I know that my blog as of late has not been regularly updated and a lot of the reasons for that is because it can be hard to write and I often find that I write much better when I’m in the moment rather than planning in advance. Sometimes my best writing happens when I’m meant to be doing college work or when I’m having a bad day and so I try my best to keep it as unplanned as possible. Planning every post I want to do in a week can often, for me anyway, take the enjoyment out of writing.

I know even more than usual my writing has been spread out, going some months without a post and while in the past it has been very much mood dependent or if I actually had something to write about but now, now I feel as if I have an excuse! Yes I am writing a post today to inform you that if I am not positing it s because I am swamped with college work. Although now after saying it I’m sure it may not be an issue because lately if there is one thing I do well it is procrastination and something that aids my procrastination of college work is blogging.

I am trying to focus on getting through the last few months of college, getting assignments in on time and one to the best of my ability to hobbies have begun to take a backseat, not kicked out of the care completely but they have become settled in the back. And as blogging is a hobby it is something that also needs to take a back seat, t give me a chance to focus on getting college work completed. So while the blog may be lacking over the next few months it is my intention that once I make it through my final college days I will be back to blogging and hopefully I will have some adventures to write about too!
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