Challenging Stereotypes

It goes without saying that there is a range of stereotypes present in Irish society today. Challenging these stereotypes is something which I feel is the responsibility of everyone, not just those directly affected by the stereotypes. Unsure as to how I could challenge stereotypes on a larger scale than that of my personal life I took to my blog as a means of challenging stereotypes.

Initially focusing on young people my perspective has since widen and no seeks to incorporate a number of interviews with people who experience stereotypes, directly or indirectly, relating to all aspects of life. It is hoped hat identifying the person underneath the stereotype can challenge peoples perceptions, breaking down stereotypes bit by bit.

If you are someone who has experienced negative stereotypes as a result of something which defines you or contributed to you life in a significant way and would like people to see the person behind the stereotype I would love to hear from you! Email me at or message me on Facebook

Huge thanks to all the contributors today, you insight and experiences have been the driving force behind this project and it is hoped that one day we will be able to break down negative stereotypes together.

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