Loving my job makes it enough!

I love my job! I love going to work, having a laugh with my colleagues, dealing with customers, playing with children and all the opportunities which I have been given in the past three years I have worked there. I have gone from being a shy 19 year old, scared to make a mistake to a strong, independent confident 22 year old who has gone from working one day on the floor each week to working up to five days a week, being in charge of camps, working on marketing and training new staff, all things that I never thought would ever be possible. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine doing marketing but here I am and I love it.

But is it enough? That is the question I have found myself asking day in and day out, is it enough for me? Right now the answer is yes! And it's yes for a very simple reason, I'm young and I don't quite know what I want to do with my life just yet, I don't know where I see my self in five years time, I don't know what I want to go back and study in college and that's ok because I have time. And so I have accepted that. I may not be working with vulnerable young people but I'm working with people and who knows, the short interaction I have with a child could impact them in a positive way and right now that's enough for me. 

But there is something so special about my job and it's the people I work with. The owners of the company, the managers and indeed all the other employees that make me want to go to work. With everything from asking how I am to giving me a hug even though I may not want one, it's the small things that really do make a difference, but what's the best thing? The best thing is their acceptance and openness. When I first started I was ashamed of my past with mental health issues, in fact I was ashamed with my current struggles but opening up and being honest with people has made my life so much better. From laughing and joking about the little things I do because of my OCPD or indeed dealing with the overreaction of certain situations because of my BPD it is these things that have helped me to accept myself and my own struggles. 

I know that I am lucky to work with such a great group of people and for a company that has such a great understanding and openness to mental health. I know that some people still feel the need to shy away and hide mental health issues in the workplace and that needs to change but the only way that will change is by us being open which is why I am writing this post, in the hopes that other companies may follow suit and be supportive and encouraging and this May get a box of green ribbons just like Playzone did last year. Not only did they show me that I mattered, that they cared and that I am equal but they also showed me that they care about more that just business, but they also care about society, and knowing that makes working there so much more rewarding. 

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