Young People in Ireland: What's behind the stereotype?

As a  youth worker (currently a volunteer youth worker) it is important to ensure young people are given the chance to be heard. It is important that negative stereotypes associated with young people are challenged and that young people are given the chance to have their say regarding these stereotypes, what they think about the stereotypes if any that have been imposed on them and how they themselves challenge these stereotypes and their overall opinions regarding stereotypes.

Interview No. 6

What’s your name? 
Melody B
What age are you?
Where do you live/ where are you based?
What stereotypes has Irish society put on you as a young person today? 

I've been stereotyped into many categories, I've been 'emo' a 'rocker' and especially a 'fangirl' at one point but then biggest one is that 'big bubbly girl'.
Looking beyond that stereotype who are you? (How would your friends, family, and yourself describe you?) 
Most girls and boys whom are happy with who they are and have a giddy sense of humour know what it's like to be the 'big bubbly person of the group' it's just something that happens. I've been put into many stereotypes but that was probably my main one. Though the bubbly personality has nothing to do weight or height I am bubbly at heart, and happy, I believe in positivity and karma, I'm not very religious any more, which is just something I accept. I'm very caring, I'd do anything for my friends and family. I'm very stubborn at times and moody though, I am only 20 and still trying to find who I am, but I think I'm a good person at heart, I believe I am, and even when I have my moments and mess up I do try and fix it.
What kind of things do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy writing and singing (even if I'm not the best singer in the world) playing video games with my friends. I also love helping people with problems! I also love blogging, and playing around with make up, going shopping even if it's just window shopping and just chilling with my friends and watching movies, the typical things.
How do you contribute to Irish society? (Any small thing, what do you hope to do in the future e.g. college courses which will allow you to contribute to Society). 
In college I'm currently studying media/journalism and I'm nearly finished, I don't want to do the typical journalism thing, I don't really know what I want to do with this degree, somehow I hoped it could go into psychology. I really want to help in some way with mental health issues and helping people. Since I love it! I've done numerous things to help raise money for charity but I really want a job which will help people in some way. I've always thought in the back of my mind midwifery or mental healthy nurse but I've never had the courage to pursue that. I suppose I'm just on a journey trying to find myself. I am only 20, but I don't want people and their stereotypes and negative ways of thinking to effect my ways of thinking or finding myself!
What would you like to say about stereotypes imposed on young people in Ireland?
I would like to say to society as a whole, and I'm talking to myself when I say this too, as I am part of it. We all need to chill out, that's a loose term. But we spend more time online and judging people then we think. I am a good person, and I believe I help my family and friends and most of society are good people, but there is always that part of us that will judge no matter what, even if it's an outfit a celebrity wore, or someone you don't necessarily have a good relationship doing something silly, that may make them happy but we let out negative thoughts suppress our humanity sometimes. I think it takes time and effort as an individual to stop and thinking before we say things. Maybe in the future stereotypes and judging will have died down, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. I've vowed to myself to think before I speak and work on myself and what I say and do and I think if everyone did the same it will pass on and on and eventually maybe the world won't be such a negative place! I believe in negative moments, not negative people. So I think society has its negative moments but it also has it's good moments, like people coming together and helping out in poor countries, or when a world event happens that destroys homes and society does do a really good job most of the time, it just has it's negative moments and I don't think that will go completely, at all, but it may tone down in the future!
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