Dealing with a mental health issue

Around about four years ago I was diagnosed with depression and since then I have gone through years of treatment including psychotherapy and CBT as well as taking medication every day for almost three years. It took a while for me to come to terms with depression and it was not something, which I came to terms with over night, it took weeks for me to accept that I had depression. It challenged my thoughts, provided me with relief putting a name to my feelings, made me think about life and the way I was living and it made me realize there was a hole other world, the world of mental health.

Today I attended my weekly appointment with my community mental health key worker to discuss my new treatment plan. While learning about things they used in order to make my care plan something interesting arose. I was told I DO NOT HAVE DEPRESSION, you night think that I would be reveled that I do not have a mental illness but I was then informed that while not having an illness I have a mental health disorder and I actually have borderline personality disorder. Confused, lost, and shocked I could only manage to ask the question “So I don’t have depression?” No I do not have depression, I have borderline personality disorder. While I don’t have depression given the nature of BPD I have experienced depressive symptoms.

Right now as I am writing this I am losing my train of though because I don’t really know what to be thinking. I came to terms with having depression only to be told I do not have depression but BPD.So I wish I could have a point to this post but I really don’t, I a lot of personal stuff with my readers and so I felt I should do the same again. Keep an eye out for some post with information regarding BPD.

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Raphaele said...

This surely is confusing. Did they offer support and resources so you can find out about this condition? Anyway even with a new name on it it does not make the depression symptoms you experienced less real. It seems you're doing a good job working on improving your mental health, I find you very brave.

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