National Girlfriends Day

Today August 1st , marks a very important day for us women, today marks National Girlfriends Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and showing the importance of looking after not only our own health but also encouraging our friends to look after their health.

Looking after our health goes beyond a trip to the doctor if we’re feeling a bit under the weather or taking some lempsip if we have the flu, looking after our health involves mental health, physical health, our unhealthy habits, what we eat, exercising, pregnancy and so much more. A lot of people don’t know what to do though to look after their health, yeah we all know we shouldn’t eat junk food and we all know we need to get some exercise but do we all know how often we should go to the doctor or do we know what vaccines we need to get every year? I know I sure didn’t, and what’s even worse on my part is that I don’t do as much as I should to ensure my physical health as so much of my life has been spent battling mental illness that now as I have finally got things under control I am working on maintain my mental health that my physical health often gets left unattended to. Finding the balance between looking after our mental health and out physical health is something we all need to do! Weather its realising we need to spend a bit more time exercising or if we need to spend a bit more time talking about the stress in our lives finding the balance is key to ensure our health.

National Girlfriends Day is a way of ensuring us women know what we need to do to keep ourselves in tip top shape but it also helps us recognise ways in which we can encourage and support our friends to pay more attention to their health. We all have worries and concerns throughout life regarding our health but sometimes it can be less stressful if you have a friend on your side to go through it with you. I know if I didn’t have my friends with my when I was suffering the most with my depression my suicide attempts would not have just been attempts and the first one would have been a success.

It’s the little things that make a difference like reminding someone they should get a breast check or offering to go to the doctor with them even just a simple text asking how they’re doing today can make some focus more on their health. So if there is one thing you do today let it be to send a simple text asking a friend how they are doing or even head out for a walk with a few of your friends, let today be the beginning of your improved awareness of your health and let today be the day you begin to help encourage your friends to be aware of their health! Be sure to check out the infographic by Oscar Health Insurance in the sidebar for more information on the check-ups you need throughout your life. 
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