’s day instead I take this day to remember back on all the fun times I have had with my mum. I don’t let these memories of me and my mum get me sad on mother’s day I let them bring a smile to my face like she would have wanted.

Yes mother’s day is hard when you don’t have your mum with you but just because she is not physically here doesn’t mean she is not here. I do sometimes get upset in the running up to mother’s day but when the day itself comes I put all my sadness over my mums death behind me and I focus on the time I did have with my mum and the times that she made me smile and laugh just like a mother does.

My mum is my inspiration without her loving voice inside my head guiding me in the right direction I can assure you that I would not be here today. Without thinking of her every day I would not be able to get through the day. Without looking at her beautiful smile I would never myself be able to smile. I love my mum and even though she is not physically here with me today I know that she is here with me somewhere and that is all I need to know.
So happy mother's day mum I got you your favorite flowers.... Only the best for you! :)

And a song by one of your favorite singers :)

Happy mother's day mum :)

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